Energy Alignment & Wisdom Channeling – October 20th (San Francisco, 906.World)

Greetings, I am Raphael.

The work that you will receive today is a small step in your own development; a development that is natural and integral for all existing human beings: the evolution of human consciousness while in human existence — an awakening process; an evolutionary process.

You have seen the many ways this process has started for you; the many ways it has called and adjusted your life.

Often due to the fact that the voice was not listened to or acted upon, the changes of your environment made it more clear.

Important lessons and completions must occur in your life. Only upon these completions can you find the silence and the opening in your being to receive.

You are divine individuals; divine beings by nature, by creation. As part of your divine experience, evolution of your consciousness is the most important. All other experiences support the evolution of your consciousness.

Our work today, and continuously with humankind, is to find the alignments where the alignments are missed; is to bring flow where stagnation has ruled.

These interventions are meant to be, and intended to be, support for your evolution.

Thank you for your trust.

[Hands on healing work]

Thank you. My work is complete.

Greetings, I am Emmanuel.

In wonder, you arrive in this lifetime, with all its possibilities: the emotions, the roller coasters, the benefits, the gifts, and the difficult times — equally important.

Yet, an underlying voice — a voice that can only be deeply heard when the mind and the heart is silent, when all emotions have been expressed, and all memories have been converted into wisdom; an underlying constant voice calls for awakening: a desire of your soul to find liberation.

Your awakening process: a journey with many barriers and complications; often forgotten to be the goal in the first place.

Many roads take you to the same top, the same goal of evolution. In that sense, you are never truly lost. Some roads will show to have more barriers and complications, all equal to provide learning and growth.

When you stop, the process stops. It requires a conscious effort, and free will, to confront the aspects of your being that require transformation. It is in moments like these that some of these barriers will come to the surface to be processed.

With every completion you will find new space in your mind and in your heart; you will find new resources of energy that will move you in ways that you have not experienced before.

This adjustment is a small token for you; a reminder to understand the importance of this journey, that you are the master of your life. With attention and intention, you can make all the steps required to overcome all barriers that are in your reality.

Some of these learnings might take longer to complete — some learnings take generations to complete — and some learnings are not your responsibility to complete.

To understand the discernment within, and the distinction of your mind, and of your heart, and of your soul’s desire; this is for you to master.

Remember the importance of silence: the peace inside of your mind, the peace inside of your heart. It will effect your environment and your reality. Yet, it is for you to tend that peace to become a constant force inside of you.

This is the alignment within: a foundational aspect on your self-realization journey.

Thank you for listening to my words, I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
What can I, as an individual, do to bring about the healing of the collective trauma?

All processes take time, especially the conversion from pain, suffering; the completion of healing: recovery; and then, the full understanding of the body the heart and the mind to complete this entire lesson.

They all operate in different time-scales and in different ways, and in your ability to provide the best circumstances for this healing to occur is the key: the nourishing ground for the completion of a lesson.

Sometimes it will be the environment of comfort, the environment of nature; loved ones; the exchange of energy in relationship; all these provide for the completion of the lesson.

An important aspect to finalize and truly complete, is the silence you must take by yourself, to see all perspectives of the pain, all perspectives of the recovery, and all perspectives of the wisdom gained.

Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Do you have a message for the children of the world?

The message for the new generations is clear. They bring a new form of presence and assistance through their participation and the lives of those that make decisions, in the lives of those that take actions.

This will be the first wave of their participation.

It will be the frequency and their presence that they bring. The way they listen, the way they observe will be unique to the generations that have been before. Their presence alone will start to shift decisions and actions of the current generations even though the future might look complicated due to the changing circumstances of the environment and the realities of society.

The responsibility of the guardians that you are for the new generations is to provide them the moments of safety, understanding, and connection. And, it is moment by moment that you provide this environment to fuel the coming generations: they will be the ones to take over all the decisions that have been made before, all the lessons that have not been completed, all the questions that were left unanswered.

Yet, with your assistance, they will have an entire different pace to operate from and to receive the challenges ahead. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Women throughout eons have not had our voice, and also have not had financial protection and security — it’s so embedded through eons. What is your advice for women, to be able to let go of that, which is so ingrained in our subconscious and in our unconscious?

Any type of societally and relationally developed conditions that provide the environment for certain imprints is subject to change, and you have witnessed this change. It starts with the individual: it starts with the individual understanding what is in balance, and what is not; what is providing growth, and what is not; what is providing alignment, and what is not.

Harmony is sought out through all nature. And so within it starts, and it starts to effect all those decisions made outside, in collaboration with all those that have listened and heard the call for alignment within.

This includes gender-specific problems of this society, socio-economic problems, and racial problems equally. All of these will start to change with the rising of the change within. Old structures will not hold against the change that has started within all that live within these structures.
For the individual to complete the lessons and to fully let go, it will be your responsibility to understand that only imprints of the past generations are not yours; that you are redefined at every moment in your presence; that you carry the unlimited potential of creation.

This realization will set you free. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Hi, I currently engage practices from several traditions, including mystical Judaism, Diamond Approach, Buddhism, and Kundalini Yoga. I’m wondering, is it beneficial to continue to engage with practices that call me from different paths, or is it more beneficial to focus on one?

The practices of the past have served an important purpose of bringing quiet to the mind and to the heart — a written formula that can be repeated more than once, many generations, over and over. And, while these practices will provide an important foundation to follow, they must not be perceived as a limiting belief.

A foundation for something greater to arise in the change of times that is apparent; the increase of energy and frequency that will be available on this plane will surpass the understanding of the past generations. Practices will become irrelevant at that point. Until then, finding an important balance inside, and alignment, and strong foundation of your body and your mind and your heart is a critical aspect of your health and highly recommended.

Your internal compass, your internal alignment will assist you in making the decisions to choose which directions, how long, and how deep, but you must take the time to listen and to act accordingly.

Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How do I and others bring more spirituality and our full authentic selves into the world of work?

It will start with your presence: deepening your understanding of your connection, deepening the understanding of all the aspects of your being that have not been competed in learning and wisdom.

All this transformation will provide a stronger balance within, and a stronger presence. This will change you and all those around you; through vibration and frequency that you emit you will constantly start to impact those around you.

When a strong alignment has been found inside, some of you will start to understand a deeper calling to assist all those others seeking alignment; seeking completion; seeking expression. This is a choice to be made by you when you have found a strong balance and foundation already, and the call inside is louder than any other call of your heart of your mind.

The transformation of your surroundings, by even a single individual, can be significant. The focus will be first internal, the completions will start external change, and change is the only way forward.

Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
What is your interpretation of “justice” and how does one ethically and rightfully seek it?

A complicated answer to a complicated question. Justice is determined in the moment by the society and the reality of that circumstance. It is entirely created by the surroundings that require this evaluation in order to survive; mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Some of these systems have been created without the consideration of change, the consideration of change of all of these aspects.

Which elements of survival are truly in danger or in question, by which values is justice served, and do the values change over time as the consciousness of the collective evolves?

And, how are changes overseen in the first place?

There is no single right answer to your question.

In our perspective, the creation that has gifted all of you with individual lives has provided with all potentialities, in every single aspect, in all the ways the human mind, the heart, and consciousness can make decisions for themselves and in the collective.

Now, this might not always be true for the individual in a certain circumstance, or for certain collectives in a specific timeframe or environment, yet it is the base truth for all of existence on this plane. Our perspectives on justice therefore remain irrelevant, to give you the full potential and unlimited exploration to find the right balance between consciousness, the mind, the heart, and the actions taken; the decisions made — and the evaluations, like justice, executed.

Question #7:
What is the role of shame in the development in our culture, and how can large groups of people complete this emotional experience?

Similar to all experiences that are available in the human body, emotions carry an instrumental aspect of it. Shame is an emotion that is triggered by the emotions and the expectations of the environment.

Emotions, if not completed, are stored, like memories, until they are fully expressed and completed as a learning opportunity for you. The current situation of all of mankind: unlimited sources of emotions unexpressed — including shame and guilt, anger and sadness — waiting to be completed, waiting to be seen, uncovered, understood, and listened to.

The only way is for the individual to first make the effort to look inside; to bring the courage to let these aspects that have been limiting come to the surface, to find the right environments with other individuals or alone to complete the expression — the understanding of the emotion itself.

Incomplete learnings will continue in the next generation; it always has been, it always will be. Some of your learnings will include the completions of many generations before you. You are the current version of all of these incomplete lessons.

You are the one to complete and end cycles. This is a responsibility you must understand and willingly take on, and you will find freedom for yourself and all the generations before you, all the generations that will come after you, as a collective gift from you.

Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
What is the source of fear?

The emotion of fear; underlying is ‘survival’ — continuing to exist in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritually safe environment. Fears are the triggers to remind the mind of potential unsafe environments.
Now, while this is a function of the mind, in many cases it can become a compulsion; it can become an automatic reaction to the environment created by society, to the training and the education that has been provided, and to the beliefs that have been infused rather than learned.

Fears translate, as well, from one generation to another, from one ideology to another. The underlying source of fear is function to survive. Yet, for you to determine if it’s truly survival, and how many aspects of that triggered fear are truly trained aspects of the subconscious and unconscious mind — aspects of emotions of past trauma. These reflections will start to allow you to loosen this connection to the trigger of fear as a function of survival.

Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Can you speak to humanity’s relationship with Earth, climate change, and the future of life on Earth?

While humanity is growing, the Earth will start to become unsustainable to carry all life. This is the way it is projected, and all lines of probability arrive in the same place. Yet, the time is not set.

It is for you to make the changes as society to extend life as long as possible, to allow this timeframe to fully complete the self realization of the individual and the self realization of the collective. This is the key.

The human experience itself — this place that you call home, Earth — has been merely a place of incubation and a temporary home until a certain growth stage of your consciousness is completed, yet it is the only home that you have understood or perceived.

This is why time is the most important resource for all individuals to find the journey inside; the self-realization process must complete for all of you. This will bring many of the answers that are sought, it will change the behaviors that are destructive, and it will bring alignment and harmony in ways that humanity has not seen before.

Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
If a healer trains with different modalities, does this get confusing for the energy field, as each modality uses different modalities, or light codes. Is it better to stick to one type of energy healing modality?

An individual that has sought and deeply understood themselves — found balance inside and harmony in their being — will understand which tools and mechanisms to use. The decisions are made for them, not by them. In general, you will see simpler will be better.

Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
How do we harmonize complexity, such as the complexity in organizations and cities?

Every piece of the organization must be understood. Every behavior that is possible within the organization must be understood. The responsibilities of every piece of the organization must be understood. A common goal of the organization must be understood.

Functions to allow communication throughout the entire organization must be established, and the agreement for the benefit of all aspects of the organization must be established, communicated, and continuously reinforced.

This will allow complex structures to function, similar to your physical body. And, while there are aspects of it continuously adjusting and improving, it provides a continuous living experience to you. With the right maintenance and the right input, it will provide an experience for the greater good of the entire organization and its environment even further.

Understanding the timeframe and the ultimate goal of the organization, and the impact of all society and of existence — of human consciousness — must be established, communicated, and continuously reinforced.

Question #12:
Psychedelic medicines are being developed for use in the western medical system. My question is: is it important to keep the shaman or the healer with these medicines as they are developed in order to have optimum benefit for humanity?

The use of openings through the plants and medicines provided on this plane has been understood for certain societies for many generations — specialists that have become one in their consciousness with this opening, and the provider of the opening: the consciousness of the plant or the animal.

This connection goes beyond the ability to express in words. To create documents and communication about transference will not be easy. To function in its most optimal way, the recommendation is always to bring those that have understood the opening, and can provide safe guidance through these openings, to be part of the growth process of the individual. All other explorations by individuals by themselves are similar to all experiences in life: no guarantees given.

Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
What is your interpretation of “heaven” and “hell?”

It is not our position to interpret the words of those that have provided you with their perspectives and their understanding of existence.

Planes exist in many different variations, often operated by frequency and vibration. Some of which are in material — and often in nonmaterial existence. These planes provide different functions, yet all of them together provide the perfect balance: light and dark, creation and destruction, and balance, to provide for all of existence.

One could understand this meaning of “hell” to be all planes of lower vibrations, and “heaven,” planes of higher frequency, yet we refrain from the understanding of judgement, as all is required to create the perfect balance in existence.

Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
How does one awaken “will?”

Will is constant and awake as long as you are alive. All aspects of your being, breathing, and operating, through the will of consciousness, through the will of creation.

The will of the mind, and the will of the heart are different matters: complex, and often covered with incomplete lessons; emotions — often busy, continuously deciding to decide.

Will, on a daily basis, will fatigue just like the body. The mind and the heart require rest and require continuous maintenance so that will can recharge. Often will will be used at the first site, at the first decisions, at the first priorities that are required to be made.

Difficult emotional experiences will require will to compensate for to suppress. As you can see, most of will is lost in compensation of thoughts, in compensation of unexpressed emotions and continuous movement and structures that are not beneficial to you.

Finding liberation will be by reducing: first, your thought; second, understanding all the emotions unexpressed and completing the learnings that need to be completed.

This will provide a newly found well of will.

Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
Can you offer guidance on how we can find silence of the mind and silence of the heart to discover our true nature?

In moments like these, where there is no other objective than to be present, thoughts and emotions will arise; emotions that require to be completed, thoughts that require to be released, and aspects of the body that require to be heard. All of these must be tended first, as they have not been tended before.

The first experiences of trying to find silence will be difficult: they will be filled with additional things to do; additional things to feel.

Yet, continuously operating and observing these thoughts and emotions — eventually not following the emotions and thoughts — and, distancing yourself as an observer from the being that you are, further and further out, until you start to see perspectives of yourself from the perspective of existence.

This is a process that might take some time. Yet, will bring the benefits that you seek in your evolution process.

Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your time, and listening to my words. May this work and the time we have spent together benefit you in the most possible ways, and impact the lives of those around you.

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