What to expect?

What is a transmission? 

A transmission is a transfer of energy from a higher realm of consciousness to a recipient. This energy is believed to contain specific frequencies, information, and spoken words of wisdom, as well as alignments and adjustments to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual-energetic constructs of the recipient. The energy being transmitted is called the love of creation, also known as the universal life force or universal love. This energy pervades the universe and all of existence, and we are all made up of and innately connected to it. We all have the ability to receive, embody and transmit this energy. 

The person transmitting the energy, in this case Asil, is gifted with the capacity to receive and transmit frequencies and spoken words from higher planes of consciousness. The transmission can bring about feelings of deeper love and heart opening, states of expansion, relaxation, and greater trust in life. These adjustments that are done are unique to each individual participant and are independent of location and time. 

Transmissions can also clear and purify existing and unnecessary constructs or blocks that exist within you as misalignments – these could be mental, emotional, physical as well as expressed on the energetic level of your being. Simply by opening yourself to receive the energy and the accompanying adjustments offered with each transmission, you will begin to clear these blockages, realigning your being. As you come into greater levels of alignment, you are able to process unhealed, incomplete and misaligned aspects of your past, opening you to receive higher frequencies of energy to support your transformation and your integration process of the past.

To receive the energy, one only needs to set the intention to receive, relax and open to the energy. You can do this seated or lying down, whatever is most comfortable to you. The way in which you experience the energy and the adjustments made to your being during the transmission are specific and personalized to you.

Ultimately, the only way to truly understand the concept of a transmission is by experiencing it yourself. We invite you to participate in one of our transmissions and discover the benefits first hand.

Will this energy really affect me? How will it feel?

Our programs are structured to be transformational, not just educational. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, everyone has a higher self and a deeper level of presence waiting to emerge.

We are all energetic beings. We all have our own energy channels. We all have innate channels that are either active in some capacity or lying dormant. These channels can be activated. 

As a result of modern times, and the resulting separation, most of us have forgotten these inherent designs within us all.

Many of us are still hearing the call within. The angelic guides we work with support us at this time in our evolution towards remembering and activating our energetic blueprints.

As the energy moves through you during the course and throughout your journey on the pathway, a variety of experiences are possible. People report deep levels of presence, increased awareness of emotional and mental patterns, heightened intuition and sensitivity to energies, increased vitality and heart opening, as well as sensations of discomfort as misalignments within one’s being or in relationship to others is brought to the surface. The process of alignment is different for everyone but energy is always benevolent and is directing you towards a greater version of yourself. We will be there to support you throughout the course.

What is the love of creation?

There is a pervasive energy throughout the universe and all of existence. Some call it universal life force, some call it universal love. You are innately connected to this energy, but there are ways to deepen this connection.

You are the vessel through which this love of creation moves — an energy unlimited, untethered, expansive, and continuously available to you.

This energy naturally overflows and moves to all of those around you — loved ones, families, cities, regions, countries — overflowing into the entire world. And this is what’s possible with only one human being; that is you. It is your transformation. It is your evolution. It is you becoming a Pillar of Light in Service.

Who is this session for?

All ages, all religions, all colors, all genders are welcome to receive. The very young can be challenged by the nature of being quiet for a long period of time. For some of those that are too weak or challenged to come in person, we will keep them in our hearts and prayers as the session unfolds. At this point we also cannot receive our loyal pet and animal friends.

Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healings have been witnessed and received in these sessions.

The nature of this work does not carry any dogma, belief system or any specific practice.

What to expect

There will be times of silence and quiet contemplation, energy healing (“hands-on” and “hands-off”) and spoken channeling.

You are invited to come with an open mind and heart, and ready to give permission to be worked on for healing and growth. We recommend that you open to the energy that is brought into the room with intent, prayer and spirit.

It is suggested to experience the event sitting and in a meditative state, while a regular meditation practice is not a prerequisite. We understand that some need to lie down, some may even fall asleep, although it is better not to.

We ask that you free yourself of any responsibilities for the duration of the session, so that you can be fully present. Turn off your phone for the entire session.
 No food, photography or video is allowed.

What happens to Asil during the channeling? Where is his consciousness?

Asil is in a trance state and an observer in his own body during the channeling, yet aware and also in conversation with the beings connecting to him, as he is channeling them.

During the channeling period Asil is aware of the room, and the participants. His movements are all autonomous, except when he is guided to walk to specific individuals for hands-on healing. He remembers about half of the spoken channeling.

How much is the session?

By its nature this work is unconditional in this setting. We want to make the sessions accessible to everyone. There are though many costs involved to create an event of this kind, including venue, transportation, etc. We are therefore highly dependent on donations and contributions from participants and individual sponsors. Our suggested donation ranges are adjusted at every venue and city we visit. 
No one will be turned away for lack of funds. However, we are always receiving in appreciation and deep gratitude your contributions.