What to expect?

A 2-4 hour session consists of three phases: a healing, channeling and Q&A session.

Who is this session for?

All ages, all religions, all colors, all genders are welcome to receive. The very young can be challenged by the nature of being quiet for a long period of time. For some of those that are too weak or challenged to come in person, we will keep them in our hearts and prayers as the session unfolds. At this point we also cannot receive our loyal pet and animal friends.

Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healings have been witnessed and received in these sessions.

The nature of this work does not carry any dogma, belief system or any specific practice.

What to expect

There will be times of silence and quiet contemplation, energy healing (“hands-on” and “hands-off”) and spoken channeling.

You are invited to come with an open mind and heart, and ready to give permission to be worked on for healing and growth. We recommend that you open to the energy that is brought into the room with intent, prayer and spirit.

It is suggested to experience the event sitting and in a meditative state, while a regular meditation practice is not a prerequisite. We understand that some need to lie down, some may even fall asleep, although it is better not to.

We ask that you free yourself of any responsibilities for the duration of the session, so that you can be fully present. Turn off your phone for the entire session.
 No food, photography or video is allowed.

  • Initial Phase

A short introduction will be given, after which Asil will establish the connection to the channel.

It takes Asil about 15-30 minutes to get into a trance state. This is the preparation phase of his energy and physical body to hold the high energy of high consciousness realms. He will experience shaking and breathing as well as autonomous hand/arm movements.

At times, this phase is only a few minutes long. At times, it may take half an hour. Establishing and holding the connection requires a lot of energy, reflected in what Asil’s body is experiencing during this phase. No matter how dramatic, rest assured that he has been there before and is fine. This is a good time to shift your attention from outside curiosity to an inward focus.

Many people, no matter what spiritual training they might have, can feel and sense once the connection is established. Some describe it as a peaceful energy, some feel it as a powerful silence setting in. At some point, the channel usually announces the healing part and, at times, gives some guidance around it.

  • Healing

Channeled healers and angels will start working in the room, some through Asil’s body and some directly through the etherial realm – they may or may not announce themselves verbally to the group. Asil will be often guided to walk around and work on individuals hands-on.

The channel will require you to give permission for them to work on you. So, in your mind you have to allow them to, or they will not do it.

Participants often feel a sensation of peace or sleepiness during this phase. People have reported receiving physical, emotional and mental healing. Others report a greater peace of mind, deep clarity or insights, energetic alignments or closing of old chapters and karmic loops.

The healing work can be directed by an intention that you hold. You can consciously bring your intentions into this part of the session. These might be aspects you want to heal, things you are ready to let go, chapters you want to close. The intentions can also be held for the healing of your relations, friends and loved ones.

There are many different forms of energy moving through during the healing phase. Just let it happen. Some people experience a deep meditation, others may start coughing, crying, purging or laughing. Sometimes people may experience these sensations and not have control over them. Just like there is no control after the release of a dam – eventually, whatever needed to be will be completely released and the sensation will stop.

Once the healing is complete, the healing spirit/ angel will often thank you for your participation and may give instructions.

  • Channeling

At this point a channeled being (often Emmanuel) will connect with Asil and speak through him to the group. He will first offer wisdom, and may later open the space for questions that participants may have. These words may hold a special significance for the people in the room, general insights or guidance for humanity. He will then finish the session and the channeled beings will leave the space, while the healing energy stays for some time.

Many people experience this sharing beyond verbal language. It often comes with other sensations on deeper aspects of consciousness. Staying in this quiet, meditative state with an open mind can therefore greatly support the amount of realization that you may receive.

  • Questions & Answers

As Asil’s consciousness starts to return to the forefront, he will answer as himself any other open questions participants may have, and team members may give you instructions for the next couple of days.


What happens to Asil during the channeling? Where is his consciousness?

Asil is in a trance state and an observer in his own body during the channeling, yet aware and also in conversation with the beings connecting to him, as he is channeling them.

During the channeling period Asil is aware of the room, and the participants. His movements are all autonomous, except when he is guided to walk to specific individuals for hands-on healing. He remembers about half of the spoken channeling.

How much is the session?

By its nature this work is unconditional in this setting. We want to make the sessions accessible to everyone. There are though many costs involved to create an event of this kind, including venue, transportation, etc. We are therefore highly dependent on donations and contributions from participants and individual sponsors. Our suggested donation ranges are adjusted at every venue and city we visit. 
No one will be turned away for lack of funds. However, we are always receiving in appreciation and deep gratitude your contributions.