Our brand-new Evolution One website has launched…

From the one, the individual self-realization journey, comes the reconnection to self, to others, and to the All, the One-as-collective. 


This is Evolution One.

Our new website and brand has officially launched, and it has been a lift, so many individuals brought forth their wisdom, creativity, dedication, hearts, minds and hard work. And with the labor of love we have just put our website live. Please have a look, give us feedback and words of appreciation and share with friends and family.

Visit us on our new website — https://evolution.one

We are evolving.

When we started out 7 years ago, we were a small team of several people doing whatever we could to share the transformative wisdom and energy of the channel with anyone that would listen. In a whirlwind of time, our small gatherings grew and began to reach thousands of people. 

After years of tireless commitment, the energy coming through reached a critical momentum that began to inspire the creation of new offerings and the formation of a team to give this inspiration life. 

We formed Ascension One and built out a team of visionaries to support this expansive energy coming through us. We scheduled as a non-profit organization with the intention to make our offerings as freely and widely available as possible as a public service to benefit all of humanity.

Courses were born, collaborative workshops invited new members to the community, and Sacred Earth expeditions took us into entirely new explorations. 


As we reached new heights, we too experienced the transformative nature of the work we were providing. 

Working with the guides, we looked inward, evolved and began to realign ourselves as an organization. In this process, we realized our name, Ascension One, wasn’t fully expressing the essence of who we were and what we stood for. 

While the term “Ascension” had focused on a fundamental aspect of our work, and the vision the guides shared about humanity’s next stage of awakening, it didn’t fully convey the process of spiritual development we or the guides had intended. 

In fact, we found “ascension” itself even held a negative connotation for some. For many, “ascension” touches on religious ideologies (for better and for worse), it connotes an endpoint, implying the goal of reaching heaven, of leaving this earth. 

This is not what we stand for.

We began to realize our name needed to represent the process of ascension taking place, the collaboration taking place with the earth, and with each other. The action of transformation. The ongoing process we are all experiencing as consciousness, with no goal. The moment to moment experience itself. The continuous unfolding. The process of evolution.

As the guides repeatedly share, our consciousness is evolving. As individuals and as a collective. It is evolving alongside the earth’s changing frequencies and in collaboration with higher forms of consciousness.

Evolution One

Evolution One stands for the evolutionary journey we undergo to remember and embody our nature as one collective, as one consciousness, to internalize and live its highest potential. This realization is a reminder that the conscious evolution of one single individual has the potential to transform all of humanity. 

Evolution One delivers energetic and consciousness-expanding experiences that catalyze and accelerate personal and collective evolution – the evolution of human consciousness.

Our offerings are intended to support the process of evolution: the dismantling of existing constructs, to prepare space for new constructs to be established, for an expansion into greater possibilities. Ultimately, to serve humanity’s ascension, but currently to serve the grander evolutionary process.

As the guides have shared, 

The evolution of consciousness in human form, therefore, is right here, right now. The benefits of this evolutionary process will be felt, will be seen, witnessed, as you will find greater peace and alignment within yourself, as you will find greater peace and alignment with those around you, within your regions, your countries, your lineages, and your traditions. Greater peace with the land that is gifted to you, greater peace with this Earth that provides for you, greater peace with all beings, material and of non-material kind, a greater trust in all of existence. – Elohim


At our annual community gathering in the fall Asil shared some of the reasons why we are changing name to Evolution One.

We are overjoyed to finally be sharing this transformation with the world. 

We are Evolution One. And we invite you to join us on this journey of personal and collective growth. 

What’s next?

On May 31st, 8am Pacific Time, we are excited to invite you to our upcoming event, where we will discuss the significance of clearing collective trauma on our upcoming Sacred Earth Expedition to the Balkans  and explore the unique healing and growth journey that awaits all of us in the Balkans.
We will discuss the opportunity for you to join us digitally and be part of this transformative expedition.


We envision a world where all human beings are living as conscious creators, existing in harmony with the earth.

Here’s to continuing to evolve together as one.

With LOVE,

The Evolution One Team

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