Elohim Transmission – Fundamentals of Awakening: Becoming a Pillar of Light – March 10

Greetings. We are Elohim.

You have witnessed yourself explore, experiment, and experience this human form, this identity that you were given for this lifetime. In all of your explorations, relationship played an important role — your relationship with yourself, with your environment and with all of those around you; your relationship with the cosmos, the universe, and all of existence; your desire to understand who and what you are, the purpose and the meaning of this life and of this human experience; the source of your origin; the direction that you are heading.

All these questions arose in a moment of curiosity, in a moment where the energetic-spiritual construct delivered its most important and powerful message. What do you seek to learn from this experience?
The human experience itself brings forth an infinite number of learnings, lessons, realizations, that emerge from experiences. And these realizations emerge during the lifetime itself, as well as after the lifetime, as well as in future lifetimes. Realizations occur in a waking state and in full awareness, realizations occur in subtle and subconscious ways, realizations occur on the entirety of human consciousness — the connected bond that all of humanity shares realizes, by itself, through all of you.

The sheer infinite possibilities of relationships, your relationship with all that exists, understanding and knowing that you are intrinsically connected to nature, that you are intrinsically connected to this Earth, to the planets, to the sun, to the many suns above, to the many galaxies and this entire universe; understanding that beyond this body, this energy body, this emotional and mental body, you are part of the fabric of the love of creation, connected and bonded to all of existence, an expression of the divine and all its facets, every part of you, every cell of you, every thought, and every emotion of you, a creation of the love that permeates through all of existence, an expression of divine and unique nature.
This is the single most important learning and understanding, a foundation that will move you forward in your explorations and in your realizations.

In this journey of exploration, to allow realizations to occur, moments of silence, moments of introspection, moments of contemplation, will allow the realizations to fully emerge and integrate. Therefore, it is moments like these that carry importance for realizations to fully arise, to fully land, and to complete an important learning cycle within you, within all of humanity.

And, as realizations continue to emerge on a continuous basis, as realizations continue to bring forth completions, the level, the depth, and the quality of your presence increases. Neither the realizations of the past nor the real potential realizations of the future matter as much as they used to. Only the realizations in the very moment become prevalent, even greater fuel for true presence.

The power that emerges from your level of presence is the fuel of your existence, is the fuel that brings forth your conscious creations, the unfolding of your potential through this very moment — creation beyond the creation of the interests, the desires, and the wants of the mind; creations beyond the desires and the wants of the heart; creations of a reality that will serve in the highest potential for evolution for you, and for all of those around you.
Conscious creatorship requires alignment within all of your being: the mind, the heart, the physical form that you’re given, as well as the energetic-spiritual construct. This alignment is provided through the adjustments that you receive, yet also through all acts of conscious choice.

Intrinsically, you know, and you are aware, that which will provide greater alignment to your being, and will bring forth greater misalignments. Alignment is sensed as a stronger presence within you, as a stronger stability, as a stronger foundation within you. Alignment is perceived as health, as energy, as love, as well as as a natural flow of energy. Peace within, harmony, balance, content, fulfillment, are all expressions of strong alignment.

Alignment is perceived within yourself, and in moments of deep presence, alignment becomes even more visible and fine-tuned. Every aspect of your being can always be aligned to a greater detail, to a greater degree. Therefore, alignment is an eternal journey. You will always seek to align even further, even closer.

The alignments that we will provide will deliver that which is needed in the moment, that which your capacity can receive in this moment. Alignments are directly correlated to the well-being of your mind, the well-being of your heart, the well-being of your physical form, as well as the well-being and capacity of your energetic-spiritual construct.

Ask yourself more regularly on the current state of your alignment, and you will receive answers about the current state of your well-being, about the current state of your choices in life, about the current state of your presence. This is the well of information that is available within you, to provide you the greatest detail possible for your level of presence. This level of presence is your strongest currency in this reality; it is where all your power comes to be.

In the present moment you bring forth the power of the physical form, manifested into this reality, aligned and receiving from the physical manifestation of this Earth, the physical manifestation of the sun, and the physical manifestation of energy received through food and nutrition.

The alignment of the heart, the presence of the heart, all emotions observable, presented to you, available in their full spectrum. No emotion is suppressed, is valued less-than, no emotion is omitted, reduced, or overcompensated. The availability of all of emotions makes the human life full and available in its full expression. Emotions allow [you] to navigate experiences, to judge experiences, relationships, and in deepest moments of presence, the underlying context for all emotions becomes content.

In your deepest level of presence and alignment of the mind, you will see that the full capacity of the mind is available to produce thoughts, imagination, and creations of the mind, navigating this reality in the best possible way, expanding beyond this reality through the mind, and the imaginary capacities of the mind. As your consciousness integrated and embedded within this mind of yours, you observe this reality in its physical manifestation, and you become the creator of the physical manifestation of this reality. You become the creator of the relationships and the circumstances of your reality.

The presence and the alignment of the mind, therefore carries an importance that over weighs the importance that society has put on the capacities and the capabilities of the mind. Thinking for thinking’s sake, consumption, over-stimulation, will keep the mind at a consistent operation, not allowing even the most important functions to unfold, as in moments of silence the more subtle and more powerful functions of the mind will [be]come active. The ability to complete learnings and realizations, naturally emerging from a quieted and silenced mind.

The mind that holds your consciousness will then unfold to the many connections that are available and accessible to your consciousness. Beyond this Earth, beyond human consciousness, all of consciousness becomes available as the functions of operations have expanded to beyond operating in this physical plane.
The alignment of your energetic body, your energetic-spiritual construct, the presence of your existence, will receive a surge of energy that will provide for all the other bodies to fully receive the flow of energy streams that are available to this existence. Your energy body is the opening and the exit point for these energies that are flowing through this reality. Therefore, all relations are impacted by the alignment and the presence of your energetic-spiritual construct, a part of you that is felt, that is intrinsically an aspect of you, yet rarely sensed by most individuals, rarely fully understood in its critical and foundational aspect to your being.

In the alignment of all of those four bodies of your being, you become adept to navigate this reality, to walk this reality with a deeper sense of presence, with the greatest potential for realizations to occur, with relationships that will unfold naturally, and that will close and complete naturally.
Your ability to learn, your ability to grow, and your ability to be present will improve consistently as you seek greater alignment within, and the journey of receiving, of transmitting energies beyond comprehension, energies beyond the mind, the desires and the wants of the heart will become prevalent, and you will choose to become a vessel of the divine, beyond the most natural aspects of your being, beyond merely experiencing human existence, you will be a conduit for others to see the power, the magnificence, the beauty, and the love of creation that is possible to be felt, received, and transmitted in another human being.

You become an example, a representation of the divine, of divine presence in expression in human form. And while your expression will have its unique flavor, while your expression will have its unique tone and unique perspective, the purity and the alignment of your being will allow for the integrity of this expression to continue, to deliver, and to impact all of those around you.

You have chosen this journey, as you have understood that life has significantly more to offer than what is perceived or than what you have learned, that which you have been conditioned by. You have chosen this journey as you have understood greater purpose seeking to arise within you, greater alignments, greater presence, and greater love to be a possibility within your life.

And while a desire for service has arisen within you, service itself will be a natural expression of the greatest alignment within you, beyond the desires of the heart and the desires of the mind. Service will naturally unfold as the gifts that will arise will naturally unfold within you, and you will embrace the gifts that unfold, and you will allow others to receive the gifts as they unfold.

You will observe the conditions that you place on yourself, to receive, to integrate, and to share the gifts that are within you. And you will continue to learn, to rest in trust that these gifts are handed to you, as you are ready to hold and to share these gifts.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence the adjustments for greater alignment.

<Alignment work done.>

Thank you for receiving this work, and for embarking on this journey to becoming a pillar of light, to exploring the potential that is within you, or the desire to serve all of humanity in its evolution, starting with yours.

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