Energy Alignment and Wisdom Channeling – September 15th (San Francisco, 906.World)

Greetings, I am Raphael.

One of the many appearances I provide is through individuals like this host, who have cared, and dedicated their lives to a certain type of purification and adjustment process so that the divine may utilize them as instruments of their work; of our work. And, our work is the evolution of mankind; the evolution of your consciousness; the maturing of a consciousness from the material plane to a non-material plane.

This development has already started, the first stage is the awakening of mankind: awakening from the standard operations; the deepening, the inquiries, and the questions; the seeking of different perspectives on the same matters, and the seeking of different matters completely: matters that are hard to comprehend with the human mind.

All of you are gifted; gifted with this particular life of yours, and all aspects that it provides: the body that is capable of doing things beyond your comprehension: it is your host for this period of time on earth; all the relationships that are provided to you — not by coincidence — to provide learning and growth.

Some of these learnings — continuations of many generations and many iterations — the gifts of this planet, everything that she provides, unconditionally, for your comfort and safety, all of the time; these are some of the perspectives of the gift that I mentioned.

Can you truly perceive it as a gift at all times? And, if not, what are the aspects of your being that must be reflected on; contemplated; eased?

Today’s work on you will be focused on easing some of these aspects of your being that prevent you from truly being present. This alignment will also focus on other aspects of your being, subtle aspects of your being, your presence, and the connection to higher realms as well as to the planet that you’re living on.

All of this work is provided in benevolence and completely unconditionally, from us to you, for your evolution and in support of your growth.

By assisting you, you will eventually will assist others and the evolution of consciousness for humankind is more likely, and will be more natural.

<energy alignment work done on participants>

My work is complete.

Greetings, I am Emmanuel.

Many decades, centuries, millenia; as time passes, humanity evolves, so it seems evolution happens on multiple levels of existence — not just the ones that you can measure.

The evolution of your consciousness is highly impacted by all your actions, and it represents the level of your maturity in terms of your evolution. The “collective” is a representation of all human consciousness. The individuals make up the collective; there is no separation except the one you perceive, and is perceived by others, through their observation. Yet truly human consciousness binds and connects in a way that is incomprehensible.

The perfect environment for consciousness to grow is the experience itself; so, each of you are experiencing on behalf ot the collective, and also for yourself. Growth happens through all these experiences being converted into wisdom.

By itself, the experience alone merely provides an opportunity to learn and grow for all those participating in the experience itself. Some experiences, on a collective level, require the entire collective to learn and to grow.

Some experiences will require many generations to complete and to heal; to be turned into wisdom — a deep knowing.

You are the eyes and the ears and the hands of the collective. The collective is an extension of all consciousness. Through you, the consciousness of all existence experiences what it means to be human in the moment.

And, through you, all of existence observes the maturity consciousness can deliver. As the collective evolves, the actions of the individuals will change. Still, always testing the boundaries; always the extremes; provided to understand if truly what is learned is wisdom — or merely missing a perspective, until the entire collective understands and agrees — not on a mental level, but on a soul level; on an energetic level.

This understanding is the baseline for a stronger evolution of consciousness. Where common understanding cannot be found, the aspects of your being that will be tested are your patience, and your compassion; can you truly love unconditionally in all situations, all humans? You will be tested, and this is the collective’s role in completing a cycle of learning and growth.

Today’s work is a small step in many steps that will follow. Our assistance for humanity will extend over the decades to come. This assistance will be focused on your evolution — not on finding solutions to your problems — these will be yours to fix. It is for you to receive a different perspective, on life itself, on relationship itself; a different perspective on yourself, and on all of existence.

This is the path of empowerment. This is the path of self-realization.

Thank you for listening to my words.

I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How can we heal the pattern of victimhood and powerlessness?

Patterns of “victim,” “villain” — or even “hero” itself — are all aspects of an interplay until they are completed. The completion can be initiated by each party. The purpose of this interplay is to receive the true understanding of the perspectives of all of the participants; a deep knowing, and an understanding of the importance for one’s growth to have had this experience in the first place, for the growth of the collective.

Once peace has been found within each party, then the cycle will be complete, and the role designated will no longer continue to have the same hold that it did before, yet each party understands the importance of having played their role for their own learning and growth.

All humans have been victims before — and villains — and saviors; in this lifetime, and in many lifetimes before. All of these cycles are for the purpose of learning and growth. Understand the power that you have to complete this cycle.

Question #2:
What can I do to prepare myself and my family for the changes that may come?

Change in itself has been an important aspect of human existence and it will continue to be so. The illusion of comfort is momentarily available to you. The environment is continuously changing to provide the optimal states for growth, and is never consistent.

The changes to come will provide challenges to the existing structures that humanity has created for themselves: the structures to pretend stability; structures to pretend comfort and the illusion of control.

Environmental change will impact these structures. It will impact the leadership of these structures. Changes of your environment will impact you, yet can you, as an individual weather the changes by establishing an alignment within; an alignment of your mind, of your heart, of your body, and of your spirit? Can you observe the situation that you’re currently in and act accordingly, in the best possible way given to you in the moment?

Can you truly embrace that change is part of life? And so, the main aspect that you have truly in your control is the being that your are: your mind; your thoughts; your emotions; your physical body; and aspects of your energetic body. This alignment will be the source of your power for the changes to come.

Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
What barriers remain to global adoption of zero-point energy technology?

The barriers are in the structures that have been established that profit from not having this available to all humans. All of existence receives the energy of existence itself: a fabric that connects matter — alive, conscious — and matter by itself. This fabric, that we refer to as “the love of creation” provides a limitless force of energy. Under the right circumstances, this energy can be harnessed. It can be utilized to create life itself.

Humanity’s current state only provides acceptance and reception of this form of energy in small groups of individuals. It will require the evolution of consciousness to truly accept energy that is available to all, at all times, and in the right circumstances can be harnessed for the benefit of all. Until then, the sun will provide you everything you need.

Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Thank you for being here. My question is: what does right relationship between men and women look like as we move into the next phase of embodiment and consciousness?

The relationship of two individuals that have chosen to live, to bond, and potentially to create life is a relationship of learning and growth, and it will always remain in this function until the very end.

The growth and learning that I speak about can be as deep as understanding unconditional love. It can be as deep as understanding full surrender. It can be as deep as understanding full devotion to another individual being, or sacrifice for a new life as a guardian of this new life arising.

Relationships will continuously evolve, depending on the evolution that the collective is going through and the individual is going through. Norms, ethics, morals, all change and undergo continuous evolution as you have seen and witnessed throughout human history.

Understand the constants that are within you: the constant of love; the constant of peace and trust. The bond that is established between you and another human being, a full surrender, a depth that one can only experience in the presence of another: this is the relationship that is possible for you. Will you surrender when required? Will you trust, despite the unknown?

Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
What can we do as individuals to help create change?

The strongest point of leverage for change will always be you: your internal change will always reflect the strongest point of impact through you. And, only in your true and authentic expression can you start to impact change in others, within themselves. Sometimes your presence will be sufficient to provide the spark: the motivation, and inspiration; the spark that will inspire them to embark on their own continuous awakening journey.

This spark is what will change everything. The spark that brought you on your journey, some of it is conscious to us. Yet, most of it will remain in the subconscious, and will be delivered to you in all the different relationships and moments, and in the longing of your spirit to awaken.

This awakening process will start the wave of awakening across the entire planet, and the level of surrender, the level of ability to adjust will provide a smoother — or more difficult — transition for those in the process. There are many ways individuals in the process can help other individuals. You will find your expression of service to the awakening of mankind.

Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
If you’re lost, in a journey that you’re taking, how do you know what is the right next step to take?

All journeys lead to the same destination. There are different routes, full of different experiences and learnings, some of which you might judge as “difficult,” or “lost.” Yet, in the end, they all provide important learning and growth.

Without judgement and opinion, all experiences of your life have served you to become who you are, and have provided you the full spectrum of experiences: from love and joy, to sadness and anger. One would not exist without the other, you see?

One cannot be “found,” without being “lost.”

The spectrum of experiences helps you understand what the right balance is, and understand what choices are. Aside from the journey, the aspect that will change everything for you is your ability to be present in every moment; to truly understand all aspects of the moment; all aspects of your being in relationship to the moment.

This very moment is the one where all your power comes together. All decisions are made right now. Your ability to understand and to become more present will influence all decisions in your life, and all of the journeys to come.

Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
What is your message for those leaders in the world that have doubt and fear and pain about the changes coming; both in the world, and for them — and their role in it? Thank you.

Messages are delivered and received through the mind. This is a game that humanity has established and played to perfection. We will not argue on a mental level with those that are not ready to receive the messages to be delivered that are on a much deeper level. Every argument creates a counterargument. Every standpoint is correct. There are no winners and no losers; only positions — for a moment. The messages to be delivered are on a much deeper level: it’s the change that’s coming through the evolution of consciousness, through the evolution of individuals that will drive the decisions to be made; the awakening of the masses. This will speak volumes.

Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
How do you reconcile with the past in order to not let it hinder you in the present?

The only thing left of the past is your attachment to it. The attachment itself carries importance in your learning: it is there in order to fully allow you to complete the learning of this experience. The experience itself can only be completed once all perspectives have been seen and observed: inner contemplation and reflection upon the same situation; understanding your emotions and your thoughts, and understanding all participants in the moment; truly submerging yourself in it until the past completes itself and is no longer providing direction to your present moment — or to your future moments.

Thank you for your question

Question #9:
For souls that are here as volunteers, and have no memory of where they are from, how can we move forward in completing our assignment?

It is by design for all those that enter this plane, and the human experience, to carry no memories of past lives, past experiences, or places of origin.

It requires the individual to come to this place to start to discover the full potential that is within the human self, and within this potential, all that is delivered to you: through your ancestry, through your origins; of this life; of many lives before; your connection to all of existence beyond yours.

As you start to cultivate these relationships from a place of inner peace and balance you will start to see that your existence carries potentially more than just the experience of the human form: an application of your life-force in the way it wants to express itself; to impact and inspire others; to provide collective learning and growth.

Yet, the journey you’re on must continue, and once you set your emotions aside you will see deeper levels of surrender. It will make answers appear.

Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
What is it about change that us humans resist?

Comfort and discomfort: the levels of comfort that have been established, such that every single time change is about to come, your established comfort levels will be challenged. Ultimately, growth will come from understanding the aspects of your life that you have created that you truly need, and which are the aspects of your life that are a gift; merely “nice to have” — and maybe not required at all.

What are the comforts that define your being, that define your identity, and what are those comforts that you’ll easily let go of? You see, change, and the ability to accept and receive change, is directly correlated to your ability to deal with discomfort. And, once you start reflecting on this aspect, change, no matter when it comes and how it comes, will be much easier to handle.

Question #11:
There are many challenges human beings have about the topic of money: many people fear that they don’t have enough; people work jobs that they don’t like, but they do it because of fear; or, they are manipulating other people to get more money… What’s your view, and what can we do about this?

Money in itself does not carry value, emotion, or opinion, or a specific energy. It is the structures, the individuals, the education, that shape the way that it is perceived. The way this tool has established itself in the collective is what makes it so rich in terms of emotion and attachment: the value that it holds for the individual; the value that it holds for the collective; the upside — and the downside — that it provides.

Yet, money itself is not the barrier to overcome: it does not carry emotion by itself. If it’s perceived as the tool that it is, it will provide value for all of mankind. Yet with the current existing structures, and the emotions attached, you will require new systems that will replace the old, yet will allow for value exchange in a different way, in a modern way; in a way that potentially does not carry the emotional attachment.

You see, changing the tools will not change the mindset. The mindset can only be changed through cultivation of the mind and of the heart. You are not oppressed by money, you’re oppressed by your mind, and the constructs that it provides to you and the collective. And these barriers can only be resolved by you, and internally through continuous cultivation, and you will start to see money as what it is, despite the energy and emotions that are provided by all the others.

Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
How can I help and be of service to the collective of this ascension?

First and foremost, the way you will serve the entire collective is by focusing and nourishing your own development by becoming the best version of yourself in every moment, by expanding your emotional capacity, your mental openness, your physical strength, and your spiritual expansion.

Your entire being, aligned as an exemplary human experience, will impact so many around you; this is a true gift to give to all those around you. You will see on this journey of internal alignment, new forms of expression will find themselves, the collective will request from you and will define the service that it wants to be provided through you; your mental processes and emotional processes will only be a small aspect of the expression. Most of it will be delivered through your connection to the divine and your connection to the collective.

Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your time, to receive this work — an expression of our love for humanity; for its state and evolution — the support that we provide, unconditionally, in this time of change.

May you be blessed and all those around you receive the benefits of your work.

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