Group Energy Healing & Wisdom Channeling – Oct 26th (Dubai, Urban Tribe)

Group Energy Healing & Wisdom Channeling – Oct 26th (Dubai, Urban Tribe)

I am Raphael.

You have come to a place in your development where change is inevitable. The external change in your environment, the changes within you, [and] all aspects of you unprocessed, that will now resurface to be heard; to be expressed; to be finalized; and converted to wisdom.

This change, in many ways, is a natural process of the evolution of consciousness. The evolution of your consciousness — connected to the evolution of the consciousness of the collective — truly there is no separation.

You are one organism that expresses itself as individual human beings in many ways, learning through all of your actions, growing in being and wisdom and experience and understanding; all of your thoughts, emotions, all your experiences; all your relationships therefore feed the collective, not just your own growth.

The adjustments that you will receive today will assist you on this path. It is one step in many steps that you must take. It is a reminder for those that have forgotten. It is assistance for those that are already on the path. And, it is support for those that have been distracted and consumed by the human experience itself.

While the human experience serves its own purpose to continuously evolve consciousness, it is an extraordinary time for human consciousness, a time of awakening, a time where human consciousness has outgrown its incubation.

This evolutionary step that you all are collectively in is an important development for all of consciousness, not just the human one. Your evolution will set an entire new series of events. Other forms of consciousness will be assisted in their growth, as you evolve.

Just like in any ecosystem, consciousness continuously is in balance with all the other forms that exist.

Thank you for listening to my words, and thank you for receiving this work.

[Hands on healing]

My work is complete.

Greetings, I am Emmanuel

In the course of human evolution we have witnessed humanity rise, evolve, fall, and rise again; many cycles we have witnessed. We have observed in which ways the human condition changes over the cycles of creation and destruction.

It is not for us to judge the way humanity decides to live. Our intervention is in assistance for the evolution of consciousness — a special time on this plane, to benefit all of humanity equally.

I have seen, and witnessed, all aspects of human experience: the emotions, the relationships, the memories; sadness and despair; anger and happiness — all part of the fine equilibrium needed to provide the full spectrum of experiences; the full spectrum of growth and learning.

Humanity’s evolution is currently the main driving force for our intervention and for our assistance on an individual level. We have seen and understood that the evolution of all mankind can only occur after the growth and evolution of the individual.

Only through the self-realization journey — the awakening process within you — can you truly impact others around you. Your growth will be the aspect of your impact and your influence on all those around you — one step at a time.

In many places around the world, these awakenings will start, and even a single individual can truly make the difference in the awakening of the entire region, or the entire collective. Never underestimate the power of the single awakening soul.

Understand with this support will continuously [bond] us to you and offer us to supervise your growth, and assistance when needed. This connection is entirely [voluntary]. You may choose at any point to close it from your end.

The changes in your life will continue. The strong force of awakening, the changes in all of your relationships will start to become very apparent. The only way to face all challenges, to face all changes, is to create the stability inside: a strength and a peace within.

This requires dedication, discipline, and courage to look inside, to observe all the aspects that are not in harmony, not in balance, all unexpressed emotions, yours, or from others; thoughts, from many generations back.

The courage to observe all aspects of your being in the current time, and of the past, the emotions and thoughts, as well as the way your body speaks to you — these observations once continually observed will start to become quiet.

This is your opportunity to finally understand the silence of the mind; the silence of the heart. The newly found space will allow energies of the divine to fill you. The light of the universe; the light of creation; provided for all; eternal, unlimited in its source.

The only requirement is for you to quiet and to listen.

Thank you for listening to my words.

I will now answer some of your questions.

Understand that each work you receive carries a frequency and a vibration. The spoken way of communication is a form of transmission, and here you received a transmission through me, yet you are an instrument, fully capable of this transmission.

Transmission of love, of joy, in every single word that you say. Equally, other emotions can be transmitted as well: anger, or sadness. Understand more clearly the power that is within you, the many abilities that you possess in the human form. Most of these answers will come in silence.

Question #1
How do we grow more love in our hearts?

The first and most important step is becoming aware that the unconditional love of creation is everywhere, including your heart.

Specifically, the way to direct your energy in towards others in relationship; this is what is perceived as individual or conditional love.

You see, the conditions make love in relationship much more constricted; much more difficult. The conditions that you set for yourself, the conditions that you set for others to receive or to give; this bond between one human to another — it is truly understanding the conditions established in the conscious and the subconscious mind, in all the ways educated; societally accepted.

Once these conditions start to loosen, the space that is created within your heart, you will see, can carry limitless love, limitless connections, limitless opening.

Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What role does sex play in our evolution and our growth?

Sexuality is an important aspect of human relating. Most importantly, for reproduction, yet much more than that, on individual relationship building; deepening the bond between both individuals; opening up ways of energy expression.

The energy channels in your system are deeply connected to the reproductive organs of the individual. This connection, once understood, can assist in the growth of the individual, spiritually and energetically.

Yet, you see, the potential downside as well in sexuality can limit spiritual growth as well through impure action. Understanding the intention and utilizing this power within you in the right way, it will become a powerful force of growth and evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
I would like to ask you about your opinion about raising the frequency of the collective.

Currently there are many processes in place that are raising the frequency of the collective. Some of which are of cosmological nature. This is a direct impact on all of you; an increased frequency will start to make itself noticeable within all your cells and all the ways you think, and all the ways you feel, and all the ways you relate to each other.

Old structures have been built on a different frequency, and while they may have been sturdy and functional for that time, the change of the frequencies within you, within all societies, will require adjustment, adjustment on many levels: on relationships, on structures that you rely on, societal structures, educational structures; structures for your health and well-being.

All of these aspects must be re-thought, reviewed, and redesigned with this newly-gained perspective.

You have the ability to be adaptive to the changes of the environment, it is a gift that all of you possess, yet sometimes it might be forgotten and buried.

The change of the environment will assist you to remember your ability to adapt and the power that lies in all of you, to challenge the status quo for the betterment of your own self, for the betterment of the entirety of the collective, formulated by societies around the world.

Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
In the path of awakening of the individual we hear about concepts such as “divine timing” and “readiness” and past life karma that could affect the awakening. Can you speak about this from an energetic perspective?

All of these concepts assume a future. All of these concepts assume a certain past. The only true reality for you is the present moment. In this very moment you can assess how present you are.

In this present moment you can understand which part of you is holding you back to becoming more present: emotions, thoughts, aspects of your past, your physical body, relationships; and, if you truly spend the time to go even deeper, you will see aspects of ancestry; aspects of past lives; impacting your present.

These are reminders; reminders for growth, reminders to observe something that has not been observed, to process something that has not yet been processed, to listen to something that has not been listened to.

Everything in this very present moment is available to you. Not concepts nor beliefs are required to observe this very simple truth to become truly present. The quality and the depth of your presence will become the maturity level of your entire being.

Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
What is the role of the crystal kingdom in shamanic inquiry and ascension, and which crystal is best for meditation practice?

Thank you for your question. All aspects of the environment carry consciousness. The most obvious ones are the ones that you perceive as living organisms. Yet truly, the nonliving aspects of your plane carry consciousness, specifically minerals and crystals.

The ability to hold a certain frequency, the ability to deliver this frequency unobstructedly, reflect purity; there are many ways and many qualities that crystals have supported human consciousness, and other forms of consciousness before.

While it is not a requirement for your evolution, it certainly is an aspect of support that you can rely on that does not carry judgement, opinions, and has eternal patience. Which particular crystal group becomes a nuanced answer for the situation that every individual might be currently going through, and as phases in life change, the work with specific groups and support of this kind might change as well.

Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
What should our relationship with material possessions be?

All aspects of your reality include material reality. Your body is an aspect / part of this reality. The difficulty arises when there is an over-focus on material connection; a compulsion, and a deep attachment to material possessions; to some degree identification with these possessions — a compensation of something underlying that requires to be seen and processed first.

You see? It is not the material possessions themselves, it is the relationship of the individual with material possessions that will make the difference. This relationship, this connection must be transformed to find ease and freedom as an individual.

As a side effect, it will impact the society and certain behaviors that are connected to the compulsions driven by unprocessed emotions and thoughts and trauma. All of these aspects are subject to come to surface in the near future.

Your relationship with money — your relationship with all material possessions — is subject to be reflected on and understood: In which ways does it identify you? In which ways does it drive you and create certain emotional states?

This reflection will allow you to understand yourself better and to grow as a result, rather than being triggered by external circumstances.

Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
We are presented with choices, how do we figure out if what we are doing and choosing is for our divine best? Is there any sign we should look for to know we are making the right choice?

Truly important life decisions must be reflected on — not just an emotional or mental level — yet from the silence much deeper within.

And this silence requires practice; it requires a moment for the mind to quiet. It requires a moment for the emotions to quiet.

And, important decisions of this kind can be reflected upon with a part of you that is connected to all of existence. And, some important decisions can then be influenced in the way they will benefit your growth.

Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
I have a question regarding our present timeline and the way it will unfold; is there anything we can do to improve it?

Your individual evolution, your evolution as a collective, your evolution as a society, as a family, as a community; these are the key aspects that truly have an impact [on] the immediate future.

And, if you understand that a better version of you will make better decisions for yourself, for your relationships, and for the environment, you can see the effect that it will have for others as well.

Yet, this journey cannot be imposed, it can only be transmitted by example. You become the example of your evolution, of the potential that is coming through you, the peace that is within you.
And as you start to become this fuller version of yourself in all relationships, your environment will start to transform, and they will start their own journeys as well.

This is the way to impact the entire collective, and the future that will unfold from this change.

Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
How can we assist children in understanding their own emotions and anxiety, especially in situations where there may be an ADHD diagnosis?

The new generation that is arriving into this plane is arriving at at time of change. Often, souls with significantly more experience and understanding of existence have chosen to return to assist humanity; to assist the collective.

These beings will require patience. These beings will require your ability to truly hold space as they grow, as they evolve, and as they find themselves in this reality.

You are the guardians for beings that will not grow to be like yourselves. They are evolving to become individuals of a completely different kind, to face completely different challenges of this environment.

Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time.

The energy, the opening that you have shared; this is a moment of your growth and evolution, and it is our honor to support you on this journey.

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