About Ascension One

Ascension One Collective is a US 501(c)(3) headquartered in California. It was founded to support the growing work of Asil and the guides that come through this channeled work.

Its mission is to support the evolution of consciousness in humanity.

Ascension One Collective’s programs focus on the evolution and transformation of individuals, leaders, and sacred sites.

About our Courses and Trainings
The guides that support the delivery of energy and wisdom through the Ascension One Collective paths have developed two distinct training paths to accelerate your alignment, evolution, and awakening, as well as open you to your own gifts and deeper levels of service.

Pillars of Light Path
The Pillars of Light Path and associated training courses are designed for those who would like to accelerate their own growth, evolution, and awakening, as well as bring forth their deeper gifts and capacities, and ultimately become initiated to bring the energy of the guides and the “love of creation” to people and situations as they see fit. The growing global community of “Pillars of Light in Service” is an extraordinary cohort of people from all walks of life who have dedicated themselves to service, healing, alignment, and the awakening of humanity.

Sacred Earth Practitioners Path
The Sacred Earth Practitioners Path and associated training courses are designed for those who would like to play a role in helping to attune to, balance, and activate Earth’s energetic grid. The guides share that this critical service will make a profound difference in the way that energy flows throughout Earth’s grid, enabling an accelerated awakening and transformation of humanity.