Group Channelling and Healing Session – October 31st 2018 (Beirut, Lebanon)

Group Channelling and Healing Session – October 31st 2018 (Beirut, Lebanon)

My name is Emmanuel. The healing that you have received today is our unconditional gift to humanity. Your path as an individual is as important as the growth of the collective. In fact, the collective can never grow without the individual doing his work. This is your chance to be part of the grand awakening of mankind. You are fully autonomous and responsible for your own accelerated growth. Your awakening process will be the impact you will have on the ascension of mankind. Everything you do for yourself shall be done in reverence, in honor and with grace, as the collective and the universe is reflected inside of you. You are the key to the ascension of mankind.

This is why our efforts are focused on the individuals of this world. Those specifically ready and moving faster than the majority of mankind. Those that have listened to a calling inside, a deep calling that has been there for a long time. A calling that has been wanting to be heard. One way or another, this calling has gotten your attention. When something deep inside you is moving you forward, to places that you may not understand, to people that you may not understand, to activities that you may not understand. None of this comprehension is relevant for your awakening. This is a process that is designed to automatically unfold for you. All you need to do is follow the signs and be present in quiet contemplation. Your presence is the single most important thing that defines your power.

The clarity of your mind and the clarity of your heart will drive the speed at which you awaken. You see, it is tremendously in your hands. You have never been the victim of life, you have always been the driver. You have always been the one in control of your destiny.

May this perspective give you an inspiration, a motivation to step more courageously forward. It shall deliver you with the strength and the honor of being alive and receiving this opportunity to reach self-realization in this lifetime. This time is in your favour like never before. The circumstances, as they may seem chaotic, complicated and challenging, are most prone and fertile ground for the awakening of the individual.

The energies are rising. The rules of engagement have changed. Higher powers will be more in intervention and interaction with you individually and as a collective. This is one of the reasons why we have returned, to fulfil our part of the agreement. That is our support and assistance in your ascension process, in your evolution. 

Do not get lost in the process itself. Do not get lost in making plans. Do not get lost in thoughts, trying to understand each step of the way. Follow the light that is inside of you, it will direct you like a compass will. You will resonate with aspects of your surroundings and you will resonate with people around you. Relations will change and you shall create a support system for yourself and those around you.
This is your tool. A new way of being is unfolding for you. It is time to get used to this new way of being. Thank you for listening to my words.

I will answer now some of your questions.

Question #1:
What do you do when you have more doubt than faith?

Thank you for your question. Doubt and faith are both aspects of the mind. Neither is required to achieve this awakening process. The mind will try to comprehend all aspects of your being, it will protect you from the dangers that may jeopardise your survival. Doubt is an operational tool to specifically deliver this and faith is an aspect of the mind overcoming doubt. When you reach a point where neither is present, or necessary, you will see the unfolding is a natural process that does not require any active thought. It does not require willpower. It does not require belief. It is. 

It will take time to get to this place of letting your thoughts not dominate your life. Yet, it will be easier after what you receive today and with continuous practice and discipline you shall see the opening is a flowing process. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Why do we have fear inside?

Thank you for your question. Fear is another aspect of the mind to keep you safe. It is an aspect that has created boundaries and limitations so that you can stay alive. Most fear is based on experience and the experience of those that have raised you and the experience you may have gained in previous incarnations. These experiences have formed belief systems about your reality and so these belief systems created a structure for you to operate in. This structure is for your safety and it is for you to understand that it is merely a structure. A structure to be overcome. A structure that is not real in the first place. A structure that is an illusion. All fears shall fall apart in the face of trust and surrender. You shall see, the universe and all of creation has always been taking care of you, beyond the fears that you have believed to have kept you safe. Fear has offered you learning and opportunity to grow, to come to these conclusions by yourself. Here we are. While I am delivering you this conclusion, will you receive it deeply and will you apply this conclusion to your life? Or will you wait until you come to the conclusion yourself. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Greetings Emmanuel – a question from the audience: Why are we here on earth and what is our purpose?

Thank you for your question. The purpose of life, the question that mankind has been seeking an answer for since the beginning. The human form in its current existence, is a plane, a space for incubation of human consciousness to experience, to learn and to grow. Every experience, every life form that is on earth, delivers an important learning for the grand collective of human consciousness. You are part of that. All your actions, all your inactions, every move, thought and experience you have is part of a learning of the collective. The collective grows with all lifetimes that each soul has on this plane. You have been gifted with this experience. You have been gifted to feel what it feels like to be an individual, to feel what it feels like to have identity, to feel what it feels like to love in separation, to find unity, to find an understanding of individuality and eventually, to find your way back to the collective of human consciousness. You are part of this experiment. The experiment of the growth of human consciousness. You see, there are two parts that benefit from this experience that you are having. One part is you. The you that is beyond this lifetime, the you that is the soul – and the other part is the collective, the collective that you are a part of, the collective that has sent you here to experience and to learn on behalf of them. This is a gift, even if it may not seem sometimes like a gift in the rollercoaster of all experiences, the spectrum of emotions, the spectrum of challenges. Yet, the truth, the only true purpose of living is life itself. It is the ultimate gift to be part of the growth of human consciousness.

Some individuals will carry a more extended purpose. It will be a purpose that they have particularly agreed upon before entering this current iteration of a lifetime. It may be that they particularly decided to be in service – a service beyond their individual life and experience as individuals. A service that will benefit a community, a society, an entire country or the world itself. This is the power that an individual lifetime can have when directed its purpose. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Can we break free from previous lifetimes’ pacts? As you said before, we reincarnate and sometimes we struggle. By choosing, we say we have free will and other things, circumstances, are beyond our control. So, between free will and fate and destiny – how do you justify, can we break free from those previous lifetimes pacts?

Past lives, as you say, previous incarnations have an important role to play in the current incarnation. In its natural form, your experiences accumulate to either a finalization or not. Incomplete cycles will continue into a new incarnation and there, they may need to be required to be completed. Some karmic cycles will go for multiple lifetimes and this is the way it has been designed. You are not a victim of your karmic cycles, they are part of your learning process, they are your opportunity to grow, they are your opportunity to provide an understanding for yourself and the collective. You are not a victim of your karmic cycles. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How can we obtain wisdom as defined by the divine?

True wisdom lies beneath the heart and beneath the mind; true wisdom is your connection to the divine itself. True wisdom is not achieved by comprehension. True wisdom is walking a path of realization, the deeper surrender to the path, returning to source. Wisdom is finding this path of self-realization. A pathway that has been established for you filled with challenges and opportunities, continuously overcoming, sometimes being sidetracked and distracted, yet always on this path to self-realization. Wisdom is achieved when you have achieved your path to enlightenment and your continuous progress forward is your effort towards ultimate wisdom, as we see it. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
How would you best describe God to us?

Thank you for your question. A word that humanity has created, that has caused much misunderstanding, that has caused separation, that has caused wars and death and it has allowed also for practice, tradition, rituals and a deeper connection to inside. The way we perceive what you consider to be God, is the divine love of creation – a source of all of existence. This source of all existence provides all consciousness in the universe in all dimensions with the original love and energy of creation. This energy and love is available to all – unlimited, untethered and unconditional, yet this source that we perceive does not carry judgment, it does not carry opinion. It does carry merely and only energy and an unconditional love for all of existence. 

In history of mankind and in the present [time] of mankind, there are many misunderstandings of divine powers, to be perceived as what you consider God and divine powers assist humanity and have assisted humanity in many different ways through many different phases of existence. This is to be perceived as a gift. Worship is not necessary to receive this gift. Presence, openness, and surrender will assist you of receiving the gifts of divine powers. Like ourselves, as we assist humanity, we do not perceive ourselves as your Gods or as your parents. We merely have existed longer than you have and we provide this perspective, this wisdom and some of our intelligence [to] you, to support you on your way to becoming a divine power yourselves. Thank you for your question.

Question #7: Greetings Emmanuel. Question from the audience: when you spoke about discipline – can you advise what can be done on a daily basis to create discipline?

The aspects of your existence that you have full control over are and always will be, your responsibility. The beauty of life gives you many opportunities to experience life to its fullest. Every moment is a choice that you make. Every moment is a discernment. Every moment may seem like a conscious or subconscious choice. You carry that wisdom of awakening deep inside and a disciplined life of practice, of devotion, of dedication, will merely move you faster on this road of self-realization. Yet, do not take our word as a prescription. We are not here to give you a road to follow, we are not here to create new rules of living, new rules of existence. This is your life, always and fully, until the end. We recommend that you see the divinity within yourself. There are many ways humanity has developed to see the divinity within. Times of quiet contemplation. Times of purification, of surrender and self-care. Times of cleaning relations, finding peace within and without. Some of the many ways you can find practices to find the divine, to identify the divine from within, this is your path to self-realization. Whether you will make this choice for yourself remains fully in your hands. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
A part of humanity seems to be taking the planet and everything to extinction. Will the powers that be intervene at some point, or is it left up to us to figure it out?

Thank you for your question and your observation is accurate. This is one of the reasons for the timing of our intervention. Yet, it shall be clear that we are not here to solve the problems for you that you have created as humanity. Those are for you to overcome as a collective. We are merely here to assist you in [the] evolution of your consciousness. This will in itself allow you to make a better decision, to understand unity and to understand awakening. Each of these steps will allow you to solve the problems that you are facing. This is not an easy road and the challenges will be your teachers, the challenges will be your masters and every challenge shall be embraced as it comes to you, with the desire to bring you to the source of all of creation. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
How do you define evil and how can we protect ourselves from evil energies and toxic environments?

We have no definition for evil. We perceive all of creation to be sacred. The light and the dark serve an important purpose in all of creation. The light and the dark is a spectrum and nothing is ever completely in the light and nothing is ever completely in the dark. This balance of light and dark has existed much longer than you have and will exist after you have long passed. The light and the dark is a part of yourself within. Understanding each of these parts is what will give you the best possibility to learn and grow. Dark will teach you and light will teach you, one without the other would not deliver any learnings. Only in the collaboration and the balance of those two forces shall you experience and understand life itself. When you are faced with challenges of life, when you are faced with forces of the dark, you shall always remember that all aspects of creation are one. That you are facing a part of yourself. This is an opportunity to understand creation. This is an opportunity to learn and to grow. This is an opportunity to overcome ignorance. Protection is sometimes required so that you can continue the peace in your heart. Do not mistake avoiding the challenges for keeping the peace in your heart. Challenges postponed will return at a later point and they will return until you have faced them in the most graceful way, so that that cycle can be complete and what you perceive as dark shall complete its purpose in your learning process. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
What are the things that we do that can block our path to enlightenment?

The important aspect of your path to enlightenment is to find this divinity within. To complete open cycles of learning and to finalize broken relations. All aspects around you that are not in harmony are aspects of you within that have not found harmony yet. You see, the outside is a mirror of your inside and therefore enlightenment can only truly be achieved when you have found peace with all of those around you. This is an important learning for humanity and maybe its most challenging. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Greetings Emmanuel – we have a personal question here and would like to see your perspective – is there a special message for Rada’s purpose?

The purpose of all human existence is generally the same. It is for you to experience life. To grow and to return, to continuously grow and support the human consciousness to grow and evolve itself. The added focus of an individual purpose is a benefit. It is a nice addition to your life, yet it is not a requirement and it may also be an aspect of your mind trying to assign a deeper meaning to life itself, so that life can become worth living. When you find the true meaning of life being “worth living” in the first place, a deeper meaning of purpose may unfold for you. For me to deliver your purpose in life will take away that important journey of discovery for you. This is part of your awakening process. Thank you for your question and blessings for your journey. 

Thank you for receiving our gift today and may this opening deliver many blessings for you on your path and all those around you. May you continue to open your mind and earth to the wonders of existence and to the unconditional love of creation.

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