Group Healing and Channeling – November 6th (Amman, Jordan)

Group Healing and Channeling – November 6th (Amman, Jordan)

I am Michael. This is the work that I have completed for you. It is a completion of cycles. Sickness, disease, discomfort – all of these are aspects of a cycle, a learning cycle, an experience that you must go through. Under special circumstances, we are allowed to help you to close certain cycles so that you may move on quicker in your growth process. Growth of your consciousness. The longing of your soul to be closer to [the] creator, to the source of all of creation. Your life full of obstacles and challenges, all of which are here to serve you. All of which carry a piece of the puzzle.

I have returned to support humanity in its evolution process. This evolution may not be an easy undertaking, yet it will be the most important aspect of humanity’s next step. A growth that you cannot avoid. A maturity that you must face.

As you live your human lives, you have experienced many times an inevitable moment of growth and maturity and you passed through this moment sometimes with fear and sometimes with doubt. Sometimes with courage, yet always uncertain. This very moment is a similar moment for all of humanity. A moment of uncertainty, yet a crucial moment in its maturity.

You are representatives of this growth process. Your individual awakening will serve all of humanity’s awakening. Your hearts as they carry the light will impact many of those that see the light in you. Many that you may touch, assist, and see as they require their own completion of cycles. Some of you have returned into human form to be of assistance, to be of service, to be devoted to a process bigger than your own. 

Our support is for all of humanity and especially for those that are in service to this grand awakening. Through the healing that you receive, many of your loved ones – of those that you carry in your heart, of those that you are connected to, your communities, your cities your countries – will be impacted by the very work that you do for yourself. May you carry this gift from us with honor and reverence forward and pass it on to those that require a helping hand. 

May you be the seed of light in your families. May you smile and offer support despite the challenges that you face internally. Thank you for receiving this gift.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. It is an honor to see you going through the motions of growth. The part of you that is calling louder than your mind and louder than your heart. The part of you that has brought you here. Bless you for listening.

We will continue to support you in your prayers, in your intentions, in your service. We now have a connection with you that goes deeper than the stories you have heard about us. This direct bond will allow us to assist you in your life if you choose to, that is still your free will. My offer to you today is a perspective of guidance and wisdom, if you choose to listen, this is also your free will.

I will answer now some of your questions.

Question #1:
What is the most effective way to accept all the parts that have been rejected in the human psyche at a personal and collective level, even to the deepest, darkest places?

Thank you for your question. The human experience carries the full spectrum of emotions – life and death and everything in between. This is the way your plane and your experience has been created. Light and dark are part of this experience, always seeking for harmony and balance. If you step aside [from] your perspectives and judgments about your life and the life of others, you may see for a moment that all life and all actions and experiences are exactly the way they need to be. Even the most difficult experiences to comprehend for the human mind and the human heart are part of the human experience, an important aspect of human experience, so that human consciousness can learn and grow. Without the experiences in relation to each other, the light will always be the light, without the understanding of the dark its counterpart. The dark would always be the dark without understanding of the light.

You see, when you understand that all parts of your experience are perfect in the way they need to be for you, you will be understanding the appreciation that you gain for life. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How long this healing will stay with us?

The nature of this healing is a momentary adjustment that will take up to ten days to complete. In this time frame, we recommend that you rest as much as you can. That you spend time in quiet contemplation. That you eat and drink light. This completion of the healing is exactly what you could receive today without overwhelming the parts of your system – your mind, your heart, and your body. The Impact and the effect resulting from this healing, you will see it may have very far-reaching results for you and all those around you. You will see, potentially, the results created from this healing days, weeks, months and years after. It is not relevant for us to receive credit or a clear understanding that the benefits that you receive return back to this healing that you receive today. The most important aspect is that you can walk a path that is bigger than you could ever have imagined for yourself. Thank you for your question. 

Question #3:
Where do the angels live? Are you on another planet, where are you?

Thank you for your question. The universe is a very wide-reaching place and many civilizations have existed in different levels of material and non-material planes. We once were in a material plane similar to yours and have evolved further to non-material existence. We are in a star system far from yours, and other forces and beings that you collectively consider with the term angels or gods live as well in different areas of the universe and different planes of consciousness. Our existence is different than from yours. We have evolved to be one consciousness, yet still experience individuality and separation from each other and as we evolved further and closer to our creation, we have understood the most important aspect of our existence is to support all life and consciousness in the universe to evolve. This is why we are having this conversation. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Will we receive forgiveness as well?

Forgiveness is a momentary relief for the judgments that you have created about an experience that you have had. It will assist you in a small step forward. Forgiveness can only come from you and your own heart. You are the one to forgive all including yourself. Truly and only you are the carrier of that power. I will propose another perspective to you: What if forgiveness is not a context that is necessary? What if all experience that you have had and all those around you is divine by its nature. What if all experience is meant to happen for a reason, so that you and all those around you can learn and grow. Does forgiveness still need to exist from that perspective? I leave this question with you. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How to fully express the love that lies within us?

Love is the unconditional force of all creation. It flows through all living and non-living existence. It is always available and unlimited in its nature. We have access to the same unconditional love of creation as you do. You are vessels of that light. You are vessels of that love. This is the original form of love. The human experience carries many different forms of love that are in its nature conditional. They are equally important for you to experience, relations with yourself and with all existence around you, conditional in its nature. The true expression of love is stepping aside in your mind and in your heart so that truly this light of creation can come forth through you as you manage and master your thoughts, emotions, judgments perspectives and aspects of your mind and heart. You will see that this unconditional love of the universe will come through you stronger and stronger, more visible for those around you, day by day. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
After our material existence and growing in consciousness, will we join full expansion of loving, being consciousness, will we join you?

Thank you for your question. The human existence in its material form serves an important purpose for human consciousness to grow. In this evolutionary process, souls return into human form to have this experience and others support from a non-material perspective. These are souls that have ascended and do not require the human form anymore. We exist on a different plane and come to assist humanity in its process. As you evolve as an entire consciousness, from your current plane to higher planes, you will come closer to our existence. Yet, we on our end are also evolving and continue moving closer to the source of all of creation. As you move further in your evolution, your consciousness will be more easily accessible to ours and we may create a stronger bond together. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
What is needed currently in this earth to create more harmony, because it feels the opposite is getting very extreme? What is needed to create more harmony on this earth?

An important question in these times of human presence. The most important aspect for humanity is for the individual to find peace within. Truly, only balance and harmony can be impacted with balance and harmony within. All of experience and circumstance of the outside is a true challenge and test to bring forth the challenges that are inside of all of you. The shadows, the judgments, the wounds – all aspects that have yet to be brought into balance inside. The stronger the conflict, the more you are ready to face it. This is your moment, this is your moment to look inwards and find the aspects of yourself that require this harmony and from that place, all individuals will start to find unification and resonance. A different kind of resonance than from unification through fear, or an agreed upon villain. You see, the highest leverage power is still within you. This is the most important message that we can give to humanity. Thank you for this question. 

Question #8:
Are we carrying the pain and the wrongdoings of our ancestors and how can we unblock it instead of carrying it?

The experiences of your ancestry carry an important aspect of growth for human consciousness and it prepared an experience for you. An experience that laid out certain aspects of your life. These aspects may be perceived as challenging, they may be perceived as painful, or they may be perceived as blessings. Either way, they are the route that you have chosen to return to. You have combined your will to experience a certain life with a field of experiences that have been prepared for you. The value of this field of experiences for you is for you to understand and complete an important lesson. This could be for you individually or it could be through your learning and experience the learning of the collective before you – your ancestry. You may be able to complete a very important cycle of learning for your ancestry through your learning and growth. Some souls take upon big challenges and they are granted – you may succeed or you may not. Yet, all that you require is given to you to overcome these challenges of your individual life and the field of experiences of your ancestry that is given to you. The universe, all of creation is in favor of your success. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
If a person still doesn’t know what their purpose is what shall they do?

The person should start living instead of searching. Life itself carries the ultimate purpose of existence, of growth, of love, of birth and death and everything in between, isn’t it truly enough? 

Some souls return for more than just living. These souls will have a strong calling and they will move mountains to find that calling. This path is not an easy one. To find a true mission beyond life itself. It takes time dedication and devotion most importantly a level of peace inside. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
When can we stop coming back to earth and when can we not have this human experience anymore and have the life in between life and death.

Life in a lifetime carries deep learnings beyond the actual lifetime itself. Many lifetimes may be required to complete learnings, to complete karmic cycles. This learning is not just for you, it is for the collective. It is an important experience that you are having, yet not just for yourself. Completion of these karmic cycles, completion of the experiences that you have chosen to have and an understanding and appreciation for those experiences that you have chosen for your consciousness to evolve, to reach a certain point of maturity and to be perceived as complete with the human experience. This is when you can serve human consciousness without the physical form. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
My living is hard and out of my physical control, which is affecting how I observe and understand people. What can I do to fix that?

When [a] human is stuck in a cycle of experience – be it physical, emotional or mental pain or suffering – its perception and judgment is impacted by this condition. Truly, only by moving through this condition you can change as well the perspectives. Also, the conditions do not necessarily dictate your perception of your environment. This may be easier said than executed. Other states of consciousness are our recommendation for you to experience a different perspective on life itself and on the experience that you are currently having. This healing today may as well serve you in your path forward and assist you with a helping hand. Thank you for your question.

Thank you all for your presence today. Your openness and willingness to receive, your willingness to move forward, despite your doubts and discomfort and fears. Your willingness to be more than who you are in the moment, is what drives our ability to continue providing this unconditional gift. Thank you and many blessings on your path.

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