Channellings – Egypt, October 2018

Channellings – Egypt, October 2018

Serapeum – Part 1 & 2

This was the place, yet it could never be in the same way, the original way. This also served, until it was altered, to preserve a minimum of [energy for] the pyramid, for it to stay dormant, active in a very minimal way. Now this power is not required anymore and shall not be misused for any other purpose than originally intended. The pyramids, with the lead of the Great Pyramid, will find its original purpose and power. Thank you for your presence. 

He really did honor you all with his form of a reward which is a divine order, which he gives on behalf of just being present and witness. This milestone means a lot in this divine work.

Emmanuel (about the participants):
All those that were present today will receive a reward of appreciation for the work that they have witnessed and supported. Their souls have chosen to be of service a long time ago and they have proven their commitment to serve. Walking, despite the challenges of love and human nature, yet you still find a way to be in service of the divine. The divine order that is meant to bring the evolution of mankind forth. This is an important step in our work and it shall be an important step in your development. Thank you.

Hathor: Message of Harmony and Balance

This place of importance is a key aspect of activation, for you individually and the collective. Finding the harmony within was key to finding harmony without. The harmony of the collective can only be achieved by having found harmony in balance of all aspects inside of you. This harmony is the main cause for all challenges that humanity is facing. The eternal search for balance that can never be found. Now, this moment is an important effort for us to bring assistance in seeking that harmony. The balance within. Your example will carry as light for many others. Your connection to this temple will be set now so that you can carry the energy forth that you have witnessed here today. You will see, most conflict never needs to happen. Most conflict is avoided by presenting harmony within. All conflict is a reflection of disharmony within.

This has been a lesson for us, as well as for humanity and its evolution. All aspects of the universe strive for the balance to be found, while leaving freedom for the expansion of consciousness. This is the main reason why this balance can never be fully achieved, as each part is continuously growing and each aspect brings inbalance – momentarily, temporarily – and balance can be found momentarily as well. Until growth again will put the balance out of harmony.

This is a moment of acknowledgment. Humanity’s effort to seek out this balance within and to distribute and provide this balance for all humanity. You shall be that carrier. You shall be the mirror for those to see, to experience, to feel what this balance from within looks like, how this balance impacts all aspects of your life. You shall demonstrate your connection to this place (ref: Hathor Temple), its impact on your life and its impact on all those around you.

The value that this temple carries for our mission is very high, due to the fact that it was led by humans in the first place. They understood that duality, the masculine and the feminine will require to be in balance to grow. That imbalance will be a continuous struggle, yet a learning. We support the understanding humanity has found for itself, its own challenges, a solution for the problems they have seen to have come. A specific challenge for this plane and this human form. May you receive the gifts and may you carry them forward for the work ahead. Thank you.

Horus Temple 

Greetings, I am Michael. Under the source of creation, all existence is one. All existence derives from the same source. This place particularly is devoted to the oneness, the coming together of duality into one unity. Only in unity, the force of creation can fully be experienced, only in unity, you can truly understand the source of creation. This light, this love that flows through all existence, is available to you and to all that exists on the creation. 

All the support and effort in activating this particular place (ref:Horus Temple) is to bring forth this energy that is derived purely in its unity from creation. While all forms of energy carry its importance and their weight, this untethered, unflavoured, raw form of energy from source is the one that drives all of existence. The closer you come to the source, the less it will matter who and where you are. The closer you come to source, the more you will understand what existence means.

This is the purpose of your presence here. Your heightened awareness and understanding of the force of creation is a key moment for your being. A key moment that shall define all your interactions. A key moment that shall be a foundation for your future. This foundation is unshakeable. This foundation is inevitable and this foundation is non-negotiable. This is the foundation of creation. This is you and this is us. We are in unity. When humanity has achieved this level of awareness and understanding, we will have achieved our goal and ascension will flow by itself. This temple is the representation of achieving that state of understanding.

Your presence, your witnessing of this very moment shall be the gift for your path forward. This connection to source specifically provided by this physical construct. The temple itself will be your connection to this energy. Source does not require any temples or any middle-men to be felt and understood, it is available to all unlimited and constantly. The source of creation always with you, never without you.

When in doubt, when in conflict, when in challenge, remember my words – that you and all existence are and always have been one and will always return to one. The illusion of separation is merely a moment and a glimpse of an experience. Thank you for your support and thank you for your presence. Blessing your path forward, may you carry this particular wisdom with you at all times.

ISIS Temple (Rebuilt temple)

Greetings. I am Raphael. Throughout human history, humankind has developed a way to access the divine. Many ways have been received and created, many ways have been established and maintained. Millennia of exercise and practice, establishments have been created, destroyed and repurposed over and over. All with the same goal, to connect with the divine. All with the same goal, to grow as an individual, as a collective, as human consciousness.

Yet, when this goal was mis-purposed to control and for power, separation was the only way. An understanding of superiority, one way is better than the other, one god is better than the other, one lineage is better than the other. This separation fuelled by ignorance, fuelled by misunderstanding, has caused much destruction and dysfunction in human existence.

Even these moments of dysfunction and misunderstanding have been critical to learning for the human consciousness and the human collective. Even this moment here, a temple repurposed by a newer form of belief system. A temple re-established at a different location, it’s been its own way.

The work, the true work, is internal. All external creation can only be a crutch to connect to the divine. It can only be a reminder and an anchor to the divine. It can never replace the original blueprint that you have inside. This is where the real temple is, the temple from within. The temple with the full ability to connect all the way to source.

This is your gift. This is your birthright. It is the original connection to your true source, your true Mother, your true Father. The Mother and the Father of all creation.

May this temple be a reminder to you, that all of creation is temporary and the only thing truly that exists throughout time is the original bond that you have with source. May you be blessed on this journey. Thank you.

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