Group Healing and Channeling – May 4th (Ibiza, Open Space)
Posted by Team | May 4, 2019

Raphael: Greetings. I am Raphael. Despite the changes in your plane, part of you will always remain human. Aspects of humanity will continue to exist...

Intimate Group Healing and Channeling – April 27th (Ibiza, Etamanel)
Posted by Team | April 27, 2019

Raphael: Greetings. I am Raphael. You are receiving this work as we have made an agreement and a promise to deliver this unconditional support in...

Healing and Channeling Session – July 11th 2018 (Ibiza)
Posted by Team | July 11, 2018

HEALING Raphael: Greetings. My name is Raphael. I will be performing your healing today. Some of you have been in service for humanity already. It...

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