Group Healing and Channeling – May 4th (Ibiza, Open Space)

Group Healing and Channeling – May 4th (Ibiza, Open Space)

Greetings. I am Raphael. Despite the changes in your plane, part of you will always remain human. Aspects of humanity will continue to exist until the end of the human experience, the human form. Changes in energy frequency, of perception of time and reality, will not change the aspects of your humanity. Aspects of love, relationship, unique identity, will still remain yours. Emotions and senses will remain yours. Your connection to the divine, to the source of all creation, will remain yours.

Despite the assistance that you receive today, we will never be your masters. You truly are autonomous and sovereign beings. This work is to assist you, to realize that you are in your evolution and growth as [a] consciousness. You will see the many powers, the many possibilities that are available to you as an individual, as well as a collective.

You will learn to walk one step at a time in this realization journey, despite the challenges, the pain and the obstacles that you receive and perceive. You will understand the only way is towards creation. The aspect of creation that is within you, as well as all around you. Each step will bring you closer to your truth that can only be understood with the soul, that cannot be comprehended by the mind, or felt by the heart.

A deeper knowing is ready to unfold within you. Within all of those around you. Within this collective of human consciousness. We are honored to be part of your journey and in the assistance of your awakening.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. You have seen and witnessed the power of your life. The full spectrum, light and dark, laughter and sadness, anger and despair, happiness and beauty. Even though you have seen so much, there is an eternal spectrum of possibilities within a single human life. This is the reason for the collective experience of many lifetimes. Many individuals serving human consciousness to grow through the experiences of the individual.

In this growth of human consciousness, you as well, the soul that is to hold the human consciousness in this current incarnation, grow. This is truly a unique opportunity for you. It is truly a beautiful gift to and from human consciousness. This place that has been considered to be your home has provided you with all the aspects necessary to grow and mature as consciousness, to experience the spectrum of realizations and learnings.

Earth will soon serve a new form of consciousness as home, once the ascension process of humanity is complete. You have chosen to be here, in possibly the most important time of human existence. The choice was to be part of this ascension process. Through the journey of your own awakening, you will serve the collective awakening. Through the realizations of who you truly are, you will serve the collective in their realizations. In this connected fabric of existence, your life has truly a much stronger impact on all those around you that you could possibly imagine. With this understanding, you will see that society and the circumstances of this world do also have a strong impact on you. This dance between the individual and the collective consciousness as an important aspect of mastering human experience.

You have done well. You are here. You have come far. Many lifetimes, many experiences in this incarnation. Many obstacles. Many relationships. All the gifts of this experience have been yours. We invite you to reflect upon life, upon this individual experience of yours regularly. This reflection and inquiry will result in an opening beyond comprehension. The seed of the self-realization process. A soul carrying the collective through its own awakening.

Thank you for listening to my words. Thank you for receiving this work. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
What do you consider a powerful tool to help the healing of humans at this moment in the ascension process?

Thank you for your question. The most powerful tool that you will find and experience in the human form is the depth and quality of your presence. Fostering and nourishing this ability to truly be present beyond the heart and the mind, you will find will carry all necessary aspects of human experience along. Many ways to foster and nourish the quality and depth of presence. Humanity has developed modalities, methods, and practices. You will find those that resonate with you in this very moment in time. You will embrace tools of different civilizations, of past societies, of present communities. These methods will serve you as long as you find it beneficial to you. The integration of these learnings and methods will provide you with the impulse to move forward to potentially embrace a new method or define even your own method, to nourish your growth. You see, our assistance is to remind you of the possibilities that are within your existence. Within your environment of this human collective. We will not provide new methods and directions as all that is required is already present. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What are the main elements we have to watch, and master, for alignment to source for ascension?

Thank you for your question. The aspects of alignment are within the human form and as you are born, you are given this alignment and protection of alignment to be kept until a certain age is reached. This alignment will then naturally fall out of alignment to the circumstances of your existence, the circumstances of the learnings to be had. Reflecting and understanding that all of experience in your environment is connected to your learning and to your misalignment. Pushing these circumstances away will only make them more persistent. You will embrace the circumstances. You will inquire within yourself. You will find a perspective that is neutral to fully understanding your life and yourself and those that are connected to you. This inquiry and this continuous learning will result in realizations, will result in the resolution of karmic learnings. These resolutions will bring alignment within. Your mental constructs. Your emotional constructs. As well as your physical and spiritual being. The alignment of those aspects of your being in total will bring the full alignment within and without. This is a journey simpler explained than executed. Yet, you know all that is required is provided to you. It will be your dedication and perseverance that will drive this journey. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
You are saying when we evolve and change and we get more spiritual connectedness, people around us change. That is not really what I am seeing for people I have known for a long time, despite disappointment. So can I get some insight, clarity or understanding from your side on this type of situation?

Changes within you will bring forth changes outside of you. Individuals may still have to go through their learnings and realizations. Your realizations will not automatically bring forth realizations to others, though they might serve as inspiration and motivation to walk the same path that you have walked. The focus is inward. The focus is on your journey, not on the journeys or the flaws of the others and the circumstances around you. With this focus inward, you will automatically draw the ones that desire to grow, that desire to evolve as you do. They may and they will not be perfect, they will bring many flaws, they will bring many misalignments and misunderstandings with them. Much potential for growth. Will you be able to hold the light in those moments? Will you be able to hold the alignment within your system, despite the challenges? This will determine the ability of yours to be a conduit for the change of others. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Why do some people grow old and why do others die young?

The length of a lifetime is determined by the lessons that are required to be acquired within this lifetime. Certain lessons are complete at a certain age and require this particular soul to finalize its current iteration in human form. The lessons may be connected as well to the karmic realizations of those around this individual. Many lessons connect to the emotional aspects of human perception. The passing of loved ones, young or old, will result in tremendous growth and spectrum of experiences within. In this connected fabric of the collective, the individual chooses their lessons as well as provides the opportunity for those around to learn through its own experience. Age is therefore not a qualifier to the importance, nor the completion of a lifetime. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Thank you, Emmanuel, for your presence. What is the role of an ascended master and to become an Ascended Master as a human on earth?

Certain individuals achieve levels of attainment and realization within a human lifetime. Upon achieving these realizations, the individual will be presented with the option to return into human form once again, or to serve humanity and human consciousness in a different way. This additional way of service is provided to humanity from a higher plane of existence, yet strongly connected to the material existence of the human form. Ascended Masters, as you call them, are individuals that have made this choice to continue their assistance to the human collective. Their being and presence provide for balance, provide for openings and spiritual assistance to many around the world. They provide for specific presence and frequencies required for the awakening process of the individual. A presence that can only be delivered in this particular form. A gift to the human collective that many individuals have provided. Ascended Masters will continue to support the human collective until the end of the human experience. That is their agreement. Upon the completion of the human experience in material form, they will, in alignment with all that are ascending, move to the next plane of existence. Thank you for the question.

Question #6:
What is your point of view about hybrids and hybrid children?

In human existence, many forms of consciousness have interfered and have tried to interfere. In certain cases successfully, the intervention allowed for the mixing of consciousness with the human consciousness. This mixing is what you may consider hybrids. Individuals that truly carry an essence beyond the human consciousness. An essence that may allow them to be part of the human experience, but include their own presence. The source of their origin present on this plane of material existence. On this plane of human existence. Not all of these particular procedures have been in support and benevolence of human expansion and growth. These efforts have been prevented as well as continued to be restrained as much as possible. Yet they remain to be resilient and part of the human experience, an aspect that is expected. An aspect that will continue to be on this plane, until the very end. This is not a message to provide you with doubts and fear, it is a message to provide transparency of all possibilities within this human plane. You will most likely never be affected by this work. Most of you will most likely never encounter beings of this kind. It is important to understand that all elements on this plane provide so that you can truly continue this journey of self-realization. Everything provided to you is in balance, even the aspects that may not serve in your perspective or judgment provide in some way. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
What is the role of the female in the new form of consciousness and will there be a better balance between male and female in the world?

Thank you for this question. The aspects of duality – male and female – are within every individual alive. Even though physically you may be recognized as a female, both aspects are available to you at all times. This duality within and the duality outside of you truly seek a continuous balance. This search for balance, never achieving true balance, will continue to provide the impulses for learning, will continue to provide you with a possibility to reflect internally. What are the aspects of your masculine in alignment or misalignment? What are the aspects of your feminine in alignment or misalignment? How are the aspects of society’s misalignments reflected within you and how are your misalignments reflected in the society? In this journey of realization, these realizations of masculine and feminine energies within, as well as in society, as male and female, will provide for a new perspective on gender as well as the duality energies. You will find that maturity will come from a place beyond the designation of duality or gender. This maturity of the soul, as well as of your consciousness will provide with balance inside of you. A balance that will be reflected upon reaching critical mass. Humanity has created judgments and perspectives, stories and context for gender and all of these constructs of the mind, the constructs of the heart are subject to change. A change that will be inevitable. A change that has already entered your plane. This change will prove itself beneficial to the awakening of mankind. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Is the end of the human experience the end of self-realization for every living soul or is it a critical mass?

The end of the human experience in the material form completes the form of self-realization that has been defined for the material form. Once this material form is complete, this new form of human existence will allow for a different form of realization and growth. The potential for the individual to realize in the human form will only exist within this human experience. [Even] though many are required to come to self-realization, many can be carried with those that do. It will be a collective and a connected effort to rise as a collective into this new form of existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
In the realm that you inhabit, where is Jesus? Have you encountered this being?

Jesus Christ, as you call him, has served his purpose on this plane as a human being that has incorporated Christ Consciousness. The merger of his being with Christ Consciousness allowed him to be the conduit for this energy on this plane. This opening served for an important entry of energy into this plane. Upon his ascension and completion of his mission, he as consciousness returned to a higher plane of existence that is considered to be Christ Consciousness. Human consciousness contains many forms of Ascended Masters. Christ Consciousness contains several Ascended Masters as well. Those that have truly connected and merged their being with Christ Consciousness itself. This is the plane in which his consciousness resides. Our existence is beyond Christ Consciousness. Though, we maintain a connection and understand the importance of this plane of energy for the human plane. Christ Consciousness will play an important role within the ascension of mankind in this last phase. It will provide an increase in frequency on this plane. This increase of frequency will allow for many realizations and learnings to be had, many awakenings fuelled by the entry of this frequency. Many forces including those that have ascended before will provide their last service to humankind. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Which other Ascended Masters are connected to Christ Consciousness, which you just mentioned?

Ascended Masters that you know with the names Buddha, Krishna, Babaji are connected to Christ Consciousness as well. Many others, including individuals that connected to the consciousness of those before mentioned have connected to Christ Consciousness, yet without fully merging with this form of consciousness. They have stayed within the human plane of consciousness, even though their connection to Christ Consciousness remained active. You see, the connection to Christ Consciousness can provide for an uplifting of the individual’s journey, yet does not guarantee to merge and allow for the ascension of the individual into this other plane of existence, nor is it a requirement for any soul. It will though, provide an opportunity for those individuals that have risen to this plane to support humanity in different ways than Ascended Masters can from the human planes of consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Would you consider the highest form of consciousness source consciousness?

The highest form of consciousness is the dissolution of consciousness. The source of all of existence dissolves and forms no consciousness. This may seem a paradox to you, yet all consciousness derives from the source that in itself carries no consciousness, yet by us referred to as grand consciousness. You see, it is truly all of consciousness, yet never a consciousness by itself. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for this time. For your opening and willingness to receive. May this work guide you through your awakening process and all of those around you.

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