Group Healing and Channeling Session – May 25th (Vienna, LYMA)

Group Healing and Channeling Session – May 25th (Vienna, LYMA)

Greetings. I am Raphael. The time has come. Change has always been an aspect of this plane that you consider home. Yet, the changes to come have never been seen on this plane, have never been felt, in this level of intensity. What is the only constant that you can rely on when everything else around you is in constant change? It is the core of your existence.

What is the core of your existence? This is an opportunity for you to understand this work, the work that is provided to you in unconditional ways to create this opening of realization. To understand the perspective of your being beyond what you have known and what you have perceived to be you. The core of your being goes all the way to the source of all existence. The core of your being is the energy and the signature of all of existence.

All other aspects are subject to change, therefore they cannot be the core of your existence. The core of your existence will never change. An underlying source of power, of energy, and of consciousness that is always with you through the most difficult and challenging times. An aspect of yourself that you can always rely on. An aspect of yourself that you can strengthen, that you can nourish. An aspect of you that grows with the awareness of your consciousness.

You have witnessed many aspects and perspectives of yourself, of your identity, of your heart, of your mind and the limitations and the expansions of your body. You have experienced aspects of your spirit, of your soul. Truly, much deeper in you is this aspect, the core of your existence. An aspect that most individuals in human form have not touched, have not consciously observed. Yet still, it has always provided you with the connection to all of existence.

Now is the time to explore these aspects of yourself. To enquire deeper within. To go beyond the perspective of your identity. To go beyond the perspectives of your being. To go even beyond the aspects of your soul. You are an aspect of all creation. This is the ultimate truth that will hold for you, despite all the changes that you will witness. It will be the guiding light. It will be the perspective necessary to weather all changes.

This core of your existence requires your attention. Today you will have an opportunity to touch this core. To feel its permanence inside of you. To feel its existence beyond your breath and your heart. An aspect of you that keeps you alive.

Thank you for listening to my words and for receiving this work.


Greetings. I am Emmanuel. It is our pleasure and honor to deliver this work to you. An assistance in times of change. In times of awakening. In times of evolution. Your evolution. Your evolution of consciousness. These adjustments that you have received today will unfold over the next weeks and months. Some of these adjustments are subtle beyond your conscious understanding, some of them are very conscious to you. The adjustment is an outside impact on your life and an intervention. Normally forbidden by the laws of engagement that we have set for this place of incubation. A place of growth for human consciousness, for the evolution of human consciousness.

In this time of change, we have changed and lifted the rules of intervention, yet to the point where the final conclusions and realizations are still to be gathered by yourself, by your communities, by your society, and by the human collective. Yet, your awakening, your self-realization journey is an important aspect in the awakening and self-realization of the collective, therefore a critical aspect of our work is to assist you. Even a single individual could be the difference for the entire collective.

As you can make the difference, all those that you touch can make the difference. Remember this in all your interactions, in the possibilities that lie within your being, within your circumstances. The impact that you can make on another individual.

First and foremost, the impact made by your own evolution, by your own self-realization. You continuing your own journey, purifying this heart, this mind, this body. Aligning all aspects of your being. The continued enquiry on who you are, what you are.

This journey is not understood with the mind, it is not comprehended with the heart, it cannot be embraced by the body. It is an awakening of the soul. Yet, all aspects of your being will know it to be true. You will understand that each step that you take is the right step. You will know. You may not know the entire journey, you may not understand the results and the realizations of each step, yet you will know the truth in each of the steps.

You will feel the weight of these steps for your life, for your entire being and as you walk, each of these steps you will transform and with your transformation, your environment will transform. This is the ascension process of humanity. There are no secrets to this process. All aspects of this process are embedded within your being. It will require an un-conditioning of the mind. A release and opening of the heart. A purification of the body and the perspective and alignment of the soul. These aspects cannot be learned, they are within you. You can find the space and the circumstances to truly let these aspects of your being unfold. This is your responsibility and it is your power.

Our assistance will continue until the end. We will assist as many humans and individuals, regions, collectives, communities as we can through many methods, one of which is this host. As this bond is now established with you, some of the work that we can do will continue to impact your life. You are the one that will drive the opening for us to continue our work with you. You must find and create the space, the silence that is required to hear the voices of the universe, the voices of higher planes, the voices of the divine, to assist you through this phase of awakening and ascension.

My name is Emmanuel and I will listen to your call. Our promise is to mankind, to all individuals of this plane without judgment, without separation. All individuals deserve the awakening and the ascension. As you move in your process of awakening you will understand and perceive the world differently. You will understand and see there indeed is no separation of human consciousness. Even in separate individual experiences in human form, you truly are one consciousness.

In the human experience, there truly is no good or bad. There is just experience. Experience that provides the information for consciousness to grow. That all that you have ever experienced has provided for the entirety of the collective and it will continue to provide for the collective. That you are truly loved beyond measure. All your existence is the result of the divine love of all creation. The unconditional force, the unconditional energy that permeates through all of existence. Let yourself be supported.

You remain the master of your life and your choices are your freedom. Remember my words as the next choices arrive in your being. Observe what is driving your decisions in life, is it truly the love that permeates through you, the unconditional force of creation? Or is it an aspect of you, an aspect of your mind, of your heart, an aspect of your past, of the past of those that have brought you into this plane? You will see, many realizations come to surface in this lifetime and your realizations will feed the realizations of the entire collective.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
You mentioned a transformation process of our consciousness to non-material human existence. Can you give us more information and some sort of timeline – what is going to happen, when?

The transformation of human consciousness is an aspect of its evolution. The evolution from experience through human form, through the material plane, to a form of experience and growth in non-material existence. This aspect of evolution will take 200 years to complete. You have started this process already, yet the timeline will often not drive the actions of individuals. It is the growth of their consciousness, it is the maturity of their awakening that will drive their actions.

Yet this transformation is on its way and you are part of this transformation. It is a transformation of the entire collective, it is inevitable and it will complete. Within this transformation, the individual will be enabled and empowered to go through awakening, to go through realizations. Realizations that will drive aspects of knowing within the individual, that will drive aspects of knowing within the human collective. This form of maturity will allow for an increase of frequency within the entire human consciousness. This will be the ultimate goal, to achieve a level of frequency that will allow human consciousness to exist in a higher plane, completing the experience in material form.

While this experience in material form will come to an end, all of human consciousness will continue to exist as a collective. Individualized experiences will continue to provide separate perspectives. Different opinions and choices within non-material form. Other planes of existence will be accessible to you in all of the human collective. The limitations of the material form will cease to exist. Your perception of yourself and identity, your perception of all human existence, your perception of the entirety of existence will change through this process. You are still the recipient of learning and growth in this form, as well as in all future forms. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How can we help our children in this awakening process, how can we communicate with them our learnings about awakening, your guidance that is being provided?

Most of your children are entering this space and the human form with a different set of beliefs, a different set of variables and a different set of openings. They are prepared for the change more than you can perceive. Their transformation and awakening will have a much faster pace than yours has had. The key for you to be in assistance of this transformation is to provide the space, the love, and the safety. This will allow them to discover their own awakening within themselves, even though aspects of your society have not provided the environment for them to truly explore higher planes of consciousness. You can. The aspects of your own transformation will as well nourish theirs.
You will continue to nourish your own development. You will transform the aspects of your heart, the aspects of your mind. You will create space in your life for the exploration of your consciousness. You will allow them to have this space as well. You will invite them without judgment and without goals to be part of this exploration, to find aspects of who they truly are. Remember, you are merely the guardian of another soul for a brief moment in time, the protector, until they can stand on their own feet. Through your example, they will learn. Through your actions, they will be inspired. This is your highest leverage on the new generation. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How can we know that we came to this lifetime to serve others, are there signs, can we sense it?

You serve yourself, you serve others and you serve the collective of human consciousness through your existence. This is the one single truth for all human forms. Some individuals will start to understand that their life allows for the assistance of many others, that their life will allow itself to create the space for the transformation of those around them. These individuals have transformed themselves throughout many lifetimes. They have assisted other individuals through many lifetimes and they have understood the importance that their own life carries. First and foremost, their own development. Through their own development, the commitment and the act of service to all those around them. This is a lifelong commitment and agreement to drive one life’s purpose as an act of service to all of humanity. This form of service can carry many ways and expressions, yet truly it will unfold by itself when the time has come and the foundation is strong.

Question #4:
Please can you talk about sacred sexuality and how it serves the ascension process, in what way exactly?

The aspect of your sexuality, the force that has been provided to create new life on this material plane, is equally powerful to allow for awakening processes and transformations to happen. Transformations within the individual. Transformations within the collective. A power that has second to none on this plane. Sexual energy, the power to create life, is within you. This power and this energy to create life can, through the many methods that have been discovered by human civilizations, provide an opening of the energy channels within the individual. It can provide the exchange and the support of another individual. The power that is connected and driven by two individuals can equally provide for the awakening of both of them. The ability to reach higher planes of consciousness, the ability to reach higher levels of energy that in itself provides the foundation for ascension. Yet, this is not the only way to achieve these planes of realization. Sexual abstinence as well can provide the power necessary to drive awakening within the individual. You see, both ways will allow for the force that is within you to be utilized in its own way. You will find which path suits and allows for the best possible outcome for you individually. You will find that you may go through phases of discovery, exploration, and understanding of sexual energy within your system, of sexual energy in the human plane of existence. You will learn that sexual energy in itself does not carry intention, judgment, emotion. All aspects of human projection are not part of this divine force that is within you. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Are all our children the result of our free will or is it always planned that they come to this world as our children?

Souls have chosen to enter this plane. A process has evaluated and agreed for their human experience. They choose individuals, circumstances and experiences they require to attain in this lifetime. You choose experiences and circumstances to attain in this lifetime. Some of these agreements are made with other souls. The combination of these provides a match. You see, it is partially your will, the will of others, the will of the collective, the will of all existence that provides for the moment of two souls sharing the experience of a lifetime. Therefore it cannot be simplified to the experience and the will of a single individual. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
You mentioned that in the awakening process and in the self-realization process, one of the steps is to transform the mind, to surrender and purify the mind. Please, can you suggest effective practices that we can use to achieve this part of the process, to surrender the mind?

While we are here to support and guide you through this awakening and ascension process, we will not provide practices for you. Humanity has indeed discovered, evaluated, experimented, with many methods and practices, some of which have been very fruitful. You will find methods through trial. You will find methods that you will adjust according to your needs. You will find and discover methods that will unfold within you automatically. You will continue to practice. You will continue to train the aspects of your being to become the best possible foundation for this transformation process. As you change, your practices will change and you will learn to let go and to embrace new methods and practices, as you advance in your development. No single path works for all individuals. Each individual has the power to truly define their own path of awakening and self-realization. All aspects of this self-realization process are within you and moments like these will provide assistance along the way. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Do demons and dark entities exist and if yes, how can we deal with them and what is their purpose?

Many beings of non-material form exist that operate within the frequencies of the dark. Dark and light serve human experience equally. They provide the contrast and the spectrum that is required for the experiences to unfold on this material plane. It is a rare occurrence for an individual to make the acquaintance of high-level dark force or entity. Most individuals will be the recipient of some of their actions or forces of lighter presence. These forces will provide challenges and circumstances in individuals’ lives. Sickness, and disease, the opposite of life and creation, yet continuously in balance, providing the space and transformation required. The continuous flow of life and energy into this plane. Light cannot exist without the dark and dark cannot exist without the light in this material plane. This is an aspect that is required and these forces that you have identified within your human history, experiences and many civilizations, have truly served in their own way the human experience itself. Rarely, an individual will encounter the direct contact and experience with a level higher force of low frequency. Often these individuals are equipped to manage this experience or it was within their own request. This as well is an important aspect of the experience of the individual that must be honored.

Some individuals will become meditators and aspects of bridge between different spectrums of light and dark. They will become beings that bring balance to places and to individuals that have fallen out of balance. This as well is a rare occurrence, yet an important experience that some individuals have chosen to live.

The experience of light, the experience of dark, will always be part of this human experience. The dark will never cease to exist, just as the light will never cease to exist. The eternal battle to find balance, the eternal failing to find balance, the eternal imbalance that provides the continuous flow and adjustment of energies on this plane, provided to you by the light and the dark and the energies that drive both sides of existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Is it possible to be connected to our higher consciousness in our daily life, if yes, how?

Yes. The possibility to connect to higher aspects of your consciousness will provide a solid foundation for actions within this lifetime, yet it is an aspect of practice and discipline to continue to develop the connection to higher aspects of your consciousness. The practices to find this connection, to build, to nourish have all been defined and you have practiced many of these elements. The silence of the mind, the silence of the heart, the voice that arises beyond the emotions and the thoughts of the mind. An aspect of your being that has clear knowing and understanding of your existence. It truly can be part of your daily life, yet will you have the quiet of the heart and of the mind to listen, to hear the voices of your being throughout the actions that are required of you? This will take time and practice to establish, yet it is truly possible and recommended.

Thank you for listening to my words. The blessings of this will unfold in many ways in your life. Your own individual being as well as the relationships of your being. You will find that change is imminent. You will find that you will have to face aspects of your being that have been limiting the growth and the potential that is given in your life. These aspects will come to surface and you will face them with grace. Thank you and many blessings on this journey.

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