Healing and Channeling Session – July 11th 2018 (Ibiza)

Healing and Channeling Session – July 11th 2018 (Ibiza)


Greetings. My name is Raphael. I will be performing your healing today. Some of you have been in service for humanity already. It is always a special moment to have many of you in one space. Please allow me to adjust your abilities and extend them, with your permission. 

New times have arrived, changes are accelerating, your presence is key. Without the completion of cycles in your life or past lives, your presence is compromised. This is the very reason that we are assisting. You will have to walk the path of your life. And especially if you are in service, you will be faced with challenges. This [healing] is our way of supporting you. 

(After healing is completed)

Thank you for receiving our unconditional gift. This work will take some time to adjust for your bodies and your minds and your hearts – rest and take the space that you need, we will continue to supervise the progress of your development. Thank you. 


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. Thank you for your presence and thank you for receiving our gift. We have decided collectively to return and intensify our involvement in human affairs. You are some of the first to receive this gift and many others will follow. The sole agenda that we carry is the evolution of human consciousness. This work requires the awakening of the individual and the support of the individual, like yourselves. 

Your healing and growth is a key aspect of the evolution of the collective. By no coincidence you are here, in this lifetime, selected to participate, to witness and some to be in service to this evolutionary step. Your participation is key to carry the light for those that have forgotten, to be reminded of their own connection to the divine: The light of creation that is within all living. Your lives are key to this unfolding, are you ready to be part of it? The choice will always be yours. Yet remember, you asked to be here and your wish was granted. And here you are, maybe the most important time of human existence, in a place where you are awake and aware, where you are able and supported and you are seeing and connected. 

It still remains a choice of free will. It always was and it always will be. Yet, the desire to be in service requires the sacrifice of human experience. It requires devotion, it requires time and energy for this one relationship that everyone is capable of having, yet very few do. Receive our gift deeply, let this light enter all aspects of your being and all relations, let all those around you feel the unconditional light of creation. No words are required, no books are required and no stories are required. You shall become a vessel of light. You carry deeply this ability to be connected in every moment of your interactions. You can choose to withdraw or to let shine this eternal light that you are now connected to, stronger than ever. Do not limit the way it comes through you, do not be selective on who shall receive and who shall not. Be especially generous for those in need and the shadows that require additional attention. No convincing required, no belief systems required and no middlemen required. You shall become a vessel of this light and when you close your eyes, you shall see that light and when you ask for support you shall receive that support. 

As the awakening of the individual carries the weight of the collective and the importance of the collective, you shall receive the attention that the collective receives. You are the divine expression of the collective human consciousness. The signs will be clear. Your participation will require your presence and silence, time that you make for yourself to nourish this connection – not to us but to the source of creation, the fabric of all universal love that is in everything. We shall not become another worshipped being in your stories, we are mere assistance, reminders for you to have the connection yourself. We are here to empower you, not make you dependent on us. This is the call of your awakening, of the ascension of mankind: The spiritual autonomy and the direct connections. And we will always be there for you in support. And we will watch you as you take your steps forward and as you master the challenges yourselves. Not just your lives, but the ones around you that are looking for that light, that are looking for strength in difficult times. You shall become an assisting light for those just beginning on their journeys of healing and growth.

Remember, this light was never ours in the first place and it will never be yours, it is merely passing through. We cannot keep it, we cannot store it and we do not possess it, it is not limited to us. You shall be a vessel of that light. This is not another religion, this is not a belief system, as there is nothing to believe. If you are present to it, you shall receive that light. If you are not present, you shall not. But it will always be available to you, if you change your mind and attitude towards your own presence. There is no practice, there is no mastery, purely presence is required. Your openness, your willingness to receive shall be your key. Thank you for receiving our gift, thank you for the many blessings you bring to others in your life and the blessing you are to humanity. We shall always support your work, no matter how you choose in the moment.

I have said everything that needs to be said today and I am convinced we will see each other again.

Thank you and blessings for your path.

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