Group Healing and Channeling Session – July 9th 2018 (Florence)

Group Healing and Channeling Session – July 9th 2018 (Florence)


Greetings. My name is Raphael. This healing I performed on you today is an unconditional gift, offering for you to complete cycles that have manifested in body, mind and spirit. Through the completion of these cycles, you will be able to be more present – more present in your life and in your life for others. When you have the space and the right conditions to listen quietly, you will find the depth of the divine.

There is a certain way of listening, a deep surrender to the moment. In this very moment, your consciousness will be detached from your body and can connect to higher forms of consciousness. You see: Healing and finding balance in the human form is just the beginning of a much longer journey and is the foundation for the next step for some of you, to be in deep service to the divine. Service to others starts small with relation and can grow, depending on your desire and devotion. Deep service to humanity is guided from within. I recommend to you to take some time to let this healing fully unfold, to rest if you can and when you find the space for silence and carry the deep intention to connect, we will listen and respond. Thank you for receiving my work today.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. It is good to be here with you, to witness you after this healing. The times are changing. Our involvement in human affairs is a rather unnatural occurrence for us. It was an important decision among many forces of support for the human consciousness, to intervene and to participate in this important time of yours, in the human consciousness evolution. An important evolutionary step for consciousness. A step that can only be achieved if the individuals and collective are ready. Our work is strongly focused on the individual. The awakening from within is an important step. The human experience that you are having, will continue to unfold. The complexity that you will be faced with is to maneuver the changes while participating in the human experience. This is one of the reasons why we are supporting humanity in this phase. The awakening of the individual can impact the awakening of the entire collective. All of you carry that potential. From our perspective, therefore, you are all equal to the entirety of the collective of human consciousness. You are the expression of the entire collective. This very moment shall be a reminder for you; a reminder of the incredible potential that you carry and the connection to the divine, [that] is inherently in all of you. The light of creation is in all of you.

I will answer now some of your questions.

Question #1:
Please, can you give some insight around completing cycles? At what point does a cycle shift, specifically when you feel that you have done all that you can and yet there is still a sense of a block. Is there something you can do to assist this shift to the next level?

Thank you for your question. The important aspect of completion is the time it takes to complete. Your time in human form is limited, as you know for this particular iteration of yours. Naturally it plays a dominant role in aspects of learning and growth. From our perspective, the cycle is complete once the learning has been integrated. That may not happen on a conscious level and often the integration is rather subconscious or unconscious for the human mind. The results can be felt, the environment around you will shift, often opening up to a new cycle or a new challenge. When you understand that you have done everything you can on a conscious level, often surrender to a quiet point and listen for the next instructions. They will come. If your intention is pure, your desire is clear in completing the cycle, you will get assistance from many directions. It is a universally desired aspect of human existence to complete cycles and growth. The key is to create enough space and quiet for us to assist you. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What is your advice to stay in this state of focus in your daily life?

Human interaction requires, by nature, a different form of attention for communication for individuals, as well as for the functioning in this plane that you are given. There are other forms of consciousness states, reserved specifically for higher attainment, a connection deeper into the human consciousness, as well as to higher states of consciousness. Those will require time and quiet and are not recommended for the interaction aspect of humanity. Your attainment of higher consciousness levels will though support you in your presence of the other states and your presence with other human beings will improve. We do recommend to quiet the mind, not just in order to sleep, but rather to experience these different states of being. There is a reason for their existence. This is the way we can connect with you most efficiently. Thank you for your question. 

Question #3:
How do you share the deeper consciousness with people that are closed minded but you see that in them they want to open up, to a society that is doubtful of this awareness?

Your desire to share as an impulse, a desire to help and assist those around you, is noted. The most powerful way for you to share is by being in this state of transformation that you seek for others, carrying this light in a way that is non-judgmental of the ones in front of you. Carried in a way that is loving and embracing all states of consciousness that humanity has, without the desire to change any of them. Yet with pure presence of their existence, you can carry this light. And it will be stronger the more you surrender to it and the more you let go of the desire to change those around you. They will feel this light without the exchange of words, they will feel your presence and they will feel your love for them in the most powerful way to address all beings around you. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Is protecting or trying to protect yourself from emotional damage wise, or not?

Thank you for your question. Emotions are part of your existence; they are an important aspect of human life. They will guide you and they will give you the flavor of experience. Now, in certain times these emotions can flavor your experience rather too much and in a way create a blockage for you to continuously grow. Often, an important aspect of these emotions is to be expressed and for the energy of the divine to flow through. Resistance will block this flow and will hinder your own growth. The key is understanding flow, rather than judging the moment, or trying to understand every aspect of human life. We recommend being a witness and experiencing and through presence, directing in which way you would like to go. This is different than the way of operation most humans are used to: Trying to understand the past and avoid in the present or in the future – you see the difference? Emotions are your friend and sometimes they need to be expressed. And those times, that have not been expressed properly, require a deeper connection back in time – That connection to the original emotion that has not been expressed. Humanity has developed many techniques to address this very challenge. As it is known to be an important challenge for completion and growth of the individual. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Am I on the right path with my worldwide project?

Your work is important and we support it, yet it has taken a toll on you, and the challenges you face are not necessarily tied to the actual work, they are of personal nature. Your work has become your teacher in that sense. This is the path that you have chosen and we will support you in this service that you have dedicated yourself to. The key is to find the right balance of health to understand self-care and boundaries, even though in the face of service to humanity or the planet this is an important lesson for you to carry. It will make you stronger and allow you to continue and shift, if needed, to bigger service. Only if you are on stable grounds to expand, the expansions will come to you. Does this make sense to you? Thank you for your service.

Question #6:
Are there evil things in human form that are not human, but something else?

Thank you for your question. In its intention, all human form follows a specific protocol of creation. There are moments that this protocol fails and in those exceptions, other beings can slip into human form without the intention of human consciousness having an experience. There are measures for those cases that are beyond the necessity for you to know. It is important to understand this is different from what you may perceive as a chosen ill intent, a desire to play a different role than the light. This counter play of humanity and nature is always in balance, the dark and the light. This decision may or may not be made consciously and there will be many factors that influence the individual to follow that path. Yet it is an important path and requires appreciation as well. From our perspective, the light exists in balance with dark, they always have and will be. Even within yourself those are in balance. The evolution that you as an individual are going through will require an understanding of duality – the light and the dark – and will require you to become an observant of that interplay. More and more you will not participate in that eternal balance and be more of an observer. This may be a distant thought in this moment for you, but will make sense soon enough. Thank you for your question.

This very moment of peace and silence in your mind and heart is possible to be attained by yourself. This moment shall be a reminder for you. It shall be an anchor for you. Once this path is established, you can always follow that light by yourself. We empower you for your own spiritual autonomy and attainment of self-realization. The right place and sometimes the right people around you will make a difference in your attainment, yet they are not a requirement for you to receive. This connection is inside of you and it is part of you. It will always be part of you.

If there are no further questions, we will close this session today.

Our gift to you of balance and healing and connection to the divine shall stay with you to support your life and those around you. May you carry this very peace in your heart in all your interactions. Thank you.

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