Group Healing and Channeling Session – July 8th 2018 (Tuscany)

Group Healing and Channeling Session – July 8th 2018 (Tuscany)

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. It is a pleasure to be in service of your growth today. Our offer of healing is unconditional. Our intention is to be in assistance of the human consciousness evolution, [the] transition that humanity is currently going through. The awakening and the healing of the individual is crucial in this transition phase, some of you have already started that journey, some of you are starting now. This healing is a small assistance on this path for you. 

We are not here to solve your problems on an individual level, or on a humanity level, we are merely here to provide guidance and support so that you may come to the solutions yourself. Your innate ability to solve challenges that endanger your very existence has proven itself over the history of mankind, we are confident that very few can make a big difference. Yet this path of awakening is carved for everyone equally. It is a birth-right of yours to connect to the divine, the source of creation. 

Life as a gift to you carries many obstacles and distractions, opportunities to learn and grow. And even in the most difficult times of your existence, you are always connected to the creative life force that has given life to all existence, including us. It is a true unconditional love of creation, a force that exists throughout all universes and dimensions. Some of you already witness the change of current times, the polarity, the challenges and also the opportunities. Some of you wonder how humanity will be able to survive and thrive. 

Our perspective is the connection to your most powerful source of energy that is the divine source that is already within you. The more you quiet and the more you step aside, the stronger you will feel its presence and it will be a guiding light for you and for all those around you. 

This work does not require any institutions, nor does it require middlemen. It is your connection to your true nature. The awakening has started. The transition will be a longer period. The self-realization of the individual is a key aspect for the transition to succeed. If you watch closely, you will see the signs. Some of these signs are direction from forces similar to us, that attempt to influence the individuals that are ready to listen, ready to open their minds and hearts. Many forces are in your favor and many forces will challenge you through this transition. Will you free your mind and make space to listen to the divine messages that are here to assist you and the collective? Will you open your minds and hearts, despite the challenges you will face, despite opposition and despite negative emotions? Will you still walk with this light that is in you, to the many corners that carry no light?

You have been empowered in many ways. The only limitations that exist are those that you have created for yourselves. And if you take the risk to be in service of this evolution, we will be there to support you and guide you along the way. Thank you for listening and thank you for your openness. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Can you recommend 5 books to read?

Thank you for your question. We do not make recommendations with regards to the gathering of knowledge. We believe that humanity has its own capacity to make  decisions on which knowledge and wisdom is required at which point in time. Our assistance is more of an energetic nature. The biggest powers yet to be unfolded in the human form will not require any knowledge. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Are there places I am supposed to go to clear these shadows?

Your developmental stage is still in progress, we recommend strengthening your core before you attempt to be in service, especially in the places of dark energy and forces. Your heart is in the right place and your desires are pure. You will be supported through your own process and we trust that you will bring much light to many people. Thank you for your service.

Question #3:
How to learn to clear these patterns?

We have now a more direct connection to you through this very gathering. Your part is to create space and silence in your life and in your mind. To close open relations that are incomplete, to close open thoughts that need to be completed. The more present you are in your quiet contemplation, the more likely we will be able to communicate with you. With this connection, you may set intentions that we will be able to hear. Thank you for your openness.

Question #4:
When you are open, do you need to protect yourself?

The human form comes with its natural protection from its environment of physical kind, yet also energetic and spiritual kind. This natural protection is compromised when you are out of balance on a physical, emotional or mental level. The way to be best protected, as you describe, is to be in the best health and in balance. Over-compensation for the desire of success, rules determined by society, will drive you to achieve and to create – and humanity has created. Yet it will take away your attention and presence from yourself and your connection to the divine. We recommend bringing your focus inward and clearing your mind and heart. Your protection will be there for you, the more present you are for yourself. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Is it better to bring people together or to work on ourselves first?

The desire to be in service to others is a natural extension for some souls that have returned to be in service, like yourself. In general, we recommend the focus on the self first, to complete any healing or growth and learning that needs to be completed, before attempting the service for others. If the service for others is compromised by impure thought and emotions, it may create more damage than growth. That is our perspective. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
A few of us wish to create a school to help people to work together and develop higher abilities and development of the human form and being – what is the energetic orientation that allows us to be more successful?

Your desire to assist those who are awakening, to understand their gifts and themselves better, is noble and is noted. We support intentions of this kind. It is necessary for humanity to understand the human form better and more completely, as the changes in time will bring new abilities. Intensity of energy will open energy channels in the human body that have not been opened for thousands of years. For some this will be overwhelming, for some it will be pleasant. A space for humanity to understand the changes to train and practice together is a noble attempt. Our recommendation is to keep it free of belief systems, while keeping it strong in principles and values. Allow the individuals to explore beyond your capacity to comprehend. If you can manage to hold that space, you will succeed. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
How do we best protect the new souls of our children?

Thank you for your question. There are two aspects to your question. Parents that already are taking care of their offspring. The more present they are and the more space they give their offspring to develop in ways that they may not be able to understand or comprehend will serve humanity the best. Being a parent is a gift, it is a gift to yourself, more importantly it is a gift to humanity and it is a gift to human consciousness as it unfolds and expands. This understanding is beyond the purely self-centered understanding of being a parent. It is important for parents to understand that they are merely temporary guardians for new souls that arrive to expand consciousness. You are a guardian, a protector, important to set boundaries yet no limitations; the difference is a fine balance. We honor all those who have chosen to take care of offspring in order to expand human consciousness. Children are naturally protected, more than adults are, until they reach a certain time where these protective layers and energies start to diminish. Thank you for your service as a parent and thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Why do we feel shame?

Thank you for your question. Shame and guilt are somehow the most misunderstood teachers of humanity and the human form. They both carry important lessons, yet the lessons cannot be retrieved until new perspectives are seen. Shame, as a teacher, is based on your understanding of duality; your understanding that an experience is positive or negative by your judgement, or your judgement of others. The perspective that we will recommend to you and all of humanity is the perspective of non-duality, a distant view on the experience rather than an emotional view on the experience itself. Perceiving experience and all human interactions as divine, no matter how difficult those were, will assist you to have an additional perspective. And if you are able to integrate this perspective, you will see that the emotions of shame and guilt will start to loosen their grip on you. Important teachers; new perspective and understanding non-duality. Thank you for your question. 

Question #9:
How do we heal fear?

Fear is not a condition to be healed in the first place. It is rather a natural reaction to a judgement that your mind makes about your safety. This judgement can be compromised either by you, or those energies that have brought you up. Fear is a protective mechanism, a teacher, your friend. When you shift your perspective and you understand its purpose in your life and you build a relationship with your protector or teacher, you will see it will become easier to walk your path, without the intervention of your friend that we call fear.

Question #10:
What should we do to reach our biggest potential?

The human potential is unlimited and very few will reach the higher levels of their potential in the first place. We have witnessed and perceived humanity in all its actions and interactions, through its wars and growth phase, to the days of expansion and today. A single common aspect that we see that always stands in the way of the full potential, is the limitations created by the mind and the heart by the individuals themselves, or their environment. If you can understand that all concepts and realities that you have known are subject to change, you will have a much softer foundation, yet the full spectrum of human potential. It is a practice to continuously step outside of the boxes, frameworks and infrastructures created for you, for your comfort, for your ease. Yet, you will see, outside of those structures of comfort lies tremendous potential. The structures themselves are the aspects that create the limitation in the first place. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
How do we help those with mental illnesses?

Mental illness or difficult illnesses of humanity are part of the human consciousness experimentations. Some of these experiments do not go as intended and there are humans on the edge of this experimentation. This experimentation is a natural aspect of growth – the growth of consciousness itself. Yet, the ways to help those with difficult illnesses are often outmatched with the current skillset humans have developed. Their reliance on machines and chemicals and the reluctance to train the understanding of spirit and consciousness have created an empty field. For once there were healers connected strongly to spirit. These structures will rise again, as the existing structures will not be capable of understanding or treating the new forms of sickness that humanity will face. Nature will always adjust faster than the human mind. The reliance on the mind is where the limitation is. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
Is it more important to work on ourselves individually or after working on ourselves to work collectively, with others?

Both roads can lead to success and have led to success of the achievement of self-realization. The individual path; facing the difficulties and shadows alone and understanding the full potential from within, connecting with higher consciousness similar to us, will lead you to your destiny. If you are destined to participate with other humans, you will find pleasure in the interaction and sharing of your findings and others will find learning, understanding and inspiration in your work. There are many positive effects in collaboration and group attempt at awakenings. It will require individuals who have attained a certain level of understanding and strength in order to guide and hold the energy of groups. This is why we have directed our host to continue providing for large groups, thousands – we believe this work will need to scale in order for the effect of awakening to take place. Does this make sense to you? Thank you for your question.

If there are no further questions I will close this session today.

Question #13:
One more question. What is love?

Love is a big question. The way we perceive love in its many forms, the way it is experienced in human form and the way it exists continuously in the universe. Love is the very fabric of existence; it is unconditional, multi-dimensional and always present, the very fabric of existence, an unconditional thread of light and energy. You are part of this unconditional fabric, you and all of the planets and the stars and the universes. This is what we refer to as the unconditional love of creation. Love as a concept and human interaction has a different meaning from our perspective; often an aspect of conditional connection, a deep connection, an energetic bond, yet rarely will it develop to an unconditional level. A teacher and a test of challenge and growth, ultimately the bridge to the one true unconditional love. The unconditional love of creation. If you can perceive the human love as your teacher and your stepping stone for a bigger understanding of unconditional love of creation, you will understand our perspective of all love. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your patience, openness and support. May this gathering carry much light and blessings for your lives and those around you. 




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