Q&A with Emmanuel – Into the Unknown – Mar 12

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

All of you have wondered how to live the human life in the most perfect way, in the most comfortable way, in the most extensive way. Yet truly there is no specific way to live human life that is considered to be “perfect.” All outcomes imagined to be perfect are established from the consciousness that you hold in this very moment, therefore already with the evolution of your present moment, the expectation of the outcome held has become extinct.

Evolutionary processes consistently change your perspective of reality, your perspective of life. Therefore, your expectations of the future must accordingly change. Holding on to future perspectives and future outcomes only will narrow the evolutionary impact that is being accumulated within you. The potential that is ready to rise from within you, the possibilities that are unfolding, become unavailable through the strict and hard focus of future outcomes. While you may have a certain idea and perspective in which direction your life is heading, in which direction you would like your life to head, while you may establish specific images, specific feelings, how life should unfold for you, can you truly know what it actually will feel [like] if this projected future unfolds?

Just as you consistently change, your projection of the future must change as well. Your expectations of the future, your plans of the future, your desires of the future. Everything adjusts to the evolution that you undergo; suppressing your evolution in order to keep to a dream of the past, to a vision, to a desire of the past, will only limit your own evolutionary capacity, limit your own potential, and the possibilities that can unfold in your life.

For a moment, release the expectations that you hold of yourself and of others in your life. For a moment, in this present, hold yourself as the perfect individual that you are. Allow all of yourself, including the parts that you perceive as flawed, as undeveloped, as “not good enough,” to be embraced. For a moment, witness others in their perfection, and in their perfect state of being, no matter how they have lived their lives until now, and no matter how they may live their lives after this moment. In this very moment they are as perfect as you are.

And the embrace of this moment creates a foundation of love, a foundation of strength, a foundation that provides the possibility for an unlimited potential of the future. If you are in this present moment embracing all that you are, and embracing all that others are, what desires and wants emerge? Potentially, you will witness an emptiness, you will witness no desires emerging at all — no plans, no projections, no expectations emerging. Potentially you will find true peace, true love, and true alignment in this very moment. In this non-dual state of the present moment, life and time, living life through time and space, is perceived differently than in the operations of the mind.

In experiencing the human life in its dualistic form, you will notice desires, wants, and needs, emerge. Almost instantaneously, once you return out of the non-dual states of existence into dualistic perspectives, you will witness the desire to understand, the desire to navigate, the desire to create a specific future, the expected outcome of the future.

And through evolutionary processes and moments like these, you will learn to train both aspects of yourself — the non-dual part of your existence, and the dualistic part of your existence. And you will notice that you can truly hold both of these perspectives at once. Even though these perspectives may hold contradictory and paradoxical ideas and paradigms, you can truly hold both, you can truly appreciate both.

And with time and practice, these two perspectives will merge within your being, and your human presence, your existence in the human form, will allow you to hold both perspectives at once. At any moment you will find the ability to lean into a more non-dualistic state. At any moment you will find the ability to lean into a more dualistic state. And at times the circumstances that you are faced with will require you to be in either state, more consciously: Navigating the realities of this physical realm may require you to operate from a dualistic perspective. Navigating the challenges of society and the human experience may require a non-dualistic state to truly embrace all that is occurring before you. You will notice that both states of existence truly can live, can coexist, and can provide value to expand the human experience itself.

You will notice that through the merger of both dualistic and non-dualistic perspectives in this present moment, you can witness and touch your future expectations with grace, yet without attachment. And you will witness that you can touch upon non-dualistic states of the dissolution of your identity without forgoing the importance and the necessity of the human form — the dualistic needs of this human form, the unity of all states, all perspectives, living within you in this present moment, allowing you to expand, allowing you to create, consciously, the future that you choose, the future that is beneficial for you and for others, beneficial for the collective.

Once many in human form will be able to master these states together, the consciously chosen future will be aligned. Individualized needs will be met while the collective is supported in its expansion and its growth as well. All parts of you, and all parts of humanity, collectively grow, collectively evolve, and collectively, consciously, create. The unknown becomes no longer an elusive undefined space: it transforms into all possibilities in your hands, all possibilities to be manifested into reality. This will require continued practice, continued reflection, continued silence. The non-dualistic state must be acquired on a more regular basis.

The embrace and the marriage of the non-dualistic state with the dualistic state will eventually bring forth great benefits to your life, and great benefits to the collective, great benefits to this creation of yours. Whatever you choose this creation to be, this plane of existence will become your masterpiece, no longer subject to the turbulences and the unfoldings of this reality and of this life, but yet a conscious creator of infinite possibilities of the choices manifested into reality.

You become the masters of this plane, the plane that has served you since your inception, this plane that has provided a ground to understand yourself as a consciousness, this plane that will continue to provide for you the reflection that you require until your self-realization through the human form is complete, and the Ascension process can conclude.

Thank for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Dear Emmanuel. I’m feeling the call to be in service, yet I do not know what actions to take in order to follow that calling. Should I simply let go of the idea that I should perform a specific activity or training of service, and leave my current job, and trust that everything will unfold in its perfect time? Or, should I take a specific decisive action to engage in service in a more focused way?”

The urge to serve will first emerge from the mind, or the needs of the heart, or the needs of the body. The emergence of service from your energetic-spiritual construct, from your soul-container, will be a limitless fuel of energy — a drive, a desire, insatiable — a love consistently engulfing all of your being. And with this emergence of the desire to serve, any activity otherwise planned, will be futile. Reality will naturally adjust to the emergence of service from your soul. Clarity will naturally emerge as you surrender to truly serve. Reality will naturally provide for you, as you have provided yourself to serve.

Yet most individuals will follow the initial impulse of service — the desire to serve from the mind, the desire to serve from the heart — and while these are honorable steps to follow, you will notice tension, discrepancy, and challenge at first, and you will learn to understand that service and your desire to serve must be purified further for it to become truly aligned with the desire of service from your soul, as the desire for service from your soul will provide the limitless possibilities and support needed to actually unfold into your greatest service in human form.

As you surrender and open yourself up to the greatest service of your existence, the signs of this reality will come to carry you forward in your service, and you must make the steps yourself. While being supported, you are the one leading. While surrendering, you are the one creating. While trusting, you are the one consistently providing trust to others. As you can see, the desire to service will require deeper exploration to understand the many layers embedded within a singular word, the many layers that will unfold through consistent reflection and contemplation, until the emergence of service is truly aligned with your soul. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
The guides have spoken about ‘soft expectations’ and also about ‘exuding trust into the future.’ Can you speak to how one balances the aspects of both softening our expectations in co-creation, and this aspect of exuding trust?

As you continue to soften your expectations of the future, you embrace what you are in this current present moment. The trust emerges from your presence. The presence of the now will expand slowly into trust and presence into the past and into the future. This is the natural extension of trust beyond the present moment itself. And as your trust expands from this present moment into the future, expectations, while established softly, will become likely and probable possibilities, and this reality will respond to these softly established expectations based on the trust that you have established in your present moment. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
If God is the entirety of all that is, it would seem that God knows everything. Is the unknown, then, created by our own limitations and within our own individualized and collective self, or does the known only become known God by our own collective creation as instruments of God?

The seeding of humanity required this new form of consciousness that you are, to learn what it means to be a consciousness self-realizing. The form chosen, was the human form, for the first steps of evolution. And in the continued exploration of the human form, self-realizing as an individual, self-realizing as a collective, you would notice that you are embedded, infused, with the qualities of creatorship. The qualities of God that you see outside are within you, seeded from the start. This continued exploration that you are on, will allow you to find that creative power, that conscious creatorship, that understanding that the individualized form is merely a temporary illusion.

The collective existence is one of many, and even in its separated form as a human collective, you are one with all other collectives of consciousness. And within this conglomerate of consciousness, you are one with all of love of creation. Where does God start, and where does God end, in this understanding? As you can see, it is a matter of perspective. It is a matter of the angle that you perceive reality, yourself, and all of creation by.

All that seems unknown in this very moment will become known as you shift your perspective to higher planes of existence. What may seem unknown in this very moment for you as the individual will become more probable and more known as you shift your perspective to a non-dualistic understanding and viewpoint as a collective. The unknown becomes known through the shifts of perspective. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
In the channeling, Elohim suggested ‘being present,’ last week. Having reasonable planning without attachment to outcomes sounds ideal, but I’m having difficulty imagining how to do this in the busyness of everyday life. Do you have any suggestions?

You have chosen to live human life in a certain way. And this choice was often instilled through education, through conditioning, and through the past generations. A certain life and a certain lifestyle will take time, and often generations to truly change. While you may not be able to change your lifestyle immediately, you can truly seek [a] greater level of presence in the very moment, and in the life that you have chosen to live, in the way that you have chosen to live. Greater levels of presence will allow [you] to appreciate the moments that are passing with greater love, to observe the moments with greater understanding, with greater awareness. And this in itself will allow for greater possibilities to emerge as a result of greater presence.

You can and you will allow yourself to be present while living the human life as you have chosen to live. Even in the busyness of life you can find presence. Even in the busyness of life you can appreciate the tremendous potential, the tremendous power that you hold in the moment. It is merely the mind’s focus that carries your attention into a specific momentary outcome. If this attention is brought back into alignment with the heart, with the body, and with the energetic spiritual construct, you can continue to hold attention to whichever aspect of life you desire, yet you will hold this attention with greater presence, with greater awareness, and from a place of alignment.

This small shift in the way you approach the moment, in the way you approach each task of your life, will change how you walk through life, how you walk through present moments, one by one. And this way of being will eventually change the way you live life, and the way you have chosen to move through life. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
It feels to me that many of us are creating from a perspective of trying to avoid what we don’t want. How do we transition from that perspective of avoiding, and begin to create from a perspective of what we do want?

Avoidance is a creation of the fears of the mind, fears of the past, avoiding the reoccurrence of past pains in the future. Fear can truly be a grappling challenge and fear must be faced by facing the past — it cannot be faced by facing the future. Once you’ve understood all the ways fear has become the leading actor in your life, fear itself will become an ally to support you in dissolving fear itself. Only then avoidance will become merely navigation through life, through conscious choice, no longer led by fear. Only then can you truly shift with ease your perspective to truly create future moments from a place of want, from love: a place of creation for yourself in benefit to others, in benefit to all of humanity; a creation that is truly connected to the benefit of all of creation.

You will notice that creation from a place of avoidance will often focus on yourself, or very few others. Creation from a place of love will focus on a greater number of individuals and often on all of humanity, all of creation. The state of being that you find yourself in is determined by experiences of the past and expectations that are derived from these experiences of the past. Therefore in moments of presence, all that you are, all that you have been, becomes available to you, becomes available to be observed, embraced, contemplated, integrated, and realized. Naturally your presence becomes aligned. Your presence becomes expansive. Your presence becomes loving. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I have a trust in the unknown, but I live with a partner who is very anxious about the unknown. It frustrates me because I want to live a shared life in ultimate possibility. What do I do in the case where there is such a vast difference in our perspectives?

In the process of partnership and relationship, a partner brings forth a mirror, a reflection to you. He proposes to be the part within you that is suppressed, and truly requires a specific future. While other parts within you are dominant and open and trusting, the suppressed parts are displayed to you through his actions. Once you uncover the parts within you that resonate with him, that brought you into this relationship with him, the anxiety that is within you, displayed to you through the anxiety that is within him, you will start to witness the separation, the discomfort that you have established with anxiety itself, anxiety of the unknown. And you will learn to build a new relationship with this part of you, the part of you suppressed of the fear of the unknown, the fear of the future.

And as you start to embrace yourself, as you start to embrace your partner, the anxiety within him, the anxiety within you that is operating unconsciously will dissolve and soften. This way both of you are impacting each other in your evolution. You are impacted by him, and he is impacted by you. And both of you will evolve. This realization and this resolution may result in a deeper bond, and a deeper understanding of the reason of this relationship itself. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
To me, it seems that every time we listen to a transmission, our color or shade becomes clearer, so that we see better, further, and more broadly. Is this the process of clarifying the most effective way to dissolve our apprehension about the future and deepen our trust?

It is your experience of finding deeper presence, greater alignment, greater awareness, and greater trust in the present moment. And it is your experience that continues to expand you into understanding to becoming a conscious creator. This is truly the first step and the most significant step for most of you in this very moment.

The present moment will indeed hold great power and great benefits for all of you. And the exuding trust from this present moment will create the most beneficial, the most improbable, the most unexpected possibilities for you and for humanity. Yet finding your presence, and for others to find their presence, and collectively to consciously create, is a process that starts with you. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
If the need for safety and basic survival is biologically programmed, iIs it possible in each of our lifetimes to break out of that paradigm? If so, do you have any specific advice on how to do so please?

The established constructs of survival will always be with you, as long as this human form exists. It is a necessity to operate the human form, and will continue to serve its purpose. Yet these constructs of survival have been extended and infused with artificially inflated fears, conditioning, and education. Perspectives that you have created on top of perspectives of others, infused in your mind as a survivalistic need, yet [your] true survival [is] far from being endangered.

You will notice through consistent alignment into the present moment, how your survivalistic constructs in their original intent, in their original template, have been inflated, distorted, and skewed over time, through the experiences of generations before, as well as your experiences in this human form. And the purpose of practice is to shed these many layers that have built upon the fears of survival, the fears of death and transition from this human form. While these naturally embedded mechanisms will continue to exist, they will no longer form the dominance to determine your immediate next steps and your perspective of the future. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for listening to my words. We will continue to support you in the ways we can. Words are merely a small fraction of delivering understanding. It is you that must walk this path. It is you that must integrate the words into action, into presence. Thank you, for receiving this transmission.

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