Huni Kuin Fundraiser Elohim Transmission – March 19, 2022 (London)

Huni Kuin Fundraiser Elohim Transmission – March 19, 2022 (London)

Greetings. We are Elohim.

In this journey of evolution, you, as a consciousness, a representative of the collective in human form, evolve at your own terms. And while this reality and this world responds to your requests to learn and to evolve, you are the one choosing, you are the one requesting the lessons, the experiences, the relationships that enter your life; all requested by your soul, all chosen specifically for this lifetime, for this moment, to enrich your life, to provide you a great learning, an impulse for evolution, an impulse for expansion, an impulse for awakening — all experiences chosen, all experiences requested.

And the learnings that you gather through the experiences had may complete in this lifetime, or may require multiple lifetimes to complete. Learnings turn [into] realizations, realizations in themselves offer opportunity for new requests of experiences. Realizations impact your frequency of operation, and your realizations impact all of the collective: humanity itself impacted by every learning, by every experience you conclude.

At times, these experiences are challenging to the mind, challenging to the heart, and challenging to the body. The imagination that you may have chosen that experience seems a far reach. And in the same way, the experiences that humanity chooses, as a society, to learn and to evolve, may seem unfathomable, unreasonable, heartless — yet beyond the heart, beyond the mind, beyond the body, spirit as consciousness evolves through you, the individualized expression of its existence.

Life on this Earth will continue to change and to evolve. As consciousness evolves, these lessons and learnings will change as well. The requests that humanity will put into its material existence will change, the requests that you will put into your life will change as a result of your evolution. Therefore, every step consciously chosen to evolve, every step consciously chosen to integrate the experiences had, is an important choice for your life and for all of humanity. It is your gift to yourself. It is your gift to yourself and your gift to humanity as a collective.

Every step that you make towards expanding who you are, your understanding of yourself, your emotional capacity, your mental and physical capacity, your energetic capacity, is an expansion of consciousness. And every individual seeking an expansion of consciousness intrinsically is following a natural embedded aspect of your being: the desire to evolve, the desire to expand, and the desire to ascend. Self-realization is the natural byproduct of this journey.

Many of you have chosen to come here today to receive support, to give support, and to be present; most importantly, for themselves: You are here for yourself. You are here in support of your own evolution, your own expansion, and your own self-realization, the greatest gift that you can give to yourself, and through you, to all of humanity; your loved ones directly impacted by the efforts of evolution and healing that you have chosen, your expression in the world directly impacted by these efforts.

The life force that moves through you, expressing itself with the frequencies embedded of realization, the wisdom that you have gathered expressing itself in every action, in every emotion, in every thought. This is the beauty of human experience and human life. If and when you [are] required to remember, listen to these words again. Remind yourself that life is truly a gift, and always will be. That perspective will carry you through life, embracing its beauty, its power, and its potential.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

Thank you for receiving our gift to you, our gift to humanity, as you are the ones awakening, as you are the ones shaping the future. The consciousness evolution responds to the individuals walking this path. Through your actions, you shape the world. Through your requests, the world responds with experiences. You are the one, through consciously choosing to evolve, that is your gift to yourself, and to all of humanity.

Thank you for receiving this gift of ours. This transmission is complete.

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