Elohim Transmission – Conflict and Resolution – Apr 2

Greetings. We are Elohim.

This exploration that you requested is in its nature, a human aspect to be transcended upon your evolution as a consciousness. This dualistic reality requests consistent friction, tension, and conflict [in the] form of a challenge to learn and to grow. The dualistic nature of your individualized forms requires for you to evolve at different pace[s], in different circumstances, and in unique situations.

These unique circumstances, these subjectively unique identities, these unique lineages and circumstances of your past, allow for an evolution for every individual, for every society, for every community, at its own pace. The state that you find yourself in as an evolved being is naturally going to be different [than] the states of others. You may consider this circumstance disharmonious, unbalanced, or misaligned; yet the misalignment is the requirement for evolution. What you experience as conflict is the expression of this misalignment, the misalignment between your state of being and the state of being of another.

While perspectives can be shared, they’re only fully understood and received as the state of your consciousness has received, as the state of your consciousness has achieved a certain state of being. Realizations must occur from within, or through the collective. They can indeed be catalyzed, sparked and supported from the outside, yet consciousness operates through its own individualized experience, as well as through the nourishment of the collective’s realizations.

You are allowed to have your filters of reality. You are allowed to see reality in your own way, in your unique way. You’re allowed to live life the way you desire to live in order to learn exactly the way you request to learn from this reality. The explorations that you make will naturally continue to expand your consciousness, and to assist in your evolution. And in your own evolution, you will witness that mere aspects of yourself will operate and grow at different pace as well, resulting in an inner tension, an inner friction, an inner conflict.

You will notice the dualistic nature of this reality within yourself, within the very parts of your being. Aspects of your past, unresolved, will hold an identity within your consciousness. You may consider these identities of the past parts of your being. These parts only carry weight, only carry importance, until their role to be the director for realization is complete, until these parts have shown you enough for you to understand the significant elements to be transformed and to be realized — aspects of your past in this lifetime and previous lifetimes, desiring and requesting to be resolved, to be integrated as learnings.

The potential that you hold as an individualized being to understand all that you are is within you: All evolutionary processes stemmed from within you. All expansion, desire to grow, desire to evolve, initiated from within you; and all aspects outside of you supporting this internal initiation — all elements outside reflecting the state of your being inside and the desire to resolve the past of your existence, the dualistic aspects, the conflicting parts of your existence mirroring itself in your reality outside of you. Then other individuals, other circumstances, representing as roles to support you in that continued self-realization journey.

Conflict starts within through the unprocessed aspects of the past. It continues to manifest itself into this reality as part of the many unresolved aspects of individuals, of societies and previous generations. Conflict arises as it requests to be resolved. The only purpose of conflict itself is the ultimate realization and the resolution thereof. You have unitedly agreed as a consciousness to have this experience, individualized, as well as societies and civilizations represented on this Earth.

Many of these circumstances that you witness to be challenging are a natural byproduct of your journey of evolution and learning, yet how these conflicts and how these challenges play out, how long they execute, remains entirely on you, your ability as an individual, as a group of individuals, as a community, as a society, to transmute, to witness the conflict’s core, the key aspects of the conflict that are within you, to learn and to realize from these key aspects within you, and for enough individuals to complete these realizations within themselves.

You will witness the transformation of your reality. Conflicts resolved within will naturally resolve conflicts without. No conflict outside can exist without conflict inside, and as conflict inside is suppressed, compartmentalized, and drawn into a long journey of exploration, this reality will naturally manifest for you to support you on this continued evolutionary process. You may request to forget all conflict that you have ever had. You may request that all conflict of this Earth within humanity to subside, you may request to live in peace forever, find harmony within yourself and outside with all living beings.

And while this request is notable, while this request stems from a desire of eternal peace, it can only naturally emerge as a result of the self-realization process, as a result of facing the conflicts inside, as a result of the conflicts in the world subsiding because you have done what is required to be done within yourself.

The evolutionary process of human consciousness will continue to request challenging circumstances for you as well as the entire collective. You will notice that the challenges will be unique, they will be nuanced, and they will request a deeper state of presence to truly explore the depth of the learning within. And some of these challenges will require you to come into a unified collective experience, to allow realizations to emerge from the connection that you have with others bearing the same intention of realization.

You, in unison as a collective, as a subgroup of humanity, will allow this realization to appear within you. The more aspects of your being — parts of your existence, processes to be completed of the past — are attended to, the easier this journey of self-realization will be, the less greater challenges will emerge in their persistence and in their resistance to be resolved.

Therefore, while you may witness action to be the single most important aspect to impact conflict outside, it is truly silence — and seemingly inaction — it is an action much deeper within you, the actions of your consciousness to resolve all that you are into the greatest being that you can be, all that you are evolving into the conscious creator that you are, the individualized form becoming a single unified consciousness, evolving beyond the necessity to experience challenge to learn.

You will notice in these moments of silence, conflict will [be] resolved within you. You will witness the silencing of your emotional states and mental states. You will witness that which is required to be seen, heard, and understood will emerge from within your consciousness into your conscious awareness. And as these parts of you emerge into your conscious awareness, they request to be seen and witnessed from all perspectives and angles that you can fathom.

And while you establish these many perspectives with patience, you allow each perspective to become the visceral experience in your physical, emotional, and mental form. You allow each perspective, each approach to the same situation, to be integrated into your being, the totality of all perspectives held on this emerging circumstance within, will allow for the realization to complete this inner conflict, this inner challenge.

Consciousness moves in infinite ways, expresses itself in unique and seemingly endless patterns — patterns of action, patterns of thought, patterns of emotion — and while all of these are natural and part of human existence, the single most effective way to approach transformation [and] realization is and will be the silence and the contemplation of the individual, with or without the presence of the collective, with or without the presence of higher forms of consciousness.

You have been given the opportunity and the solutions all at once, all within you. While the external stimuli of reality and the creations of this reality provide through the accentuated experience of what is occurring within you, all can truly be transformed within — inaction — yet the greatest action to be had.

While life will continue to request your attention, while others will continue to request your presence, your innate voice requesting an evolutionary process will request your attention as well. And you will find yourself in a conflict of priority, not knowing which to serve first, which to serve now. You will wonder: “Is life requesting all [this] attention from me in order to serve me a lesson?” And the answer will always be true. Yet you are the only one to determine how the lesson is to be served, and how the realization is to be received, as all the different ways realizations will be received — consciousness moves in eternal ways, and you’ll realize through many different pathways.

Awareness emerges through conversation, through the feelings of connection, through relationship, through movement, and through silence. Therefore only you can determine the most appealing, the most aligned way to realize, to find that alignment within, to find that harmony and that connection within.

In moments like these, you are all that you can be, all that you ever be, all that you ever were. In moments like these, all your attention is here in this very moment. Your ability to process the past, the present, and the future, fully accessible in this very moment. And as the mind quiets, as the heart quiets, and the body settles, the ability to process increases. Your attention expands beyond a singular thought, beyond a singular emotion, your energy recollects itself into a central point within yourself. And you witness the connection to higher planes of existence, your connection to lower planes of existence, the expansion of your being as a natural extension of this state of being. And without any further thought, desire, or want, naturally your consciousness brings forth that which is required to be transmuted, to be realized — a memory, an identity, a circumstance, a situation, a relationship — and you allow yourself to witness that which is brought to surface with a neutral state of being.

In this place of expansion you do have all the resources of your being at your disposal. No threat can harm you, not even the challenges that are emerging. And you allow the emergence of these thoughts, emotions, and memories to be witnessed, to be held the way you are held in this state of being, without any desire to change, without any desire to fix, without any judgments and opinions to be held; pure observation.

And at some point in your deep presence, a resolution will emerge, a realization will emerge, and will naturally subside the thought, the emotion, the memory that has come to surface, and you will fall into a deeper alignment and into a deeper peace. Your reality will adjust accordingly, slowly, as reality manifests. Continue to practice, continue to observe conflict within yourself and the resolution and the realizations within yourself. Continue to observe the connection of the resolutions within you to resolutions outside of you, directly within your life. Continue to observe the transformation of humanity, through the transformation of the individual. And allocate conscious, dedicated space for this silence to be observed within yourself.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

Thank you for receiving this transmission.

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