Elohim Transmission – Into the Unknown – Mar 5

Greetings. We are Elohim.

The exploration of life is the exploration of the unknown. You are established, in a way, to discover life, one step, one moment at a time. Every experience accumulates to life, learnings, and realizations, culminating in the self-realization of an individualized soul-container, as well as the self-realization of the collective.

The journey itself requires [you] to find harmony in every step that is unfolding right before you, in every moment that you are engulfed in, in every moment that you receive. This reality provides many opportunities to learn, many opportunities to experience what it means to be human, many opportunities to experience the human relationship, as well as your own exploration of yourself.

The operations of the mind, the operations of the heart, the operations of this physical form, all are established to provide a sense of safety, a sense of operating in this human form for as long as possible. Therefore the mind, the heart, and the physical form have their own mechanisms to provide, to identify, to evaluate, and to judge safety — the environment in which you are established, determined by the mind to be safe, determined by the heart to be safe, by the physical body to be safe — all of these mechanisms are natural mechanisms embedded within you, fulfilling an important function. Over time, an over-accentuated mind will provide safety to a greater extent than actually needed, the heart will provide safety to greater extent than actually needed, and the body will continue to do the same.

Yet constantly you’ll request experiences that will put you slightly outside of your sense of safety. You will discover slight discomforts in interactions with yourself and with others, with your environment, and experiences. The goal of life is not to eliminate all potential discomforts, all potential perceived dangers, all potential unsafe, uncertain, circumstances. While you do carry the obligation to listen to the mind, the heart, and the body appropriately, and in a balanced way, you also carry the intrinsic desire to experience life to its fullest, to receive and embrace the unknown, to receive and embrace the uncertain.

Therefore, the power of this harmonious exploration lies in the moment. In this very moment, you are exposing yourself to the unknown, to the uncertain, to the unpredictable, to the uncontrollable, the moments to unfold before you, the sense of safety that is established by the mind, that is carried out by the mind is the same sense that establishes the fears of the unknown, the fears of discomfort, the fears of the unsafe — an overactive mind over-evaluating and over-judging that which is to come. The only true evaluation of which is to come can only occur in the moment of the experience — only then can you truly know the experience itself, rather than the imagined experience, the projected experience of the mind. The emotional response is therefore a similar momentary reaction to the circumstance. The physical response is equally a momentary response. The projections of an uncertain future can invoke emotions, can invoke fears, can invoke pains that have not occurred yet, that may never occur, that may not occur to the same degree as estimated or expected, therefore many of you will learn to live in projected pain before the arrival of any circumstance or potential challenge, potential discomfort.

It is time for you to bring back the power that you hold over your response to the uncertain, bringing your energy, your intention, your emotions and thoughts, your physical presence, sensations, into this very moment, feeling all that there is right now. And while emotions and thoughts and physical discomforts of the past may cloud this very moment, they too have passed, and are mere shadows of that which has occurred. Neither the objections of the future, nor the memories of the past remain in this very moment. True experience only occurs in the present.

As you bring your attention into who you are right now, all that you were in the past, and all that you expect to be in future, remains merely a thought. And as you bring your attention to this very moment, you become all that you are, right now, right here. All that can be becomes available again.

Expecting a certain future to unfold will make you dependent on that expectation. Emotions will be attached to that expectation, and disappointment will be a potential outcome. Can you envision a potential future without establishing an attachment to that future? Can you envision a certain possibility, a certain probability, without establishing the expectation of that circumstance to arise? Can you hold your power, your presence in the moment, as you explore potential futures? In the exploration of potential futures, in the exploration of the unknown, can you witness the thoughts that arise based on your experiences of the past, the emotions that arise based on your experiences of the past?

These thoughts and emotions are part of the process of realizations to occur, unprocessed elements of the past, impacting the potential futures to be had. And while exploring the past and the future, can you remain truly present in this very moment, embracing the full power of your existence, of this very moment, of this very gift of life? All that you are, all that you ever will be, all that you ever have been, right here, right now; all aspects of you known all aspects of you available, all aspects of you under your supervision. In this present moment, you are the master of your life. You are the master of all that you are. The great potential of your existence emerges from this very moment — the present moment itself.

And while many aspects of your being desire a certain outcome and a certain future, and while many aspects of you operate in the subconscious and the unconscious parts of your mind, it is natural to walk this life with a certain degree of expectation. Yet the expectation is no longer an attachment, the expectation is no longer a request, the expectation is no longer an entitlement; it is a soft expectation.

And in this moment of your presence, all of these soft expectations of the future are present with you — those that you can fathom, those that you can imagine, those that you believe to be possible for you — and for a moment, allow this filter to be dismantled. Imagine the impossible. Imagine the unfathomable. Imagine all that you can be, beyond your dreams, beyond your projections. Imagine exactly the same for those around you and the loved ones. Imagine exactly the same for humanity.

An unexpected future becomes a probability as you shift your perspective, as you no longer allow the filters of the past experiences to cloud the possibilities of the future. In this very moment, you become a true agent of opening possibilities, of opening probabilities of creation. While the future still carries its uncertain nature, through the power that you hold in the moment, and the projection that you provide, the probability is increased through your attention.

This world and this reality, this space-time construct, responds to your attention. You direct the energy, according to your attention, according to your emotion, and according to your physical movements, and in combination, you can focus all your attention and your energy to be projected on a specific outcome — a desired outcome, yet beyond the desires of the mind, beyond the desires of the heart, and beyond the desires of the body, a desired outcome of the soul, of your consciousness, a desired outcome of the collective — and you become a conscious creator in human form, choosing the uncertain to become certain, the unknown to become known, the unpredictable to be created as you wish.

That power is truly within you and within the collective. At first, you will learn to bring your power into the very present moment. And through the present moment, you will learn to bring your attention into the embrace of this very moment. Next, you will reduce and soften the filters — what is deemed to be possible in the future, what is deemed be probable in the future — allowing only soft expectations to emerge. And whatever emergence of the future arrives in your present moment [you] will embrace, as you will continue to have your power in this present moment. At last, the alignment of your body, mind, heart, and your energetic-spiritual construct will allow [you] to direct your attention into a desired outcome for yourself, for humanity: the evolution of the individual to become a conscious creator, the evolution of human consciousness collective to become a conscious creator of its own existence, of its own evolution, of its own expansion.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

Thank you for receiving our gift to you. This transmission is complete.

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