Q&A with Emmanuel – Power and Sovereignty – Nov 13

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

In this human experience you will witness the power that is within you, and you will witness moments and experiences [of] feeling powerless, feeling subjected to the energies and the forces of your environment, to the circumstances of your reality. Yet this human life itself, including the moments seemingly powerless, carry tremendous wisdom and potential for evolution.

A moment [of feeling] powerless is filled with significant learnings to be discovered. A moment [of] feeling powerless carries true power when witnessed beyond the experience of being “a victim.” The potential for transformation lies in your potential of the change of your perspective; the potential for change lies equally in the change of your perspective. Therefore your ability to extend yourself beyond this individualized momentary experience, beyond the emotions currently witnessed as this individualized identity that you are, will be your gift to yourself, will be your step in your self-realization journey.

You witness and observe reality from a narrow perspective. Established in this perspective, the identity that you have learns and evolves. And for many generations, and for many incarnations, and for many iterations of cycles of life, this narrow perspective has provided significant variety and diversity of experiences and learning [and] therefore [has] served a significant purpose.

It is now time, in this transformational process of human consciousness and its Ascension process, for you to expand your perspective beyond the one held in the moment. Can you allow yourself to soften the perspective that you hold, from the individual that you are? Can you allow yourself to witness other perspectives held within your environment: Perspectives held by the community that you’re a part of? By the country, by the nation? By the neighboring countries? By other nations? By other cultures and traditions? Can you allow yourself to hold a perspective of non-material kind? Can you hold the perspective of this Earth? Can you allow yourself to hold the perspective of the Sun? The perspective of space, beyond any material existence?

As you can see: infinite possibilities, infinite perspectives — even a few additional perspectives will bring liberation to the moments experienced as powerless, to the moments experienced as lost — in sovereignty. You carry this potential within you, and it is our gift to you to remind you and assist you on this journey towards this potential, towards this innate power, towards this innate alignment within you.

All of you carry equal amount of power, equal amount of choice, equal amount of sovereignty. All of you carry the potential [of] full self-realization and enlightenment within this lifetime. Therefore the only significant difference is the one perceived, is the one experienced, is the one believed. The limitations are merely perspectives held.

The journey of human evolution will continue to challenge the mind, will continue to challenge the perspectives held, established, and embedded within your being. Emotions, translated into habits and behaviors; traumas stored, established as continued actions to avoid pain and discomfort, will all be challenged in the face of the changing energies on this plane of existence. Therefore you will be required to loosen the perspectives that you have held for all your life, the perspectives that have been held by the many generations before, and the perspectives that you have believed to be the single truth of your reality. It is time to understand that which is known is merely a small perspective of that which can be known.

Any moment that you deny another perspective is a moment of reducing the potential that is within you, reducing the potential of the moment, reducing the potential of evolution and self-realization. The power to expand is truly in your hands. The power to thrive, the power to receive, the power of alignment and self-realization, the power of evolution, is all within your hands.

Words that I share with you will be received by your mind, comprehended by your conscious operations, and — possibly, potentially — received by your subconscious and unconscious aspects of your mental construct. When declared safe, your heart, as well as your physical form, will listen to the newly gained wisdom, to the newly gained perspective, and all parts of you will slowly receive and embody this newly-opened reality, this newly-opened perspective. Therefore, perspectives gained do not require the remembrance of the perspective itself, the reciting of the knowledge itself, as now this perspective has become part of your consciousness, part of your operating mechanism, part of your reality.

Life as you know it will continue to change. Challenges, as you have witnessed, will continue to exist. Your mind will continue to judge. Your heart will continue to feel. Your body will continue to sense. Yet how you receive your reality is always your choice. How you receive the judgments, how you allow the judgments to deliver final beliefs, final behaviors and actions, is your choice. How you allow the emotions that arise to define your actions and your state of being is a choice as well.

Momentary emotional experiences and expressions are natural, yet your state of being can consistently and immediately be adjusted by choice. How you allow the sensations, the impulses received by the physical form to impact your perspective of reality is a choice. This will require practice and continued observation, yet you will witness that you will become a master of receiving your reality, no matter the circumstances, no matter the emotions arising, no matter the judgments emerging.

Your sovereignty will be fueled by your power, by your intention, and by your choice. Your sovereignty will be fueled by the many perspectives that you hold. Your sovereignty is consistently given to you and can never be taken as long as you exist in this reality. The human form’s templates of existence will continue until the completion of this form, therefore power and sovereignty will always be yours.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
In this time on Earth, people are being forced to give up their sovereignty in order to survive. What is your advice on how to deal with that situation?

The constructs that humanity has created to live and co-create as a society are complex in their nature. Societal constructs will demand of its participants and those that have subscribed to society’s rules, to abide by the rules for a perceived greater good. The individuals have agreed that those that established the societal rules are the ones to lead. Societal rules established can also change, and will change, yet it is for the individuals that have chosen those to lead, those to establish the societal rules, to act accordingly if this structure no longer serves the greater good — the perceived greater good of the current state of consciousness.

You are a representation of humanity’s consciousness. You are a representation of this society. You are the one choosing. You are the one in power. Remember, you have never been powerless, yet it is time for you to own your power and act according to the change that you wish to see, act according to the transformation that you desire to witness, in the choices made on behalf of the greater mass of humanity. Some choices will take time to manifest. Some choices and actions will take time to be fully understood by all of society and agreed upon, and this is a natural process, beyond the individual’s desires and wishes for society, yet you will know that you have acted in your best, in your most willing capacity.

You have brought your will and your willpower, your intentions, to the outcome that you desire for yourself and for humanity. You have acted in your greatest power. Survival is merely an outcome. Certainly an outcome that you desire, to live and to continue this human experience. Yet decisions made purely on the fear of survival will ultimately become decisions driven by fear and only fear. This is a choice as well, an individual’s as well as society’s choice. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Would you kindly elaborate and explain more about the topic of empowerment and sovereignty, more specifically in the astral plane and interacting with other dimensions and other non-material beings,

Your individualized soul-container and the consciousness that you carry is capable of traveling, of expanding beyond this physical form, beyond this material established reality of this Earth. You are capable of operating within non-material planes of existence of this Earth, as well as higher planes of existence.

This construct that allows you to travel requires energetic support — the energetic support of your physical being as well as your emotional, mental, and energetic-spiritual constructs — power to support this journey. These travels require significant amounts of practice to operate in planes non-natural to the initial established plane for your existence.

First and foremost, this human experience is meant to be experienced in this material form. In secondary instances, the human template allows for explorations beyond; these explorations require experience, require an established understanding of the circumstances and the environments that you are navigating.

Energies in these environments can truly be detrimental to your energetic spiritual construct. Sovereignty is given; your sovereignty is fueled by the power that you carry alongside with you on these journeys — the power sources that you have allowed yourself to truly connect as well as to fuel within yourself, the power sources of your physical body, your emotional and mental body, as well as the power sources that you are connected to that will carry you on these journeys.

The stronger the power sources established, the stronger your sovereignty will display — and the smaller the impact of foreign energies will be. Therefore extend your journeys and explorations according to the perceived and witnessed felt alignment within yourself, felt strength and power within yourself; exploring beyond this alignment will bring forth lessons, potentially of discomfort, potentially of challenges, that will in return fuel greater learnings. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
I know I can claim my sovereignty at any time. How does claiming that affect the frequency of unity? Can we be sovereign in consciously allowing benevolent energies to flow through, while claiming sovereignty over the impact they have on us?

Yes. Holding the perspective of ‘sovereignty’ and holding the perspective of ‘unity and oneness’ [are] not mutually exclusive; it is truly an expanded perspective to hold both at the same time. Your sovereignty is for this individualized experience that you hold. Your unity is the way that you represent human consciousness. Therefore you are one and all. You are individual and collective. You are sovereign and impacted by all that occurs. Claiming your sovereignty is a good practice for the individualized experience. Understanding the fine balance of sovereignty, as well as being an aspect of the collective, is a continued learning for the human mind.

Individual human experience can never be fully isolated, can never be separate. You are always connected. You always receive benefit, as well as feel the challenges of the collective. Life itself, as you experience [it], will continue to impact your perspective of sovereignty. As you witness challenges impacting you, as you witness loved ones impacting you, as you witness your physical form, your emotional and mental bodies being impacted, sovereignty will be questioned.

Find yourself consistently returning to alignment. Observe and witness the power that you hold of bringing yourself into alignment, and allow this alignment to carry you forward in the perspective that you hold of your sovereignty, that you hold of the power that is within you, the power that has always been yours. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Several channels tell us about the power we have in our DNA for self healing from all diseases, rejuvenation of our bodies, and living several hundred years. How can we start tapping more precisely into these potentials? Are we ready yet?

Yes. Humanity has come to a place of receiving the benefits of this reality. The increasing energies on this plane will allow for those of you that open themselves up to power sources beyond the initial templates of the human form to receive the full benefits of this human template.

Your physical form, your emotional and mental forms, can receive energies beyond the ones obviously established. The infinite powers that move through this plane, that move through this Earth, are accessible to you. The infinite powers that move through the many Suns of your material existence, the infinite power of existence, the love of creation, moving through every materialized molecule, is accessible to you — yet this will require a change within, an adjustment, a continued alignment, as well as an expansion of your being.

The expansion of your consciousness will allow the templates to receive these powers to become activated. It will not be a process that is mentally established. It will not be a process that is emotionally initiated. It will not be a process that requires specific physical activity. While all of these aspects of your being — the mental, the emotional and the physical — will support the expansion of your consciousness and the activation of these templates, it is most significantly the silence that you will find in moments like these that will continue to expand your consciousness.

In this expansion you will find deeper alignment. The deeper alignment will fuel the templates within, and the activation will start. You will notice energies flowing through you, beyond that which you are finding yourself familiar with. You will notice the energies that are fueling you impacting your well-being, your rejuvenation, your replenishment, your healing, your growth, your confidence, and your love for yourself and for all of those around you — all parts of you fueled by the infinite powers accessible to you.

This is the time for all of humanity to become aware of this potential and to become activated through the expansion and the evolution of its consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Can you please explain why, during this journey of liberation, we have to go through periods of difficulty and lack of money? Are there any particular beliefs that we need to let go?

Witness all the beliefs that were taught to you, all the beliefs that you have been conditioned to hold, all the beliefs that shape your perspective of life, your perspective of what life is meant to be. All beliefs and conditioning, all habits and behaviors established in this lifetime, in previous lifetimes, as well as in your ancestry, continue to live within you.

As you allow yourself to find yourself in moments like these, of expanded states of consciousness, you will start to witness these belief systems, these habits, these conditionings, to emerge, to surface. You will witness how you have been conditioned and programmed to be. You will witness every aspect of your being driving a specific behavior, a specific way of being. This is the first step of awareness.

Awareness will lead to understanding; understanding will lead to choice; choice will lead to action — different than any action that was habitual, any action that was conditioned and delivered to you from many generations before. You are resolving, learning, and realizing challenges that you have chosen to resolve on your behalf, as well as on your ancestries, as well as on your previous lives’ behalf.

The completion of these cycles are a significant learning, and yet you do have choice to allow yourself to witness, to come into awareness, to allow yourself in this moment of expanded consciousness to become an observer of your inner workings, an observer [to] how you have been shaped to be who you are. And alongside with this observation, transformation will come. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
The guides have spoken about how we are each gifted with this sovereign experience so that we may self-realize. How are such ‘sovereign’ souls “created” or “born” originally, which then experience the self-realization journey?

Soul-containers were established in order to allow a physical manifestation to hold consciousness in its fragmented and individualized form — this is the purpose of the soul-container. To bond the physical material existence with the non-material existence of consciousness, a soul-container was established to hold its own power, its own sovereignty, as well as to hold identity and identities of many forms beyond the form currently established, the human form. Therefore, a soul-container in itself is temporarily assigned to the physical human form, and can be assigned to other material forms.

The soul-container itself carries the wisdom accumulated and the realizations accumulated over many lifetimes, carries the choices of the individualized soul-container to learn specific lessons. This construct was established to allow collective consciousness to experience individualized form.

It was deemed that the soul container was allowed to “cross-pollinate” with other forms of consciousness, other forms of collectives, and other physical forms established, for the growth of new consciousness. As human consciousness was seeded, soul containers from many other forms that have existed before chose to establish the physical human form to experience on behalf of human consciousness, yet carrying the wisdom and the learnings and realizations held and accumulated through many lifetimes in other forms. Therefore the seed of human consciousness [is] fueled by the presence of many different forms.

Your individual experience is a conglomerate of many different forms of experiences. While some individuals were truly established [as] a first soul-container that carried first and only human consciousness, the significant majority of soul containers derived from other forms established before.

Soul-containers will continue to choose the experience in material form, even after the completion of the human material form. Soul-containers will choose to return to [their] original collective, or to continue to serve another collective in its evolution.

Therefore, as you can see, consciousness, while individualized and unique, cross-pollinates to evolve, and continues to support all aspects of consciousness on many planes of existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
In relationship to the channel, being in the channel, and serving as a channel, how do you suggest we embody our sovereignty and power as an individual?

This connection established with you, this connection to serve through you, this connection to be received by you, is fully and entirely your choice. It is an offering, an invitation on our end, and it will be deemed relevant or irrelevant, by you. You have the choice and the power. You have full sovereignty of your existence, during, after, and any time in this relationship, with this opening and our offering.

In the moment of support, in the moment of delivery, in the moment of expansion, our work through you is a collaboration of our choice with your choice. In this collaboration, in this co-creation, both our choices are honored, and therefore allowing for an expansion, co-created by you and us, an expansion that allows energies, wisdom, and love to move through you, on behalf of humanity, in support of another being, in support of a circumstance. This is the nature of our collaboration with you. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Can you speak more about balancing our efforts in understanding, realizing, and doing our part in overcoming a challenge, including focusing on setting an intention, versus “letting go” with trust?

Many of you have been trained and exercised, conditioned, to operate with the mind to solve challenges. Many of you have felt challenges with specific emotions. Many of you have felt challenges as discomfort, as pain. Yet few of you have understood, have utilized your consciousness as the key element that will observe, witness, challenge, transmute challenge into realization, and allow for the integration of this realization to impact your mind, your heart, as well as your physical form.

Very few have considered that the greatest transformational power, the greatest power to resolve challenge, to overcome obstacles, inner conflict, misalignment, is truly held within your consciousness. Therefore explorations in understanding, sensing, [and] expanding your consciousness, will become significant: an effort to understand a part of you rarely witnessed, rarely felt, rarely observed, honored, and witnessed.

Your consciousness is a powerful mechanism with powerful procedures to assist you in overcoming challenges and arriving at realizations transforming your reality. The intention, a mental construct, will allow the opening of your consciousness to become activated. The intention of the emotion to be received and felt will allow your consciousness to be activated. The intention of the body to rest, to calm, will allow for the activation of your consciousness. All parts align to provide the opening for your consciousness to become your greatest ally. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your time, for receiving this transmission.

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