Elohim Transmission – Power and Sovereignty – Nov 6

Greetings. We are Elohim.

The greatest inquiry of all: the individual’s understanding of its own existence, the related ability to control and direct this life, to navigate this reality, often misconstrued by the requests, desires, and wants of the mind, of the heart, as well as flavored and influenced by the desires and wants of the body; the great question of your power in this existence, your power over yourself, your power over others, your power over this reality.

You are given this experience to discover your ability to understand and witness this reality. You’re given this experience to understand and witness the full spectrum of emotions. You’re given the physical form to experience the variety of senses that come along with the experiences themselves. You’re given this individualized experience to develop personality and understand the nuanced aspects of unique perspective. Every unique perspective creates unique experiences and moments. These moments, once realized, become realization and learning for the great collective of human existence.

Therefore the power, the sovereignty that you’re given, is temporary, and is an illusionary aspect of this reality provided for you. Yet the experience of sovereignty, and the experience of individuality, the experience of power, driven by will, is real in its experience.

You are handed this lifetime with certain aspects of protection, with certain aspects that provide the natural flow and programs that are established for the experience of life. These templates that execute naturally are embedded within the makeup of this Earth, the makeup of this reality, the makeup of your physical form, and the makeup of other physical forms to provide the ecosystems necessary. This natural makeup and “program,” if you will, is established to provide the natural environment that allows for the experience of the human form in its most graceful form.

The extensive abilities for you to direct yourself, to direct objects, to direct others, to manipulate this environment, is a freedom that is given within the programs established of experiencing this form. Therefore, the powers that are given, the sets of extensive potential experiences, are within the spectrum of what is allowed naturally for all human beings in this form.

The will, the desire, the necessity and the need, the behaviors established, drive your intention to manipulate this reality, to provide for this physical form, to provide for others, to create and to destroy, yet the will of the individual that is fueled by the power given to you is yours to wield. The ego construct, the emotional construct, as well as the physical construct, listen to this will, driven by your intentions. The power established within you, translated into willpower, translated into manipulation of this reality, creation and destruction equally; all operations of the human form.

Some aspects of the human operations are instinctual and naturally established to provide the baseline necessary to operate in this reality. Some programs [are] established over [a] lifetime through conditioning: behaviors and patterns, learned at times, culturally adjusted and provided for, educated through the many generations that have experienced the human form.

The willpower that holds the bond between your consciousness and the immediate translation into this reality is a force that is driven by your soul-container. This force receives from the connections established within your energetic-spiritual construct. Your willpower is therefore not mental or emotional, yet is fueled by mental and emotional energy, as well as physical energy, as well as the energy of your energetic-spiritual construct.

Your willpower is a construct that can receive from many different energy sources, and therefore can apply to the creation and destruction through the receptivity of many different energetic sources. It will become apparent to you [that] the energy that is within your physical form, the energy within your emotional as well as mental forms, the energy that is within your energetic-spiritual construct, have limitations. They can increase, as well as decrease over time. They can replenish, recharge, as well as diminish. They can be over-utilized; they can be drained. They can also be expanded over time through practice to increase the limitations of these energy sources.

Yet a new way of operation is the expansion of your consciousness, the ability to provide this “willpower-translation-mechanism” with energetic sources beyond your own individualized form, energetic sources that provide for you, as well as all intentions to create: energetic sources of this Earth, energetic sources of higher planes of consciousness, streams of energies that, once connected, can be wielded similar to the energies that you wield from your physical, as well as emotional, and mental energy bodies.

This is a continued learning and growth process of understanding your ability to increase [and] utilize the energy and the power of your existing form, with conscious awareness, and in continued existence, to expand the energy that you wield to energy sources beyond your own known forms — energy streams of unlimited nature, moving through you, and being applied according to your conscious intention.

This is a power handed to individuals that truly continue on the self-realization journey to serve a greater purpose than merely existing and experiencing this reality for the benefit of humanity’s evolution. The self-realization journey will include operational ways and methods to break through the limitations established for the standard operations of human existence, and the time has come for humanity to learn, to expand its ability of this human form, of this human vessel.

The time has come for you to receive the unlimited sources of energy, to receive the benefits for yourself and for all of humanity, yet it will require the purification of the mind, the purification of the heart, the purification of the body, as well as the purification and alignment of the energetic-spiritual construct. Only then can these extensive forms of energies move through you without side effects that impact your well-being and your operational power in this human form.

You have experienced the human form in your individualized experience. And while being part of human consciousness you have always been a sovereign individualized form allowed to establish your own construct of reality, your own perspective of self and of other, you have been provided this experience in order to maximize the ability for human consciousness to witness as many perspectives, with great variety and possibilities, as possible. You are therefore an extension of human consciousness — yet a sovereign extension, sovereign in your choices, sovereign in your perspectives, unique in the moments that you perceive, as well as that you experience; designed in this way.

Yet the energetic connection, the consciousness bond to all of humanity, is a bond that will not and cannot be severed, a bond that establishes this construct equally. Even the greatest effort to isolate will be in vain, and will be in relation to your experience to support human consciousness to understand the act of isolation. No part of human consciousness can ever be separate, yet within your own experience you are held sovereignly and you are allowed to have this experience in your own unique way. You are allowed to hold a unique perspective. You’re allowed to navigate, to create, and destroy according to your conscious creatorship.

Sovereignty is given, and sovereignty is consciously chosen. As you allow yourself to become the victim of your circumstances, you provide power to others, power to the circumstance. Your sovereignty is compromised by the perspective that you hold of yourself, by the perspective you hold of this reality and your reality, yet the truth: this reality responds to the projection of your consciousness, to provide for you the experiences that you require.

It will be your journey of understanding the power, the sovereignty that is established within you, holds you in great respect and in great honor, that you are the one that wields power and sovereignty of your existence, you are the one that can increase, you are the one that can diminish, you are the one to remember your individual, unique power within all the bodies of your established human form as well as the energetic sources beyond this human form, the many powers bestowed upon you as you expand the sovereignty that is given to you, the sovereignty that you choose to operate on, the sovereignty that you choose to give up for the experience of losing sovereignty, for the experience of being impacted by your environment, by your relationships, and by your circumstances, in order to learn, not as a fault of the circumstance and this reality or the relationship itself, yet by choosing.

Those of you that have wondered how to return to this original state of understanding your power and sovereignty in this reality, those of you that have felt lost, stuck, diminished, disempowered, oppressed, controlled, and manipulated, remember that you have chosen that experience and it is provided to you. Once you understand that the operations of your existence choose for you a reality to navigate, to learn, to evolve and to realize, then you become the master of your life and the master of your reality.

Yet first, the aspect of the mind that believes the disempowered state of your existence must rest. It must be consistently overwhelmed by the great love of life, by the great love for this experience itself, the great love for this experience that understands it is and always has been a choice, the great love of this human life that invites back the knowing, the understanding, and the embrace of the power that you hold within, of the sense of sovereignty that you hold within, that you are the one wielding both the full spectrum of your power, the full spectrum of your sovereignty.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

Thank you for receiving this transmission. Our work is complete.

Welcome back, in whatever state you’re in, stay as long as you need to, and allow this beautifully synchronized energetic container to continue to fuel you — and see how effortless it is, as we’re all floating in this astral energetic co-created field, as we are all receiving from the many sources that are connected to this field, as we are floating in this cocoon, like safe bubble, as all aspects of our being are being reorganized and realigned, refreshed, rejuvenated, reset.

And continue to receive, continue to let it integrate as long as you need to. If you require, you may even go to sleep right after. If you need to inquire about topics, you can even ask questions into this field that you’re in and see if you receive answers.

There are a lot of possibilities that are given to us when we are in these states. Yet first and foremost, the most important is realignment, is expansion; is reclaiming, remembering the power that we hold innately, the sovereignty that is established for us innately. It seems to be an important aspect of our self-realization journey, is that realization that we are the ones holding our own power and our own sovereignty, that our experiences are chosen and created by the projections of our minds.

It’s a true blessing to have you on this journey, very excited to see what brings next week’s transmission. And if you want to share your experiences with us, you can of course do so in our online community, or even on social media. We are always excited to read how the sessions impact you. Blessings.

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