Sacred Earth – Session 1 Transcript – Elohim

Sacred Earth – Session 1 Transcript – Elohim

Note: This is a transcript from our Sacred Earth Special event from April 22nd, 2021. You can still purchase access to the event replays by joining the event.

Greetings. We are Elohim.

You have chosen this human form. You have chosen this particular environment for your consciousness to evolve — the part of your consciousness that is beyond the experience of human consciousness itself, the part of you that is connected to other forms of consciousness that you have originated from.

The human form is an added experience to the evolution of your soul container. This form was determined to deliver significant and distinct experiences for humans, as well as other forms of consciousness sharing this particular environment with you. The design and the creation of this physical reality, including the entire perceived universe, was determined to establish pockets where life can thrive.

This Earth is determined to be such a pocket of life: an environment of perfect alignment to provide for all the necessities for physical life in this carbon-based experience to emerge, to hold life, to protect, to steward, and to contain all the resources that are necessary for you to enter this physical reality, to enter the human form.

Before humanity could enter this Earth, ecosystems were required to be established first. These ecosystems would provide for continued cycles, a balance and harmony required to allow for the creation of new forms of consciousness, to allow for the creation of diversity, to allow for the creation of nutrients, and further experiments. All of these ecosystems that were established were the preparatory foundations for human consciousness to establish itself on this Earth.

Humanity was seeded on this particular planet, the Earth. The Earth was determined to be the guardian, as well as the provider for the necessities for the physical reality to provide an experience full of possibilities — an experience in which human consciousness could emerge.

Humanity understood life to be sacred. The moment a new life enters this reality — the reverence of non-material consciousness entering physical reality for a temporary experience in physical form — is intrinsically understood and felt within every single one of you.

The departure from this physical reality, and the return into non-material form, is perceived as a separation, as a completion of an important learning cycle. Birth and death are part of the cycles that you have been given to experience life, to experience life in human form on this Earth.

Humanity has understood [that] this reality operates under certain laws and rules to establish the physical reality by which the templates and mechanisms to bring forth life can orient themselves. The mechanisms, the rules, and the laws established for this Earth are established to provide a certain container, a framework by which all life can rely on, all life can receive from.

[In order to discover] deeper layers of understanding of these frameworks, humanity has explored these laws. Science and technology were established. Manipulation and experimentation of this reality was a natural unfolding and consequence of humanity’s evolution — an expected natural step: the development, the delivery and expansion of human consciousness through technology.

While establishing greater levels of comfort, increased probability of survival ability, increased connectivity, increased exploration, and collection of knowledge, humanity has learned, has learned and evolved with every step that it has taken — even the steps perceivably [considered] mishaps, even missteps judged by the human mind to be detrimental to life, to be challenging to the environment, were important steps of learning.

Some of these learning cycles have come to realizations and humanity has embraced the realizations [and] has started to adjust its behavior. Yet for these realizations and actions to truly take effect, all of humanity must evolve alongside: a critical mass of individuals must embrace the realizations fully and in its entirety for the rest of [the] human collective to receive the benefits of the realization.

Spiritual evolution can truly be led by a sub-group of individuals: individuals like yourselves, choosing your own evolution, the intrinsic need and desire to expand to self-realize, to understand in more depth who and what you are and your connection and your bond to this environment that has been provided for you, this living organism, your energetic and your physical environment, as your mother.

Directly tied to every single individual human being, this Earth provides continued life force and energy beyond the energy that is provided through the consumption of food. Similar to the energy that is provided by the Sun, the energy of the Earth brings forth vital energy to uphold and to contain consciousness within this human form.

The human vessel is deemed fertile to hold consciousness as the life force within the human vessel flows regularly and holds itself in continuous flow. This continuity of receiving and transmitting, this continued flow of energy and life force through your physical vessel is the transmuted energy of creation through this Earth, provided to your physical form in it’s most appropriate and simplified way — a direct umbilical cord of energetic nature from this Earth to you.

And as you remember this bond, you witness and the power that this bond holds, you witness the love that this bond holds, you witness the support, the continued provision of resources that is given through this umbilical cord. The connection to this Earth is beyond life-force only.

You are delivered this human form to experience an individualized experience and identity — the experience of separation. And in your experience of separation, in this momentary experience of identity, you discover that you were not separate after all: you understand in all the ways that you have stayed connected to all that is around you — to this Earth, to all relationships, to all beings, even to everything that you consume, to all celestial bodies, the Sun, the planets, the stars — all of which [are] connected to this physical and energetic form that you hold, your human vessel, continuously in exchange and in communication with all that is around you.

The current challenges that humanity is facing with its experience on this Earth are challenges of its growing nature. Humanity’s consciousness is evolving, and these challenges, the problems and misalignments that have come to [the] surface, will become even more apparent, inevitable to witness, [impossible] to suppress, [impossible] to unsee.

And with the continued evolution of human consciousness, humanity will learn to act accordingly, to understand the needs of its environment — the cycles that have been established with divine intelligence. This flow and this intelligence of nature provides continuously. Disruption of this flow and intelligence of nature will be mitigated and adjusted to by nature itself. The Earth will learn as the Earth adjusts to humanity’s behavior, to humanity’s actions.

The environment that humans live in will change as well. As you can see, actions create consequences, consequences create adjustments of the environment, the environment’s response will be what humanity will receive. Humanity will learn to understand that the environmental changes that are occurring on this planet are, to some degree, its own creation. To a lesser degree, the changes on this Earth are initiated by cosmological adjustments. Increased levels of energy on this planet truly adjust the environment as well.

The Earth has always been a living organism, continuously changing. The rate at which the Earth changes at this point is accelerated in its nature — similar to the acceleration of human consciousness’ evolution, humanity’s evolution, accelerated evolution on all experience levels in the human form, within technology, within consciousness, and on this planet Earth itself.

You and this Earth evolve together, and it will continue to do so until the completion of the human form. The Earth as a consciousness was seeded to support life, to provide the environment, the life force, the support needed for varying degrees of diversity of consciousness, as well as of physical forms.

The many forms of life that humanity has experienced are merely a small representation of the totality of life that this Earth has provided, that this Earth continues to provide for. Both in material, as well as in non-material forms, the ecosystems are manyfold, and all of these ecosystems required for the eternal balance that this Earth continues to seek to provide the optimal environment for life.

The changes that you seek, the changes that you desire to see within humanity are the changes that will first emerge within you: A deeper sense of love, a deeper sense of gratitude, a deeper sense of understanding your relationship with this Earth, a deeper sense of understanding of presence, and all consequences that they arrive from this present moment of your actions — not only your understanding of the consequences of your actions, but a deeper understanding of the collective’s actions.

How are choices made? You have chosen individuals of humankind to lead for you. You have given them the rights to make decisions on your behalf, and on behalf of the collective. This structure has served humanity, and at the current state of humanity’s evolution, human consciousness will require new structures to be established, new forms of leadership, new forms of decision-making, new forms of action-taking, new forms of responding to consequences observed will emerge.

This is a natural unfolding and evolutionary step of human consciousness. The structures you have established are deemed to change, as you are changing, as life on this Earth is changing. Embrace the true nature of your love for this planet, and walk this embraced reality.

Every moment of your life, be aware of your connection continuously established with this Earth. Be aware of the connection continuously established with the Sun. Observe the way you receive and the continued love of this Earth moves through you and moves through all of life.

Observe to see how collaboration within the collective will emerge, how decisions will be made when all agree on the direction — yet first human consciousness must continue to evolve, and that evolution of human consciousness is within you. You learn the great importance of presence. You learn the great importance of expansion of your consciousness beyond your identity. You learn the great importance of unification beyond the understanding of separation.

And with your evolution, those around you will start their evolutionary processes as well. And a critical mass of evolution will move waves across this planet, through all of human consciousness — even the parts of human consciousness resistant to change.

The evolution of consciousness is a collective effort, yet initiated by the individual. Intrinsically connected, your evolution impacts the evolution of every human being. And only through the evolution of consciousness humanity will make decisions and choices that will sustainably impact all of humanity in the best possible way.

Decisions and choices will include all life forms, will include the importance of balance of ecosystems on this planet, and will include the perspective of the consciousness of this Earth within you. As a human of the Earth, as a child of this Earth, as an evolving consciousness, you become more than just a ‘consumer’ — you become the steward of this environment, a consciously aware individual existence, collectively evolving to serve its own environment, to provide a greater balance, a greater environment for even more forms of consciousness and life to emerge.

And you will see that this Earth in its own evolution will respond to the evolution of your consciousness as an individual, this Earth will respond to your evolution as an individual.

In the coming years, humanity must first experience the challenges that are the result of evolutionary processes that humanity has started without fully understanding its actions and the impact on this planet. The impact on the existing patterns of this planet will take its course. For a period of time, humanity will understand closely the fine balance that this Earth holds — every aspect of life, every weather pattern, every movement on this planet, in fine balance, through all it’s ecosystems, and upon experiencing the consequences, humanity will complete its realizations.

The completion of its realizations will adjust patterns of this Earth. The Earth itself, therefore, in its balance, is a direct representation of the balance within of the balance held within humanity itself. Finding greater balance within the human collective, and finding greater balance within the human individual will bring forth greater balance of this Earth and all of its ecosystem.

You have received this message with an open heart. The adjustments that we will provide today will allow for greater realizations to emerge, will allow for a greater connection to this Earth, to receive the energy, the life force and the love of this Earth with much greater ease. And the life force of this Earth will provide the fuel necessary for your evolution, for your alignment, and for your expansion.

All your actions, your deep levels of presence, will be fueled by the love of this Earth for the human form, by the love of this Earth for you.

Thank you for listening to our words and for receiving this adjustment.

<Adjustment work done>

Thank you for receiving this transmission.

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