Q&A with Emmanuel – Becoming a Conscious Creator – April 10

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

In the course of humanity’s evolution, humanity explored what it means to be a “creator” on its journey to becoming its own creative force. “Creatorship” on this plane found many different shapes — creating on the physical plane, creating on the energetic plane, creating on the emotional and mental plane — all creations, equally valuable; all creations carry equal weight.

This plane of reality, this existence, manifests through the makeup of energetic templates, first and foremost. All that is seen, all that is felt, all that exists in physical matter, exists first in an energetic concept. Your entire body, every single cell, every atom of this reality, has a representation in energetic form. With the intention and the energy, this energetic template of all your creation is projected into manifestation — the physical reality that you experience and witness.

This projection and manifestation occurs at all times, consistently. There is no predetermination of this projection, in which direction it will go. The projection only occurs in the present moment, yet the projection will take into account all possibilities that can ever occur. The potential is always infinite in the very given moment, the presence is established through the greatest potential possible.

You are the creators of this potential — your thoughts, your emotions, your desires, your conscious understanding — as well as all aspects of subconscious and unconscious currents, the contracts established for learning, the contracts established for realizations, the desires of the collective to operate this plane in a specific way, are all part of this immediate projection of the present moment.

Therefore, all of humanity is first and foremost the conscious creator of the present moment. More than conscious desires, wants, intentions, it is important learnings that must occur on a collective level for the evolution of the entire collective to be sparked and to continue.

You as individuals can operate within realities that are separate — individualized cohorts of your own creation, even your own creations in your mind, your imagination, your thoughts and visions — are a part of your own reality. Your own emotions within yourself are part of the cohort of your reality. Your physical form is part of your creation as well.

As you continue this journey of alignment within yourself — the alignment of your physical form, the alignment of your emotional aspects, your mental, as well as energetic-spiritual construct — you will become even more conscious of the understanding of this reality.

Your understanding of this reality, your inherent acceptance of this reality and of this life will allow you to navigate this creation by becoming a conscious creator.

First: Simple thoughts, emotions, relations, will start to emerge as synchronistic events, as alignments hoped-for, but hard to comprehend, when it [is] observed in its realization. Coincidences: part of this conscious creatorship of yours in its emerging phase. All parts of you, waiting to align, waiting to be understood, to be seen, and to be realized, all perspectives to be held, embodied within your being, allowing you to hold this reality and this life at greater levels of presence.

And as you have grounded yourself in the present moment, you start to experience the infinite potential that the present moment holds. You start to experience the manifestation of this reality through the non-material realm — the energetic makeup of this reality. The projection of this reality is indeed part of your creation.

Holding the greatest alignment within yourself will allow you to become a conscious projector and a conscious creator. You are on this journey of self-realization, and in this journey of self-realization, conscious creatorship is a byproduct of that which will unfold for you.

Conscious creatorship will not just serve to fulfill your comforts, will not just serve to fulfill your desires and wants — it will serve the greater good of humanity, as conscious creatorship will emerge along[side] a self-realizing individual. A self-realizing individual will understand and will live — embody — the importance of the collective’s evolution. Every step taken, therefore, will be in service. Every step taken will be in benefit of humanity’s Ascension process.

Witness the power within you unfolding as you find greater alignment within, as you find greater embodiment and greater levels of presence, as you understand the timelessness of this creation in the present moment, as you witness the manifestation that derives from the projections of the energetic makeup of this reality.

All parts of you can truly influence this manifested reality — your thoughts, your emotions, your physical form, as well as your energetic-spiritual construct, and all parts of you combined, will have the greatest impact on creating the reality that you seek.

Conscious creators of the highest potential will serve collaboratively. And while this polarization, this dualistic world, plays a critical aspect of your evolution as well as your learning, the emergence of conscious creators is the pathway to non-dual perspective and understanding of this reality.

Conscious creators will be aligned in their perspectives, as they will be able to hold all perspectives at once. There will be no misunderstandings, no confusion, no dissonance, yet pure alignment and unified creation. This is humanity in its evolution, and you will witness thess states of creatorship within your lifetimes. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How do co-creation and surrendering coexist?

The resistance to surrender implies realizations to be had that are not complete. The individual has not surrendered to this reality, to the great potential, the great power of the present moment, to the many perspectives that hold truth.

First, understand the barriers to surrender. Understand where trust is not established for the reality lived and the life that is lived. Once this barrier is overcome, creation becomes effortless and requires no surrender, as surrender will be no concept in the reality of a conscious creator. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
If we are not in positions of leadership in the systems we have created, such as government and corporations, how do we change big systems in our world?

You have chosen in this reality individuals to lead, to support you with the creations required on this physical realm. Individuals required to be convinced to be led to create collectively and collaboratively. Leadership was required in order to manipulate and to adjust this reality to your liking for your evolution.

The current stages of humanity’s consciousness evolution will require a detachment from this sort of leadership. Individuals that are evolving as human consciousness evolves will find connectedness, will find community, will find co-creation.

These communities will grow, will create the critical mass to start creatorship and manifestation from a different approach, an approach that operates in unison, an approach that understands the collective needs more clearly, without the needs of the individual or subgroups of the society. The needs of all are considered in this new approach of creation.

Leadership will at first transform to councils, councils that represent groups of conscious individuals that have formed in unison, in resonance, and in alignment. These councils will collaborate with other councils around the globe. Bonds and relationships will be formed, a mutual understanding that humanity is on this journey to the same point of non-dual existence, that the differences are mere projections, that unification is inevitable.

Until humanity will find its unification in its totality, the great discourse and polarity that currently exists is a representation of the leadership approach that is established. The polarity will only subside as the leadership approach changes, and those that are consciously co-creating, those that have formulated collaborative communities will emerge to support this new approach for humanity. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How can individual humans co-create a new reality in partnership with Mother Earth, and with each other, when Earth ownership and land stewardship is not equitably distributed?

The current infrastructures that humanity has established will no longer serve in the near future. Land ownership, the way it was perceived, will no longer be relevant. Those that are the stewards and guardians of specific regions will be the ones that live, that thrive, and operate with the land of that region.

Conscious creatorship will require a deep understanding of life and the ecosystems that are established on this planet, the way this planet operates and serves all of humanity and all living beings, the way life force moves through this planet and moves through you: a powerful source of your existence, a deep embedding and understanding of this Earth within you, the continuous connection to continuously receive, to continuously exchange and transform the energies within you.

As you learn to exchange, to communicate and to collaborate with the energy of this planet, as you continue to grow your conscious understanding of this reality as well as this Earth’s projection into reality, you will start to understand that even all life, all ecosystems, and all aspects of this Earth will adjust according to your conscious creatorship. The manifestations and projections of this reality of this Earth will equally adjust to the needs of conscious creators.

As the collective grows to become consciously aware of its present moment, in deep unison with this reality, creatorship on this Earth will become an immediate adjustment to the requirements and needs that the community in this collective holds.

Yet in the first step, humanity will start to congregate to align, to build resonance: Communities will establish a greater understanding of new leadership approaches, will establish a greater understanding of this Earth, and coexistence on this Earth with all living beings will be established. These pockets of communities will expand, will collaborate, and will create a network, a network that will support greater groups of humanity in their evolution, and in their understanding of the love for this Earth, of the love for this life.

This transformation will take approximately 10 to 15 years, yet will be accelerated by the challenges observed in this natural environment. The challenges observed: direct consequences of the actions and creations of the current consciousness state of humanity.

Important realizations will be gained, and behavioral adjustments will be made. The Earth will adjust to the adjustments of humanity and meet humanity’s consciousness evolution accordingly. The Earth will evolve as a consciousness as well, and will allow and open to entire new creations in this reality to support this last stage of humanity’s evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Masters from India stated that everything is done by the divine and the human being is only a tool, not the doer, suggesting that there is no free will. How does this correspond with what the channel is saying, that there is free? Thank you.

The “free will” that is being referred to is the free will of the mind, the free will of simple emotions, the free will of the physical form. The free will that we refer to is the free will of your consciousness, of yourself beyond your identity.

You are the creator of your own reality. The experiences that occur in your life are part of the evolutionary stages that you must live. They are your creations. Indeed, you are the divine, and you are the divine creator. The concept of combining divine creatorship within the human individualized experience, that both co-exist within you, is a complex concept to fully comprehend.

Yet you are the one that creates, and the level of consciousness that expands within you, the level of alignment that is embodied within you, the level of presence that you hold within you, will allow full conscious creatorship of your reality. You are on the path to understanding that you are the divine, that you are the creator, that you are all of existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
More and more, I’m trying to operate from a conscious creator perspective. Some of my interactions with some of my family members or loved ones are perceived by them as being unsympathetic or detached. How can we hold space for others and be empathetic while not getting pulled into their storylines?

Humans will consistently require storylines, roles, and responsibilities in order to come to important realizations. Relationships will include you in these storylines for realizations to emerge in collaboration.

As you expand — as human consciousness, as an individual — you will no longer be required to participate in roles in order to come to realizations. Even if the projections of other individuals require you to take on roles for their realization, you may choose to participate in observing compassionately, and holding your alignment within compassionately, without participating in the roles that require them to come to realizations.

Provide and offer your open heart, your open mind, your deepest understanding for the perspective that they hold — and no further action is required. You will refrain from participating in the roles that you are required, yet you will stay present with them along on this exploration. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Dear Emmanuel, as the creator of my own reality, I seem to be repeating the same patterns in abundance. How do I shift this?

Great realizations are ready to emerge within you. Abundance is a state of perspective. Wealth is not just the value of financial means that you hold; wealth is the richness of your heart, the openness of your mind, the strength of your physical form, the quality of your relationships, the access to others that you have, to love on this material and in non-material forms.

As you can see, deeper levels of gratitude will start to formulate into perspectives of abundance starting to embody within you. This perspective of abundance, this perspective of allowance, will start to change and adjust the reality around you as you start to invite in consciously that which you require, as you consciously allow all that this creation can manifest for you to enter your life. You will start to see the increase of abundance in all forms, including financial means. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
How do we know when it is appropriate to manifest our desires intentionally, and when to allow the unknown to manifest and flow through us? Is there a difference? Is one more appropriate for our awakening process?

A conscious creator has no concerns for appropriateness. A conscious creator knows, understands, and embodies creation, therefore requires no evaluation or assessment, no judgment — it just is.

This is a continued evolution of your consciousness that is required that will lead you beyond the desires that you hold in your mind and in your heart. As you reach levels of presence that are beyond any desires, you will start to understand that conscious creatorship has no bounds.

Continued evolution on the path that you are will allow you to enter the space that you seek, a space beyond the evaluations, the judgments of the mind. No assessments [are] required in the manifestations of a conscious creator. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Effort and control seem to get in the way often when wishing to manifest, do you have any words to assist in this?

You have lived lives learning and understanding to control and to navigate this reality. Effort and willpower was required to establish certain realities. A conscious creator establishes without effort, a conscious creator establishes without willpower. The manifestations that emerge from conscious creatorship are effortless. The actions are merely a spark of a thought — the smallest intention sparking into reality’s manifestation. Conscious creators hold all potential in the present moment from which the manifestations occur. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
How does karma play a role in conscious creating?

Karmic cycles and karmic learning were an important mechanism for humanity to learn and to come to realizations, important for the entire collective, as well as for the individualized soul container. In the current evolutionary stage of humanity, these cycles of karmic learning will cease to exist. Any karmic completions can come to completion now. Any realizations required for you as an individualized soul are within your reach.

All karmic cycles can complete within this lifetime, will be no longer an inhibitor of your journey to conscious creatorship, yet truly karmic realizations must occur before full conscious creatorship can be established within the individual.

The completions of important realizations are part of receiving the perspectives, allowing the many perspectives of existence to be embodied within you — a prerequisite to becoming a conscious creator in this reality. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for listening to my words. This perspective is delivered to you to support you on your journey of understanding human existence, as well as the human reality, [and] humanity’s journey as a collective. It is meant to sooth the hunger and the thirst of the mind. It is meant to meet the emotions of the heart and to allow for the physical form to find the relaxed state to receive the energy beyond the words, to find greater levels of presence in the moment, so that this wisdom can truly impact your life. Thank you for receiving this transmission.

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