Transmission Series – Week #2: Love of Creation – May 16th

Greetings. I’m Raphael. Since the moment of your creation, conception into human form, you have received the benefits of this plane, intrinsically connected, the human form, into this plane of existence. In all the ways, you have never been separated. Yet the connections over time reduce your focus, your attention, conscious and unconscious, can draw as well as drain the life force that flows through you.

This is why we reiterate the importance of presence: understanding this flow, continuously coming through you, understanding in which ways it leaves you, the ability to control your capacity of receiving this life force, the ability to control in which ways this life force expands from you into the rest of existence. Every thought, every emotion, every action, requires life force. Focusing your mind, your heart, your body, as well as your energetic-spiritual construct in the right way will allow you to focus all of your life force into a single subject or creation.

You therefore become a creator of your own, through the life force that flows through you, eternally and unconditionally. Some of this life force will be utilized for the functions of your survival, and these are naturally taken care of, yet most of this life force can be utilized for creation, for transformation, as well as for manifestation.

The reality that is in your life is part of your creation. Your conscious and unconscious focus, [as well as] important learnings that are required to be had, will create the reality on your behalf, on behalf of human consciousness. This is as well a natural function of this creation. You receive, and you create. As a collective, you co-create. Your single most effective point of creation will start with your presence, where you understand the flow and the capacity of you to receive this life force from all of existence.

In which ways have you limited yourself to receive? In which ways have you constrained yourself to [from] fully surrender[ing] to this life force? In which ways have you limited this life force to [from] be[ing] shared freely to [with] others and to [in the] actions of your life? In which ways have you distracted yourself, dispersed the energy that comes to you into [a] thousand different perspectives?

Allow yourself to explore and to innovate, to experiment, yet be aware of these experiments. Allow yourself to be present, where the life force in your system accumulates. Allow this accumulation of life force to fill every piece, every part of your being — your physical body, your energetic body, your emotional and mental body. Fill yourself to the point where you imagine no longer to be able to receive, as you have filled fully. At this point, the automatic functions of your energetic body will expand, and will start to increase in capacity, and you will be able to receive even more. And with conscious understanding, with intent, you start to share this life force that is accumulated, as well as that is flowing through you, freely, generously, without the barriers of the mind, without the barriers of the heart, as there is no meaning attached to this act of existence.

You are part of this creation and you are a creator yourself. Understand this power that is within you. Own the power that is within you. Understand the dance between this life force that is omnipresent, this Love of Creation that continuously provides, receive without limitations, and share without limitations.

Thank you for listening to my words and thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work. My work is complete.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. You have received this work because you have declared to be ready to receive. It was a conscious choice to arrive at this very moment. Yet, there are many other opportunities in life to receive: to receive from the Earth, to receive from relationships, to receive from yourself. In so many ways, you can truly be the recipient of all that is provided into this plane. You can consciously direct your intention to receive just like in this very moment. Once you have declared and once you have surrendered, the energy is provided. This opening of surrender creates the foundation for manifesting reality.

Life force as a universal force of creation can truly create everything — in energetic ways, in material ways, in relationships, as well as in emotional ways. Every aspect of your life is truly created by this universal life force, the Love of Creation. Acquaint yourself with this omnipresent existence. Feel it more often. Surrender to it more often. Allow yourself to receive and to give, more often, from this place of connection, from this place of openness and surrender.

This is the power that lies within you. You are no victim to your circumstances. You are the participant, [in] that you choose to learn a specific lesson, and you are the creator of the lessons as well. You are the one that chooses. You are the one that instigates for these lessons to come true. You are the one that comes to the realization. All of these parts of you creating this very manifestation of your life.

These are parts of the realizations you will receive on this self-realization journey. Our words are merely reminders, anchors for you to remember, for you to reconnect to a truth that is already within you.

In the very years of your life, you have experienced many interactions with your environment, with your relationships, and with yourself. In all of these interactions, you have assumed a role. This role was particular to the environment and required your participation. For the unfolding of that experience, you were [a] co-creator and you were a participant. You were also an observer.

Many of these experiences have passed on — some of them, realized and completed; some of them still very present in your existence. Become once again an observer of the experiences of the past. Allow the realization of this observation to come to fruition. Allow the realization to open you up to a higher capacity for presence and to a higher capacity of life force. Become a higher potential, a stronger present version of yourself, a fully alive individual, receiving fully, and giving fully. This is my recommendation to you.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Brett asks: For all newly pregnant and pregnant families out there, what advice do you have for keeping the baby safe and strong, especially at this time?

Newborn human beings are naturally connected to the life force in its strongest possible way — the way it enters their system, the way it provides nourishing as well as protective energy is continuous. Only upon the creation of identity, beliefs and perceptive constructs, this life force will start to get limited. Until then, they only truly require your unconditional love, your presence, your full attention. This is again a reminder of all of existence, through this newborn to you.

Remember to be present so that you can be a creator, so that you can provide for new life, so that you are the one manifesting the reality in front of you. A being that is requiring your attention, your love, your protection is going to be an important reminder for all of you. It will bring forth instincts, it will bring forth in all the ways you have limited yourself, it will bring forth in all the ways that you have created constructs to prevent you from being present, from being loving, and from being lovable. This is the bond between a newborn and its family.

With these pillars of understanding, every challenge, every difficulty, can be faced. Your attention, your presence will show you in how many more ways you can be expanded, in how many more ways you have so much more capacity to love, so much more capacity to receive. This is the beauty of being a parent. May you enjoy this journey of providing a safe entry for a new soul into this human experience. Thank you.

Question #2:
How important is it to meditate? I find it very difficult to quiet my mind and have tried for several years, on and off, to establish a meditation practice.

Meditation, in the traditional sense and understanding, can be one pathway to silencing the mind, to silencing the heart, to quieting enough to hear the voices of your inner workings — your body, your subconscious, and your unconscious, as well as the voices of your higher self, of higher dimensions of existence. While this pathway has worked for many in human form, many lineages have established different methods and practices to come to the same state of being, a state of mind that is similar to the one achieved through prolonged periods of meditation. You will find that this state of being can be induced in solitude, in nature, in activity that requires an increased heart rate and breathing rate. Prolonged periods of exercise will create a different state of your mind. Movement of the body requires a different part of your brain and consciousness to be active, indeed, can be meditation as well.

For others, sound and frequencies have supported them to come into different states of mind. This has provided to be induced into different states that similarly reflect the effects of meditation for others. Exercises that are connected to the breath have induced the states of being similar to meditation. As you can see, there are indeed many choices that will assist you. Finding the one that you currently can execute, that you currently can embrace, will be for you a journey of experimentation and a journey of determination. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Can you please speak about the significance of the union of twin flames or soulmates during these times and the Love of Creation?

Two individuals, or more, can find themselves in continuous iterations in human form. These continuous iterations over time build an energetic and spiritual bond between these individuals. As they go through their awakenings and through their realizations they will co-create realities that will bring them together in each of the lifetimes, for collaboration, for quicker realization, for completion of specific learnings; lessons that were agreed upon to be completed together.

This may indeed take the form of a life partner, yet sometimes it will take the form of family, it will take the form of friends, it will even sometimes take the form of a close animal companion. This is the power that lies in this experience. The connection of these two individuals will elevate both in their capacities and in their potential. The intensity might bring forth the side effects of this relationship, an accelerated form of growth, discomforts never felt before, difficulties that now are required to be faced that may have been suppressed in the life before the reconnection. Individuals that find themselves in this type of relationship will also open up to their individual self-realization journey. Understanding and appreciating each other’s growth will become an important aspect of such relationship. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
How do we manage healthy balance between being in a state of awareness and being in a state of action to reach our desired dreams, without falling into frustration and suffering when our outside expectations are not met?

Action is the result of continuous awareness, continuous reflection, and continuous realization. You may choose to apply these realizations into actions. Presence can be part of all aspects of your life. Presence throughout your realizations and awakening processes, presence throughout your actions and delivery. When you realize that you can be truly and fully present, even throughout your actions, the expectations of the future will have less of an impact on you. The expectations of specific goals may or may not be reached as you continuously being present will adjust your actions accordingly.

Understand the difference between awareness and presence. Becoming aware, realizing, transforming and awakening can all coexist with deep states of presence. Presence in itself is no particular action — it is a state of being a state of existence, the only true state of existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
I’ve had great health, but these last few weeks have had a lot of issues, struggles, discomforts and pain. I wonder if I’m absorbing the malaise that is going on in the world, or if it’s a part of my awakening process?

Your health was built on a foundation that could not support you in your continuous awakening process. In moments like these, a deep reset and restructuring will be necessary for those that choose consciously to awaken, that choose consciously to be in service, that choose consciously to be a stronger and more powerful version of themselves.

Often this will require a reset, a realignment, a return to past memories, to past injuries, to past traumas, to fully clear all aspects of your life, once and for all, to realign from that place, and to rebuild an even more powerful foundation of your entire being. You will find this current process uncomfortable and challenging, yet rest assured, that once the process is complete, you will emerge as an even stronger being. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Previously, you have mentioned mindful eating. Can you please expand on this? Thank you.

As I mentioned earlier, the life force that enters into your system, the life force that is directed outside of you, can be consciously steered, and the capacity that you have to receive is expanded with your attention. Food and nutrition is one way to receive this life force from the environment. While your body is capable of producing the energy from this gift of nature, your attention will allow your body as well as your energetic system to be fully present, to receive the energy and the love that is stored in this food. Therefore, mindfulness will increase your capacity to receive, mindfulness will increase your capacity to convert fully, mindfulness will increase your capacity to execute the energy into creation.

It is therefore recommended to bring your attention to the moment of digestion, to the moment of eating, appreciating the Love of Creation in every single bite, and every single piece that is in front of you: a gift, a creation between the earth, and the sun, and all the elements; perfection provided for you so that you can continue to exist, can continue to express, and can continue to self-realize. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Both life and spirit have helped me with opening and with clearing out old residue. I feel like there’s been a path to follow. I’m now waiting to find out what is next. Can you give any guidance?

The concern of the mind is always wanting to know what is next. The future carries utmost importance as it allows for parts of the mind and the heart to rest — assurance, reliability, consistency — this is one way to create this level of comfort, an assurance from the future, from the expectations of the future, the illusions of the future.

Much of your society has been in this particular way, and it is natural in this space-time construct, in an environment where survival is a reality. We want to bring you closer to a new form of presence, a presence that will allow you to accept all unfoldings of the future equally, that will allow you to become agile and resilient through your presence, through your level, your quality, and your depth of presence.

Therefore, the single most important activity that we recommend for you is to increase your level of presence: in all the ways your mind can be even closer, even stronger; present in all the ways that your heart can open and stay open, connected in every moment of your existence; in all the ways that you care for your body and you are present with all its needs; in all the ways that you are connected to this unconditional Love of Creation.

These are my recommendations to you. You will see that this strength of presence will allow for magnificent and powerful unfoldings of immediate future, as well as longterm future. Difficulties will be easier to face. Challenges will become opportunities, and your presence going through all future moments will inspire others to become present as well. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Can you speak to the role of social action in concert with this work of Ascension, in the form of campaigning and peaceful protest, to protect and restore the health of natural order of mother Gaia and her living systems?

Humanity has gone through many phases of understanding its relationship with this planet, with this Earth, as well as understanding its relationship with other humans. This has been a continuous awakening and continuous learning journey. Some are further on this journey than others. It is ultimately about your presence in these relationships. This level of presence for the relationship with Earth, this level of presence for the relationship with others, will be determined by the relationship that one has with themselves.

The relationship with yourself will drive your actions and will drive your creations. This is how we determine the maturity of your consciousness, individually as well as as a collective: the actions and the consequences and the reactions to the consequences. This continuous iteration — Is humanity able to learn? Is the individual able to learn and to expand on these realizations that are had?

Your desire to support humans in their actions and in their inactions is well noted and acknowledged. It shows the state of being that you are in. It shows the dedication and the inspiration that you want to bring to the world. Yet understand this is the path that you have chosen. Others will choose different paths to support humanity’s awakening, to support deeper levels of presence in every single individual, to support closer relationships interpersonally, as well as with this Earth.

Every awakening soul will find their own way to deliver, will find their own way to apply their gifts as their service, as their understanding of their life purpose. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
How do we heal the belief of “unworthiness,” which leads us to seek validation from the people we are connected to?

At some point in the life of a being, experiences that have been challenging create beliefs, human beliefs that contain meaning, meaning about life. Some of this meaning is connected to how deserving, how lovable, and how valuable you are. These are intrinsic beliefs that have been installed over experiences and interactions, most often within the childhood years.

It is valuable to revisit in all the ways these beliefs have been installed, in all the ways the ones that raised you carried the same beliefs about themselves. The value that you carry in your existence can not be measured by any variable. All life in human form is equally valuable to humanity’s existence, to humanity’s growth, and to humanity’s Ascension. Every single individual is capable to self-realize, is capable to love and to receive love in its full capacity. This is the underlying truth.

Yet, the truths that are based in most individual’s minds will require a journey, a journey inside, a journey into the past, a journey of surrender and clearing to get to the same level of innocence of a newborn. You are capable of doing this. You may ask for support of other humans, of other lineages and practices, or you may choose to do this in silence by yourself. Every effort to transmute these installed beliefs of the past will bring benefits to the very present moment and you will start to see that this perception of value will start to shift for your self, as well as the perception of value of others. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
What do you do if all your actions are met with failure? It makes me doubt the point of making an effort. Does destiny play a role in this?

If failure is defined as an opportunity to learn in your mind, then you’re succeeding all the time. It is a matter of perspective. You may not achieve the goal that you have set, yet the actions resulted in an opportunity to learn and to grow. Receiving this failure as an opportunity to learn and to grow, iterating based on what you have learned, and continuing to grow to adjust your behavior, to adjust your actions. This is action and consequence, with realization in between. This is the continuous cycle of growth. Surrender to the idea that not all actions will deliver the results expected. Surrender to the idea that some aspects of the environment are variables that you can not consider in your actions.

To some degree, all of your actions are experiments. See them as playful, as curious and innocent. Learn from your actions, adjust your actions, and receive even the failures as a success. You will see that this will shift the way your energy is applied in everything that you do. You will start to motivate yourself. You will start to inspire yourself to create even more, despite failed expectations. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
I’ve noticed on days I attend these clearings, I feel worse than usual beforehand. Is it connected?

Some individuals will become sensitive to the beginning of these sessions. As the work will start ahead, you will become more connected and expanded in your being in certain ways. Your mind and your heart are still very active. This may create a conflict inside, a conflict of the things that [are] require[d] to be done by the mind and by the heart, versus this intention of expansion of your spirit and your consciousness. This conflict may occur as discomfort. Allow yourself to prepare for these sessions beforehand, with meditations, with nature, and enough rest, and you will see that the sessions will be much easier to receive for you. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
My memory has never been great and seems to be retaining less and less. Is this part of living in the present moment or is it something related to my physical brain?

You are indeed living much more closely in the present moment. You are understanding that past moments only carry relevance if there is learning that has not been realized and integrated. The integrated parts of your past are now parts of your wisdom and will reflect in your actions in the very present moment. Your brain is reorienting itself to become even more present in the very moment.

Time, the way it has been experienced, will start to shift. As you shift your attention to become an even more present being, your perception of time will shift as well. Perception of the past, a minute, a day, a year, can seem all the same length. Certain experiences will feel like they have happened a very short time ago. Some experiences will feel [like] they have happened a very long time ago. Some experiences will not even be relevant to be stored in your memory. This is all part of this awakening process. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
Does marijuana affect spiritual growth? If so, what does it specifically do to the energy body?

This particular plant medicine serves in ways in creating elasticity in the consciousness, which provides often for relaxation of perspectives, and relaxation of beliefs. This can indeed become a powerful force to realign and to transform if utilized in an intentional way. Continuous use will change the structure of consciousness within your mind, will make operations in this physical and material world much more complex.

The expansion of consciousness, the growth that happens through the silence of the mind and the silence of the heart can truly be induced and supported by this particular plant in moderate utilization, yet understand it is not a requirement, nor recommended in the long term. It is known that this plant carries other health benefits for the physical body as well as for the emotional body. This remains for you to use this in this particular way. The energetic body will not be impacted dramatically by the use of this plant. Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
I’m very impatient with the creative process. It feels like there’s a divine reason behind it. Do you have any advice for me?

In all the ways that you have defined success, productivity, and achievement have formed your beliefs and your expectations. Your patience is directly connected to your expectations. Understand more clearly how you formulate your expectations of specific actions, and of the future. Allow yourself to fully surrender to the moment of your actions and of your creativity [in] the creation process. Patience will come once you release your expectations of the future, once you surrender into the moment, and once you become even more present. Thank you for your question.

Question #16:
Since COVID-19 came to the US, I have been having trouble falling asleep, and I wake up several times, even though I’m continuing to keep healthy habits, meditate, and see a therapist. How can I better ground by nervous system and get in balance so I can rest at night?

Many individuals that are of sensitive nature will start to feel collective emotions, collective fear, collective doubt, collective anxiety. This will impact you in your ability to rest, in your ability to receive the benefits of this period for your wellbeing.

The recommendation that I have for you is to become present with this collective fear, and to allow your heart to understand the fears that are in the collective and in which ways you are connected to this collective, in which ways you are part of this collective. Understand that these are not your fears, these are not your [anxieties]. Consciously proclaim your autonomy in this collective. This will start to change your ability to perceive, as well as your ability to be drawn into the collective emotional states. As a result, you will see a change in the patterns of your resting states. Thank you for your question.

Question #17:
I’ve been doing inner work for quite some time, but I struggle to find joy most of the time. What else can I do?

Continue doing the work that you do, release from expectations of what you will receive by doing this work. Allow yourself to fully be present in every single step that you take for your evolution. This is work that requires devotion and determination. Dedicated steps forward will start to make a difference. Eventually you will start to experience deeper states of joy, deeper states of fulfillment, and deeper states of content. Yet it is not immediately guaranteed after which steps, what kind of relief, and what kind of realignment occurs.

Every single individual operates in a different way, and certain realizations learned will bring forth a certain type of alignment, and through that, deeper presence and a certain level of comfort. Deeper alignment is the first step on this continuous transformative work. Through the deeper alignment, new states of being can be achieved, new states of emotions can be achieved.

With focus on alignment, with focus on mental, emotional, physical, and energetic alignment, you will start to see the benefits of this work. Do not be discouraged by not achieving specific goals in this transformational work. Rest assured that every step that you take brings you forward. Thank you for your question and blessings on that journey.

Question #18:
On retreat in 2018 I had a series of highly energetic experiences that left me in a highly connected state for several weeks. How do I make this highly connected state my default and permanent state of being?

These experiences that individuals like yourself will have over time, spontaneous as well as induced awakenings, will become important reminders on what is possible in your own being. They will become a North Star for you to follow, a North Star for you to understand the potential that is within you.

To reach this potential in a sustainable and in a continuous way, all aspects of your being must be transformed to create a foundation that is capable of holding you in this state of connection. The transformation of all aspects of your being requires continuous work, it requires a transformation of the body, it requires a transformation of the mind, it requires a transformation of the heart, and of the energetic-spiritual construct. This journey of self-realization, this journey of awakening, will take time to deliver results that are continuous and sustainable.

In the meantime, you will have more frequent experiences of deep connection in moments like these. The frequency of the connections will increase over time until the point where you can choose to be in different states at will. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this work. You have come to an important place in your life. A place of no return: continuous awakening, continuous growth, continuous evolution. You choose to be part of the stream of evolution that already has started. Consciously, you participate and you evolve. This is the journey ahead. Thank you for receiving this work.

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