Transmission Series – Week #2: Love of Creation – May 13th

Greetings. I’m Raphael. As you have arrived in this life, in this human form, you have continuously been provided for. Since the beginning of your existence — even before humanity had been seeded on this planet, the ecosystem was ready to provide, continuously and unconditionally. The ecosystem includes all living and nonliving beings on this planet. The ecosystem includes non-material beings of this plane and other planes that support this existence. The ecosystem includes cosmological bodies that support life on this planet, continuously and unconditionally, and for your experience – unlimited.

The perfect conditions are given to you from the beginning until the end. Within these conditions, your life unfolds. You develop identity. You are part of a community, family and society — part of a civilization. You learn and you grow in many different ways. Yet, one thing stays consistent: the sun always rises, the sun always sets, the earth always provides, the waters continue to flow. This is the beauty of this life. Remember the unconditional nature of this existence.

While your life and your survival requires certain conditions to be true, even the elements of your body, mind, and heart provide for the mechanisms necessary to understand what is required to live and to survive; to thrive and to grow. This is an immediate expression of the unconditional love of existence, the Love of Creation, permanently and unconditionally part of your life; inseparable, continuously present. Most obvious through the material manifestations of this unconditional love: the food that you eat, the water that you drink, the air that you breathe, the warmth of the sun that you receive.

Beyond these manifestations, a continuous force expands through all of existence through all of creation. This is what we consider the Love of Creation, a fabric that binds all of existence together – all planes, all dimensions, material and non-material, living and nonliving. All planes of existence draw and receive from this fabric. It provides energy. It provides love. This provided energy is within you, often transmuted into your actions, your thoughts, your emotions, your relationships, and the expansion of your consciousness. Everything in your life is fueled by this energy, the Love of Creation, the infinite and omnipresent unconditional love of existence.

You have been equipped with many different ways to receive this love. In its most simplistic nature, receiving the love through the senses and the mechanisms of your body: nourishment, light and warmth, water and fire, wind and air, provide for your material existence.

In secondary – nature – the continuous flow of energy that provides for all living beings from this earth, a life force that can be felt when truly aligned and open in nature, a life force that enters your body through your energetic body through the openings that have been designed to have an exchange of energy with the outside.

Even more so, in a third instance, your energetic-spiritual construct is able to receive energy from all of existence. As you continuously receive this energy, only thoughts, emotions, and constructs of your own creation will be the barriers for you to truly receive fully. Over time, imbalances and misalignments of the body, of the mind, of the heart, and of the energetic body, will provide for barriers to fully receive and to feel the flow of this unconditional love.

The work today is focused on bringing you back to this alignment, bringing you back to this balance, so that you can continue to receive, to a full extent, from this unconditional Love of Creation. You were designed in this way to be able to fully receive, to be able to fully transmit, a continuous flow – like a river of energy.

Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work. My work is complete.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. When a baby is born, it has no concept of identity. It is merely experiencing separation [for the] first time — the illusion of separation in a physical body. While its consciousness is having an individualized experience, it is also continuously connected into the entirety of the collective – [the] human collective, also always connected to the entirety of all of consciousness, as all consciousness receives from this fabric of existence, the Love of Creation.

When identity, personality, and misalignments of a regular human life have not yet formed, the flow of energy is natural and continuously available. It provides for health, wellbeing. It provides for energy. It provides for connection and openness — connection to a deeper understanding of self, and connection to everything around, material and non-material forms. All relationships are more [closely] accessible. The connection that is intrinsic to your existence will also provide from this unconditional source of Creation.

Over time, misalignments form. Identity forms. Beliefs form. A perspective of reality; a perspective of existence. While each of these perspectives and misalignments are here to serve a greater learning, a greater understanding, they also reduce the capacity to fully receive, the capacity to fully feel the power that lies in this connection intrinsic to you.

Just like the umbilical cord of an unborn [child] provides everything necessary for the unborn, this connection that is intrinsic to you provides everything that you could need. This unconditional love brings forth a deeper understanding of yourself, a deeper understanding of your environment, a deeper understanding of all of existence. It is felt and experienced as love, a unique form of love, providing energy, the feeling of care, the feeling of being held, the feeling of protection, and, ultimately, the feeling of oneness. If all of existence is connected through this fabric, we truly are one: one organism inseparable, by the fabric of creation, by the nature of our existence.

In this very moment, with your presence, your capacity to receive is expanded. Your connection is widened, and you shall receive as much as you require, as much as you desire, as much as your body, mind, heart, and energetic-spiritual construct can hold. With the continuation of this work, you will find stronger alignment, easier reconnection and continuous expansion, an increased capacity of your ability to receive, an increased capacity to transmit this energy, as it will flow through you.

Let this unconditional Love of Creation shape who you are, shape the way you love, the way you speak, the way you think, and, most importantly, the way you act. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Who or what created the Love of Creation?

The Love of Creation is a construct that emerged from what we consider “the void.” Non-existence created its opposite, existence in its most basic form. Existence formed as a polarity to non-existence. It became the opposite necessary for the creation of consciousness. “Who” or “what” remains unclear, beyond comprehension, perception of any consciousness that we are connected to.

We have accepted this truth. We have understood that limitations of knowledge do not limit our ability to expand as a consciousness, to create new life, to form even deeper understanding of existence and consciousness itself. We have dedicated ourselves to fully receive this Love of Creation, to embed our entire existence around this eternal fabric. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How can we best express the Love of Creation with our financial resources? How do we decide whether to give, consume, experience, or create new resources with what we have been given?

In this material world, certain resources are limited. Even your life, a temporary experience. These perceived limitations create other illusionary limitations. Financial resources is a direct translation of energy, to value, to an exchangeable currency. In this form, humanity has evolved, yet understanding that this representation of energy must flow equally: everything that comes to you must be spent. You must continue to create, you must continue to receive, you must continue to give — an eternal flow of energy, through you. Understanding that this flow can be increased in capacity when you truly allow yourself to receive in your fullest capacity.

When you truly allow yourself to give in your fullest capacity, you will expand as a creative force in your human form. Energy and this manifestation of energy will flow through you and with you. As you create, you will be provided for. All of existence flows. All of existence provides for its creators. Flow and creation will make you understand abundance, the unlimited capacity, and the unlimited potential. This will allow for you an extended understanding of this construct of financial resources. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What is the difference between the Ascension you’ve described and enlightenment, and what role does the Love of Creation play in both?

We refer to the Ascension process of humanity as the process of change from material form into non-material existence, a singular event in humanity’s existence. Enlightenment is the completion of the self-realization journey for a single individual human, or soul container. Enlightenment can happen throughout [the] entire human existence. Ascension will happen once. The Ascension process of humanity has started. The self-realization journeys of the individuals like yourself have begun. Every step of your evolution brings you closer to your enlightenment. The more individuals [that] come closer to this state of enlightenment, the more likely all of humanity will go through the Ascension process.

The higher the frequency, the easier this process will be. The Love of Creation, as it provides for all of existence, will provide for you throughout this process. It will provide for your understanding of unlimited resources of your existence, unlimited connection; that you, as an individualized being, are never separated, always cared for, and always connected. The Love of Creation will be an essential realization for you as individuals, as well as as humanity, to go through the Ascension process. Unconditional love will always be present. Conditional love will provide for learnings and deeper understanding. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Is the “Void” you refer to and the “Void” that the Love of Creation emerged from, the same “Void” or “nothingness” that we feel and strive to reach when meditating?

No. The space to reach in this first instance for you is a space where space and time, where identity, is removed; where your consciousness is fully held in this Love of Creation, an experience of boundary-less love, no limitations of the mind and of the heart are present in this state of being. No limitations of the body and of your energetic construct are experienced in this state of being.

This as an important first step of your existence. It is indeed possible for an individualized consciousness to reach the space beyond the Love of Creation, the Void. Yet, since all of consciousness receives existence and the creative force to exist from this Love of Creation, existing entirely in the void will not be possible. One must return. Some individuals have explored the Void as part of their practice. An extension [to] this severity is not necessary for an individualized soul to reach the state of enlightenment, or the state to be ready for the Ascension process of humanity. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Related to today’s theme of the Love of Creation, I find that after doing so much inner work, I still have so many difficult triggers with my mother. She’s the creator of me, yet how can I harmonize and transmute some unhealthy or negative behavior that stems from someone that may love us, but may also create such discord?

You have an inner conflict between the unconditional Love of Creation that is within you, that is within her, and your perspectives of conditional love. The love that is available within you has no limits. The only limitations that are posed upon this love are the conditions that you create with your mind and your heart.

The same is true for your mother, yet you are the being that you have access for change. In which ways do you hold your mother to a standard that you don’t hold yourself to? In which ways do you hold yourself captive with conditional love? Where in your own being have you not fully accepted that you are perfect in the way you have been created, every aspect of you truly deserving of this Love of Creation.

From this place, you will understand that this singular form of energy, singular form of love, is always present for you in all of your relationships. It will provide in all your interactions with her. Remember to be present to the Love of Creation in your interactions, in your relationships with her. Yet, before, you must be present for yourself to receive this love, fully, unconditionally. Allow yourself to be the receiver. Allow yourself to be fully held by this Love of Creation. Surrender to it. This practice, this change of perspective, will transform your life and all of your relationships. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
What’s the significance of one’s lineage in one’s spiritual evolution? Do different lineages have different openings?

They truly do. Different lineages will have access to different forms of learning. In certain lineages, specific types of realizations and learnings will have started many generations before. Openings, connections to non-material existence, will have been initiated. Future generations of this lineage will benefit from the actions of the lineage executed before. Equally, the most recent generations will have to face the difficult learnings of the lineage that have not been completed before. This is a choice that is made by the individualized soul to enter a specific lineage, and to be part of this lineage; to learn to grow, to receive the benefits and to assist with the difficulties.

Some generations will continue to return into the same lineage over many cycles. This will allow them to remember even more quickly the importance of the work of the lineage, the support that has been required, the support that has been requested. The lineage that you have chosen as the one for you, with all its difficulties and challenges – this has served you to become who you are today. It has served you in many generations before, and you have been part of important realizations, openings to non-material existence, and learnings that provided for humanity’s evolution. You must continue to expand on this aspect of your lineage. See in the ways it has provided for humanity. Focus on how you can build on top of that. As you continue to expand, all of those around you will start to transform their perspectives of you, and their perspectives of the role that you will play in your lineage. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
What are “celestial families”?

In all of existence, consciousness has formed in various different shapes, in different civilizations, in different forms and dimensions. These formulations of consciousness we consider as a “group of consciousness.” “Celestial” refers to higher dimensions of existence. “Family” refers to a group consciousness. All group consciousnesses that are present in the planes above are therefore “celestial families,” all in some ways connected to each other, at the very least through this fabric of existence, and more so through direct interactions, connections, and explorations. Deep alliances are formed between these families. These alliances provide for a closer understanding of existence itself, of consciousness itself. Growth can be accelerated through these bonds. Just the way this very moment provides for your growth, as well as for our growth, a bond between celestial families. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
During these meditations, and now often when I meditate, my body is twitching, jolting and vibrating. I can feel energy moving through, especially in my hands. Sometimes messages come through. Is this “channeling” or something else? How should I work with this new development?

This development is natural. Your consciousness is connecting to higher levels of consciousness. It is receiving, from this planet, as well as from higher planes, energy. The energy channels of your body are still adjusting to receiving these energies. The buildup of energy will be released through the muscular-skeletal system of your body. The energy will often be felt in electric impulses or heat. This is a natural evolution.

The continuation of this work will provide for the fuel for your consciousness to expand even further. As your consciousness expands, your self-realization journey continues. Deeper understanding of yourself will be part of your existence. Byproducts of the self-realization journey will start to show themselves as gifts of the self-realization journey — healing abilities, perspectives of the energetic constructs that are established within humanity, perspectives and observations of consciousness beyond human consciousness — these are some of the few gifts that are available and accessible for those that continue on the self-realization journey. Understand and surrender to the fact that you are on the right path of your evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
After the ten years of challenges that you mentioned are coming for humanity, do we get to live in peace and harmony on earth for some time in some sort of “golden age?”

To some degree, that may be your perception. The continuation of growth will only stop for a period once the Ascension process is complete. The challenges of the next decade will provide for accelerated learning and growth, a perspective change that is required to initiate internal change within humanity. The internal changes will start to take effect and the actions of humanity will start to take shape. This will allow for a more harmonious existence with others, in material as well as in non-material form. Harmonious existence on this planet will be possible. Yet, first, the challenges must be faced and received with grace, the adjustments of your perspective of your existence, the internal changes must occur. This journey is worth taking. It is also the single most important journey in your existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Is there such a thing as a “higher self?” How might we best relate to them, engage them and harmonize them, if so?

Beyond your conscious mind, your subconscious, and unconscious, lies the perspective and the voice of your overall existence. Your soul container has its own form of perception. It carries the wisdom of many lifetimes before, without the limitations of the current identity. This part of your being can be accessed as you continue deeper levels of presence.

The continuation of this work, continuation of the silencing of your mind, the reduction of your emotional states, understanding of your past, and resolution of the future — all of these realizations will bring forth a deeper presence which will result in your ability to access the wisdom, the knowledge, and the voice of this part of yourself, your higher self. Understand that this is all of you. There is no true separation even though your access might be limited at this very point, it is always part of you. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
How can we parents give unconditional love to the teens at this time who think they know their purpose, but are not aligned with healthy discipline and values?

All individuals are meant to go through their evolution journey. Your self-realization journey is for you. It is not to be imposed on others. Others will follow your lead, yet projecting what you might believe to be true, what you might believe to be right from wrong, will bring you out of your balance, will bring you out of your presence. The only way to truly affect others is in a deep state of presence.

In your alignment and in your balance, you will have access to this unconditional Love of Creation in your full capacity. This depth of presence will start to translate to others as an energy, and as love. This will start to transform others in return. Rarely human beings will feel this form of love from another human being, often limited to very short interactions or moments. How long can you stay present in this connection so that others may receive? You will see the transformation of those around you as you transform, as it always has been this way. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Can you say something about 5G wireless signals? How will they influence human beings, and should we try to stop it?

All technologies that humanity develops serve a purpose. They serve a purpose of growth. They serve a purpose of understanding that all creations are imperfect and perfect at the same time. The creation of this technology will have consequences on you and on your environment. Humanity will learn from these consequences and will adjust its behavior, will adjust the technology itself. New technologies will be created, equally with consequences and opportunity to learn. Technologies that are truly detrimental for all of life, for all of existence on this planet are continuously being monitored by higher consciousness. All other technologies are part of your evolution process. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
When you speak of Ascension, what exactly does that mean? I associate it with Christ ascending to heaven. If we are all meant to ascend, does that mean the end of this iteration of humanity?

The Ascension process will end the material form of existence for humanity, yet will continue a new form in non-material existence, a plane that will provide entirely for a new form of experience for the human consciousness. As you have mentioned, some individuals have entered this plane. The Ascension process of humanity is a process that was planned to be executed as humanity reaches a specific point of evolution, a specific point of growth.

This point has come, and now the preparation for humanity’s evolution, humanity’s Ascension, has started. The process today was one piece that we’ll continue to provide, to increase the frequency of the individual through providing alignment, through providing a balance. This will increase the capacity of individuals to continuously receive realizations as well as energy from this Love of Creation. The continuation of the increase of the frequencies on this plane will fuel the Ascension process of humanity. This process will continue until it is complete. The Ascension process will last less than 100 years. Most of you will experience the Ascension process within your lifetime. Thank you for question.

Question #13:
Does the length of the COVID-19 lockdown depend on the progression of our inner work?

No, it is not directly correlated, yet your inner work is fueled by the “lockdown” itself, the continuation of isolation. The continuation of distance allows for all the aspects of your being that have not been processed to be processed now. This is a powerful opportunity for you as an individual, as well as for all of you, as society, to grow in this experience. The releasing of these measures to limit the expansion of this virus are dependent on humanity’s ability to adjust physically as well as energetically to this virus. The adjustments are well on the way and we see that humanity’s ability to fully stabilize with the reality of this virus within four to five months from now. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
How do I, and we, explore creating and maintaining romantic relationships during these times of isolation?

For some of you, it will be a deep and strong opportunity to learn the single most important romantic relationship, that is with yourself. Understanding yourself in the deepest possible ways, cherishing your existence, rewarding yourself, loving yourself in ways that you have not before, unconditionally. A deeper understanding for your own being, a deeper understanding for your own past, in all the ways that you have limited your life and your future.

This romantic relationship with yourself will fuel all other relationships. You will see that even with the distance other ways will open up for the exploration of relationships. Your presence in all of these explorations will make the difference. Your resonance will bring forth romantic partners that will match where you are in your ability to love and embrace yourself. Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
Can you please speak about the 42 Letter Name of God referred to by Kabbalist scholars?

The scholars of Kabbalah have understood that the word God is multifaceted, that there are many perceptions and perspectives that equally justify this word to be utilized in this context. Continuous spiritual exploration, continuous connecting with higher forms of consciousness, have allowed for the creation of the 72 names of God, all equally powerful showing the multifaceted nature and the complex nature of a single word. The power that lies within all of them is equally available in every single version. You have the opportunity to meditate with each of these words, the opportunity to connect, in your meditations, with every expression of God. Allow yourself to be impacted, to be fully connected to each facet, to each perspective, create your own version of this perspective of God. Thank you for your question.

Question #16:
Why am I so sensitive to electronic devices?

As an individual expands its ability to sense, as well expands. Your senses are capable of experiencing a wider range than most humans are initially capable of. Most senses are reduced over the period of living in society, of living a specific educational upbringing. This reduction in senses is reopened and undone through practice. Through continuous realignment, some individuals will have an increased capacity to feel and sense, especially waveforms, frequencies emitted from all devices [of] technology.

There is no simple solution to your situation. Understand that you have the ability to omit the experience of suffering [while] receiving these sensations. You have the ability to continuously develop your psyche, as well as your energetic body. The continuous development of your energetic body will allow the prevention of frequencies detrimental to your health to be [kept] outside of your being.

Continuously operating in a higher frequency than the frequencies around you will keep you safe in this particular way. Developing the mental construct that will allow you to operate, no matter how the circumstances are, continuously realigning and balancing yourself, allowing yourself to be held by your connection to this infinite, unconditional Love of Creation. You will be able to face all difficulties and challenges of the environment. Thank you for your question.

Question #17:
Ascension seems to shift my previous focus and responsibility to the unborn generations. How should I align with the idea of caring for future generations?

In the same way that you always have. Your understanding of the Ascension shall not change your care for the future generations. Your understanding of the Ascension shall only change your care for your own development, your own evolution. Your own evolution will set the tone and your actions relevant for all generations, present and of the future. Your own evolution will make the difference for the individuals to come.

Remember your focus, always present with yourself, first and foremost: your own evolution. From this place of abundance and infinite possibilities, the generations that are to come will receive the benefits of your work. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this work. You have chosen to have this experience in human form. You have returned into this experience, and you have received the benefits, the beauties, and the challenges of this experience. Now it is time to go deeper in your understanding of yourself and of all of existence. Thank you for your continued dedication to your own evolution.

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