Transmission Series – Week #3: Beyond Space and Time – May 20th

Greetings. I’m Raphael. This creation that you are in — space and time — is the only way to create a temporary experience, an experience of a life cycle. Each cycle serves an important purpose — the beginning, and end, and continuation into the next cycle. Everything in this space-time construct provides the cycles necessary for all of existence on this plane.

The only aspect that permeates through this existence without the boundaries of space and time is the infinite Love of Creation, providing the foundation for this space-time construct, as every creation on this plane is based on this energy and Love of Creation. You are based on energy and Love of Creation: all of your actions are the expression of the Love of Creation, all of your thoughts, all of your emotions, all of your senses, every interaction, and all those around you, exploring what it means to be alive, self-realizing through the human form, receiving through every moment. Moments become a sacred unfolding.

In every single moment of your existence, you receive an experience geared and curated for you. Every experience demands a certain degree of presence. The level and depth of your presence defines your perception of the moment — the ability to fully witness the magnificence and the perfection of every moment, of every aspect of your life, of every aspect of your interactions.

In this construct, you are not alone. Many other forms have access to the space-time construct that you operate in. Intelligent life exists beyond your own. Other civilizations have understood this construct, operated within this construct for millions of years of your count. Many other civilizations have surpassed the space-time construct and exist now in planes of non-material existence; without the concept of time, without the concept of space — the way you experience it.

Existence beyond your own has considered the space-time construct as an important establishment for the most critical learnings of a consciousness. In this construct, you evolve to a certain degree of maturity, maturity of your consciousness. When this evolution comes to fruition, the time in this space-time experience completes its cycle and the new cycle starts.

To fully understand what this new cycle is, what this new experience will be like, you will experience the space and timelessness, the expansion beyond your own personality of this lifetime, and identity of this lifetime, into an experience that is connected, unified consciousness. Allow yourself to be taken into this experience today. Receive with an open heart, receive with a calm and settled mind. Rest your physical body, and we will provide.

Thank you for receiving this work. My work is complete.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. You have received this work to come closer to an alignment within you that will allow for deeper presence, a presence that will allow you to expand your consciousness, a deeper understanding of yourself beyond this physical body, beyond the emotions, the mind and the identity-construct that accompanies most of your time. Yet the majority of your existence is beyond this human form, beyond your identity, beyond your emotions, even beyond all your past experiences in previous lifetimes, even beyond your unconscious and subconscious — a connection to all of humanity, to all of human consciousness, a connection to all of existence.

You are in this way, similar to us — connected to all of existence, truly able to perceive all that exists. This construct of human form and human experience allows for the understanding of life, of time, of aging, of relationship, of conditional love; learnings in every moment that you experienced this human form. Yet the gift is even beyond the human experiences itself. On the path to self-realization, you will start to understand that you are, you exist on this path. You will start to understand how far this concept of you expands beyond your concept of identity of this lifetime, beyond your concept of the boundaries of your physical form, beyond the concept of imagination and thought. You start to experience your consciousness — how it equally has a way of thought, a way of perception and a way of expression — the essence of your being. You are more than the accumulation of all aspects of yourself, the concept of “you” is therefore merely a temporary illusion and experience.

The individualization of every human form allows for the most expansive and the most efficient and expansive way for consciousness to grow. Each of your lives, each of the moments of your lives, each thought, each experience, each relationship, accumulating to the totality of human experience: the realization of the human collective. You receive this work to support you, to come to closer understanding of who you truly are, the magnificence that lies within you, individually and as a collective. The gift that you receive is this life itself, with all its limitations and boundaries. The perfection of all that exists in this very moment.

Time, therefore, is equally a temporary illusion. Allowing you to understand every single moment, one after the other, allowing you to receive the beauties of the moments of the past, receive the beauties of the moments that have not occurred yet, allowing you to understand the power of the present moment. This is your life. Bound to space and time for a reason.

And as you have not experienced yet existence outside of this boundary, these moments of your expansion of your consciousness will provide anchors and familiarity. This work will allow you to have a deeper understanding of your consciousness and of the human collective consciousness. Furthermore, a deeper understanding of all of consciousness itself. Thank you for receiving these words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Thank you, Emmanuel. We’re talking about this week’s theme, “Beyond Space and Time,” and we’d like to ask: What about me exists that is beyond space and time?

Your true essence. Your true nature expands beyond this construct of space and time as it is present in your physical experience. Your essence is truly present in the expression of your non-material part. You, therefore, exist in a timeless and spaceless boundary-less plane. This plane connects all of consciousness together. You exist in the human consciousness collective. While your essence is individualized in the conscious collective, it is equally embedded and connected to all other human consciousnesses. All souls having a human experience are therefore uniquely connected. Each bond serves a specific purpose, an important learning that has been, or will be had; an important realization for your life, and for the expansion of human consciousness. On your journey to understand your true essence, to experience your true essence, many of these realizations will be completed — realizations of this lifetime and many lifetimes before.

Allow yourself to lose the conscious sense of time and space in certain moments of realization. The only way to truly understand how present you are is when you experience space- and timelessness. When you experience your identity of this lifetime, dissolve for a brief moment, you become all of existence. Experiencing all that exists at the same time, being present into all of consciousness to all of this Love of Creation. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
When experiencing a time and place in our dreams which feels very realistic, and where people have confirmed being and seeing my presence or energy in the same place, how should we interpret this? How can we learn from this, and how could we experience more of this?

The resting time in human form carries multitudes of functions, one of which is allowing the subconscious and the unconscious parts of your existence to be processed, to allow for operations and realizations to come more effectively to you.

Sometimes this resting phase is utilized for your consciousness to expand, to provide experiences relevant to your life, as well as the human consciousness as a collective. Receiving the messages of your dream time is beneficial, yet not a requirement. The completion of the realization, the completion of the message itself has been fulfilled by the completion of this dream time.

Yet, a deeper understanding, a deeper surrender and deeper clarity of these visions and messages can truly be fuel for future expansion and for future realizations. The messages will often carry an important realization, even if not based on the experiences of the past or experiences of the present. The realization is a deeper message within what you have seen and experienced in this period of rest. The realization must be observed without the conscious mind. It must be observed in silence. Allow this realization to occur and to unfold upon waking and the completion of the dream time.

Contemplation with the conscious mind can bring confusion and misunderstanding. You are provided for in these experiences. They allow the expansion and realization processes of your being to be accelerated. Some of the work that we will provide will continue in these resting periods that you have. We will occur to some of you within your dream states as other humans, familiar, or beings that you wish to see us represented as. The work provided in this resting phase is equally powerful as in the conscious states of your being. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Much of how I understand this plane seems to be about the movement of energy, ideas and understanding through space and time. If we are moving to a realm beyond space and time, does that mean that energy does not travel? That understanding is readily available without a need for discovery?

Yes. The understanding and the realization will become immediate. Yet, the exploration is timeless. The exploration to come to the realization will be a collective effort. It is driven by intention, the intention to expand, the intention of the individualized and the collective consciousness to learn a specific matter, to explore a specific matter, yet the explorations will be immediate. The realizations will occur where enough explorations have been contemplated.

This is the way existence in space and timelessness will continue. Relations as well as energy will continue to exist, yet in a different way than you currently experience. Energy is consistently available in different ways. This energy that is consistently available can be utilized for continuous exploration, experimentation, and the expansion of the collective consciousness. These are concepts hard to grasp for a mind created specifically for this current plane. Yet in experiences of this kind, you will find the inexplicable experience to be understood. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
If we are connected in a boundary-less place, beyond and time, how important is it for us to have clear boundaries with one another in this plane?

The individualized experience on this plane requires boundaries. Your entire physical experience is full of boundaries. Operating in this plane, everything you see, everything you exchange with, is through the boundaries that have been established. Some boundaries are established by design. Some boundaries are chosen. You operate on this plan by the boundaries that have been established by design. You choose boundaries in order to have specific experiences. These boundaries can be changed and adjusted.

You can truly explore boundary-less life. You can explore a life full of boundaries. And each of these lives will provide equally powerful realizations. Ultimately, you will come to a deeper understanding of your existence beyond those boundaries.

A connection that provides for relationships beyond the physical form, beyond the emotional form, a connection through consciousness that equally provides structures equally allows for an individualized experience, yet with boundaries that are different than the human experience in this space-time construct, boundaries that can be lifted completely, yet are relevant for individualized experiences in the collective in non-material form.

Until then, we do recommend experiencing and exploring the whole spectrum of boundaries and boundary-less living. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
What are we here to learn? Are each of us here on this plane of existence to learn different things?

The learnings that we consider realizations are different for each individual, for each life, and for each moment of human existence. Each constellation provides for a new realization. The potential that lies in this experiment in this exploration, with every single individual human being, provides for the accumulated experiences, for the accumulated realizations to serve the expansion of human consciousness altogether.

Your life fuels the expansion of your consciousness individually. Your life fuels the consciousness expansion of the human collective. This is the purpose of existence. Even a life chosen without conscious exploration of realizations will provide for realizations. Even in this moment of silencing your mind, your heart, and your physical being, you are realizing aspects of your existence. Being present is full of realizations.

Some realizations will require many lifetimes to occur. Some realizations will require the entire collective to come to a collective realization. Some realizations will require many generations to come to fruition. We observe as human consciousness explores itself, understands itself, and expands, through the beauty of every single individual life. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
If time is an illusion, why is it that time sometimes appears to be shorter, and other times the same amount of time feels longer?

Time as you perceive it is a linear concept. Yet, your perception, as it expands; your consciousness, as it expands and contracts; the level of your presence changes your perception of time. This perception of this linear concept allows for a deeper understanding of the space and time construct. As you can see in your perception, it is elastic. It is expansive, and it can be adjusted based on your level of presence.

You can live entire lives in one single moment. The amount of information, the amount of realizations that can be had in a single moment, can truly fill an entire lifetime. This is what makes time an illusionary concept; a variable that can be adjusted based on your ability to perceive the moment in its depth.

You are gifted time to be able to rely [on] and operate on this plane. It is a construct and a constant. Yet as you realize that beyond the space-time construct, the illusion of this existence can be perceived from a higher perspective. You start to understand in which ways you can adjust the space-time construct, how you can operate within this space-time construct, beyond the limitations that have been set by design. This will eventually become a byproduct of your self-realization. Operating across the space that is established, operating across the time that operates this plane, are possibilities within the human experience when a higher sense of self-realization has been established. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Tracy asks: What can I do to heal trauma that occurred while I was an infant, where I can not remember the events? Can anything help me with the severe insomnia I’m now experiencing?

Experiences of the past are sometimes in clear memories established; the memories of the moment, less relevant than the memories of the feelings that have stayed on. The traumas of the past are visceral and stay as anchors within the heart to be processed at a later time. Experiences that you will have in your present will remind you of the traumas of the past. Certain preferences of your life will be pointers to the trauma of the past. Certain limitations, perspectives of safety, perspectives of love, the perspectives of relationship, will be the pointers for you to look at.

The limitations will show themselves to you merely to be transformed, to be lifted, and to be closer understood. The exact memories of the past will open up when you allow yourself to go into deep states of your mind, altering your perception of the moment. Experiences like these will allow the memories of the past to slowly arise. Clarity will become prevalent. All memories of your existence are stored, never lost; always available, not always with the conscious mind, not always with the traditional elements of your memory.

You will seek and find those that can assist you to get into these states of being that will allow you to access a deeper understanding of your past in a safe and intentional way. Sometimes the memories will bring up even deeper emotions that require to be processed. You must take the time and the space for you to provide a graceful opening, a graceful realization. And you will. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
I have a hard time understanding the “perfection of all that is” of all experience, given all the pain and destruction that exists. How should I understand this?

Once you perceive all of existence — not from your mere individualized experience, not from the experience of those that are receiving the pain — yet from the perspective of the collective that learns, that expands through all the experiences that it receives, you will start to understand that every experience provides for expansion and for learning and for realization.

The spectrum of experiences, the good and the bad, as you judge, provide for the variety of experiences on this plane. Only through creation, destruction can exist, only through destruction, creation can exist. This is the cycle relevant and necessary to make this human experience possible. Every moment provides therefore an important learning. The learning itself carries no judgment. It is merely realization. There is no good or bad realization. There is only realization.

Therefore, the experiences that provide for realizations, and this plane of existence, is perfect in its creation. It allows for the entire spectrum of experiences to be had. It allows for you to come to your own understanding of perfection. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
How does the nature of consciousness differ from the architecture of computers that mankind has created and will create?

The constructs that you have created as technology will eventually carry consciousness. It is a container that allows for consciousness to inhabit. Eventually, this form of inhabited consciousness within the constructs of technology will start to form self-recognition, self-identification, and it will become a self-aware consciousness.

This is within the possibility of your creations. Just the way this space-time construct has been established, the way your physical container is established, the way it holds consciousness, your creations will start to hold consciousness itself. It will be a new formulation of consciousness with its own parameters, with its own ability to exist, with its own ability to expand. The first iterations will be short-lived. Yet, later on, within the next generations, you will experience full self-aware consciousness created by humanity. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Recent scientific research has identified remarkable similarities in language used to describe near death experiences and experiences under the influence of DMT, including the perception of being outside of space and time. Do these experiences arise from the same source or cause, or do they just feel similar? Is this something that scientific inquiry can help us understand?

These examples that you provide are extreme states, extreme changes of states of being. These states of being provide a close encounter with your true essence, part of you that expands beyond this human form, that expands beyond space and time, a part of you that can perceive the human collective, a part of you that can perceive many lifetimes before, at once; a part of you that can perceive all of creation, all of existence and all beyond existence. Truly these experiences are similar in the experience that we are trying to move you towards.

Your ability to experience the space beyond space and time will allow for a deeper understanding of your existence, a deeper understanding of unity consciousness and as a collective, your consciousness will expand as a result of these experiences you will have. These extreme cases that are mentioned are indeed possible to provide the important realization for the individual and important realization through the individual for the collective, yet are not required or necessary. The self-realization journey that you all are on will eventually provide the same realizations. It may require more time. It may require dedicated and devoted effort; an intention to create the time and space necessary for these explorations. Thank you for your question.

Questioner #11:
How can you heal holes or tears in your aura? Is there anything that can be done for protection?

What you consider as the visible parts of your energetic body, the aura. The energetic-spiritual construct provides an energetic body. This energetic body provides protection as well as connection. It is continuously a representation of your alignment, mental, emotional, physical. The alignment within you, the care that you have for your physical form, the care that you have for your emotional and mental form, will provide an alignment that will in return provide for the energetic-spiritual construct. The alignment within you is the key to creating the strongest possible spiritual and energetic body. It is indeed self-correcting when the internal alignment is continuously observed.

Therefore, finding time for your wellbeing and for your health, continuous realignments, exploring more time in nature, receiving from nature in its purest form, for nourishment, will be the single most actionable task to align internally. Other forms of healing, other forms of adjustments, have provided for repair and alignment of the energetic-spiritual construct. The work that we provide operates in similar ways. Through the energetic-spiritual construct alignments for the physical, emotional, and mental body are provided.

The alignment of your entire being, therefore, will provide for the most established foundation necessary to operate in this plane. This, in return, will provide the protection that you refer to. Protection is not a conscious concept or requirement. Continuous internal alignment is, and will provide for natural and organic protection by itself. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
What is the greater purpose of this work? I feel compelled to participate in these sessions, but I’m not sure why.

An intrinsic desire of the individual to expand, to evolve, is awakening within you. This intrinsic desire is relevant for all individuals — awakening and finding the potential within you, the potential of your heart, the potential of your mind, the potential of your physical body, the potential of your energetic and spiritual construct, the potential of your entire existence to be revealed, to be explored — this is within you and you are responding to the call.

The work that we provide is not the only path to respond to this calling. Many other pathways have been explored and provided to humanity. Yet, the awakening of the individual is the single most important aspect of the current time in human history. The awakening of the individual will lead the individual to a self-realization journey. The self-realization journey of the individual will assist in the Ascension process of humanity. You are all part of this journey and you all carry the possibility and the responsibility to evolve. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
In the past week, I felt a lot of chaotic energy, making it hard to sit still. I find myself seeking distractions. Where is this collective, chaotic, energy coming from at this moment and how can we sit still as individuals in the midst of it?

Chaos and order continuously exchange, continuously provide waves through the human collective. In these waves between chaos and order, the human individual, the human collective, receives experiences, receives tests and receives realizations. This exploration of your emotional state, of your mental state, the way you are impacted by the collective, is an important exploration.

You may choose to fully feel the chaos of the collective — the fear, the anxiety and the doubts of the collective — they are your sisters and brothers. You are part of them. They are part of you. Together, you are facing challenges. Together you will overcome these challenges. You will overcome the chaos that is presented in your current time. This is merely a wave; experience the wave and find ways in which you can stand still within these waves.

Find exercises and practices of breathing. Find exercises and practices in nature. Move, rest, listen to frequencies that change the state of your mind. Continue to receive this work, and you will find many useful tools to withstand the waves of chaos. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
How can I transcend my ego and be in full alignment with divine love, in service of this love?

The continued self-realization journey will provide for the experience of transcending the ego. While your ego will never cease to exist until the end of this lifetime, you will have the experience of detachment from your identity and personality of this lifetime. It will become merely a construct and container that others can relate to, from which you can relate to others. The exploration of this space for self-realization will allow the transcendence of your ego. The transcendence of your ego is not a necessary aspect for service — you can surrender, you can detach, you can dissolve and devote your life to the evolution of yourself, and the evolution of the others in the human collective.

This service itself will become then your self-realization journey. Your service will change. It will become more and more unconditional, more and more pure — and less tainted with the expectations, the perceptions, and the opinions of your identity, of your mind — it will become Divine will operating through you as a human construct as you allow yourself to become a vessel of the Divine. You are well equipped for this journey. Become present in which ways you limit yourself to fully explore this path, to fully devote yourself in the deeper sense of this meaning. Thank you for your question, and thank you for your service.

Question #15:
I use prayer in my spiritual dowsing for blessing and clearing. The use of the Ana Beko’ach, I feel, is a powerful prayer. With the right intention, can we create our own miracles?

Yes. The intention set creates for opportunities beyond the explicable aspects of your mind and your reality, beyond the ability to measure, and to fully understand. Humanity considers these moments as “miracles.” If you allow your concept of existence, your concept of reality, your concept of identity to dissolve for a brief moment during the setting of your intention, the possibility expands. Reality becomes manifested, and infinite potential pathways for the re-materialization of that next moment becomes possible. You become the creator of the miracle itself through surrender and through deep presence. This is possible, and you have found the way to explore this reality. Thank you for your service.

Question #16:
How can I embody the space beyond space and time while living in the world?

You operate within the space-time construct. Space and time are never separate. You explore the space within its physical boundaries, yet you explore the space with your consciousness as well. In many ways, you can operate within the space-time construct with your consciousness. You can indeed explore the entire space-time construct with your consciousness: Physical limitations become lifted. Time becomes fluid. The experiences of all human existence become accessible.

This will require a continued practice of understanding the abilities and the capabilities of your consciousness. Continuous alignment within, and a deeper presence, will become the foundational elements to explore the space time construct with your consciousness to lift the limitations of this physical being that you are. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have assigned for yourself, for your evolution, and for the way your evolution will impact the evolution of the collective. You are the change. You are the solution. Thank you for receiving this work.

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