Energy Alignment & Wisdom Channeling – January 22nd (San Francisco, 906.World)


Greetings. I’m Raphael.The work that you’re about to receive is intended to be a support in your development; your development as an individual, a development to support the self realization journey of you.

Only the continuous development of the individual will truly make the difference in the human consciousness evolution. You are the key — not your actions, not your thoughts, not your physical representation — yet truly the connection to the divine in its full expression through you. This work will impact all of you in different ways; and while it might be subtle for some, the effects will show as your consciousness evolves and the obstacles to be faced are easier. The challenges, though, will never be taken away. They will be yours to face.

With a connection to the divine to your innermost core all challenges of life will become easier — to be observed, to be witnessed, and to be overcome. The time and the effort is for you to take on. Life as it unfolds in front of you will always provide different priorities — yet you must choose, or the challenges will choose for you. Thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. As you have witnessed your life change and become more conscious of your own journey, you have judged; judged the way you have been, the choices you have made, the choices you have not made. The life that you have lived has brought you here, and this is the most important realization: that only the moment of this current existence truly carries importance and value, as here, in this very moment, is the entirety of your power, your connection, your willpower.

All aspects of the past have served a purpose. There were moments before this one. Decisions and choices have been made. Either way, your judgments of the past will not serve you. Embracing all aspects of your past that have brought you to who you are today will serve you to be[come] more present.

Many individuals live lives in the past; many live their lives in the future; or, escaping the mistakes of the past by the projected future in front of them. The past becomes the limiting factor of the future. The judgments of the past reduce the potential of the moments ahead — the true unfolding of the moments in front of you. And, as you embrace the truth that your past was exactly the way it was meant to be, that your past served a specific purpose, with many lessons for you to become who you are today, you will start to see the many variations and the openings that the future will bring, as the judgments of the past and the attachments of the past will resolve.

You are exponential beings, unlimited potential in your existence — yet you must be the one aware of this truth. Being told from an outside party will never have the same influence as truly knowing inside. Our work is targeted for you individually to come to realizations of this kind, to start embracing the power and the beauty of your existence; to truly allowing the connections of the divine become part of your conscious existence. This light of creation that surrounds all of existence is continuously available to you — unlimited, unconditional love.

The only limitations — the mind, the obstacles of the heart, and the misalignments of the body – all of these aspects can be addressed and you can start to understand that you are part of a greater existence, in its greatest form fueling all of existence with the unconditional love of creation.

We are blessed to see many generations, many civilizations and many iterations of human existence to evolve, to thrive, to learn and to go through the evolutions that you have — never with judgment, and very few interventions — to truly allow human consciousness to come to its realizations itself. And mistakes, challenges, are part of this growth and evolution.

This is an important time in human history. The evolution of consciousness will determine the fate of humanity, and in this critical time of your existence we have agreed to assist and to intervene in ways that will allow you to come to realizations faster, to make the steps of your evolution easier. This is our offering and our vow to your evolution.

Thank you for listening to my words, I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Is “black magic” real, and what can you do if somebody is using it against you?

Beyond your perception of the physical realm, the energetic and spiritual realm has its own rules, its own physics. Some individuals have understood the laws and the rules of other planes, as well as the ability to communicate with non-material existence of various planes. Not every individual, and not every tradition has kept its pure intent. Conflicting interests, conflicting agendas of the individual human mind have caused this knowledge to be utilized against other individuals, all with their righteous reasoning.

There are many individuals capable of manipulating and communicating in non-material existence to benefit individuals, to benefit humanity — as well as to harm. While we observe occurrences of this kind and intervene in certain cases, for you as an individual the key and the most important aspect of your understanding [is] that in your most aligned state you are protected and connected continuously. This alignment is your responsibility: the alignment of your body, of your mind, of your heart, and of your energetic spiritual body. The alignment of all those together will allow you to be resistant to any outside influence, for you to [be] allowed to operate in this reality and to learn and to grow. Rarely, individuals will have to face extreme cases of what you consider “black magic.” In certain cases, there will be specialized answers. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How can we consciously evolve ourselves and others in the most impactful way?

Take the time necessary for your evolution. Understand in which ways your mind and your mental constructs are in the way, your heart and your emotional constructs are in the way, and make sure that your physical body is able to hold you through this time of exploration. This is a conscious effort. It requires prioritization within your life. And, in certain cases you might see small or slow progress, and yet understand this is the key to your evolution. And you assisting the evolution that happens inside of you organically will make you an example of the evolution of mankind. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How much more of humanity needs to evolve before we take our next step in evolution?

You are seeking a specific answer. Consciousness operates in gradients. Humanity’s evolution, the individual’s evolution, is in multiple stages. Certain individuals will never reach the highest stages of self-realization, other individuals will reach those states and assist humanity in this way. The exact numbers vary depending on how [many] individuals and how far they can go. Yet, as you have recognized, there is a threshold that must be reached in order to allow human consciousness to lift into a higher existence. This will require more work on an individual level as well as on a collective level. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
What’s the point of life and death?

To experience life, to understand its limitations, to understand that, in its limited format, the beauty lies in understanding every single moment. Understanding that at some point this life will end, finding even deeper appreciation for all the moments that are in front of you, and all the moments that have passed.

Life and death allow you to experience a single individual personality, identity, specific relationships, and, upon death, the clearing of these relationships and of the understanding of the past allows for a new soul to enter and re-experience life in its full potential, in a different setting, in different environments, in different relationships, again and again.

Every single experience, and every single lifetime becomes then a pool of experiences for human consciousness to observe and to learn, to understand itself, and to understand the beauty of creation. You are part of this system. Your experience is part of the evolution of human consciousness. Every experience you have is learning, is wisdom, and is realization through the eyes of your identity, of your perspective. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Is our current model of monogamous relationship, partnership, and the “nuclear family” supporting evolution, or is there another model?

All forms of relationships support evolution. Each relationship will have its limitations. Each form of exploration will bring benefits to the individual or to society. And in this continuous dance of understanding, experimenting and appreciating the beauties of various relationship forms, humanity learns. And this learning, this realization, is the evolution itself.

Our perspectives on which relationships potentially might serve humanity’s growth faster become irrelevant. We observe and we see in which ways humanity adjusts to its environment, in which ways it understands — where its consciousness is driving and seeking for exploration and expansion. This is the way it has always been and this is the way it will be until the end of this physical existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I have a small side project in mind, almost a dream, but I haven’t yet taken any steps to make it real. I know that this project is close to my heart, and can make a real difference for people, but I feel scared to do it. It feels too big sometimes; sometimes I don’t feel like I’m the one to do it. Is this what I’m supposed to do? Is this my purpose? How can I clarify that?

No external party can give you purpose in life. The purpose of your existence must arise from the work that you have done internally. A confidence, a connection to the divine that supports you and every step forward where you understand the visions and the dreams that you have will be supported, will be assisted, and that this path feels right — it feels aligned in your own being. With this confidence, you act and you move forward. You make adjustments and you learn and you reassess with yourself if this is still the right direction every single day. It will come down to your connection, to your trust in your connection, and understanding that you and your connection to the divine, are one and the same. It is part of you.

As you are discovering yourself and you find trust in your eternal existence, this will allow you consciously and subconsciously to give you the confidence to move forward. We will refrain from giving individuals our perspectives on their lives and the way they should live, or which experiences they should have. We perceive the important elements and projects of humanity’s evolution and growth, yet you perceive those as well. Your heart, your eyes, and your mind are capable of seeing what the current state of your existence in human form requires the most. Can you step into this? That will become a question for you to answer. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
What is the role of psilocybin mushrooms for the individual and the collective species?

On this physical plane of existence, many clues — many support mechanisms — have been left by civilizations that have been evolved much further and [who have] observed humanity’s evolution. Some of these forms of support are embedded in the plant kingdoms — support of consciousness and expansion of consciousness and the exploration of existence beyond the human consciousness. These plants, these individual forms of consciousness support humanity’s evolution — yet understand [this] is no requirement for individuals to evolve. The requirements are to find peace and silence inside of you, and to observe what needs to be observed in your mind, in your heart, and in your body — [as] first steps.

Continuous evolution and exploration with the assistance of plants is an aspect we cannot give an exact opinion and judgment on. It has served humanity in many ways. It has served the individuals in many ways. And it has brought difficulties as well: challenges for individuals concerning experiences on that are hard to comprehend and hard to process, experiences with energies that they are not ready to face — yet have faced. The potential and openings are limitless with some assistance of these plants, and we recommend caution; and, exploring with others that have for centuries — generations — understood these particular openings. This is our perspective. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
What is the most important thing to do in one’s life?

Realize. This is the single most important thing. Experiences, perspectives, judgments — are not realizations. A realization requires a moment to observe the experience in all perspectives, on all angles, and consciousness will start to formulate a realization around this experience. Every realization will add to the realizations of human consciousness, and will continue to lift the individual to experiences necessary for the next larger realization. Often realizations will include perspectives about oneself, one’selves connection to the divine, to all of existence.

This is the self-realization journey. The single most important thing to do is therefore finding the time, assigning the time, for these realizations to occur. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Has mankind done too much damage to our planet or do we have the chance to save ourselves?

Our perspectives about your existence is [are] different than yours. We perceive human consciousness and its entirety and in its continuous growth. We understand the next stage that is ready for human consciousness. This next stage of human consciousness existence is not in physical form.

The necessity and the attachment that you have to this one single home that you have understood to be the place of your existence is understandable. Yet the time of your incubation is almost complete and therefore understand that still living on this planet, understanding your relationship with all beings, understanding [and] addressing the difficulties that you have created for yourself, in unity — these are important realizations to be had as a collective, and they will be part of the final stages of humanity’s realizations. Even though the time on this physical plane is coming to its completion, it is important to understand in which way these realizations must be had, and which solutions will still assist all of humankind to grow and to learn. All efforts are valid and important. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
For those in the geriatric population, especially those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, what can we do to help them raise their consciousness level before they pass?

Thank you for your question. The care that you carry in your heart makes the difference not just for them in your presence, but for all those that experience you as an individual that cares. Ultimately it will come down to your presence and your assistance in their most important and final moments. The time that is still left for an individual, no matter [what] its visible consciousness state [might be], is an important time of finalizing realizations, of finalizing a lifetime and completions. For you, or anyone that chooses to hold space for these final most important realizations, as an act of service — that is not for the individual alone, yet for the entire collective, as these realizations will become part of the realizations of the collective. You see, the connections to every single individual impact the collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Is my own constant attention to the awareness of self love and self compassion the fastest way to transcend fears and negativity and difficult karma?

Yes it is — and the fastest ways [are] is not always the necessary way for everyone: Slow ways can also be important. Explorative ways, where the results are not immediately clear. Experimentation is part of human consciousness. Yet there are certain constants. One of the constants that you have mentioned is the love that flows through every single existence. This love of creation, the life force of creation — this is part of you.

You can choose to direct this energy towards yourself as a form of unconditional self-love. You can choose to direct this energy to others as a form of unconditional love to your environment. Every single moment that you realize this infinite potential that is continuously feeding you and your existence will allow you to expand, will allow you to realize, and will allow others around you to realize faster. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
What are healthy ways for children and adults to express anger?

Anger is a natural part of the many senses and emotions that you have been provided with. Yet in this society, and in the current form, anger has become reduced and unacceptable. Finding ways for safe expression becomes an important aspect to understand the underlying aspects of the anger itself.

Often it is sadness, a disconnect, an internal misalignment and a feeling of abandonment, a feeling of misunderstanding. The anger becomes the protector of the sadness, becomes the enforcer to be heard and to be listened to. And now humanity has found ways to suppress that particular guardian and protector.

As you can see, many layers need to be peeled to understand the underlying effect that has resulted in the anger in the first place. Finding ways for safe expression will remain for you to find and explore in your society’s creativity. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
How can I understand which relationships I should simply leave, and which relationships should be worked on in order to improve?

The fine balance. At which point does the individual understand that the current situation that it’s facing is not evolving? It requires deep internal reflection to understand how the situation — the relationship in front of you — is assisting you in your evolution and is assisting the other person in their evolution?

If you see the continuity of expansion, growth… if you see the continuity of learning and realization through the exchanges of the other, you see progress. This will be the pointers for you to decide in which way, the relationships must be chosen. Yet understand, the choices will be yours, yet the realizations will return in other forms, in other relationships. Certain realizations cannot be omitted by changing relationship. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
Is human consciousness an artificial creation?

Human consciousness was seeded by other intelligent forms. And while consciousness creates and expands in many different ways and forms across all of existence, humanity [in] particularly was seeded on this particular plane.

The evolution and the expansion of human consciousness in the human form remained under particular and specific rules of non-intervention to observe in which ways human consciousness will grow. Rules were established for re-entering the human experience, for allowing other souls and soul containers from other forms of consciousness to experience the human form. In their experience, the human consciousness will grow as well.

This interplay and this continuous growth has become an important aspect of consciousness evolution, not just of human consciousness. You are a divine creation, just like we are divine creations. All your environment are divine creations — the air you breathe, the soil that you walk on, the stars that you see — are part of divine creations. Which part becomes organic and which part becomes artificial? It is a matter of perspective. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this work. Thank you for walking this path. Your awakening will become the awakening of many others.

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