Energy Aligment and Wisdom Channeling – Dec 5th (Vienna, VAVA)

Energy Aligment and Wisdom Channeling – Dec 5th (Vienna, VAVA)

Greetings, I’m Raphael. In the course of a human life, the experiences vary: all forms of emotions, difficulties, beautiful moments and challenging moments equally. You have witnessed the challenges of life in your own way. The only true way is the one that you can perceive and in your subjective reality, you have judged this moment to be in a certain way. The attached emotions, the attached memories to the moment, have contributed to the way you have felt you have perceived your reality.

This work is an alignment within your being to support you to see the moments of your life: of the past and of the present and of the future, in a more peaceful way: in a distance that is healthy, yet does not retain you from having the human experience.

The fine line between the challenge itself, the judgment of difficulty; pain and suffering — many choose the furthest spectrum of suffering more than the impulse. Suffering is the attachment to the moment of the challenge. When the moment itself is resolved, with many perspectives on the moment: the various viewpoints, the different roles that have contributed for the moment to occur, and the perspective even much higher from which you can see the moment in a nondual way; this form of completion, this form of perspective will allow you to process the past. It will allow [you] to free energy and presence for the moments ahead and you will see that eventually the moments ahead will become easier to be directed by your conscious being rather than created for you so that you can process the past.

The work today will impact parts of you that you cannot perceive with the conscious mind: parts of your energetic body, parts of your unconscious mind, and subconscious parts of your emotional body. All these aspects that will contribute to your present moment and to the overall quality and depth of your presence. Thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. The opening that was created today for you will remain as long as you continue to rest and eat well and take good care of yourself. The opening is an energetic opening within the human body. All humans possess the ability to connect to higher realms, yet rarely it is executed or developed or maintained. Today, this opening was reactivated for all of you.

The benefits of this opening are: a stronger energy flow from higher realms of existence; more benefits are connections to wisdom from higher dimensions. The flow of energy will benefit all parts of your being: the physical, the emotional, mental, as well as your energetic body. All it requires is to find the time to quiet the mind and to quiet your heart, in a state where your body is content, in the combination of those three, the opening will have its strongest impact on your life, and this energy will impact the others of your life, as well, through you.

This energy flows into this plane of existence and through you it can expand to all around you. While your connection is unique to you, this connection itself is not unique: all humans possess the ability to connect to higher realms; the physical body, the energetic parts are constructed in this way to allow deep connections into higher planes of existence. Continuous caretaking of your physical being, resting, nourishing it well, and hydration are the minimal requirements.

Additionally, your mental functions must rest more. The emotional part of your being, often suppressed, rarely expressing itself, therefore unsettled — even in quiet moments ready to overflow with emotion — a balance of the mind and of the heart of the physical body and of the spiritual body will bring forth an alignment within you, an inner peace that will be recognized by others, an inner peace that will allow you to face challenges much easier, much more gracefully; an inner peace that will start to affect the others around you, inspire others around you, motivate others around you, encourage others around you. This is the power that lies within you. Each of you can make a difference for the entirety of the collective with the right alignment within, with the right connection and maintenance of this connection, you all become limitless.

The energy that is possible to come through your being is beyond your comprehension. It can truly effect thousands of individuals around you, and with the right training even more. This is the capacity that a single individual carries, yet rarely it is executed or utilized in its most minimal format.

Humans exist contemplating about their lives — there is no judgment. The observation and the comparison to what is possible and what is. Our work is to remind you of the power that is within each of you, and to assist you through this alignment to get to this power and to feel the closeness and the potential that is within you.

Every step that you make towards your evolution will be your contribution to the evolution of the collective. The impact that every interaction carries, the impact on the individuals, the impact on all the future generations, the impact on the environment, all human actions for the change that is initiated by you, for you, and within you.

The destiny of the collective lies in the hands of the individual, lies in the ability of the individual to self-realize — to evolve and to become the most empowered being in their lives. All stories of victim- or villain-hood, no longer relevant, only empowerment and self-realization. Your evolution begins with you and through you impacts the collective: the change becomes apparent in the decisions made by groups, in the ideas created, in the thoughts that are implemented, and movements that are executed through the change of consciousness.

Remember — despite the power that you might perceive — in every moment as you grow, to continuously realign, to continuously stay humble, and allow this force of creation to come through you; to assist you in all aspects of your life. This is the fine balance of free will, direction and planning with the mind and the heart, and the divine that comes through the energy that this plane of existence is connected to.

This is no religion. This is no belief system. It is an evolution of human existence. It is your evolution and empowerment; your connection to all that is; your understanding and your embracing of all that is created on this plane — including your life and yourself.

Thank you for receiving this work. Thank you for your dedication to continuously evolve; the efforts that you make for yourself, and for the benefit of all those touched by you; impacted by you. Blessings on this journey.

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