Elohim Transmission – Fundamentals of Awakening: Awakening to the Totality of Your Being

Greetings. We are Elohim.

The awakening of the individual is the awakening of the collective. And the collective requires the individual expression as an individualized human form to walk this path of great realization. Therefore the self-realization process that all of you have heard before through the many lineages that have lived the human form is truly a significant process, happening both unconsciously as well as in a chosen conscious way.

The awakening itself is the beginning stages of the self-realization journey. An individual may experience the awakening in a natural spontaneous way. A moment of clarity, a moment of expansion, a moment of true presence may spark this awakening process. And as the individual, as you experience this expansion, the constructs in which you have been living, the experiences you have been having as an individualized human, will shift, as your perspective has shifted.

At first, you will bring this new perspective of presence into all aspects of your life. You will observe yourself and others in interaction. You will observe yourself in the many circumstances of life, the dynamics that you have co-created. And you will notice with great detail that certain dynamics are dynamics of the past, unprocessed. You will notice that certain circumstances are equally a remnant of unprocessed elements of the past.

A significant amount of energy is moved into the unprocessed elements of the past, keeping you from true presence in the moment. The unprocessed past will cycle in continuous processes within a lifetime and through many lifetimes, until completed. This is what many of you have understood as karmic loops. The rising energies on this plane of existence will fuel, will accelerate the processing of the past. This will provide a new level of experience for all of you.

Individuals like yourself will find challenge in the present moment, as the present moment is less present than it truly can be: energies blocked, energies stagnant in aspects of the past, energies locked into the projections of the future, mitigating the fears and the risks from wounds of the past.

Your true power emerges from true presence. It is no one else but you to bring yourself into this great state of empowerment, into this great state of alignment. Despite our words and the energetic adjustments we provide, it is truly you that is choosing this conscious journey of evolution, this conscious journey of becoming present, embracing the totality of your being, embracing all aspects that you have been aware and conscious of, embracing all aspects that now become visible of your unconscious and unaware aspects of your being.

The totality of your being beyond your mental construct and operations: your thoughts, your judgments, your opinions and perspectives, the identity you have assumed; embracing your emotional construct beyond the emotions that you feel in the moment, and the emotions you feel about life and yourself; embracing this physical construct beyond the feelings and sensations that it provides, the impulses and the vessel that it is for this lifetime; embracing the energetic-spiritual construct of your being, the embodiment of your consciousness within this vessel of the human form, a greater level of detail, a greater level of sensitivity, a greater level of awareness will emerge.

All aspects of your being will start to be embraced as you. And only those that have understood, embraced themselves in the totality of their being, can truly embrace others in their being. Only those that have embraced themselves in the totality of their being can truly embrace all of humanity, the entire collective, with all variations, experimentations, and manifestations of the individualized human form.

The diversity that humanity represents, that every individual represents, is truly unique for every single individual human being. While you will find correlation and similarities in others’ experiences with yours, truly every one is individualized in a significant and unique way. To embrace the uniqueness of all, you will first embrace the uniqueness of yourself: all that you are, all that you have lived, all that you will live, all that you can be, all that you could have been. In this very moment, every aspect of your being is available to you. Right now, here, you are all.

Witness as the judgments and the opinions you have held about yourself and about life, dissipate; all attachments you have held of the past, the present, and the future. Rest in this present moment; all that there is, is this moment, the totality of your being emerging from this very moment; the power that you hold, the power that you wield, here, in this very moment. And with every moment unfolding beyond this very moment, you will always have the choice to live life according to your terms. Your willpower, your free will, is always the highest, most regarded law of this existence.

While you are the one that chooses, we will make recommendations and offer perspectives and reminders so that your choices can include a greater perspective and greater possibility. And as you walk this path — choosing your life, choosing the next moment, choosing your actions, choosing your thoughts, choosing your emotions and all expressions of your being — you seek to receive from the presence that you hold right now, from the alignment that you hold, from the embrace of the totality of your being.

To be truly free, to be truly liberated in your existence, requires this embrace of who you are. It is beyond acceptance, it is beyond appreciation. It is an innate knowing and integration of all that you have ever been, and all that you ever can be.

This alignment, this present moment, this silence, is your sanctuary, is your stronghold, is your power, is your trust in life. This is your source of abundance. This is your source of livelihood, of health, wellbeing; of strength, and of love. All emerges from the quality and the depth of your presence.

The time that you live in this lifetime, every moment is precious, is a gift to you, and it is yours to choose, will always be yours to choose. Choose wisely, choose consciously, how you receive the present moment, how you hold yourself in your greatest alignment and in your greatest potential.

Allow yourself to make changes. Allow yourself to embrace change. Allow yourself to love all aspects of your being. Allow yourself to find gratitude in every moment of life, especially the moments of deep conscious awareness. And as you might get carried away in challenging moments of life, in challenging moments of the human experience, remember: the next present moment is yours to shape, is yours to establish, and will always follow your lead. Your time, your energy, your love, your presence, is yours.

A sense of alignment will allow values to emerge from within you; values that are aligned with all aspects of your being, values that are beyond mental concepts, ideologies, and rules established by previous generations. While many lineages and previous generations brought forth important values to embrace and to learn from, the values that emerge from the present moment that you have found are the ones that you will sustainably embrace, embody, and live. You will notice a shift of your perspective and of your presence. A shift of what is possible, a shift of deeper trust, a shift of greater love. This is the journey of becoming a conscious creator in this lifetime.

The more individuals in human form [that] embark on this journey of conscious evolution, of chosen awakening, the more individuals will be impacted by the choice of you. The presence you bring into every situation, every circumstance, every relationship, will shape the moment that others have with you, and you become a catalyst for the transformation of others. You become an inspiration, an example of what is possible in the human form.

And without diminishing the choices that they have made, dismissing the experiences that they are having, you become observant and present to all that they are, all that they have not embraced yet of their own being. You assist in their level of presence through the choices you have made for your level of presence.

The creations that will emerge from those that have found deeper levels of presence and alignment within themselves will impact all of humanity. The creations will be in unison with the collective. The creations will be considerate of the choices and the will that others have. The creations will embrace all of life and this Earth as an unconditional source of energy and love. The creations will include the equal nature of all humans deserving of love, deserving of presence, deserving of wellbeing, deserving of the power that they can embody as an individual.

And humanity’s journey of awakening lies in your hand and in the choices that you make as an individual. Thank you for embracing this path. Thank you for making this choice for yourself, and for all of those that have not yet.

We will now commence with the adjustments. These adjustments will assist in deeper levels of presence, in deeper levels of conscious awareness, allowing you to observe yourself from a non-dual perspective, allowing yourself to be fueled for the self-realization that you are gifted with. Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments. [Adjustment work done.]

Thank you for receiving this gift of ours, to you, your life, and to all of humanity. It is an unconditional gift of our love for creation, our love for the experience of humanity and human consciousness, our love for the evolution that is occurring from within all of humanity and within you. Our work is complete.

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