Transmission Series – Living a Life of Service – September 5th

Greetings. We are Elohim.

This path as a human being carries tremendous potential to live, to explore, to experience, and to realize. Upon every realization, new choices and new experiences will reveal themselves to the individual.

With every choice that you have to make in life, you choose based on all aspects of yourself: the unprocessed parts of your past, the constructs of your mind, the conditioning, the wounds, the traumas of the past, the unprocessed emotions of the past, memories associated with deep learning that haven’t been fully completed, the imprints of the soul-container requesting for specific karmic learnings to be completed in this lifetime. All aspects contribute to the choices of your life. All aspects contribute to the reality that unfolds in front of you. You are conscious or unconsciously creating the environment around you. The life that unfolds and the choices that are available to you, the choices that you make, are intrinsically tied to who you are entirely.

Some of these choices that you will make will fuel the resolution of the past: the resolution of karmic imprints, the resolution of traumas and completions required for realization. These choices can express themselves in many different ways: The choice to love, to be in relationship. The choice to express, through voice, through touch, through service. The choice to live an expanded life.

Even if these choices are driven by the incomplete aspects of your being, even if the choices are driven by the karmic imprints of your soul-container, your choices will always be yours — very often flavored and directed by [that] which is already within you.

The journey to self-realization will open up a deeper understanding of who you are. In all the ways that your choices are established by who you are, the options and possibilities in front of you are established by who you are. Therefore, a deeper understanding of who you are is a critical element to become the conscious and active creator of your reality.

You do possess this power within you, deeper inquiry into who you are, deeper inquiry on resolving and realizing aspects of the past, on resolving and realizing important learnings to be had in this lifetime, realizations. This path of deep inquiry, of a deep understanding of who you truly are, will allow for the choices to unfold in front of you to become consciously visible, accessible, and plentiful.

The energies, the intentions, and the wants that are driving these choices of your life will become clear. They will come to the surface of your perception. If you choose to live a life of service, you must understand where this choice is fueled from. Beyond the initial and obvious intention that drives this choice of service, there are deeper intentions that seek for resolution, that seek for compensation, that seek for realization. And, while this form of service is driven by unconscious currents of your thought and emotional processes of your karmic imprints, this is as well considered divine service: It is the delivery to support another human being, another sentient being to receive the benefits of your service.

And, service can carry many different forms. At times, service will be judged by all of those around you as a positive form of support, an uplifting immediately visible change in the other. At times, service will be judged as negative; service will be blamed to create a reduction of the others’ qualities of life and comfort in life. Yet, comfort cannot be a variable to be measured against. Growth goes beyond comfort. Evolution is beyond comfort. In these forms of service, you will start to experience and explore the full spectrum, in the ways that you serve, in the ways that others serve on this plane. It will not be for you to judge others’ service. It will be for you to observe in all the ways your service carries pure, conscious, and clear intentions.

Continuous iteration, continuous growth in your understanding of your service, is therefore a critical element of your development. You will reach a point, a point of realization that your service will become unconditional. No conditions of this world will apply to your service any longer. Your existence will entirely serve the service itself. You will be immersed, becoming a vessel of the divine, a service beyond experiencing a human life, a service beyond the karmic imprints, a service beyond the experiences of human relationship, a service so deeply ingrained that the individual ceases to exist in the moment of the service.

[In] the delivery of the energy, the delivery of the love, the act of service becomes its own entity, its own consciousness, its own expression of the Divine, as you have made space for it to become an untainted delivery of the Divine. Service in this regard is what we refer to as “true service”. In its full capacity, in its full expansion, your being will be fueled by this form of service. Every moment you provide, you grow, you receive. Every moment you deliver, you receive. The energy multiplies, it does not reduce. The love increases, it does not reduce. This is not your delivery. It is the delivery of the Divine, [a] boundless form of energy, unlimited resources, abundance, as this energy is shared through you.

You are the Love of Creation. It is merely your perception that has not fully accepted this truth. In moments of “true service”, you will fully become the Love of Creation. You will fully deliver as this energy and this love unfolds through you. There will be no doubt. There will be no fear. There will be no worry. There will be entirely and only dissolution of your being into trust, into devotion, and surrendering into this light of Creation.

Many of you wonder what the steps are to become a true servant to humanity, the human consciousness, collective. Many of you wonder what are still the elements to be resolved within to come into true service. These answers will be found within. No other individual will be able to deliver these answers to you — it is for you to come to the realizations inside. Even this work that you will receive is to support you to come to the realizations yourself, to move through the challenges within, through the barriers that have been established, the wounds that still impact the choices that you make.

It is for you, and only for you to come to this realization within, to understand the next steps forward, to know intrinsically what is most resonant in this very moment, to follow your guidance, and trust the voice within. In moments of silence, where the voice is not the mind, the voice is not the heart, the voice is not the body, a deeper voice within will emerge to speak your truth. This is the emerging true essence of your being, and it is time for you to dedicate yourself even more so to this voice within.

The strengthening of this capacity to expand, to reach, to grow; your capacity to clear and purify all aspects within you. These are the preconditions to becoming a pillar of light, a pillar of service, untainted by the constructs of the ego identity, constructs of society, constructs of emotional conditions and mental conditions. And while this journey will take its time, we refer this knowledge to you to remind you what is possible within you, to inspire you to move towards this possibility, towards this potential that is emergent within you.

Thank you for listening to our words and thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work and this transmission. We are complete.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

As you have witnessed yourself evolve from day to day, you have judged evolution to be conditional on your judgment itself. You have continued to perceive the ups and downs of your life to be steps forward and backward, while inherently every experience is a step forward. Every experience is truly fueling your growth. The self realization journey is always on.

The aspects that you can consciously contribute to your own awakening, to your own evolution, to your own self-realization journey are — dedicating and devoting your time, your energy, and your own resources to your growth, creating time and space for silence, and creating time and space for contemplation, for deep inquiries within, for observations and explorations of who you are — [it] is a conscious effort for your evolution in your self realization journey.

Your service will be directly impacted by the pace at which your self-realization journey is fueled. In all the ways that you serve, you serve first and foremost, your own self-realization journey. As a soul container experiencing the human form, you are on this path of serving humanity through your own awakening, through your own self-realization. Therefore, this aspect of yourself will always carry the highest priority of your existence. Remember that you will always come first — in the sense of your awakening, in the sense of your transformation and evolution — not in the sense of the ego construct, not in the sense of resources, not in the sense of competition, yet, truly understanding that you are the Divine expressing itself in human form and requesting the realization of itself through you.

And on this path of self-realization, you will start to see that this service that you offer to yourself, is the service to the human collective, to all of consciousness, that through your evolution others are impacted, especially the ones within your karmic connections, the ones that immediately close to you and your heart. Your evolution — every milestone, every realization — has a ripple effect on the bonds and connections that you have.

This is your secondary service, an indirect expression of your self-realization, eventually dedicating the energy that flows through you, the Love of Creation that flows through you, this light that flows through you, consciously, in service to others is an evolution within you, is an evolution that is based on the foundation of your own growth journey, of the increase of your capacity, of the freeing of the conditions within to offer a service rarely seen, pure in its delivery and its expression, compassionate in its perspective.

You are therefore the extension of Divine will, offering its service to the evolution of humankind. Allow yourself to embrace this truth and understand that this may unfold within this lifetime. It may unfold in future lifetimes. It may never unfold, as the choices and the learnings will be focused on your own self-realization, through which you will provide your service to the evolution of humankind.

Who are you, that is serving? Is it you that is serving? Is it the Divine, the gifts that you receive to serve others? Are those yours to name? Are those yours to own? What is your reward for serving? What are your conditions to serve? These are questions for you to contemplate and continuously align against, even in the current service that you offer. Life becomes an offering to humanity, an offering of service, an offering of love, and offering of your self-realization. The expansion of your being is therefore your gift, is therefore your life.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Is it possible to have absolute freedom to create and transmute reality in a way that we want, or is our freedom to always create bounded by what will serve all, and what all are in accord with?

Active creation is within the possibilities of this realm for the individuals that become enlightened, self-realized. At certain steps on the self-realization journey, specific milestones will allow for the creation of a specific reality in front of you, of certain choices and opportunities in front of you. The world around you will adjust to your request for active creation. On a smaller scale, this is entirely possible to shape your reality. On a larger scale, humanity itself requires to evolve to a level of consciousness where co-creation, a singular-minded intention becomes the act of creation. In order for this active creation to occur, a critical mass of individual human beings must reach a self-realized state, to be aligned and connected, to be aware and conscious, to be creating collectively a specific reality.

This is indeed one of the purposes of the work that you receive and to bring as many individuals as possible to the potentials within them to remove barriers, conditioning, misalignments for the individuals to allow an active creator role within their lives, for these active creators to connect, reconnect, to build bonds and alignments and to co-create on behalf of humanity. The abilities to create will increase over time as the group of individuals that are serving in this way, that are becoming aware and self-realizing will start to create and align to serve humanity in its highest good.

Currently, very few active creators that impact humanity on a larger scale are active. These numbers will change over the next five to ten years, as many more individuals are supported to step into these roles. As the energies in this plane rise, the activation of the individuals will accelerate as well. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How do I balance being of service through my business, and expanding my mission in the world, with my own needs for time off, rest, creative freedom and self-care?

Is the desire to serve driven by the mind? Is the desire to serve driven by the heart? Is the desire to serve driven by a higher perspective of yourself? Only the higher perspective of yourself will carry the according balance necessary to serve sustainably and continuously. Balance will find itself, as it is the main requirement to serve from the highest perspective within you. If the pressures of society, the pressures of the mind, the pressures of the heart initiate or deliver the service, the needs that are within your physical existence will be omitted and suppressed.

The perspective that you hold that what you deliver might not be enough, is the key perspective that you must inquire on. Every step that you do is a step in the direction of true service. Remember that in this direction of true service, you are included to serve yourself, for your own self-realization journey. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
In living a life of service, could you speak about the realization of “finding oneself,” and how this experience occurs? Is awareness of the obstacles that take our attention from our deep connection enough, or is there some other process involved in removing these obstacles?

First and foremost, finding the time for silence, finding time for alignment, allowing the misalignments to surface — the thoughts, the observations to become active reflections on yourself — these observations are the first step to understanding who you are, to understanding the barriers, the constructs and restrictions, the beliefs and principles that have formed within your being, the reality by which you operate in this world; understanding and observing how this reality has been formed by the experience of your past — first and foremost, the past of this lifetime, for many further instances, the past of previous lifetimes, how karmic learnings and realizations are required to be had to move and remove barriers, how the barriers themselves are teachers on this path of self realization, embracing the teacher and actively inquiring, “What is my lesson? What is the realization to be had in this very moment, with this current situation, with this current emotion?” And, at times no answer will require you to continue to observe until clarity will arise from the observation, until clear guidance — and eventually a realization will arise from the observation.

These are the steps of finding all aspects of yourself, of bringing together in the ways you have been shaped to be who you are, embracing, acknowledging, and appreciating all parts of yourself to be who you are, to be the ever-evolving, ever-growing and realizing being that you are. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
When being in unconditional service, what are some ways to know what will serve the good of the individual and the whole? And, what is the best way to determine if an individual is not meant to heal at this point in their journey?

All individuals are healing and growing at all times — including the ones that you perceive to be stagnant, including the ones that you perceive to be moving backwards. Every step is a growth process and a healing process. For the judgment of the human mind, it may not be perceived this way, as the human mind requires immediate results, immediate change, specific emotions to reflect healing and growth, yet growth and healing happens in multiple layers of one’s being. You serve as you are requested by your environment. Those that receive the serving must offer the openness of their mind, of their heart, the deep intrinsic desire to evolve with your support.

And, you will allow the energy, the love, and the light that comes through you to impact their healing process, their growth process. It will not be for you to judge in which ways this process will take place. You will provide until the support agreement is complete. The service of yours will complete once the other party has declared completion, or you have declared completion. It is that simple. Yet it will require a continuous alignment within yourself to understand and know which part of yourself is truly the one that is delivering the service, that is delivering the judgments of the service itself. This is the highest responsibility of the one that serves to continuously align. To continuously deliver from the highest perspective possible. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Will you give guidance on how empaths and highly sensitive people can truly be of service without losing themselves in overwhelm?

An individual that is highly sensitive has not recognized yet that parts of them, all of them, can not be hurt, damaged, or destroyed. In the levels of true service, continuous protection, continuous support, continuous life force and love that flows through the individual in true service will provide for everything that is necessary. The ability to be sensitive, empathic, becomes a gift itself, to understand that all that is in front of the one that serves is part of themselves.

The empath has embraced this truth from the start: “Your pain is my pain. And only until this service is complete, I will be with you.” Understanding the closure of the service as a completion, understanding that no ego construct personality, no parts of self, are present during the service itself, you merge with the one that you serve in the moment of the service, and you heal together. You heal on behalf of [the] human collective. You heal on behalf of the past generations and on behalf of the future generations. And, once the service is complete, you may choose to operate as an individual human being, again. This is my advice to those easily lost in service to others. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I want to be very much in service and to offer what I’m most useful at. I’ve been fighting old and deep beliefs that I’ve been struggling to clear for a lifetime. Are these in the subconscious mind? And, what is the best way for me to heal them so I can be free to know, love, and give?

Continue to receive the alignments that we provide. Limiting beliefs, constructs of identity, perspective, opinion, are all part of the mental construct in the conscious, subconscious, as well as unconscious areas of your mind, are part of the emotional construct combined with memories of the past requiring to resolve, requiring to realize — even the body carries beliefs and perspectives within itself, moments of the past imprinted, ready to resolve, the imprints of the karmic past karmic learnings that are required to be completed in this lifetime, equally part of your being.

Allow this work that we provide to loosen the perspectives you have on yourself and on the world, allow these loosened perspectives to arise within your consciousness and observe, allow the observation to bring you forth a realization, and with the realization, a relief, an opening, a form of liberation. This process will continue to unfold with your capacity to receive, with your capacity to take one step at a time, with your patience, with your perseverance, and your devotion to yourself. Service is a natural unfolding as you continue on the self-realization journey. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
So many children are extremely sensitive and prone to anxiety, and going through a lot with the virus and closed schools. How can we best support the children at this time?

Children of this generation will see many forms of challenges — more than the previous generations. Yet, they will rely on the ability of the previous generation to provide safety, to provide a sense of stability, a sense of guidance, a sense of love and connection.

Younger generations reflect and mirror the emotions and the actions of previous generations. It is the way you evolve that makes the biggest impact on the [new] generations. This reality has not fully shaped in their minds, in their judgments, therefore your judgments become their reference point. Allow yourself to transform yourself first, allow yourself to change your levels of anxiety, your fears and doubts and worries of this current world, of this current situation that humanity finds itself. And, see the alignment within you impact the children of this generation. Your levels of comfort, your levels of trust, your levels of surrender will become their fuel for growth, their fuel for alignment, and their fuel for trusting this reality to be a safe environment to grow. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this work and thank you for listening to my words. Allow this transmission to impact all parts of your life. It is intended to support you, to support your loved ones, and to support humanity’s evolution.

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