Transmission Series – The Self-Realization Journey – August 29th

Greetings. We are Elohim.

You have chosen this journey in human form. It is indeed a special journey, a journey for your soul container to experience the realization of a consciousness. The growth process of human consciousness requires individual soul containers like yourselves to evolve, every single one of you experiencing the human form in their own way, with the full spectrum of experiences, emotions, and challenges, thoughts, and judgments, navigating through this reality, navigating with a personality and identity that has formed.

Parts of you are indeed fueled by the many experiences you have had before this lifetime, and other parts established in this lifetime. Deep levels of wisdom, deep levels of realizations, hide beneath the surface of your existence, that are part of your soul container. As you hold human consciousness within you, as you experience the human form, these realizations that you have had, as well as new realizations, will start to emerge. This path that you walk in human form will therefore provide opportunities for these realizations to emerge.

As only you can be the one realizing yourself, your experience, therefore, is paramount to all the experiences that are being had in human form. Your perspectives, your emotions, your thoughts, are all valid. They are unique to you, providing you with the lens to view the human experience with. And, in moments of clarity, you will see the perspectives and the lenses of others. In moments of compassion, you will feel how others feel in their experience. In moments of altered states, you will feel and witness from higher perspective, even a non-dual state and perspective.

The self that identifies as who you are, is beyond the comprehension of the mind, understanding itself to be this current identity, this current personality, this current human form that you are. The self is comprised of: You, the soul container, experiencing the human form. You, the identity that currently lives a human life. You, that is a representation of the human collective. And, you that is a representation of all of consciousness.

As you can see, the multifaceted version of the self can not be fully comprehended by the mind. Yet, it is understood, comprehended, and experienced, by the totality of consciousness. Consciousness itself realizes through you, through your experience. No separation, as the identity of self becomes the totality of all forms of consciousness.

Certain facets of your experiences will indeed determine your understanding of yourself — your self in the human form, the life that you live, the relations that you hold, the experience that you have in this reality, in this world — these realizations will fuel a deeper understanding of the human experience.

A deeper version of yourself, the soul container, will experience the human form, will understand and embody the realizations gathered from this particular experience, unique to this particular world, unique to this particular reality in material form, realizations that your soul container can only have in this format.

Human consciousness realizes through your realizations, every single movement, every single act, every single thought and emotion, carries the potential for another realization to assist the evolution and the growth of human consciousness that which you are representing in this current human form.

On an even higher level, human consciousness is part of all of consciousness itself, and through the realizations of human consciousness, through the growth and evolution of human consciousness, all forms of consciousness will learn and grow; will evolve. Expansion is the most significant form of growth in consciousness. All forms of consciousness expand as the universe expands, as all dimensions expand, until this point is reached of complete self realization of all of consciousness ever formed, ever seeded, and ever evolved.

Beyond the space and time construct, you are indeed eternal beings, having a temporary experience in human form, and you have chosen this temporary experience to provide deep insights, deep understanding of yourself, of life itself, and of consciousness itself. Some of these realizations will continue to be perceived by the mind, and by the heart. Some of these realizations will be perceived by what is considered to be a higher perspective of yourself, the identity beyond the identity of this lifetime, the soul container of your being.

Every aspect of your existence, therefore, is fuel for your evolution and for your self-realization, for the self-realization of human consciousness, for the self-realization of all of consciousness.

We have established many realities of this kind, many forms of experiences. Many forms of consciousness have been seeded by us, and by other forms of consciousness. The human experience indeed carries a special significance and signature for the evolution of all of consciousness, a uniqueness to perception, a uniqueness to the potential that is available in material form, a uniqueness to understanding the limitations, and going past the limitations established in this reality.

For that, the journey that you embark on once you enter the human form is what we consider the self-realization journey. It is a journey that all human beings have chosen to be on, as they have entered the human form. Most individuals will move through the self-realization journey in an organic and natural way. Most individuals will not be conscious of the self-realization that occurs along this way. Yet, they will experience growth, they will experience evolution, liberation, and the sense of peace that arises within, with every realization that occurs.

Some individualized souls will have a deeper understanding of the importance of self-realization, will dedicate time, energy, and attention into this journey itself, just the way you have in this very moment. An acceleration is possible; an increased pace at which these realizations occur will start to emerge in your life due to the attention that you have brought to this process, so intrinsically integrated in your being that all other experiences in human form are meant to fuel.

Receive this work with an open heart, an open mind, an openness beyond the perspectives of the self in human form, an openness beyond the perspectives of your soul-container, an openness even beyond human consciousness collective. Receive this work as a representation of all of consciousness, inseparable, connected, and expressed in this very moment through you, the individual that has chosen to have this moment, to have this experience.

Thank you for receiving this transmission.

Thank you for receiving this transmission. Our work is complete.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

You have received this work as by our choice and our promise. We have chosen to deliver, at this time in humanity’s evolution, interventions and assistance in the evolution of the individual. This work will impact you in multitudes of ways:

Adjustments on your mental construct to allow you to perceive in a wider perspective, to allow you to reach altered states, and to reach higher forms of consciousness with more ease, allow the rigid structures established through conditioning and experiences of the past to soften.

The impact on your emotional construct to allow you to observe all of existence as an expression of the love of creation, to allow you to truly receive on the full potential of this creation, of its love for you; to allow the softening of the emotional constructs that have been established through the many experiences deemed and judged to be negative, to be difficult, to be threatening.

The benefits on your physical form — alignments, to allow a flow of energy and life force, the optimal functions of the body to be invigorated by these adjustments. Healing on a physical form will then become prevalent, and the self-healing qualities of the form will start to initiate.

The benefits on your energetic-spiritual construct, allowing you to operate in this plane, as well as in higher planes with ease; to allow your energetic body to expand, to reach higher potential, to reach its full potential, to become a solid foundation, a solid space for your evolution, for your self-realization journey.

In all the ways that you’re supported, this particular way to support your evolution through alignments that prepare you for the increase of frequencies and energies on this plane, this is the single most important preparation required on an individual level. As the energies rise, the challenges and the polarities will increase. The way you will move and navigate through these challenges is through having the most stable and solid foundation of your existence.

Establishing yourself with this internal alignment, with this stronger sense of peace, stronger sense of harmony, you will become the one that others will lean on, the one that others will look towards, the one that others want to be led by. As this energy moves through your system, it clears and cleanses the parts that do not belong to the highest potential version of yourself.

As your vessel clears, the light through you shines even brighter. Your love becomes visceral. You become the pillar of light that you have been since the beginning. You return to a level of purity, to a level of innocence, to a level of presence, similar to the presence of a newborn, discovering [for the] first time the human experience — the same level of curiosity, the same level of awe, the same level of trust in this creation, in the ones that hold you, in the ones that care for you.

You experience the changes within your system, one step at a time, allowing you to adjust accordingly, as an increased pace can bring forth overwhelm, confusion, and doubt. Yet still, in this accelerated motion of your growth, you will see in which ways you allow yourself to transform, and in which ways you resist the transformation of your being. And it is your right. It is your choice. It is your freewill to operate at whichever pace feels appropriate, accurate, and right for you.

We provide this adjustment and the delivery of this energy with accuracy, with the precision to match your ability and capacity to receive. At all times, it is gauged, the impact that the adjustments will have on your life. And you will perceive some of these changes and challenges to be too challenging, too uncomfortable, and potentially not right for you.

This is your moment of rediscovering the beliefs that you have set for yourself, the beliefs that you have set of your environment and of your reality, the structures that you have created to establish a sense of comfort, a sense of control, a sense of safety — falsely established by the experiences of the past — as this reality has truly been created to serve you fully, in its full capacity, as much as you are able to receive.

Experience this work in the way it fuels your self-realization journey, in the way it invigorates a new sense of aliveness within you, a new sense of homecoming, a new sense of alignment, knowing that you are on the right track — the track of your evolution as a soul, as an individualized form, as a representative of the human consciousness collective, as a representative of all of consciousness. This is the power that lies within you.

And, with every step that you take, every milestone that you reach, every realization that you gain, you will feel in the ways your expansion supports the expansion of others around you. Your increased sense of love, your increased sense of consciousness will impact all of humanity. This is who you are, and this is the potential that lies within you, ready to surface, ready to be fully embraced, ready to be fully active and acting on your behalf.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
What is the difference between the emotional heart and the spiritual heart, and what capacities does the spiritual heart have?

The emotional heart is a construct established within the spiritual heart. The spiritual heart is a construct — part of your energetic-spiritual construct. The spiritual heart indeed carries the entire established experiences and realizations of your soul container. It carries all experiences ever had, emotions and realizations ever established, perspectives ever formed. It is an essential aspect of your being.

The emotional heart is intrinsically tied to the emotions of this lifetime. It is directly connected to the spiritual heart. As the spiritual heart continues to fuel and receive from the emotional heart of this lifetime, every realization of this lifetime turns into a realization within the spiritual heart. These constructs can be assisted with the adjustments that we provide. Realizations will come at ease. Transformation will become apparent.

The power of the spiritual heart is indeed beyond the perceived limitations of this reality. The energy that moves through your system carries the capability to transmute emotions, carries the energy to transmute experiences into realization — that is the power of the spiritual heart, it is the responsibility and the function that is embedded in your being.

The stronger the spiritual heart becomes, the more powerful the transmutations of experiences into realizations become. The expansion of the spiritual heart will start to include in its field, in its energetic reach, other individuals. Deeper bonds can be formed with other spiritual hearts. Realizations can occur collectively. The rising of frequencies within you, therefore, become an intrinsic delivery to the others that are bonded with your spiritual heart. As you receive, as you grow, others connected to you will as well. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
I realized that I have a karmic connection with a family member. What’s the best way forward to help understand and resolve the constant hurt in this relationship?

Karmic bonds carry deep realizations that require to come to surface. In your reflections by yourself, start to understand in which ways this karmic connection was formed in this lifetime. Observe all the experiences had together. Observe others that have participated in these experiences. Observe from the eyes of the other, from the heart of the other. Allow yourself to fully immerse in the experience of all the participants and see that you are all one, that you all are the victim, the villain and the hero. You all are none of these roles, roles purely played in order to evolve and to grow, in order to reach a specific realization, so important that this relationship can not be omitted. It can not be suppressed or run away from.

The work is in front of you. It will require courage. It will require solitude and silence. It will require a deep desire to resolve, to realize, and to grow. It will not require the other individual to come to these realizations, yet you will find benefit walking this path together. Your realizations ultimately will impact the other, and theirs will impact yours. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
I was told that some illnesses are part of a soul-contract. Is that true? And if so, is that why some people don’t get healing, even though they are living a spiritual life and having a healthy diet? I’ve been working on my inner child, past unresolved issues, et cetera — but I can’t heal my stomach ulcer.”

Certain illnesses and misalignments are indeed an agreed upon choice by the soul that enters into human form. These choices are made in order to bring the individual on a journey of awakening, on a journey of self realization.

Every step forward, every step towards this self-realization journey will bring forth stronger alignments, in the body, in the mind, in the heart, and in the energetic-spiritual container. Every alignment will fuel a more optimal function within the physical form, within the emotional and mental form. And, misalignments will start to resolve, one by one. The journey can truly extend beyond a single lifetime, yet most misalignments will find their alignment in this lifetime.

If walked appropriately, if walked with devotion, if walked with dedication, knowing and understanding that no limitations will hold you from your self realization journey, even the misalignments of your physical, emotional, and mental constructs are merely fuel for your realization, are merely support for your growth and evolution.

Receive the learnings from your misalignment. Be grateful, send your attention of love your attention of gratitude towards the misalignment, at all times. Embrace it as your awakening teacher, and you shall see the transformation unfold. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
I know that many of us are feeling very deep alignment in this work. What is it that we are feeling that is different from other work or modalities that we have done prior? Why does this feel so deeply different?

This work is delivered on our promise to support humanity in its evolution, in its acceleration of growth. In this particular way, in this particular format, humanity has not received this level of interventions before. The interventions will become even more intensified, even more impactful, as this host and vessel will improve in its capabilities and capacities. The work itself comes with authorizations of the highest forms of consciousness. It is indeed perceived to be a delivery in the support of humanity’s Ascension process.

While there are many openings and forms of support from higher realms, as well as other forms of consciousness, other forms of civilizations, this work is indeed a collaboration of the Alliance that has been formed within higher forms of consciousness to deliver in this particular form, through this particular host and vessel. You have seen and experienced, felt and understood the power in which it is delivered to you.

Many others will start to feel the impact of this work short term, as well as longer term. The benefits will become apparent and many will join to receive their transformation, will become a transformative agent for many others, as you will become a vehicle of this light as well. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
In the self-realization journey, can you speak about the “clear light” realization, seeing the “clear light within,” and how we can achieve this? And, does Kundalini play a role in this?

In the self-realization journey on this particular path, in this particular delivery, you will be aligned and connected to a form of energy delivered at a specific frequency to you — directly to you. And those that have cleared the mental constructs, the emotional constructs, and increased the levels of energies within will start to see more clearly this light that is directed at you. This light that you are connected to. It is the light of creation. It is the light that is accessible by all existing beings.

Yet, very few will come to the levels of clarity required to see this light, and this is your practice. It is your devotion and dedication to find deeper levels of clarity, deeper levels of silence, and deeper levels of presence. And the light shall become visible. The impact of this light is independent of its ability to be seen. It is present with you, and for some, it will be sensed; for some, it will be heard; for some, it will be intrinsically known that it is present.

Continued evolution, continued dedication, continued silence, continuing to receive these alignments will support in not only seeing the light, but truly increasing your capacity to receive even further, even more. The capacities of your entire being are beyond your comprehension, are beyond the ability to fully understand with the mind. They will be experienced. As, with this work, you will grow and you will grow to receive to your full potential. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I heard some guides say that the job of a healer is to inspire the allowing of a person to receive the healing, to inspire the trust that he will be healed — and that everything else is smoke and mirrors. What actually happens when healing another person? Thank you.

Healing itself, as a modality to support another human being to come into alignment, comes in various forms. Merely your presence, silence, your attention to another human being could truly bring alignment into their lives. The direction of your love towards another human being, the direction of your light, the direction of your life-force can bring alignment to another human being. The presence of your being, opened, in altered state, to receive the energies and the wisdom for another human being could truly bring alignment to this individual.

As you can see, [there are] many different ways to deliver healing and alignment to another being. It is not for us to judge, which form of healing is a “true” healing. The human capacity, the human potential is beyond [what] most healers have ever seen or experienced. In its development, an individual that is on the journey to serve other humans will start to understand that the less they are, the more they align themselves, and the more they align others.

A deeper sense of clarity brings an increased sense of presence. This increased sense of presence will be the ultimate transformative agent for others. The power is within you, and the intrinsic sense of true service will start to rise as you evolve on the self-realization journey, and no conditions to deliver your gifts will be relevant for the individuals to receive, and for you to deliver. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
There are so many instructions available to us for self-realization. I can’t help but feel these things are very much from a human perspective and can be much simpler. What is the truth of how to attain self-realization from the higher perspective that is effective and true to our nature as humans?

It is indeed the simpler the guidance, the simpler the instructions, the easier it will be for the individual to follow, consistently and continuously, this journey of self-realization. The self-realization journey occurs with conscious effort and without conscious effort. Conscious effort will indeed increase the pace at which milestones and realizations are reached.

Most realizations require inner contemplation, reflection, and silence. Many realizations can occur within the pace of nature, in solitude. Some realizations will occur in resting phases, during sleep, during meditation. Some realizations will occur based on the adjustments that we provide, as the mental construct, and the emotional construct is indeed set to move towards realization.

Resistance, internal conditioning, barriers, and limiting beliefs, shame, guilt — as well as the roles that you have chosen to play, as victim, villain, and savior, will be in the way of these realizations to come to [the] surface. All of these elements must be reflected upon as well. Once they are perceived as teachers, then the realizations will start to emerge, and a new sense of presence, a new sense of love will start to unfold within you.

Embrace this new alignment, embrace this new level of presence. And, until you sense this deep peace inside, until you sense each realization truly arriving, continue to focus on the alignments necessary in your life. Allow every moment to bring forth a new alignment, allow every moment to support your evolution, to support your growth. This is our recommendation in its simplest form. Bring conscious effort to your evolution in human form, and you will see the results.

Some pathways, some methods will be easier than others. Some methods will resonate with you right now, and some at a later time. Receiving this work, receiving the support of others, receiving the support of previous lineages, is indeed your choice. And, this journey can be walked alone as well. Yet, in its highest probability, receiving this work in its most direct way, in its most optimized way for you, will bring the highest potential to reach the milestones of self-realization in the quickest and most effective way. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
What are your recommendations for working with the energies of panic that can arise inside us?

Panic is the exaggeration of fear, the understanding that your environment is not safe to operate within, that the environment is not conducive for survival and for growth. Fear then turns into an exaggerated version of itself. The energy moves into panic, an immediate survival reaction of “fight or flight” will be initiated. And, while the circumstances might not match the actual reaction that is being established within, the panic and the fears are real for the individual.

In order to reset this function, one must go into the deeper elements of psyche, as well as the emotional constructs to understand the wiring that has been established to create the fears that fuel the panic. The fear is established at [a] young age, the fear is established through conditioning as well as society, through education and the past lineages.

[The fear] must be observed in its purest and most neutral way, understanding the fears that have been formed that you have inherited is the key to resetting the reaction of panic in the first place. The fear is a teacher that has not been fully understood yet. Panic is the execution of that misunderstood fear.

Breathe deeply and slowly, allow your nervous system to understand that, truly, you are not in danger; that your life is precious and that your life is held, that you are meant to receive the Love of Creation in this human form, in this very moment. Allow this breath to reduce your heart rate, to reduce the functions of survival within your body, and these deep breaths will become the baseline for your power to navigate the immediate reaction of panic until the fears are transmuted into realizations. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this work, for your dedication to growth, for your dedication to life, for your dedication to humanity’s evolution and Ascension process.

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