Transmission Series – Week #8: Growth and Evolution – June 24th

NOTE: You will find part II of the video at the bottom of this transcript.

Greetings. I’m Raphael. You have come this far in your life, experiencing various forms of growth: You have experienced the growth in the physical human body, from birth, through childhood, teenage years, and grown up years. You have experienced the growth of your mind — learning, knowledge, experience, memories, the expansion of your creativity, your thought processes, the strategies and the ego constructs of the mind. You have experienced growth of your heart, understanding your own connection to love within you, the connection of love to all those around you, a deep bond to the guardians and the parents of your growing process, love in its conditional and unconditional forms. You have experienced how your emotional being grew over time, made space for even deeper explorations — a nuanced understanding of love, a nuanced understanding of the full spectrum of emotions. You have experienced the growth of your energetic and spiritual construct, deeper levels of presence, and energetic presence, a beauty about yourself that is beyond your physical, emotional, or mental representation — the energy that you represent – the essence of your being coming through you.

This is the growth of various forms of your being. All combined you are one individual experiencing growth on many different levels.

A point in your existence will come, and for some has come, where an intrinsic guiding force will request a deeper inquiry into your life, into your existence — a deeper understanding of the meaning of your life, the purpose of your life — who you are beyond the person that you see, beyond the person that you feel, beyond the person that you think you are.

This inquiry will lead to a growth that is entirely different than the other forms of growth that you have experienced in your lifetime. This is the growth, the intrinsic desire of evolution of your consciousness. Your consciousness evolves through the experiences that you find yourself [in] in this lifetime, through the realizations that occur through each of these experiences. Each realization feeds your evolution, feeds your expansion. This journey is what we refer to as the self-realization journey of the individual, a significant and critical aspect of your evolution as an individual and as a collective.

You are established in a way to experience this self-realization process naturally. Naturally, you grow and evolve, and at times this growth can be inhibited. By the ways the mind obstructs the most obvious next step, by the way the heart obstructs clear silence, by the way the body has not been taken care of in the right ways. These obstructions are natural as well. They are part of exploring the importance of inner alignment, as this alignment will allow for the self realization process to unfold in a graceful and easier way. You will be guided to realizations that are required to be had for this guidance to be truly present in your life.

A certain level of quiet, contemplation of silence, of reflection, is required so that the experiences that you have had have the time and opportunity to truly bear fruit. Each step of your evolution therefore is intrinsically tied to your realizations. Allow yourself to have this priority in life. Allow yourself to see, to witness, and observe in all the ways you have been defined, in all the ways that you are able to expand this definition, in all the ways that you are an ever-growing, ever-expanding being in human form. Allow this evolution of your being to take place, the evolution of your consciousness, the expansion of your consciousness, a deeper understanding, a deeper experience, a deeper presence in human form.

You are able to grow until the very end. You are able to change, expand, and transform until the very end. You are able to self-realize until the very end. No moment is ever lost. Every moment carries the potential and the opportunity for an important realization to occur, to fuel your evolution, to fuel your growth process. This is the gift that we provide to you; a support in your evolution, a support in your growth as an individualized soul, in a collective consciousness, within the temporary human experience.

Receive this gift with an open heart, an open mind, an open energetic presence. Allow this gift to fully be integrated and supportive of your process, of your life, of the lives of those around you, and all the lives that will be touched by you and your evolution. Thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. As you have witnessed, your life is about to change. It has been continuously changing since the beginning, and yet here you are in an extensive and powerful transformational moment in your existence as a collective. Human consciousness, and you as a representative of this human form, will undergo significant changes, significant transformation — probably the most significant evolutionary step in human consciousness in human existence.

In this transformational stage, your individual evolution is the key to the evolution of the collective. Your growth process, your evolution process, your self-realization and your Ascension process becomes an important element of life at this stage of humanity’s existence. As you have started to see significant changes arise — environmental changes, cosmological changes, and changes in societal awareness, changes within your own awareness, changes in the collective perspective — you will start to understand that this transformational process within you is a key element to embracing the changes to arise, to receiving the changes with grace, to allowing change to become a natural aspect of your growth, a natural aspect of your evolution.

How you walk through these transformational steps becomes your choosing. Every step of the way challenges can induce pain, suffering; changes can induce resistance, defensiveness, mistrust, despair. When you start to experience these emotions, these states of your mind that I have mentioned, take your time for reflection, for understanding the inner workings of your being.

What is arising within me? What is the driving force of my discomfort? Is it truly the circumstances or is it a deeper truth? What are the fears that arise? What are the doubts and the worries that arise?

Can you allow yourself to see the truth of your own being? Can you learn from these moments of challenge? Can you grow from the challenges that you face? Can you evolve from the challenges that you experience?

All evolution and growth is initiated through an impulse of the outside, an impulse that brings forth aspects of your being that keep you in this current state, the state that becomes the status quo of your moment. The impulses from outside, therefore challenge the status quo of your being. Some of these impulses will be regarded as grand challenges. Some of the impulses will bring forth slight discomfort. Some challenges will be easier to accept than others. Yet all challenges will be fuel for growth. All challenges are established in a way for you to embrace your evolution, to embrace the evolution of humanity.

As you witness and observe the circumstances, the challenges and the transformations within you, you start to become present, you start to become receiving, transforming, and self-realizing in every moment. You allow change to be your friend, you allow the current moment to fully unfold, and the next moments to be undefined. You allow life to accelerate in ways that humanity has not experienced before. You allow the status quo to be challenged, to be restructured, to be reestablished, and to evolve.

This is the moment of your evolution — as an individual, as a family, as a community, as a nation, as a collective of human consciousness. This is your moment.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
When facing loved ones who seem closed to, or even opposed to exploring their spiritual nature, do you have any guidance on how to encourage their growth and evolution? Thank you.

Every individual faces the challenges of transformation in a different way. Every individual must overcome their own barriers of their mind, of their heart, of their body and of their energetic-spiritual construct. Every individual is on [a] unique journey. No specific particular way will meet every individual, every individual’s requests and needs, at every given moment.

First, display compassion, kindness, and love for those that are in their status quo. For those that experience life the way they do experience life. Become present with them. Feel their feelings. See through their eyes. Allow yourself to immerse your being [into] their moment. Become truly present with them. Allow them to be the way they are, with no necessity to change, to direct, to guide, to fix any aspect of their being.

Second, allow yourself to drop into a deeper level of presence, a presence of the very moment that forgoes the existence of the past and the existence of the future, a deep level of presence that forgoes even your own personality, your own ego construct, deeply seeing, observing, and witnessing the individual in front of you as the perfection that they are, with all the imperfections that they carry, with all the aspects that they have learned, and all the aspects that they have yet to learn.

This level of presence will inadvertently start to impact the individual in front of you. They might feel a level of comfort and love they have not felt before. They might feel a level of discomfort that they have not felt before. In this inner conflict between the comfort and the discomfort of your presence, a seed will be planted, a spark, an opening will be established.

As you continue to develop this presence with as many individuals around you as possible, you will start to see the shifts and the changes that they are willing to bring into their lives, the changes that they’re willing to embrace and accept. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
I have been feeling a constant buzzing in my body for the last couple of weeks. What could this be? Do we have excessive energy coming into the universe at present? Could this be the cause of the buzzing I feel? Thank you.

The increased levels of frequency and energy on this plane will bring forth noticeable and visceral experiences in the human body. The energetic bodies of your being will start to increase in charge and frequency, which in return will be visceral for most of those that are sensitive. The physical body will experience this increase of energy as fuel, and for some as a discomfort.

Most individuals’ human form is not adjusted to high levels of energy that is moving through this plane currently. Most individuals must start practices to expand their energetic bodies, to clear the energetic lines of their bodies, and to increase the capacity of energy that can be held within their bodies. This will reduce the discomfort as the energy levels rise. Additionally, the energy that is now available will become fuel for internal transformation. It will become fuel for a stronger physical presence, for a stronger emotional and mental presence, for a deeper alignment, and, ultimately, a better wellbeing. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Are there entities or energies from outside our plane of existence seeking to inhibit or deter our individual species’ growth and evolution? If so, why? And, are we advised to avoid them?

In all of existence, light and dark, forces of creation, and forces of destruction will be part of the evolutionary process of a species. In this case, humanity’s experience has been impacted by forces of material and of non-material kind. Other forms of consciousness have influenced humanity in creative ways, as well as in destructive ways.

Interactions of this kind are limited, yet possible. Interactions of this kind will force change; will be an impulse for growth. Some interactions of highly potent forces will be inhibited. Other interactions of similar levels of consciousness will be allowed.

The interaction with material and of non-material consciousness is an important interplay in humanity’s evolution. Every evolving species requires the impulse from outside. As you have witnessed in nature, evolution continuously requires the environment to provide certain impulses, to allow for change, to allow for transformation, and to allow for growth to happen.

One can perceive outside influence as a negative force challenging the status quo. One can perceive outside influence as fuel for evolution. In the right balance, it will serve you. In the right frame of mind, it will be beneficial. Even destructive forces can be a beneficial aspect of growth and of evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
In some meditations, you suggest a specific body position, such as sitting, or laying down with palms facing up. From your perspective, what determines the best body position for a particular meditation, or how does the body position elevate the benefits of a meditation? Thank you.

Meditations that require the sitting position are important to initiate a certain state of the mind while the body is awake and present. These states that can be reached during a sitting position are different in their nature than the states that can be reached when the body is in a resting position. The resting meditations are indeed deeper states that your consciousness can reach and achieve. In these deeper states of consciousness, the human form can be adjusted in ways that cannot be established during the seated position. It is merely an automated concept of your physical form that induces a certain altered states of your mind.

This is the reasoning for the various different positions that we have suggested for various different reasons of the work of adjustments. Your consciousness is intrinsically integrated into your physical form. The mind, the heart, operate on the readiness of the body to receive. The body will provide the right context for the consciousness to change its state. This way, you can establish deeper relaxation states by lying and allowing your consciousness to expand in ways it will not be expanding while sitting. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How do you know if someone negatively affects your energy and you should just move on?

There is no direct answer to your question. Both ways are possible and acceptable. In the way that you accept the challenge, in the way that you allow yourself to receive the challenge, the impact of another individual, to allow you to grow, and to allow the opportunity of this challenge to impact you in your evolution. In another pathway you choose, you choose to omit this experience with this relationship in this form, and in this moment you prioritize a different form of experience.

If the nature of this experience with this individual is a deep and intrinsic learning that is required to be had, the experience will return in similar form with another individual and relationship at a later time and you will be faced with a similar learning that is required to be had. And, once again, it will be your choice to take on the challenge to transform internally, or to omit — and most likely return to the same experience at a future time. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
During an energetic alignment, is it possible that you might bring up a virus your body was holding on to?

In these energetic alignments, the frequency of your being is raised. All elements, all beings, all energetic forces that do not belong into the most aligned version of yourself will be brought to surface. The alignment and the energy that you will be connected to will allow for these aspects that are on the surface to be removed, one step at a time. The removal might take several days or several weeks to complete, yet all parts of your being are now aware of the presence of a foreign energy, the presence of a misalignment, the presence of an unprocessed emotion, of an unprocessed thought. And the mind, the heart, as well as the body will start to activate their natural processes to complete the full alignment of your being, the full recovery of your being.

The intelligence that is integrated in your being is beyond most individuals’ experience and comprehension. This intelligence is activated in these alignment sessions that we provide. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Since COVID began, I haven’t been able to fall asleep or stay asleep. My nervous system and energy system are elevated. And, even though I’m meditating, exercising, and clearing energy after work, my heart is elevated. How can I slow down my system?

Explore in your meditations the fears that are arising for the circumstances that are at hand. Your sensitivity allows you to experience and feel the collective’s emotions. Allow yourself to feel what is present. Allow yourself to experience the despair, the sadness, the fears, and the worries, the sorrow and the grief. Feel for a moment what the collective is feeling, allow your system to move these feelings through you.

Do not resist, and do not hold on to these feelings. You will see that as you allow these emotions to move through, they will no longer be stagnant and persistent in your own system. The function of the emotional and the energetic body is to allow emotions and energy to move through the way water flows through a river. Imagine the emotions of yourself that are arising, the emotions of the collective that are arising, to be the water that moves through you being the riverbed. This is the practice I recommend to you. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
I have been going on hikes, and certain locations catch my attention. How can I tell if a place is sacred or energetically significant? Do you have any advice on what offerings I could make or actions I can take to honor these places?

Your energetic sensitivity is increasing. This energetic sensitivity will immediately bring to attention the places that you consider to be highly charged and highly energetic. These places served of high importance in humanity’s evolution, and in humanity’s growth, therefore considered sacred.

At these high intensity places, first, place yourself in the most charged spot. Allow yourself to become fully present. Quiet your mind, your heart, and your body. Feel the potency, the consistency, and the vibrancy of this particular energy field. Allow the intelligence of your energetic body to receive the energy accordingly.

In the right way, your body will integrate the benefits of this particular place. These places that are considered to be sacred require no particular action on your end, your gratitude, your offerings, are for yourself. It is your honoring of yourself in interaction with the gifts that are provided to you. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
In the past, you have stated that the Ascension process of humanity “has started.” Approximately how long will this process last? Will it complete in our lifetimes?

At this current rate, the Ascension process will complete within your lifetime. The changes on this plane, the environmental changes, the evolution of consciousness — all of your actions carry an importance as a variable adjusting this particular timeline. The highest probability of the Ascension process to complete will be within the next 50 years. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
What is Kundalini energy? Is it the soul energy, or are those two different energies? Is it the soul energy or are those two, Kundalini energy and soul energy, different energies?

Kundalini is the energy that is within your system that is able to connect to the energy of this earth, to the energy of all of existence. The combination of your internal, as well as the external energies, will allow for a potent force to arise. This potent force will make itself visible and accessible as electricity, as heat, as warmth, as light, even as a sensation of love and ecstasy.

Kundalini can be experienced in multiple forms. It is not correlated to your soul container, yet it is an aspect of this, physical-energetic complex that you are given for this current lifetime. This energetic-physical complex that you have allows for the Kundalini force to rise, allows for it to be held, allows for it to move through your being.

The intelligence that is established within your being knows and understands the rising of Kundalini force, and will direct the energy in the ways that are required in your system — movement of your arms, movement of your legs, movement of your upper body, contractions, are all natural. And part of this intelligence understands the rising of the energy to be a beneficial force for your evolution.

Allow the rising of Kundalini within your system to provide continuous awakening processes, continuous fuel for your consciousness to expand and reach higher planes of consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Over the years, I have become very worried, with climate change and the damage to the environment. Is there still hope that human awakening will arrive on time so we can take more care of our planet?

The evolution of consciousness and the maturity of your consciousness as humanity will indeed influence your actions. Your habitation of this planet will rise in your understanding of existence on this planet. You will start to understand in all the ways coexistence is an important aspect of embracing the gifts that this environment provides to you. The infinite and unconditional love of this planet eventually will be understood by the human mind, by the human heart, and human consciousness. As a result, collectively, and in unified ways, you will start to make better decisions about your environmental situations.

As you have seen, humanity has been evolving in this regard — and more evolution is required. The evolution of consciousness will impact the evolution of your actions. Once all of your actions have adjusted, the Earth will understand and receive the impact of these actions. Recovery will be visceral and visible. The Earth’s ability to recover is beyond your ability to fully measure and understand. The Earth has recovered many times before. Your concern is mostly about humanity’s ability to survive the changes that it is causing itself. The changes that you witness will not be detrimental before the Ascension process is completed. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
I feel that I don’t know myself, I don’t know my purpose, I don’t know who I am. Can you kindly recommend a technique to retrieve the memories of who I truly am? Thank you.

You have come to a place in your life to ask important questions. Honor yourself to be in this very moment, even though the emotions and thoughts, your judgments and opinions, might be very present with you. Honor yourself for being here. Honor yourself for being alive. Honor yourself for being loved. Display gratitude in ways that you have not before. Allow this practice of gratitude to define your day, from the morning until the evening, until your last conscious thought before you fall asleep.

This practice alone will transform your level of presence, your level of perspective on life. It will start to ease your emotions. It will start to ease your thoughts. And, with that, your body will rest, recover, and realign. This is a good first step for you to embrace and practice until you start to feel the expansion of your consciousness, which in itself allows the answers to your questions to come to surface. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
Martha asks: Warm greetings, Emmanuel. Might you speak of humanity’s fall from grace, a belief that exists in several religious teachings, and how it relates to this Ascension process? Thank you.

Humanity has experienced life in many different ways — emotions, thoughts, actions, have defined [this experience]. Certain actions were then established to be in positive and negative, constructive and destructive. Some individuals have understood that the Ascension process requires the individual to reach certain states of realizations. These states of realizations will require internal reflection, will require the contemplation of thoughts, the purification of the mind, of the heart, and of the physical body.

Furthermore, the individuals that have understood that the Ascension process starts with the individual, the individual self-realization journey, have established rules, guidelines, and directives to support the awakening process, the self-realization process and the Ascension process of [the] human collective.

Some of these guidelines were established in rigid, in narrow perspectives. Fear was utilized as a driving force for motivation. It was observed that fear was an important impulse to create change within an individual. Yet as human consciousness started to evolve, the techniques and methods that were established originally no longer had effect.

It was understood that the techniques with fear, while well-intended, did not serve the individual’s purification process, the individual’s self-realization process; a certain plateau was reached. The time has come for humanity to understand that this self-realization journey is an intrinsic evolutionary step.

Through the rising of the energies on this plane, as well as through the changes that are established within every single individual — the purification of the mind, of the heart, of the body, the realignment of the individual — the self-realization and the Ascension process of humanity will be naturally and organically fueled.

While the ancient ways have served, new ways will arise. New practices, and a deeper inner knowing of the individual will guide the individual’s journey. A deep understanding of what is required for the next step will be your guiding light. Appreciate the work, the intentions of the past generations to support humanity as best as they could, in the way they understood the Ascension process.

Allow yourself to find your way. Allow yourself to explore the resonance of your being with the methods that are available to you, the practices that are available to you, and embrace the journey of your evolution. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have prioritized for your own growth, for your own evolution, for the evolution of consciousness, as through you, humanity evolves.


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