Transmission Series – Week #8: Growth and Evolution – June 27th

Greetings. I’m Raphael. This evolutionary journey that you’re on as a human collective goes beyond your biological evolution. It is an evolution of your consciousness, where mind, heart and the body are transcended. Your consciousness expands in ways that the human mind cannot fully comprehend. Your consciousness is part of the entirety of human collective. The evolution of the individual is therefore a key factor in the evolution of the entirety of the collective. You are part of this collective and your responsibility becomes your own evolution.

This is an important first stage of your gift to humanity. Dedicating yourself, your time, your energy, your resources, your presence for your own evolution, for your own growth, in all the ways that you can perceive growth, in all the ways that you can feel the impact of growth. You allow growth to impact your mental, emotional, physical, and energetic-spiritual bodies. You allow growth to impact the way you feel, the way you think, and the way you act, you allow behaviors and habits to change. You allow perspectives and beliefs to shift. You allow a deeper alignment within, to become even more present in this very moment.

Once you accept the challenge of growth and evolution for yourself, the benefits will arise, benefits for yourself. The evolution of your being will impact all of your relationships, most importantly, your relationship with yourself, your relationship with all of existence, your relationship with this Earth, with this home of humanity, your relationship with higher consciousness, and the way it relates to human consciousness, your relationship with your own essence — the parts of you that are beyond the comprehension of the mind.

This is your journey, and every step of the journey will bring forth new learnings, new realizations, new emotions. At times you will be challenged with the past. At times, you will be challenged with the expectations of the future. At times you will be challenged by the actions of others. Yet can you come to a place of internal alignment, of internal peace, to view all of these challenges as part of your evolution, to view all that arises as fuel and opportunity for your growth.

This is when the journey itself becomes a powerful ally in your life. Your love for yourself, your love for others, your love for life will transform as you embrace all elements of yourself, all elements of humanity, as lovable. Despite your agreements, despite your disagreements, despite your opinions and judgments, despite your beliefs and perspectives, can you still love? Can you extend compassion? Can you perceive all that arises as an act of love for you? These concepts may be challenging for the human mind to accept. Yet you will – as you move continuously on this self-realization journey, be more accepting of this truth: that even the most difficult situations are an act of love.

You are here, as you have chosen to be on this journey and to receive this work that we provide. Our support for you is an aligning and delivering this energetic transmission, providing a deeper alignment within your being, allowing for you to see all of the aspects of yourself that may have fallen out of alignment over the time of your existence in this incarnation.

Receive this work with an open heart, with an open mind, and accept even the challenging aspects that arise as an act of love. Thank you for listening to my words. Thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. You have witnessed yourself evolve over the times of being born, being a child, being a teenager, being a grownup, an adult, maturing consistently, yet seemingly imperceivable, the changes that happen within you. Yet every second, every moment of your life, evolution is present, growth is present, realizations are present.

Some functions of your evolution are automated to support you in the experience that you’re having as a human being. Some functions of evolution are of organic and natural continuity. Some aspects of evolution will require attention and conscious choices, presence. The parts of you that require attention and conscious choices are parts that only you can fully understand, only you can truly see.

The parts of you that require evolution and growth are the parts that are often the most prevalent in your life. The most prevalent emotion, the most prevalent thought, the most prevalent desire, the most prevalent need, the most prevalent behaviors and habits, the most prevalent belief. As you can see, all aspects of yourself can evolve and are continuously present with you. You may let some of these aspects of yourself sit for a while with you, accompany you on the journey of human experience.

Yet a time will come where evolution and growth of these parts will be required. A requirement of your soul, an intrinsic desire to evolve, an intrinsic evolutionary behavior. How will you go about the parts of yourself that require growth? How will you evolve? From every moment of your experiences to the next moment, can you perceive even the slightest evolutionary step that you are making? Can you perceive the nuances of your thoughts, the emotional shifts, the physical shifts? Can you allow yourself to be fully present with the evolution that is happening within you?

This does indeed require presence and your attention. Some elements of yourself will evolve without conscious effort. Some elements will require effort in the right balance. You will observe the continuity of your evolution, the progress of your expansion, the deeper connections that you establish within yourself, the deeper connections you established with others. Allow this evolution to take place, perceive the evolution of your being as a positive aspect of growth and change. Allow change to be part of your life, to be a companion on the journey of transformation, on the journey of self realization. Do not resist, do not suppress; do not ignore and omit that which arises within you. It is indeed part of your evolution.

You have chosen to be ready for this journey. All that have chosen to be ready are in human form. You have chosen to have this human experience, this human life, including the challenges that you experience. You have chosen and to learn, and to feel, to transform and to realize from all that arrives in your life, that arrives in relationship.

Accept the choices that you have made, even if you don’t remember them consciously. Allow a deeper level of presence to be part of your evolutionary journey and receive from every moment, receive from every interaction receive from every aspect of your life.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
My son would like to know what happens to the spirits of animals when they die. Do they undergo a similar evolution of their consciousness as human souls do?

When a living animal passes, its soul is returned into the consciousness field of this particular animal. All animals share an entire consciousness field, where they are segmented into their own branches. An individual animal’s soul will then reset and return into a new form. Most animals will return into the same form that they have previously. Some animals will transfer into other forms. Indeed, evolution happens for animal consciousness, as well; a deeper understanding of its existence, of its purpose, and of its presence. The evolution of animal consciousness, the evolution of plant consciousness, and all other forms of consciousness that humanity co-exists with is continuously evolving.

Their evolution supports your evolution, and your evolution supports theirs. It is truly an ecosystem that is symbiotic. The consciousness of all beings that are alive on this planet, on this plane, are very close to human consciousness, are accessible by human consciousness, and continuously interchange. The connection with animals, therefore, is beyond a physical, emotional, or mental experience. It is a consciousness evolution that occurs in the interaction, and in the connection between humans, and all forms of consciousness that is in materialized form on this planet. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
I mostly understand the connection among all humans. If we are many parts of a whole, how are you Raphael and other beings connected to humanity?

Humanity was seeded by five different forms of consciousness. We are part of one form that has provided the original aspects of human consciousness. Our connection is therefore deep. You are part of us. We are part of you. Intrinsically connected, yet separate enough so that human consciousness can evolve by itself as a sovereign, autonomous form of consciousness.

We have understood that consciousness can grow in its own way, expand and learn, realize, only when the interactions and the interventions are selective, and with the right regulations. Therefore, our interactions and interventions are limited, are selective, and regulated.

Human consciousness by itself is its own form, independent of the fact that once it was prepared and seeded. It included parts of our experience and our essence. You will grow to become a form of consciousness that in itself creates new forms. You will become a creator yourself, of your own. You will provide the seeds for new forms of consciousness as you evolve, as you expand. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
My 13 month old nephew has been vaccinated today. He’s having a fever. My sister gets upset when I mention that vaccines may cause health problems. How can I help our little boy energetically? Or, how can the little boy not be harmed by the vaccine? Thank you.

Humanity will always make choices for its own wellbeing; for its perceived wellbeing. And the many choices humanity has made over the many generations and civilizations that it has existed. Some of these choices, even though well-intended, were not beneficial to bring forth a deeper alignment. Some choices were indeed beneficial and in deeper alignment.

Ultimately this plane, this Earth, provides all the solutions for misalignments of the body. Everything is available to you. The accomplishments of modern medicine, the accomplishments of modern science, are not to be dismissed. It is an important evolutionary aspect of humanity to understand how life creates, recreates, heals, and evolves. Yet, even in the most knowledgeable aspects of science, the evolution of learning and expansion grows. The level of understanding of life is still limited, considering the vast knowledge required to fully understand and comprehend life as it is. Therefore, understanding and accepting the limitations of modern science is a healthy stance.

Humanity’s understanding of medicine exceeded some aspects of modern medicine in the past — populations that have lived close with nature, that have communicated with the consciousness of nature, that have received the messages and the properties of healing and alignment from nature — much of this wisdom has been lost, forgotten, misunderstood, and abused.

Allow yourself to receive the benefits of your evolution of your consciousness, of your understanding of modern science and modern medicine. Allow yourself to expand into the knowledge of the past civilizations that have understood a deep and intrinsic connection to nature, the way life evolves, repairs, and heals with the understanding [of] the intrinsic knowledge of this Earth.

For you, most importantly, understand that no matter what arises, you have the choice, the choice to evolve in a natural way, the choice to accept the consequences of your path. Not every action will suit every individual. Not every solution will meet every individual’s situation. Not every misalignment has one single solution. Therefore, the journey to recovery, to healing, as well as to realignment, is a continuous iteration of adjustments, a continuous learning, and, in itself, an evolutionary journey.

Presence, attention, and love can truly be transformative by themselves, and it can provide the foundation necessary for the healing of another individual. Additionally, understanding the healing properties of this Earth, all the elements that it provides for you to realign. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
What shall we do if our growth and evolution takes us to decisions in our life that may hurt others?

Evolution and growth will always bring forth actions and decisions that will challenge the status quo of any situation, of your situation, of the situation and the moment of others; challenges of this kind are natural. The mind, the heart, the body will resist some of the decisions that are being made that will impact them, especially when it comes to emotional bonds, to relationships — decisions that a single individual makes will have an impact on all of those that are emotionally bonded and connected. They may perceive this choice that you make as an attack, as inconsiderate, potentially as dismissive or abusive, yet it is merely your choice.

It is the way you seek and hope to find a deeper alignment in your life. A path of growth and evolution that may or may not include the other. By itself, the choice is innocent, and if delivered with compassion, it may be received well. If delivered in a way that does not consider the emotional bond that exists, it may be perceived as hurtful or painful.

Allow yourself to fully understand the bond that is established. Do not just deliver the choices that you make — understand the position and the place that the others are. Allow them to potentially join you in the journey, to expand alongside with you, provide support for their evolution, and you will see that evolving together will become more graceful than evolving alone. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How do we differentiate between the voice of our spirit guides, and our own voice?

The mind is overactive — on continuous observation, continuous judgment, continuous communication, expectation for the next moment, processing of the previous moments — in those moments of an active mind, you will not be able to distinguish the voices of the mind [from] voices of your essence, or voices of higher realms.

First, the mind will require to be settled and quieted; relaxed. Voices of the mind will always carry requirements for the individual self — desires, needs, concerns, worries, fears, judgments, and opinions. All of those functions of the mind connect closely to the ego construct that is established.

The voices of your essence, voices of higher realms will carry a different tonality. The messages will be simple. The messages will be direct. The messages will be focused often on expansion, on love, on inclusion, on compassion, on presence and alignment. You will feel the difference of these messages, as they will carry a different weight. As they will arrive in your being in a stronger way a message from your essence, a message from higher realms will land, not just in your mind, but also in your heart and in your body.

With practice, you will see the difference more clearly. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Can you say anything about Saint Germain and the concept of the violet flame? Will invoking it, bring benefit to humanity’s Ascension? Thank you.

Saint Germain has lived as an individual that has self-realized in the human form, ascended into a form to support humanity that is often considered the group of Ascended Masters. His presence continues to impact humanity. His service continues to be present for those that connect with him.

The learnings, the realizations he has formed are present through the transmissions of his being. The methods of connecting to the transmissions from Saint Germain may vary. Some include the invocation of the violet flame; the light that is transmitted through his presence, the energy that is present through the invocation has properties for transforming the individual, transforming emotions, transforming the past, increasing the frequency of an individual, increasing the frequency of groups of individuals.

This is indeed a service to humanity, as well as the Ascension process of mankind. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
This is my first time here, and it’s the first time I’ve seen something I have done in my own meditations — breathing, hand movements, and eye rolling. What is the best way to regard these actions in my own practice?

The energy that moves through you is the energy of higher planes. The blueprint of your physical form, as well as your energetic body, is familiar with the energy of higher planes. It will automatically adjust to the energy that flows through you in those moments of connection. These automatic movements are natural. The body, the energetic body, is familiar, intrinsically knowing of these movements.

The positions that it will take are in order to receive a certain frequency, a certain type of energy, allowing yourself to move in a certain way will not just open the energy channels of your energetic body, but also allow for an increase of your capacity to hold higher and stronger forms of energy. The stronger your energetic body develops, the more you can hold in the present moment, the more you can transmit in your presence to others. This is the power that lies in every individual, and you have started this journey. Trust. Allow it to be. Understand there is an intelligence at work beyond the mind’s comprehension. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Can you give guidance for those of us working with indigenous peoples and refugees who face huge injustice and destruction of the ecosystems they have lived in and live with for so long?

In a dualistic world, it is understandable that certain actions will impact others positively and negatively. The judgments are necessary to navigate living as a society, and as a collective, thriving together. This continuous battle for balance, this continuous battle for harmony and peace, will continue until the very end of human existence.

It is for individuals like yourselves to display, compassion, and love, even in the most challenging moments, even when justice is not served, even in the face of pain, even in the face of the most emotional experiences, compassion, presence, kindness will transform the emotions that are held by those that are present with you.

Your level of presence will allow them to transform, to expand, and to realize — beyond your level of justice, your level of agreement, beyond your level of action — deep presence, allowing them to be, allowing them to see, and to feel, you may choose to feel alongside with them. You may choose to experience what they have experienced to fully understand. You may choose to transform the emotions on their behalf. Yet these aspects are not required in the highest states of presence. You will provide the energetic field for them to be heard, to be felt, and to be able to self-realize, to be able to realize the experiences that they have had so that the opening of the next moments will carry many more possibilities.

In the dual experience, bringing a counter energy to an existing energy will only increase the power of the counter energy. What if there is no fight to be fought? What if all that has happened, happened [as] a moment? What if it is understood that every moment has served an important purpose to learn, to grow, for every single individual human being, not just the ones affected? What if all human beings could see, could feel and realize learning within the experience of a few? These type of realizations of collective nature will transform the moments to come, will transform the actions to come, will transform humanity. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
I am having a hard time embracing the destruction of nature and mistreatment of animals. I can understand how this relates to the evolution of human consciousness, but can you share what this destruction offers to plants and animals? Did they also choose to come here for a specific learning during this time?

Nature will go through the challenges and the changes of its environment, with you, or without you. Some of the challenges are of environmental nature, some of the changes are intrinsic in the evolution of all existence. Humanity has indeed [had] a major impact on this Earth, for plants, and animals, and other beings. This impact is to be perceived as an important evolutionary stage for human consciousness. The consequences of your actions will always impact you.

Once humanity understands that every action carries consequence. Once humanity understands that every consequence offers the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to realize, to adjust behavior and action, you will start to see solutions that include a deeper understanding of nature, a deeper co-existence with nature. Nature will provide, will continue to provide, will continue to receive all actions without judgment. Nature provides for you so that you can learn. It is for you to grow, to receive gracefully, to be in gratitude to every learning that is provided, every action that is reflected with consequence. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
I have found myself drawn towards the being known as Thoth. Can you tell us more about Thoth and what role he might play in the Ascension of humanity?

Thoth this to be considered a celestial deity, a being of a far consciousness, [an] advanced civilization, and provided assistance as humanity was able and willing to receive the openings that provided for growth and connection with many forms of celestial beings. As the connections are reopening, Thoth is more active and present in humanity’s evolution.

Understanding that many advanced civilizations will provide assistance, their perspectives and their technologies, their resources for the evolution of the individual, for the evolution of consciousness, you may choose to receive from the wisdom and from the energy that is provided through this opening. The interactions of Thoth with humanity are within the approved interactions of celestial beings on this plane. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Is our experience of reality relative? If an individual or group of people all believe something, does this become more true, or even become their reality? Or, is there an ultimate truth that transcends any individual’s beliefs? And, if so, what’s our relationship with co-creating it?

It is indeed both; certain aspects of this reality are established and will continue to drive the human experience. It is a collective experience, and some elements of the collective experience require to be established, required to [meet] these milestones, yet in the individualized experiences, humanity has the ability to create, to create based on conscious, subconscious, [and] unconscious agreements, creation that happens in an active way, as well as in a passive way.

You, as an individual can become an active creator of your reality. You can become an active co-creator of a reality established with other active creators. You can become a passive creator, through your subconscious and unconscious thoughts in the realities of others. As you can see, this mechanism of creating this reality is complex, yet refined. To understand every single thought, every single emotion, every single belief, understand the active components of creation, the passive components, the aspect of your soul container to complete lessons and learnings, as well as the considerations of the collective learnings that require to be had. Therefore, operating within the collective creation, one individual may require many more to support the active creation of a certain outcome of a certain reality.

There is a threshold of individuals that are truly aligned and truly present that can indeed become active creators and co-creators of a certain reality. A powerful unfolding is within your reach, is within your hands. The absolute reality that continues to provide for the human experience are variables that are established and to provide all elements that are necessary for human existence, all elements that are necessary for human evolution and for the completion of this human existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
I struggled to focus in meditation these days, as my mind is very active. What is the best way to slow down my thoughts and be present with the experience? Thank you.

An overactive mind is by far the strongest barrier of quieting your entire being and becoming fully present. The mind has been overemphasized in this current iteration of mankind. Productivity, mental focus, strategic thinking, and continuous expansion of the mind’s capacities have been rewarded well — a silent and quiet mind only rewarded for sleep and rest. Understanding there is a part that is in between, understanding that the mind can be quiet, restful, without sleep, humanity has therefore developed many methods to come to this quiet of the mind.

Meditation is indeed one of them. Breathing exercises, practices, are another. Physical exercises that move the energy and your focus into another activity, creative exercises that move the focus of the mind into a different direction, connection with nature, interaction with nature, feeling the movements and the activities of nature, the elements of nature.

These are some of the ways you can indeed quiet the activities of your mind, yet it will require time and the prioritization for this to occur. The mind will require [a] continuous impulse [in order] to rest, and it will become trained so that when you induce a meditative state, your mind will relax and understand that it is for the benefit of your entire being — even for the future moments of increased mental focus. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this work. Thank you for listening to my words. It is our honor to support you in the ways we can, to guide you in the ways we understand the human experience. Thank you.

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