Energy Alignment and Wisdom Channeling – Nov. 15th (Dubai, Ascension Platforms)

Energy Alignment and Wisdom Channeling – Nov. 15th (Dubai, Ascension Platforms)

Greetings, I am Michael. The reason for my appearance is the continuous and ongoing battles in all of you. The battles inside are often the reasons for the battles outside. A continuous and conscious understanding of your inner world; the parts of you that are in conflict — some parts of you unconscious or subconscious — it is your responsibility to attend to this conflict; to observe the conflict from both sides; to understand both positions in relation to survival and growth; safety.

Some of these perspectives of the inner conflict will be illusionary fears that might never occur; probabilities of potential outcomes so low yet so strongly in your being, directing a specific pathway for you. These positions, the root of all these positions in conflict, must be understood, must be reflected upon; and a higher conscious version of you becomes the judge to choose a specific path, despite the opinions within yourself. You will always be given choices and reasons for each path; rational or emotional reasons to choose.

In deep reflection, it can only be a higher conscious version of you that chooses to receive the highest probable outcome for you. Important lessons to complete; and for some of you, even more important missions to exist in this current lifetime, to operate in a way that is beyond the collection of experience, to become a vessel of the divine and to assist humanity in its evolution and its growth.

This path cannot be taken until the deepest and the strongest fears inside have been addressed. The deepest conflicts inside of you will continue, even throughout your service. Before choosing any pathway specific to service, you must understand yourself in the deepest possible ways and resolve any potential conflicts. Establish ways to resolve future conflicts in the highest and purest form. Fears, doubts, worries, existential crises will never cease to exist, yet the way you react, receive and adjust to the circumstances will change. Thank you for listening to my words.

Greetings, I’m Raphael. Every step of the way is preparation for the next step: no step is ever backwards, no time is ever wasted. Remember, even experiences that are seemingly irrelevant, that are seemingly complicated and unnecessary, carry the infinite potential of learning and growth. Your ability to receive and to observe and to be present is the only obstacle to make each moment truly full of benefits for you and all involved.

The goals and expectations set by your own mind; by society for you; by those that were your guardians before. You are the only one to live your life: the boundaries set, the expectations set, create a certain framework for you to operate within. Understanding the importance of certain frames for societal functionalities, for the survival and the benefit of others, and observing automatic behaviors of yours: patterns of thinking and patterns of feeling.

It is time for you to extend beyond the frames created by yourself and by the outside. It is time to feel the potential and power that lies within you; the expression of creation, the full potential considered.

Thank you for receiving this work. It is our effort to support you on this pathway forward.


Thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings. I’m Emmanuel. The time has come for you to face all that requires to be faced: all elements of your being that have been suppressed, unprocessed; hidden from yourself; hidden from others. The time [has come] to observe the process, to digest, and let go [of] these parts of you.

This process sometimes will require overcoming your own attachment to comfort. Even facing these elements of your being might be emotional. And, with the right distance and the right perspective, all facets of your being can be observed without impacting you in the moment. This is your ability to observe and to process what requires to be processed.

Some of you will be required to process more elements: of your environment, elements of your family, ancestry and lineage. Some of you will process societal concepts, societal fears, and suppressed trauma. Each of you have the ability to convert experiences of any size into wisdom and realization. Yet, this process must happen within a living human being. Some processes happen on an unconscious or subconscious level. Some processes happen in dream phases or in altered states.

You are making progress as these elements are processing through you, even if it may seem that you are unable to produce and to create according to the values of society. This gift and this ability to process experiences into realizations is the highest service to humankind.

Yet, first, you must observe all the elements within you that require attention; and, the work that we have performed today might bring some of these elements to the surface. You will always have the option to suppress again, or to move it to a future time, or to rationalize it away; to reprioritize other elements of your life ahead of this. You are the owner of your life and we are just bringing reminders and assistance along.

The pathway to empowerment requires facing all the elements that are unprocessed, as this will free up energy and flow within your system: thoughts and emotions will be more expressive and expansive; a new vitality will come to you as the energy utilized and locked to manage unprocessed experiences will be freed.

Your most natural state; your true self in human form; your full potential in human form; this is our goal for you. You may choose many different ways to address parts of you that require attention. The simplest way is to observe from all perspectives possible; without judgment, without emotion: pure observation and witnessing, allowing this occurrence of the past to become a realization for the collective. The collective will not store emotions; it will only store realizations for its growth and evolution.

We are grateful for you to be open to receive and to be walking this path in your life; to be called into a higher truth within you; to allow this opening within you to expand; to be fueled and assisted.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
When we receive messages from spirit that are difficult to understand, what should we do to try to understand them better? How do we know when their meaning is important for us to understand?

Messages from the nonmaterial existence are a side effect of growth and should not be perceived as the goal or the achievement; growth is the ultimate purpose. Messages will become guiding forces for you or for others. If clarity is not achieved, then another aspect within you must align first. Only clarity within you can deliver the full understanding of the messages received. No outside force shall give you the perspective of the meaning of the message itself. It must be understood intrinsically. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How do we know when conflict has served its purpose and it is time to move on?

There is no general answer to your question. Conflict: the opposition of two standing points; two perspectives. The understanding that there are two equal and valid perspectives, in a non-dual world, equally important and valid; valuable. There is no requirement to continue any conflict once it is understood that all perspectives fuel the entirety. New perspectives are always welcome as they bring a new facet of understanding, a new facet to realize; to deepen the existing understanding.

Conflict is the resistance to changing perspectives and allowing other perspectives to be included in one’s [perspective]. One is not right over the other, and if you refer to the conflict inside, it is the same perspective that will give you peace: that both standpoints always should be considered equal, no matter the judgment, no matter the belief or the circumstances. Allowing the full expression of these standpoints will complete the realization of this conflict. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
What happens to the relationships that we form during our lives when we die? Do they continue in some way after our passing?

Once a life completes, the imprint of all relations and realizations continue with the soul container into a process of purification; the relationships will always stay. The importance of the relationships will always be stored as realizations and learnings. The continuation of existing relationships will be dependent on the karmic lessons necessary to be completed. Some relationships will complete with this particular lifetime; others will continue over multiple lifetimes as the karmic learning and the karmic bond must be respected.

The knowledge of the relationship itself — the story and the circumstances — will be erased in the purification process. It will allow you to create bonds completely from a new perspective, even if they are existing bonds of the past. Some of these memories, despite the purification process before incarnation will return. A deeper knowing of the existing connection will surface upon re-initiating the connection itself; a remembering of this soul container itself. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
What is “free will,” and what is “divine will,” and what is the difference?

On this human plane, humanity has free will: all the way until the end, all decisions made are yours. You choose to listen — or to not listen — to any outside information: to judge by yourself in collective, or, by chosen ones within your society. Free will is always yours; [it] will never be changed or oppressed.

Divine constructs are continuously observing the ability for humanity to execute its free will in the container provided that is your existence. Your free will is truly the most important rule of your existence, and we are continuously providing to assist individuals or collectives to be in this freedom of choosing.

From that perspective, some external forces; some internal forces within humanity; will suppress, as certain outcomes are desired by the parties suppressing. This is in opposition to free will, and in some cases we will intervene. In other cases we will observe how consciousness and humanity itself will react and recover through this process; how it will convert the suppression of free will into realization and learning.

Divine will is allowing human existence to be untethered; unmanaged; fully expressing itself in the plane provided. Divine will provides the fuel; the energy required to feed all on this plane: the ecosystems; the continuation of life itself; the structures that are in place for learning and growth. This is part of divine will.

Another aspect to be considered in your question is the change of times: the awakening of mankind; interventions like these; extraordinary circumstances as part of the awakening of mankind. We have agreed upon to assist and to intervene, to adjust and to empower individuals to empower collectives for this evolution, the evolution of consciousness: a necessary step to complete this cycle of existence.

You may consider this divine will and assistance, yet even within this divine will of assisting, you will always have free will and choice. Our work will never be imposed, prescribed or forced upon you; this must be within your free will. Some aspects of free will are conscious, some are subconscious and within your entire catalog of experiences to be received on this plane in this current incarnation: an index of learnings to be had; an internal driving force to have these experiences to learn.

You may perceive this as divine will, yet truly it is your internal choice; a part of you that is beyond your consciousness, a part of you that is beyond your identity, a continuation of an existing learning to grow as a soul; to grow as a collective in symbiotic relationship. This may be perceived as free will, or as divine will, depending on your perspective. You see how your will and divine will start to become one and the same: as you are divine, and continuously part of this unfolding of human existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Why is wealth unequally spread around the world?

Wealth is a creation of human existence; a storage of value necessary to exchange — to receive goods from others in exchange for the value promised. If this is the wealth that you’re referring to, it is part of the learning of human existence to understand that storing energy and scheming to expand on others’ creation; storing this value that is created to support human existence in this expanded way. The wealth created resembles some of the aspects of human existence that are not processed, in continuous creation, despite the actual value, merely to create the illusion of additional wealth in certain parts of the world.

This is a system created to support, yet exploited to benefit few. With the awakening of mankind, the system will no longer be able to sustain itself, and changes will be apparent. Wealth distribution — supporting parts of your communities, of other societies, of brothers and sisters and children, of elders — is a natural element of your being, of your heart, deeply reflected and integrated in your being. It does not require higher consciousness to know to want to care for others in the ways you are cared for: to want others to have the warmth, and the food, and the housing that you have; to allow others to have the same access to clean water, sanitation; basic needs.

Humanity has all the methods and the ways to provide for all life. Distribution, and the desire to change distribution, is an element of the awakening of mankind, and the degree of maturity of consciousness will bring forth new solutions to distribute truly across the globe; to assist others in meaningful ways to understand what is truly required in parts of the world — aside from distributing wealth itself. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
What is the best way to achieve our highest purpose in this life?

First and foremost, this realization itself is an important opening in anyone’s life. The desire to realize the highest purpose in anyone’s existence is self-realization in human form: a full understanding of all aspects of reality while alive; discovering the full potential in one’s existence beyond all of existence itself; the connection to all of creation.

This journey itself carries tremendous potential to learn and to grow; to continuously be faced with challenges of internal and external kind. Truly a lifetime, many lifetimes can be fulfilled and filled with the desire to self realize. The side-effect of the journey: the desire to self-realize will provide incredible benefit for your life and for those around you; it will become an inspiration and assistance and it may seem as that is the purpose of your existence. Yet, it is merely a side-effect of your continuous journey.

Never lose sight of the most important element of your existence: the continued evolution to self-realize. And, on this journey, others will be effected positively and you may temporarily take time and embrace these side effects as a purpose. The journey, though, will always call when the time is right to continue; that is when your self-defined purpose must be released.

This is the journey. The journey itself carries purpose. The side effects impact your life and all those around you in the best possible ways. Embrace each of the steps and each of the moments that are result of your awakening process. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Why is human nature always longing for love, and why is it so often that love can create such a turbulent emotional experience?

The connection that is intrinsic within you; the connection to existence itself, the fabric that ties all planes to each other, is what we consider the “love of creation:” a form of unconditional love and energy that provides; that exists through all planes and through all existence. The attraction to be “one” again — as this human experience is a momentary separation to experience individuality — yet your inner nature knows the connection of all existence, and the “glue” itself is love, experiencing and exploring different forms of connection and different forms of love; with conditions, with complications, with challenges; the desire to unite in conflict with the desire to stay unique and separate.

The turbulences are part of the growth process and the learning itself. Every interaction assists the human collective to grow. Every experience is information that provides perspective and potential to learn. This is the reason for experiencing this plane in human form: for understanding and learning, and that love is a connected force that unites all of existence and in this case, it becomes the fuel for learning and growth on this plane. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have taken to receive this work; the opening and the commitment that you have provided for your life and for your evolution. This is our humble gift on your journey.

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