Energy Alignment and Channeled Wisdom – Nov. 11th (Dubai, Urban Tribe)

Energy Alignment and Channeled Wisdom – Nov. 11th (Dubai, Urban Tribe)

I am Raphael. The time has come for you to surrender to the journey inside. A journey that has started many, many generations before, yet has come to a culmination with you: a deep longing for understanding who you are; what you are; the connection that is within you; a deeper meaning and understanding of life itself.

This journey is yours. It is your connection; your connection to all of creation; and beyond the thoughts and the emotions — even beyond your physical body. This connection always consistently is with you. This journey inside — there are many pathways, and you must find the pathway that suits and speaks to you: the pathway that supports you, allows you to go deeper, empowers you and holds you, even through the difficult times of discovery and realization.

We are not here to create new pathways for people to rely on; for individuals to follow. Our work is to open the pathways for you; for you to walk; for you to continue this path; to surrender in the ways that you know, in the ways that you can, to embrace the beauty that is deep inside. To understand that all that is around you is a reflection within, and as you continue this work inside, your surroundings, your relationships, the reality in which you find yourself, will adjust as well.

Our work is to support you; to empower you to become the highest potential individual that you can be in this lifetime. Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work. The unfolding of the adjustments will be manifold: mental and emotional ease with life itself, with relationships; the most important: your relationship with yourself. Understanding, appreciating, and loving the being that you are — all parts of it — even those parts that are hard to love, hard to forgive, hard to forget: those parts of you require even more acceptance, compassion and love, from no one else but you. The shackles that you have are the ones that you’re holding onto; the limitations are the ones that you believe; you are truly powerful individuals; powerful beings in human form.

Thank you for listening to my words. My work is complete.

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. We have started to strengthen our interventions within humanity. The adjustments that we provide will even have stronger impact on your lives. They will free up space; space that you will need for self-reflection, for growth; to find the power that is within you. Our work is focused on your evolution — you as an individual — your growth; only then can societies, and countries, and all of humanity, grow. It starts and ends with the individual.

And, you are here, partially to receive, and partially to be reminded of the importance of this work; partially to take full accountability, and actions in your life, in all the ways — even and especially in the parts where you have sold yourself short: not giving yourself the attention that it requires; the physical body; the emotional body; relationships that have been forgotten, suppressed; and your mind: always working, always contemplating the next steps without truly being present in the very moment.

This is a reminder for you to understand the beauty and the power that lies in your life, that is truly in the very moment; and your ability to receive the moment in its full expression is limitless. No past and future exist in the moment. No identities matter. Only the appreciation of this very combination and this experience itself; your ability to witness and receive this experience.

This is the power that lies in you to receive the moments in front of you. All moments of the future have not been created yet, and many variables change the probability of certain experiences to happen or not. The past has provided many moments and experiences, some of which you cherished, some of which were challenging. Yet, many of them left a memory and a mark. Most of these experiences of the past have not been fully digested and processed.

This is your opportunity to also reflect on elements of the past that feel incomplete; and while you will not change what has happened, the current state of your emotions and your mental construct attached to the past will change as you find more peace with all perspectives of the past. This is not forgiveness. It is a deeper understanding of the past; a deeper reflection from all perspectives, from all that were involved. Observing your past, without judgment, a neutral being processing it; in that, perspectives will allow you to complete the lesson and the realization of past moments, and this will free many constructs of your mind and your heart to become even more present; to have a stronger capacity and ability to fully be here with all your senses: the senses that you know, and the senses [that] are still to be discovered.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
From both the human perspective, and the perspective of the soul: What is good? What is bad? What is right? What is wrong?

As you evolve, your ability to judge evolves; your ability to perceive harmony becomes more detailed; more understanding. Concepts of good, bad, right and wrong are judgements established by the human reality of the current moment. Some of these judgments [were] established hundreds or thousands [of] years ago. Some of these judgments enforced, some of them educated and continuously understood as reality.

Our perspectives on human existence do not carry judgment. Even the most difficult experiences in human form on the human plane are part of the experiences required for all of humanity to grow. It is essential for the growth process of consciousness itself. Our judgments become irrelevant. Our value systems are not yours by which you have to live. The most intrinsic value system is within you: a deep understanding and knowing of truth, of harmony, of balance and peace.

This is your own mechanism to judge the reality in front of you; to judge safety; to judge harmony and balance. Yet, this ability within you requires continuous adjustment and growth as well. When it relies too heavily on outside factors, your judgment will become tainted and unnatural. You must be the one to continually align yourself internally and check with your own value system; with your own truth inside. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Why is it your purpose to help humanity evolve?

Because we have chosen to. Many forms of consciousness continuously evolve and are established, assisted; supported across all of existence. [As] a conglomerate of higher realm consciousness’ that has chosen to intervene and assist forms of consciousness to grow, our work includes the support of human consciousness in its evolution. We have seen that this is the best possible use of our existence in the first place. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Why there is so much suffering in the world, and why are good people not protected from harm?

Challenges, difficulties and hardship are part of the spectrum of human experience. One does not exist without the other. Continuation of being challenged is an element of nature and of consciousness to understand how to grow, how to mature. Suffering, on the other hand, is a mechanism of the human mind to attach to the pain and the difficulties that are in front. This attachment continues even after the pain itself has gone. This is what we; what you; consider as suffering.

Pain and difficulties are opportunities to learn — always will be — until the very end of existence. All moments that are considered challenging; difficult; are always an opportunity to grow. With this understanding, you will see, as you surrender to receive the potential realizations in the moment, your reality will start to shift as well.

Good people, bad people; based on whose judgment? Values are defined by you; defined by societies; defined by humanity. Deep inside of you is the ultimate value system. Individuals that continually assist other humans and perform good deeds are not exempt from hardship or challenges in life. In fact, some of them seek even bigger challenges to grow even faster: it is part of the fuel that makes them who they are. Some of them have understood that the challenge itself is a continuous opportunity and trigger to learn, and to grow, and to apply even more the gifts that are given to them. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
People seek “abundance” – things like love, prosperity, wealth; everything. We see that seeking abundance can be quite challenging, and not everyone is succeeding; some people have abundance, some people do not, why? Lastly, even people who seem to have abundance are suffering. How do we have abundance in life, and how do we deal with it if we have it?

Abundance. Abundance is a perspective and a mindset from the perspective of human existence to have the ability to experience life itself in a safe environment, with continuously provided food and nourishment; to have the ability to experience relationships, family and connections. This is the baseline of abundance.

The definition of abundance is often driven by the society itself: the society, or individuals; organizations that require a certain perspective to be followed; to be desired; to continuously work towards. While abundance is continuously with you, with every breath that you take, every moment that you have, every relationship that is in your life; this is the base of abundance.

Illusionary perspectives that material wealth will create a different sensation sustainably … long term, you will understand that abundance is within you. Abundance is the ability to appreciate all those that are around you; the depth and the beauty of relationships, the way nature and societies provide for you, the way you feel the sun, the way you feel the earth on your feet. If you truly turn your attention to this experience, abundance is continuously available to you. This mindset in itself will change your life and your presence; and, struggles of material kind will adjust as well, as the reality that you fight is the reality that you will have. Resistance continuously creates the reality required to learn from. The first step will be gratitude, and appreciating all that there is in your life. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
If we were able to perceive your form and your appearance, what would we see?

We are beyond form — the way you perceive form. Space and time are non-existent in our reality. We are a conglomerate of consciousnesses, and we continue to exist in a reality that cannot be comprehended from your perspective, as your ability to comprehend is focused on this reality and optimized for you to operate in this form. The times that we experience form is in embodiments of this kind, or in chosen incarnations. On this plane, we are subject to same regulations that every entering soul has, therefore it becomes a regular lifetime for us as well. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Do we have a purpose as individuals? If so, how do we find it?

Humanity has questioned and asked itself this particular question on an individual basis, as well as as a collective. The answer that we can provide in a simplified manner is: life itself is purpose to exist. Experiencing; understanding the depth and the beauty that life itself brings: with relationships, emotions, the detail and the power, the power of love, the power of connection, the power of presence. This in itself carries tremendous purpose. Truly appreciating life in its full details — even the difficult moments; even the difficult emotions — this is the ultimate and the most fundamental basis of purpose of existence on this plane. Beyond, some of you will start to understand that their existence might bring forth a particular mission; a particular desire to assist others in their life, in their evolution; an expression of consciousness through you.

When this internal desire to unfold, to find purpose, arises, the important aspect is to wait patiently; to witness if this desire is driven by emotion, or willpower, or the mind, or a momentary trend. When you witness continuous drive and energy that is insatiable, evolving from your inner being beyond your emotions and beyond your thoughts, this is the fuel for a higher purpose. To see, to feel, and to continuously be open for this drive of higher purpose, one must focus on themself: alignment, thoughts, emotions, physical wellbeing and inner peace is a requirement to start on assisting more than yourself; assisting others and the collective. You must have a strong foundation. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
How do we truly forgive people? Is it a conscious effort, or does it happen naturally over time?

Thank you for your question. Forgiveness, as an act itself, allows [you] to understand a present moment of conflict, of violation, of difficulty to forgive the other or yourself; [it] is an opening to a deeper healing, a release from the attachment to that past moment. This is how the journey starts; yet not how it ends.

Forgiveness is the opening that will be created within your heart to understand that there are different perspectives; realities in which some will have hardship to grow and to learn, even beyond their will and their desire. This is the grand interplay that is existent on this plane of humanity. Compassion for yourself and for others, despite difficult to understand experiences; expanding your heart even more to hold all of those — even the ones that you perceive are not worthy of your love — they are the ones that require it the most; and forgiveness will be transformed into unconditional understanding and unconditional love.

In this space, there is no victim or villain, and no one to forgive; no one to be excused. There is only love. This space is beyond your mind. This space is beyond your value systems and your emotions. You have this space within you, and it will require practice to continuously unfold and connect with this particular space of unconditional love. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
How do I know that my consciousness is evolving? Sometimes I feel like I am stuck on a repeating cycle.

A deeper sense of awareness will give you the indications if you are evolving or growing. Awareness is your ability to observe yourself, your thoughts, your thought patterns, your emotions, and emotional constructs; the quality of your relationships; the quality of your presence; the quality of care for your physical being. These are indicators of your evolution, and your ability to continuously observe these indicators will assist you in understanding if you’re growing.

Some relationships, even some internal mental or emotional constructs, are complex, and will require more attention. They will require revisitation over and over. They might require assistance from others. This is not an indicator that continuous growth is not happening. It is merely a sign that you are on the path of growth and your awareness is triggered by something important that requires resolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
How can I learn to spread more love to make this world a better place?

Thank you for your question, your intention and the beauty of your care for the world and those around you is noted. It will start with you, and with yourself. It will start with understanding all the elements of your being that have not received the love and the care; all moments of the past; moments of childhood; past relationships. First and foremost, find more love for yourself; for all aspects of yourself, including the shadows and the elements of your being that you perceive to be difficult, that you perceive require to be hidden; suppressed.

Once you start to love yourself (for) all the different ways that you are, the love that is required to be spread on this plane will come through you without your conscious decision. It will spread in all of your actions, in all your relationships, in all the words that you say, and all the ways that you treat those around you. This is the way love in its unconditional form spreads. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
What is the role of sexual energy for our soul’s evolution, and how do we balance the masculine and feminine energies within us?

Sexual energy on this plane is the most potent energy available to humans. It is a form that allows to create new life. It is a form that allows to create bonds to last. It is an energy that allows [you] to create deep openings within your heart into a deeper understanding of existence. The potential of sexual energy to play a part in spiritual awakening is high and it has continuously been utilized in this way in various different lineages and traditions in human history. There is recognition that sexual energy, including the retention of sexual energy, can be utilized for spiritual growth and an internal awakening process.

Balancing the masculine and the feminine within you is a complex undertaking. An individual receives the perspectives of the masculine and the feminine, mostly through direct education by the parental units and the guardians. This is the first imprint of masculinity and femininity, yet often flavored by the emotional connection as well as the imperfections that everyone carries. Divine masculine and divine feminine energies are qualities archetypical designed to represent the perfect masculine form and the perfect feminine form. They may not exist ever in human form, yet they are qualities to be appreciated and understood; and maybe aspired towards.

These qualities can reside within you; an individual carries continuously a balance of masculine and feminine energy. This is a healthy part of your existence, and in times you will lean towards a more feminine expression with those qualities that you aspire towards, and at times towards more masculine expression. This is a flexible element of existence. Understand that the balance within will create the balance outside. Understand that masculine qualities and feminine qualities are not always defined by the guardians of your life. Go deeper to understand divine masculine and divine feminine qualities. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
When a body dies, and the soul passes over, is it possible for the soul to continue its journey of evolution in spirit form? Or does it just merge with the love and light of all that is?

When an individual dies, all the recollection and the identity of its being is preserved, and the soul container that contained the experiences and human consciousness itself will go through a clearing process to finalize this lifetime. Most will return into a new lifetime, understanding that new lessons must continue to be learned.

Some lessons will continue from the previous lifetime into the new, rarely requiring the understanding of details or the constructs of the previous lifetime. All of this is considered evolution: every step, every learning, every integration, every process. You grow while you live, and you grow when you die; continuously; never ending. Some moments of evolution and growth will be more intensified and accelerated, this will bring forth opportunities for you to reflect and to create the space that is required for these bursts of evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
What is your perspective on “spirit guides” that are assigned to us and help us on our individual human journeys?

Within deep inquiry, the human conscious, subconscious, and the unconscious elements of your existence connect to other forms of consciousness on this plane, often formalized as “guides” or “spirit guides.” This is a bond that can be established within a lifetime, past lifetimes, or newly created relationships. Spirit guides are not a necessity to evolve and to grow; they might just be a temporary assistance for the time that you are required to receive an assistance with a difficult, challenging, growth spurt; an assistance for this evolution phase that you’re currently on. Yet, understand it must be perceived as an empowering support, rather than a dependency and the only way to grow or overcome difficulties. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have opened yourself to receive this work, to listen to my words, to be impacted in ways that will empower you to empower others; that will empower you to love yourself and to love others even more. May this impact you and all those of your life in the best possible ways.

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