Private Small Group Session at VAVA – June 6th (Vienna


Private Small Group Session at VAVA – June 6th (Vienna



Greetings. I am Raphael.

You are all here as the aspects of your awakening have come to an important moment. All other visible circumstances of your life are merely the reflections and the symptoms of the awakening process itself. Yet here you are. Something inside of you chose and arrived here at this moment to receive an important adjustment for your life. Recognize the part of you, it may be curiosity or desperation, yet truly it is part of you. Part of the true individual that you are. The work we will provide today is an intervention. Physical, emotional, mental impact is to be expected. Yet you are here and you are ready to receive.

May this work unfold in the most beautiful and easy way for you and for all those around you. May you truly receive the benefits for your heart, for your mind and for your body. Most importantly, [you are] nourishing an aspect of your soul by listening to its call.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. Listen to this message carefully. The intervention you have received today is beyond [what] most individuals can receive in their lifetime. This intervention will influence entire probabilities of your lifetime. It will create new relationships, new life, as well as eradicate entire connections with certain individuals. Changes all along your life, based on this very moment. A moment you have approached with a conscious desire to awaken. Conscious desire to truly change. 

Changes of this very nature will impact how the future [will] unfold. Yet truly, the future is unknown and therefore all the challenges that you will face in these newly established future outcomes are still yours to overcome. They may be of a different nature, of certain karmic nature. Yet still, this life ahead will bring challenges as all lives in human form do. Challenges to learn, to overcome, to experience.

Your life will not be different from this. Yet this intervention today will offer new perspectives. It will offer new relationships, new opportunities and a newly gained space for you to observe your environment and yourself differently. The ability to say ‘stop’. To truly seize the moment. To explore the moment. To understand from a deeper perspective, from your individual mind or your heart. 

In these moments lies an important truth. The truth of existence. The truth of presence. The more you come to these moments of truth, the stronger your core will become. The more you will be willing to surrender to these moments, to create these moments by yourself and with others. Moments of truth. Moments of realization. Moments of power. These are the moments that will make the difference in the awakening process of mankind, in your awakening process, in your evolution. 

The awakening process that you have started for yourself is connected to the awakening process of the entire human race and truly your journey will make a difference in the journey of the collective. Believe it and live it. Every moment of your life makes a difference for yourself and for the collective. You matter. Your life matters. All your experiences, your interactions, all your thoughts and emotions matter. They truly shape the new coming generations of human consciousness. They truly shape the experiences of the entire collective. 

This intervention today will open up new pathways for you. Connections with individuals and opportunities to truly connect deeper to the divine. To higher levels of consciousness within human form. Your desire to connect to higher levels of consciousness while in human form will create a bridge, an important bridge for humanity. A bridge of consciousness, a bridge of resources, a bridge of light. And you become that pillar of light. The pillars of light that you have seen, that you have felt. You will become that pillar of light. The ones that others will look to when in darkness. The ones that others can lean on when in distress. The ones that can be found even in the blackest and darkest of days. A pillar of light that you are. 

In this newly gained focus, can you see the power that drives your existence, the pure unconditional love of creation in you and with you, at all times? Can you release all the difficulties of your life for a moment to find peace in this light, in this connection? Let this connection make a difference for you so that you can make a difference for all. 

Our work is complete for today and we are pleased to be in service to you, in service to your awakening, in service to your evolution. We are honored to be the representatives of the divine in this very moment. Thank you for your trust and thank you for receiving.

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