Group Healing & Channeling – June 13th (Dubai, Ascension Villa)

Group Healing & Channeling – June 13th (Dubai, Ascension Villa)

Greetings. I am Raphael. The opportunity for us to converse, to establish a connection of this kind, to allow for an intervention of this kind, is unique. Many forces of higher consciousness have had to agree that this opening was established for us to deliver on the promise we have given to humanity, to assist in the awakening, to assist in the ascension process of humanity.

You have all worked in your own ways to come to the place that you are today, some of it voluntarily, some of it seemingly involuntarily. Yet you are never the victim of your circumstances. Important drivers and functions have brought you to who you are today. All of these aspects that made you who you are, are considered sacred and divine. Despite the negative connotations you may have from some of these circumstances, they truly have served you. Some of you yet to realize this truth, that all that exists on this plane is truly to serve you, truly to serve human consciousness. And while your judgments, emotions and your perspectives are important in the moment, in the grander perspective of your life as a soul, these judgments, these perspectives, become irrelevant.

Can you, from this perspective, embrace truly all elements that you are?
Can you embrace all of the circumstances that have made you who you are?
All individuals that were involved in making you who you are?
All decisions that were made by yourself and by others?
Can you embrace all aspects of your life?
This gift of ours will open new perspectives, new understandings and new abilities within your being, first and foremost it is directed to empower you as the master of your own life. First and foremost it is the fuel, the awakening that has started within you already.

We have seen human consciousness and observed its evolution, its development. We have observed each individual, each soul on its journey. Unique, all of you. Every single moment never the same, and truly, the entirety of your power is always in the single moment that you have. Never in the past and never in the future.

With the right focus, with the right perspective, a newly-found power will become yours. The power of the moment. The depth and the quality, the power of the love of creation that is accessible in every moment. You all have been gifted with this ability, yet very few of you have truly felt the power that lies in it. And many of you haven’t started to truly live that truth.
The power that can be unfolded within the moment. The energy and the connection you can receive with your consciousness and with your body. All the aspects of your being focused into this very moment. Many more powers will unfold from this foundation, yet it is a foundation to be practiced and continuously nourished.

This does not require belief, nor does it require extensive study. It is a redirection of your energy and your focus to the single most important part of existence, the [present] moment.


Greetings. I am Emmanuel. The intervention you have received today will bring drastic change to your life. Relationships will change, probabilities of certain outcomes and experiences will change. It is an adjustment that we are allowed to make. An adjustment that is in alignment with the soul that you are and the experiences that you have agreed to have. Yet some of these experiences will be accelerated. Some of these learnings and realizations will be accelerated. This will allow for you to collect the experience that you require, the wisdom that you require for the next stage of your life, sooner.

You may not always perceive this as comfortable, yet it is relevant and important to have these experiences and these realizations now. It is important for you to face these difficult aspects of your life. Aspects of self, aspects of relationship, of emotion, of darkness, yet all, all within you. Your perceptions, your realization, and your learnings to be had. This is the divine. Now is the time to face these processes and embrace. To face these challenges with the love of creation, the love of existence that is within you. To embrace the challenges as part of your growth. To understand that each of these challenges will be the stepping-stone for the next growth stage. For you to understand, as you embrace these aspects of your life, these aspects of yourself, you will become even more whole.

Solidify in your existence an inner balance and an inner peace will start to become the core of your being. The core that will be the foundation for the next stage of your existence in this lifetime. Even this unfolding of a new chapter of your current existence will be yours to choose and to direct. You will be the one choosing the direction of the power that flows through you, this light of creation as it becomes stronger in you. You will choose how to provide, how to share and how to be this vessel of light. You will find the ways that speak to you. You will find the ways that others will request of you. Yet ultimately it will be yours to choose, as this life will remain yours until the very end.

You will support each other through the challenges of life, through the challenges of human existence. You will listen. You will listen with the ears of the universe and you will see and observe with the eyes of the universe. This will be your gift to each other, to support as observers and as listeners. You see, no advice required, purely observation and receiving.

As you process the challenges of life, the challenges of the moment, alone and together, you will find new strength to support others with similar challenges and you will become this light in their lives. You will become the gift for others and you will share freely without judgment, without withholding, though always with permission.

Presence is going to be your strongest gift to those around you. The purity and the strength of your being in this very moment. The quality and depth solidified by the realizations you have had in this lifetime and many lifetimes before. Solidified by your connection to this planet, by your connection to the cosmos. Equally balanced at the center of your being. This is you.

You are the receivers of this work. How you receive and how you continue to pass this gift, how you continue to live your life, remains truly up to you. Yet know this, this bond established once will always observe in benevolence the continuation of your life and provide support as you require.

With our respect and our love for the human experience, we bow to you. Thank you for your trust and for receiving this gift.

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