Group Healing and Channeling Session – June 14th (Dubai, Urban Tribes)

Group Healing and Channeling Session – June 14th (Dubai, Urban Tribes)

Greetings. I am Raphael. Despite all the changes you have witnessed in your lifetime, the changes to come are vastly more complex and challenging in their nature. This intervention and assistance that we provide to humanity in this form is support and preparation for your being. To empower you to become the best, the most aligned and the strongest version of yourself. To establish a core, a foundation, of your being. A peace that you have rarely felt. An alignment and foundation that is unshakable, despite what may happen outside of you in your environment.

Change is inevitable. The changes to come to this plane are inevitable. As you live and thrive in this plane, the timing of your existence and lifetime is not by coincidence. You are here in human form at potentially the most important time for human existence, a time of change and challenge, a time of awakening and ascension. In this period, many will witness the symptoms and the effects of the awakening of human consciousness, the maturity of human consciousness and despite what you may see, observe and judge, human consciousness is truly maturing. Every action, every emotion, contributes to the maturing of human consciousness. There are no backward steps, as consciousness grows through failures as well and through missteps and mistakes.

Your awakening individually is equally, if not, more important than the awakening of the entire collective, as you are defining the movement of consciousness [within] the collective. Your continuous dedication and devotion to grow to spiritual understanding, to a deeper knowing, is the driving force of your awakening. The part that is driven by your will, another aspect by the desire of your soul to awaken in this lifetime. Another aspect driven by the urge to awaken as a collective, the maturity of human consciousness.

This work is delivered to you in support of your awakening. Thank you for receiving. Understand that despite this help and support you will receive, you still are the master of your life and the challenges to come will still be faced by you.


The time of your awakening has come. You are divinely supported. You have all the tools, the methods, that are available to you to truly take care of yourself, to truly support your awakening journey. Most importantly, understanding the aspects of yourself, your perception of yourself. The true understanding of who you are beyond the person that you perceive to be. The individual that has lived this lifetime. The soul that has lived many lifetimes. And the love of creation. The source of all existence [within] you.

Understanding the “self” beyond the perceptions of the mind and the heart.
Understanding others that same way.
Seeing beyond the human in front of you, even beyond the soul that is in front of you, all of the way through to the source of all existence.
It truly is everywhere in your plane, in your existence.

It is a matter of shifting your perspective, of slowing down the patterns of your thoughts and the patterns of your heart. Allowing a deeper knowing to surface in your life, a deeper knowing that will guide you through the challenges and through important decisions and choices to be made. Thank you for receiving this work.

Despite all the challenges and changes, you will see in this lifetime, you will always have the opportunity to choose on your own behalf. Your autonomy and your sovereignty as an individual human being will always be granted to you. Remember this is your life, it always has been and it will be until the very end. The choices you will make will be the choices you have to carry. No one will be responsible for your choices. You will bear all the consequences, this is the truth of this experience, the human experience. There will be many guiding forces in your life, friends and loved ones, humans. There will be many guiding forces of non-material kind, Ascended Masters, or beings of higher planes. Yet, it will all come down to you and the moment, the moment of your decision of your choice, the choices you make every moment of your existence.

Embracing the power that lies within that single moment and the decisions that are made in every moment of your existence, conscious and many unconscious, yet all yours.
Embracing each of these decisions that you have made, all of the decisions that have brought you to who you are today.
Embracing all those that have assisted you to come to this very moment. Despite your judgment, despite your emotions that you may still hold, you are who you are because of all the experiences that have happened to you, because of all the beings in human form and non-human form that have contributed to your being, that have made you who you are in this very moment. All part of a divine play, a divine balance to allow the human experience to unfold in its beauty and perfection.

Take moments to contemplate. Take moments in quiet. Take moments in reflection of your thoughts and reflection of your heart. Take the moments that you need for yourself. Many potentials for distractions outside. Always opportunities for relations. Always opportunities for stimulation. Though the world inside of you requests your attention in moments like these.

Thank you for listening to my words, I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How does intuition work and how to use it?

Intuition is a function of a human being. It is an aspect of your higher consciousness to provide you with information that goes beyond the mind and the heart. Aspects of your body may as well influence this source of information. The higher self, the higher consciousness of your being, is tied and connected to aspects of your soul, as well as to divine sources. Often intuition will provide perspectives from these higher planes. This may be contradictory to the aspects of your logic, it may be contradictory to the aspects of your heart, it may even feel unsafe to your body, yet there is a reason for this information source to be available to you.
When all aspects of your mind, your heart, and your body have not provided you the information that you require to hear, this is a source that you can rely on. Yet it will require practice.
Practice quieting the mind in its sheer dominance of your life.
Practice in quieting the heart and all the emotions that want to be heard and have not, and practice to listen beyond the aspects, beyond the body, the desires of comfort and rest.
A deeper knowing that is available to you, yet requires work on your end to find your center and balance and to allow this voice to rise within you. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What is the meaning of awakening? What is the difference from the past and present experience of awakening and any insight for the future?

Awakening is the process of self-realization. The realizations of a soul within a human form in a current lifetime. [This] continued process can be considered the awakening process itself. There will be moments that will be instrumental, moments to start and catalyze the awakening process itself. Often these moments are traumatic of nature. Accidents or loss of loved ones, or near death experiences, or very important visions and dreams, messages from non-material existence. There are many ways to start and catalyze this awakening process, yet the one important aspect is that all of you, that all humans, have the desire to awaken integrated in their being. The desire to self realize is within the soul of human existence and truly all beings will desire to self realize in human form. This continued process will bring questions, doubts, and concerns about reality, about yourself, about relationships, about the meaning of life and the purpose of your existence and you will continue. Even though you will receive answers, you will also receive more questions to take you deeper and continue delivering realizations to fuel your awakening process.

The self-realization of the individual is the single most important aspect of humanity’s awakening. Your desire and dedication to continuously work, to evolve and to listen to aspects of your higher guidance will provide the evolution for all of mankind. You see, your awakening is the key to the awakening of humankind and to the evolution of human consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How to heal the masculine and feminine energy within and harness it into one integrated consciousness?

Thank you for your question. Aspects of the divine feminine and aspects of the divine masculine have always been part of you, always in imbalance and truly never able to find full balance. Continuously pending into the feminine and into the masculine and always seeking to balance itself. These aspects have been provided to you so you may experience the polarity of the two forces available on this plane. The masculine and the feminine. The forces of the moon and the sun. The forces of day and night. The forces of water and fire.
This polarity continuously seeking its balance within you, yet providing you with powers of its own kind. The power of the divine feminine always available to you as you lean in, as you understand and embrace the feminine with all its qualities. The power of the divine masculine inside of you, as you understand its power is beyond force, as you understand and embrace the qualities of the divine masculine. Truly it is finding the balance with each of the forces individually, rather than finding a balance for them together. Truly embracing each of the forces in their unique and beautiful ways, in the ways they have served you, in the ways they will serve through you.

As you embrace both of these forces in their flaws through human interactions, yet [with] the beauty that is available through the execution of human love, of human relationship, of the connection between male and female. You will understand that these forces will always be available to you in their purest form, and how they are utilised will remain up to the individual. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
How do you recommend getting rid of attached spirits?

Attached non-material existence, or influencing non-material existence, is an aspect that requires a trained or outside force to assist with this removal. As an individual some tools are available to you on this plane. Many different rituals have been developed by civilizations. Many different religions have provided methods to provide purification. Purification of the soul and the body, the mind, and the heart. Removals and extractions of this kind have been provided since the beginning of human existence. For you as an individual, the key aspects will be to continuously provide purifications for your mind, purifications for your heart, purification for your body, a continuous practice to provide the flow of energy across all aspects of your being. This will naturally provide a protection and strength of your being to avoid encounters of this kind, yet some encounters cannot be avoided and you will seek assistance and you will find assistance, similar to the way you found it today. Thank you for your question.

Question #5
What is the wisdom of the body?

This human form that has been given to you, that you refer to as body, is a complex mechanism beyond the physical perspectives that you may have. Many energetic components, connections, the aspects of your consciousness, are all tied to this physical being. Yet the physical aspects that you perceive are only a small portion of what you consider the body. The physical manifestation for this very plane so that you may experience all aspects of the human form. The body itself carries intelligence. It carries the intelligence to survive and live on this plane beyond the necessity to think or feel. It will provide the basics, yet the most important aspects to keep you alive on this very plane. This in itself, the ability to understand, to live within an environment in balance and always adjusting to the circumstances, is the wisdom of the body.
It recognizes beyond your mind, it feels beyond your heart, its ability to sense threats, its ability to sense beauty and warmth are beyond your ability to comprehend, yet always available to you. This will require listening to the body itself.
In environments of modern life, many humans have forgotten to listen to the intelligence and the wisdom available through the body. It is lost in the distractions of daily life, in the important work and aspects of life. Aspects of relationship, aspects of emotions and always deprioritizing the wisdom.
The intelligence of the body is beyond its goal to keep you alive. It is deeper. It is tied to aspects of your connection to this planet, to your connection with your surroundings, to your connection to food and water, to your connection to the sun, to the wind, to [all] the elements that are available to you. You see, sheer endless wisdom available and experience-able through the body. Will you take the time and the moment to listen? Thank you for your question.

Question #6
Please can you explain shifting reality timelines and sudden changes in this reality?

Interventions of a certain kind that have been approved may provide for realities to be stretched in ways that the human perception will perceive. It is a major disruption of their environment. These interventions are often required to happen. They are important for the individual for an important lesson, learning, or for the greater good of mankind. In these rare situations, the probability of certain outcomes will be changed and adjusted. This requires not just the individual’s desire, yet the agreement of higher planes and higher consciousness for this change to happen, as many other individuals may be impacted by this change.

In this current reality, the work we do as well requires the agreement of many divine forces, as it will affect not just your life, but the lives of all those around you and with this, the lives of all humankind. Even this moment will carry the potential to shift your reality, as well as the probability of certain outcomes. Thank you for your question.

In the course of your awakening, you will find that the challenges of human existence may even increase. That you may be faced with difficult realizations – emotional, mental and physical. That you may be challenged to the core of your being. That you may find aspects of your past resurfacing to be processed once more, in detail and in depth. This is a natural evolution of this awakening process. It is an important aspect not to be suppressed or ignored. These are elements of your being that haven’t been fully digested and processed as another important realization, as a gift remains to be had from these experiences. The resurfacing is an opportunity to seize this gift, to seize this realization and as the completion happens, you will find yourself freed of this particular aspect of your past. You will find that this opening and freedom will allow for new energies to come into your life, for you to become the best possible version, the most connected and divine version of yourself.

Thank you for your time and thank you for receiving this gift.

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