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DUBAI – Group Healing & Channeling with Asil Toksal

January 25, 2019 @ 3:00 am - 6:00 am

Welcome to 3hours Channeling & Healing with Asil Toksal in Dubai. This event is created for the committed souls that desire a more private healing experience.

This is a blissful delight to gather all in one big group session and receive the celestial frequency into our hearts. The more the merrier to create a giant vortex of light in Dubai and raise the frequency in Love, Light and Ascension. 

This is an invitation to a unique experience of deep healing, channeling wisdom and celestial intervention. If this resonates with you, please join with your open heart and mind.
(Note: this is not a meditation. it is more of a receiving session).

It is a 3-4 hour immersion into high-frequency celestial presence. During these sessions, Asil Toksal opens up to channel high-vibrational energy and higher consciousness beings, such as Angel Emmanuel, Archangels Raphael, Michael or Zadkiel.
 You may experience deep peace within, connections to other realms, healing, transmission and/or downloads of energy, spiritual surgery may also happen if relevant. You will also have the opportunity to ask direct questions to the celestial guides.

We are calling for your readiness and excitement to co-create this high session in a unified elevated field of harmony and Love. Please read carefully the information below for your self-preparation & booking.

What to expect in a session? https://asiltoksal.com/experience/what-is-the-session-like/ 

About Asil? https://asiltoksal.com/about/about-asil/

– Wear WHITE comfortable clothes, the whole session will be in a seated position or laying down if space is available.
– Pillow
– Blanket
– Water & tissues 


– Set your heart intentions

– Please arrive before time to settle in the room. First come first serve.

– Doors open at 2:45pm, we start at 3:10pm.

– Make sure your schedule is free up till 7:30pm

– Carry your exact exchange for your contribution, we suggest a minimum between 150-250AED.

– Try to wear WHITE comfortable clothes (or Light color at best)

– Bring your yoga mat / your pillows, blanket and bottle of water. (you will be seated, or laying down if space is available, make sure you are cozy)

– We advise a light diet; try to eat light during the day (no caffeine, no alcohol, no cigarette too), and be on liquid 2 hours earlier.

– Rest enough the previous night.

– Drink a lot of water before and after.


As a contribution to raising the frequency, uplifting your consciousness and the whole environment connected with you. 

We lovingly suggest an offering between 150dhs and 250dhs, or in the form of whatever is available to you at that moment.
> A box/basket will be placed at the entrance.

We are a community that support each other and we are honoring the pillars of light that are elevating the vibrational frequency of our individual self, the Land and the planetary collective. Understanding the energy flow and law of resonance, it is aligning with the best version of ourselves opening the flow for abundance, support, harmony and unity.




Mathilde Lumiere on WhatsApp +971509105688
YogiGeorge NoorAn on WhatsApp +971506815377


A small private group session of 3 to 5 people is available during Asil’s visit to Dubai.

Please contact us directly to arrange date and timing. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this email, and for choosing to dedicate yourself to this process of awakening and grounding your spiritual light into your beautiful physical body. We look forward to sharing this space and this deep work with you. We are honoured to go on this journey within.

We serve as a bridge to higher dimensions to provide the self-mastery guidance, wisdom and teaching required to embody your divine potential. We are looking forward to welcoming and co-creating with your energy.
With Gratitude, Love, Light and high Golden Diamond Light to your Heart.

♡Asil Toksa
♡Nada Harb
♡Mathilde Lumiere & YogiGeorge NoorAn

A High Spiritual Educational Channel
Connect, Join, Awaken and Arise


Urban Tribe Events (Dubai Drums), Dubai
Street 17 Al Quoz Ind Area 4, Dubai
Dubai, AE
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