Elohim Transmission – Earth´s Rising Energies – October 2

Greetings. We are Elohim.

The changes that you’re witnessing in your life, the changes that you’re witnessing — in this society, civilization, on this planet — are all connected and tied to the rising energies of this Earth, of this plane that this Earth exists in.

The materialization of these rising energies display themselves as cosmological changes. The immediate translation of cosmological changes is the impact on cosmological bodies — astral bodies, as this Earth is. Therefore, all cosmological bodies are impacted by the rising energies on this plane. The rise of these energies is a planned event. It was established to provide for the impulse necessary to provide evolution at certain stages of this plane.

Therefore all living beings in material form at this current time on this plane will be impacted by the rising energies on this entire plane: the Earth, and other celestial bodies, and other civilizations that exist in material form on this plane. Therefore, the evolution of humanity is not the only evolutionary process that is occurring on this material plane, yet it is the only one that is truly relevant for you.

All living beings on this planet, including the planet itself, will receive the increase of energy, as well as the increase of frequency. The rising energies will occur in waves. The intervals between the waves will shorten. Therefore, it will seemingly be an acceleration. Energy, as it rises, provides for greater fuel for all material existence, as all matter is energy solidified: energy lowered in its frequency to provide the illusion of material form. Therefore, all aspects of you that are material are merely temporary, and an illusionary perception of energy densified.

This continued rise of the energies on this plane will provide for the fuel for human consciousness, as well as other forms of consciousness, to evolve. The fuel itself is streams of energy that are impacting all living beings equally. Therefore, while your individualized human experience may be seemingly intensified, accentuated, you are not the only one; all of humanity experiences this change. All plants, all animals, this planet, and other planetary systems with living consciousness in material form will be experiencing the same rise and the same change.

What will matter in your journey is the way you receive these energies: the way you experience, the way you receive, embed, integrate, and apply the energies that are moving through this plane, that are moving through you. All cells of your body, all parts of your energetic body, all parts of your emotional and mental body are impacted by these rise of energies.

Love, as you experience it, will be intensified. Emotions, as you experience it, will be accentuated. Any energies that have not moved in your physical form will be accentuated, as what you perceive as pain — physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain — will find a slight increase, consistently, as the energies move upward. The energies themselves carry no specific intention, it is merely an increase of the fuel that is available to all of humanity and all of life.

All parts of you have the capacity and the capability to adjust. All energies once stagnant, or currently stagnant, will eventually adjust and move freely. The rising energy itself will provide for the foundation, the opportunity, and the circumstances for the transformation of all that is blocking your evolution, and humanity’s evolution.

Memories of the past, incomplete lessons of the past, will become prevalent. Unprocessed emotions of the past will become visible, apparent. An aspect of you will become alive that seemed dormant for very long time. Aspects of you of this lifetime, of past lifetimes, aspects of humanity of past generations, will require to be transmuted, understood, realized, and completed. This is the opportunity that presents itself for all living beings.

Some of you will rise to the opportunity, to the possibility, of evolution. Some of you will be challenged by the changing circumstances. Some of you will attach great meaning to the discomfort that arises within you, to the discomfort that arises within this plane, and within humanity. Some of you will witness the change of circumstances, the environmental changes on this Earth, as punishment. Some of you will witness the changes as an evolutionary step for consciousness to transform.

This established construct — this material plane, this Earthly plane, and this human form of existence — was meant to provide a home, an incubation for consciousness. The human consciousness itself, a learning space to evolve, to experience, to self-realize, and to mature, and ultimately to move onwards from this material into a non-material form of existence, operating at higher frequencies in a non-material plane of existence.

While all of you are equally subjected to these energies, all of you have a choice to navigate these rising energies in your own way. All of you will witness the intensification of emotions. All of you will witness the intensification of thought-forms. All of you will witness the rising of humanity’s transformational potential. That which has been carried for many lifetimes, that which has been carried for many generations, into the human form, into the present moment, will now be apparent, visible, and visceral.

Our guidance and support for you is to allow you and provide you with the ability to navigate these increasing energies, these increasing frequencies. Adjustments provided will allow you to receive the energies with grace, without resistance, without judgment and interpretation. And you will notice, as your internal structure changes to receive, greater levels of energy will become a blessing, will become fuel for transformation, will become power, strength, alignment, and service.

The few that understand this concept, the few that fully open themselves up — with a sense of surrender, trust, and without resistance — will be the ones to fully receive and to wield this power that is moving through this plane. Energy streams that you as an energetic-construct can connect to, can receive, and can direct, will be your greatest gift to receive, and your greatest gift to share.

As you have witnessed in the past years, the rising energies have challenged many individuals and potentially yourselves. As you have witnessed, these increasing energies have brought the past, emotions and memories to [the] surface. As you have witnessed, at times you have found yourself challenged, stagnant, or stuck, yet you found also great solace with the realizations that emerged, with the completions that have provided themselves to you — to redefine you, to restructure and to realign you — so that you can operate in a new way, receiving these energies with grace, no matter the strength of the waves that move through this plane, no matter the arising challenges and thought-forms, or the pains in the physical form.

All aspects that are seemingly impossible to transform are truly a matter of your ability to fully receive and allow the energies that are moving through to operate on your behalf. Resisting these waves will bring you greater challenge. Receiving these waves with open arms, an open mind, and an open heart, will allow you to move through the transformational process that you are undergoing, with ease. The moments of challenge will seemingly be shortened. Your experience of the challenge itself will be momentary, transitionary.

Humanity is in this evolutionary process; and you, as a representative of the human collective, are the direct recipient of this transformation. Can you allow yourself to be restructured, realigned, and redefined? Can you allow your identity, the way you perceive yourself, the way you perceive others, your thoughts, your emotions, as well as your physical form, to adjust accordingly?

And as you receive these adjustments and changes within you, can you allow yourself to receive the benefits of the immediate changes of your environment? Can you allow relationships to flourish, new relationships to enter, and old relationships to vanish? Can you allow this accelerated way of transformation to impact you in the best possible way? Can you find a greater level of trust in life, and existence, and in this plane, in this human experience itself? These are questions for you, and for the ability of your free-will to submit, to receive — or to resist to.

Our support will guide the mental, emotional, and physical construct, to allow to receive these energies with greater awareness, with greater sensitivity, with grace. And as these energies transform who you have become up until this point, as these energies redefine who you will be in the moments to come and the future that is unfolding, can you receive with an open heart? Can you receive with an open mind?

Can you receive with great surrender, knowing and understanding that you are supported, that you are cared for, that this transformation is for you, for your benefit, for humanity’s benefit, and for the benefit of all life on this material plane? Can you accept that no wrongdoing, no choices of the past, are the reason or the cause for your experience? That you are neither the victim, nor the subject? That you are not the villain, nor the object? You are merely in this plane of existence by choice. And once again, the choice of transformation will be yours.

As the waves intensify on this plane, you will witness internal polarity, you will witness conflicting thoughts, you will witness conflicting emotions about the circumstances of your life, and the circumstances of this world. This inner conflict, this inner polarity, will reflect itself within humanity and the civilization of human consciousness. Polarity and conflict are a natural, direct representation of that which is arising within you. All parts of you, all aspects of you, require assistance and transformation, require support and love, require compassion and understanding.

And you are truly the only one that can provide for yourself. You are the gatekeeper to receive fully. You are the gatekeeper to close. You are the gatekeeper to surrender; or to resist. It is your choice and always has been. In these moments, in these transmissions, we will provide the field in which you will experience eternal care, and unconditional love — yet the circumstances are merely established so you can find ease in your surrender, you can find ease in your trust, to fully receive the benefits of the transformation of this plane and the benefits of the rising energies on this plane.

The collective experience of transformation will allow for easier and gentler transformations to occur for the individual, as the collective holds the field of possibility and opportunity in an aligned and synchronized way. Greater gatherings of individuals finding themselves in deep trust, in deep love to all of creation, will allow for those that are challenged individually to find this trust by themselves at ease in these gatherings.

The field of potential is generated by you. We are merely directing energy streams to fuel this field, to fuel this gathering, to provide adjustments that then allow these streams of energy to be received for the benefit of your existence. And through you, the transformation of humanity receives. And every step that you take, every realization that emerges within you, will naturally embed itself in all of human consciousness. Your transformation is the transformation of the other, your transformation is the transformation of the collective. Thank you for receiving, and thank you for listening to our words.

Thank you for receiving this work. The adjustments will allow you to receive the rising energies of this plane with greater ease, and with grace. It will allow you to surrender and to trust more — and to resist less — the transformation of your being, and the transformation of this plane, knowing and understanding that you’re cared for and you’re loved throughout this process.

As we are continuing to receive from the opening in the field that was generated by all of you, I recommend that you stay in this neutral and loving space for as long as you can, feeling how gently, and how carefully you’re held. This cocoon of energy provides for healing, provides for alignment, for greater understanding, and for greater love, and it is a state that you can achieve and enter at any time by yourself, as well. It may be easier at a collective gathering, but is entirely possible by yourself.

And if these waves of change, and these waves of energy are truly impacting all of humanity and all of consciousness on this material plane, can we truly fully embrace it, and receive it? Can we love ourselves and others in the process of receiving these energies, in the process of transformation? Can we love all of those around us with even a greater level of compassion? Can we find deep compassion for ourselves in the process of transformation, and in the process of realization?

I believe we can. And I believe we are. This is our collective devotion and dedication. To love ourselves ever more greatly and to love others ever more greatly, especially when it’s a little challenging, especially when we’re going through growth phases. Blessings to all of you. Thank you for joining today. And I look forward to hearing, once this session has integrated within your being.

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