Elohim Transmission – The Soul’s Agreements – September 4

Greetings. We are Elohim.

The undertaking of humanity’s Ascension process will require all of humanity to understand the greater perspective that can be held within the human form. The self-realization journey always was designed to deliver the expanded states of consciousness that provide insight, understanding, and realizations on all of existence, on life itself, on relationship, on separation, and on unity.

And while this journey of self-realization is intrinsically embedded within all of you, at times it will require conscious choice. At times it will require willpower, dedication, and devotion; knowing and understanding the innate force that drives for your awakening, for your evolution, for your expansion.

And in this journey of self-realization, you will witness the challenges that arise within the barriers of conditioning, the barriers of societal structures, the barriers that are established by the many lifetimes lived, by the many experiences had, yet unprocessed; incomplete.

These barriers will indicate themselves as internal resistance, as internal challenge; at times, as internal pain. The conflict within, the conflict without, is all an indication of the barriers towards the self-realization of the individual. No conflict exists without this barrier established; energy moves, consciousness expands.

And as you discover these barriers, you will apply meaning — to understand the barrier itself, to categorize, to structure, to comprehend through the mind — yet these barriers that arise are not meant to be comprehended; are not meant to be understood. They merely are an indication for greater trust, for greater surrender, for greater opening; a knowing that you are on the right path.

You will find temporary relief by avoiding the barriers that arise; you will find temporary peace within. Yet this peace, this alignment that you find temporarily will make itself visible in other forms, as barriers once again. Witness your environment as the divine reflection that it is, to you and to your evolution. Every detail, every word, every thought, and every emotion that arises within you and within your environment is the journey itself.

These states of consciousness that are achieved through these transmissions are to support the expansion, the evolution, and the self-realization of your being: the innate desire of your soul, the innately embedded purpose of existence in human form. Allowing yourself to be held within these energies that are provided, for you to witness that you are loved, that you are supported, and that you are held; for the mind to rest, for the heart to relax, and for the body to surrender; for the soul to take precedence, for the essence of your being to emerge, to surface, for the essence of your being to feel all aspects of your life, for the essence of your being to come through you, without the filters, without the barriers, without the censorship, without the flavors of the past, without the expectations of the future.

In this present moment, all that exists is you: a soul-container infused with human consciousness, experiencing the human form for the purpose of evolution. In this present moment, your environment: a mere construct for reflection and greater learning, for greater understanding, and greater realizations of who you are. The soul’s agreement, first and foremost, is to supply you with this significant experience in human form, an experience that you have chosen, an experience that has chosen you.

In this choice, the human form will provide a significant area of experiences, relationships, the full spectrum of all emotions, the spectrum of thoughts, the spectrum of bodily experiences, and the spectrum of all that this reality-construct has to offer to you. Rest in comfort, as this is the first and most significant soul agreement. Accept this human form as the choice made, as the brilliance that it carries, as the magnificence that it provides.

Witness, as [through] this acceptance emerge emotions of gratitude, of fulfillment, of presence; witness as the expansion and the opening of your heart encompasses all of your being. This is who you are, and who you can be, at any moment of your life: filled with gratitude, deeply present, receiving and transmitting the life that moves through this plane, the love of creation that holds all of existence together. No resistance in this moment, no conflict in this moment, purely the flow of the love of creation, the flow of existence.

In collaboration with human consciousness, a soul-container chooses specific learnings; learnings that are required for all of consciousness, for human consciousness, to evolve. Every soul plays a significant role as a result of this collaborative agreement. This also is a choice. Soul containers that have experienced many lifetimes, many life-forms, will offer significant and challenging learnings.

As these learnings emerge, the individual does not remember making this choice, making this agreement. The immediate reaction is the observation of the pain of the challenge itself, the immediate desire that arises to avoid the pain, to create meaning and interpretations around this inner conflict and outer conflict, to create a sense of understanding, to cope with the reality that emerges as a result of the agreements made.

Yet as you allow yourself to find this state of silence, these desires of avoidance and resistance disappear, as the pain becomes merely an impulse to be observed, to be witnessed; as the pain becomes a directing force to expand even further, to be fuel for evolution. The innate desire to absolve all agreements ever made is the desire to avoid and find yourself in the immediate comfort, in the immediate familiarity of existence. Yet, as you can see, you can truly find this level of comfort, alignment, and presence without absolving these agreements made — it is merely a state of presence, a state of being that allows you to have the capacity to accept all that is, to observe all agreements and the realities created through these agreements.

No challenge seems unsurmountable in this very moment. No challenge seems a threat to your existence, a threat to love, a threat to relationships, a threat to the ego construct. In this state of being you become the single observer, encompassing all of life. In this state of being there is nothing to achieve, nothing to accomplish, nothing to solve. It is merely you: the greatest observer of your existence, in its most powerful state of being.

As you find yourself more often in these states of existence, in theses states of observation, the barriers discovered through the agreements made will dissolve, one by one. The pain that was once resisted will no longer be required to point you in a direction. The suffering that was once had will no longer emerge, as the interpretations and the meanings associated to the barriers discovered will dissolve.

This is the path of self-realization. This is the path to fulfilling the soul’s agreements, all agreements ever made to support your evolution and the evolution of consciousness in human form, the collective receiving the benefits of your existence. And for many generations, humanity has learned in this particular way, and through this particular construct.

And while there are an infinite number of learnings still to be had, an infinite number of learnings unprocessed and incomplete, the time for humanity’s evolutionary process through Ascension from this construct to a new construct of existence has come. And while these soul agreements have served you and all of humanity, a new agreement will take its place, to serve the Ascension process of humanity. All other agreements will remain, yet will no longer be the primary driving force of your life. If you choose to, the result will be a transformation of your mind, a transformation of your heart and your emotional states, a transformation of your body and its physical states.

Who are you without the agreements that drive your reality? What is to be felt without the agreements, the barriers, the reactions, and the responses that this reality creates for you? And how will your body adjust to this new prime directive of your existence in human form? Embrace this new construct, this new agreement that will take precedence over all agreements made: the agreement of the evolution of consciousness, the agreement of self-realization, the agreement of the Ascension of humanity.

And this new primary driving force of your life will adjust all other agreements ever made, will adjust your immediate environment, your reality, the habits and behaviors, the emotions and thoughts established, and you will find yourself at ease, relaxing [into] this transformation of your being, and to this transformation of your environment. And at times you will find yourself challenged by the transformation itself, as the dissolution of the ego-construct, the dissolution of emotional constructs, as well as the transformation of this physical form, will challenge the reality that you have known to be.

The reality that you have learned to love — despite its pains, despite its challenges — it has become a familiar home, a reliable experience and environment: reliable to provide the challenges and the pains of human existence, reliable to provide the spectrum of emotions, the spectrum of experiences.

Can you rest in the unknown? Can you rest in the unfamiliar unfolding of this new reality of your existence? And this transformation will happen, one step at a time, one thought at a time, one emotion at a time, and one moment at a time.

And whenever you find yourself challenged, remember this state of being that you can invoke: a state of being that you can bring yourself into will make the difference in the challenge observed and the challenge experienced. It is the level of perspective that will bring you liberation, freedom, and resolution — and you will witness all agreements chosen, to complete, one after the other.

You will witness the resulting changes of your existence. You will witness the transformation of how you see this reality, and how you see yourself in relationship. You will witness the change of your observation, your mental construct, your actions. You will witness the change of your emotional states, your perception of yourself and your perception of others. You will witness behaviors and habits dissolving as a result of this transformation.

This is the new soul agreement, an acceleration of an embedded truth within your soul. The evolution of consciousness, the self-realization process, and the Ascension process, will become the single primary soul agreement.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence the energetic adjustment.

Thank you for receiving these adjustments. This transmission is complete.

And you can continue to find yourself in this cocoon of endless white light, this unconditional form of love, holding all parts of you. And in this state of thoughtless and emotionless — and motionless — existence, all is provided for. The divine connection that you have always had is clearly visible, is clearly fueling you. And receive from this connection, receive all that you can. All parts of your being, your entire body, all cells of your body, all the way down to your DNA, all of your organs, even your bones, your joints, your muscles; every part of you receives, every part of your regenerates in the presence of this love of creation, the fabric for all of existence.

And you witness how this fabric, this white light and cocoon holds your heart, all your emotions, all your memories, processed and unprocessed, complete and incomplete, integrated and unintegrated. All of your being is held with equal care, with equal importance, and with equal love and attention. And you witness how your mind is held with great care, with great love, for all your thoughts ever had — even the challenging mental constructs that you still hold on to, even the perceptions of reality of your environment, of yourself, that are persistent. Everything is held with this divine love, without trying to change you, without approving or disapproving; merely holding you in this reality with infinite care.

And continue to stay in this state of being long as you need to — and maybe you will witness how it integrates into your day, into the following days, and the following weeks; the following months, and the following years.

Thank you for joining today. It is a pleasure to connect with all of you in this particular way, and it is a pleasure to make this work accessible to all that are ready to receive.

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