The Superconscious Heart – Day 3

The Superconscious Heart – Day 3

Note: These are only the parts that were channeled by Asil during the workshop in February 2021. You can still purchase access to the full course replays.


When Prageet said, ‘There is nothing to do, just relax.’ I was concerned that the creative dynamic of ‘being and doing’ was being limited. When is the concept of ‘nothing to do’ applied to the ‘being phase’ of the creative process, and the ‘doing phase’ of living our daily life?

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

On this journey in human form, you will experience the ability to create, to operate in this reality, to touch, to feel, to explore, as well as to consciously create in this reality. There are many ways to create — some creations will be with your physical form, some creations will be with your mental form, some creations with your emotional states and with your energetic form, yet all of those combined are considered creations through the human experience. An intention can start the creation process. A present state of deep quality can start the creation process, the states to switch between the intention to create and the intention to establish a deeper present moment serve different purposes.

A presence will allow you to explore being in this very moment, understanding the expansive nature of your being, the expansive nature of your consciousness, and the totality of your existence, the power and the possibilities, the potential that lies in this very moment. And, this perspective, this perception, will allow for creations to be established with more ease, with more immediacy, and with the power to create from the mental, the emotional, the physical, as well as the energetic bodies, equally powerfully. This is the power of manifestation.

Some individuals will be predisposed to create through their energetics. Some individuals will be predisposed to create with their emotional states and mental states with ease. Some individuals will create with their physical form, and all of those ways are equally valid, powerful, and expressions of the divine. You see, it is finding the balance between being to expand your understanding of existence, and the intention to create, to apply this understanding into this reality. Thank you for your question.

What is the need for guides? If our soul or superconsciousness is controlling the human avatar, why can’t the super consciousness directly guide the human? Is there an agreement to come in with amnesia?

The template of this creation, the human experience, requires every soul to enter without the knowledge of previous lives lived in human form, or in other civilizations. This requirement allows for every individual to start anew, a complete ‘blank slate,’ with fresh experiences, a fresh individuality and identity, a new perspective on life.

Yet, all the experiences that have been accumulated, all the learnings and the wisdom collected, all the activations within the energetic templates are present with the soul that enters the human form, waiting to be reactivated as the soul in this new incarnation starts to awaken, one step at a time.

While the exact experiences of past lives are not required, the wisdom collected, and the realizations accumulated will assist in the awakening process, will assist in the service that the individual brings forth to humanity and to their lives. And, as you continue this awakening journey, memories may come back to you, may return to support a deeper understanding of the current moments that you are experiencing, the current relationships and the current situations in human society.

The requirement to receive the adjustments and the gifts that we will provide is not given, it is an unconditional offering to all of you that are willing and ready to receive. And, in this very moment as human experience accelerates in its awakening process, humanity requires all the assistance that it can receive.

Individuals that are willing, individuals that are ready and able to receive, will receive the assistance and the support that we have to give, to be supported on their individualized accelerated awakening processes so that all of humanity can be impacted through you.

There is no requirement. Every individualized soul can evolve and can self-realize, can awaken, merely by existing, merely by experiencing and realizing. You are ‘complete,’ in that sense, and fully able and enabled to do so. And, our support may assist you in this path forward. Thank you for your question.

Can you describe the ‘Superconscious Heart’ and its potential?

What is framed and named the ‘Superconscious Heart’ is the aspect of your spiritual heart center, an aspect of your being that is embedded into this incarnation, an aspect of your being that carries all experiences, all realizations that have ever occurred in your inclinations alongside with you, a connection to the aspect of the superconsciousness of yourself, directly tying in all of you into this limited yet expansive human experience.

The greatest potential is right now and within you. The human form has the ability to fully express and to fully experience the entire potential that your superconscious being carries. The explorations that we are leading you into are in order to understand the totality of your being, the presence that is within this totality, the power, the possibilities, and the potential that lies within you, and through you, and with you within the collective and the human consciousness, as a unity.

The potential of the superconscious heart is beyond emotions, is beyond connection, is beyond knowing and understanding, and it is well beyond creation. In its simplest term, it is about presence — presence, and the unified self of creation, experiencing and knowing the love of creation in its original intent. Thank you for your question.


Greetings. We are Elohim.

The work that you have accomplished until this very moment, the level of presence that you have established, the energy that has built with the assistance of many forces, has brought you to this very moment. The delivery of the energies that are to come will impact your life, permanently.

The expansion, the capacity, and the potential that is within you will be sparked; activated in ways it has not before, activations that humanity has rarely seen, as the time has come for these activated human beings to surface in humanity’s existence.

This accelerated process of Ascension is a critical element in humanity’s evolution and the evolution of all of consciousness — starting with you. Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving these adjustments and this unconditional gift of ours, to you. The changes that it will bring into your life, the alignments, the peace, the harmony, will take days, weeks, and months to fully integrate.

It is recommended to stay at ease, and to invite transformation with grace into your life, with kindness to yourself, with kindness to others. Transformation and change for those that are not accustomed to accelerated evolution can be challenging at times, yet liberating as a result.

This deepened sense of presence is accessible to you at any point, going forward. Finding that moment to establish a silence of the mind, a silence of the heart, a silence of the body, to allow yourself to surrender, to trust that you’re held with utmost love and integrity, that you are beyond the comprehensions, the limitations established by the mind, or by the heart, or by the body.

The greatness of all that you are will be more and more embodied in the vessel that you currently operate, the human form that you have chosen to incarnate as for this current lifetime.

Thank you for receiving this work.

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