Celestial Conjunction – Session 2

Celestial Conjunction – Session 2

Greetings. We are Elohim.

You have all gathered here today to receive this transmission — the planetary alignment being an important aspect of this very moment. More importantly, you have found the space, the time, and brought your attention into this very present moment. You have allowed yourself to receive. You have given yourself the space to expand, to be supported, to be assisted, and to support, and to assist.

When in service, receiving and transmitting is equally balanced: only then your service and your presence becomes eternally sustainable; it becomes effortless, it becomes the divine flow of energy, through you, as an expression of the divine.

The adjustments that you will receive today will be important adjustments, specifically designated and designed for this period of time. Energetic openings of this kind require certain adjustments to the human energy body to fully receive the benefits of this and other alignments that will occur in the near future.

Remember that you are a continuously changing, ever-evolving being, that falling out of alignment is a natural aspect of navigating life. Seeking to return into alignment is continuously available and in progress. Just as all celestial bodies fall into alignment and fall out of alignment, this is the natural flow also within you, and on this human plane.

Designating your attention to your evolution is the first and most important step. Designating your attention for this present moment is your divine gift to yourself, your divine gift to humanity, your divine gift to all of existence. Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this transmission. As these alignments in your energetic body settle, all other parts of your being — your mental, emotional, and physical bodies — adjust and receive greater forms of energy. A deeper sense of aliveness, the love-of-creation, the source of all energy on this plane, flows with much greater ease, with much greater grace, through you.

You become much more receptive. You become much more generous and giving, as there is no scarcity of energy and life-force. It is available and accessible to you in its full abundance. You receive like you have never received before — a vessel of capacity, a vessel of receptivity, a vessel of connection, a vessel of love.

You have created the space and the alignment necessary to receive to your greatest ability in this very moment. And, as these energies move through your system, observe the flow of life, observe the flow of the universe in its love for you, moving through your energetic system, your physical body, your mental constructs, and your emotions.

Embrace this love, this unconditional, limitless, source of love, as it uplifts all parts of your being, as all residue of the past is washed away in these streams of energy. The only aspect that remains is the learning and the memories — without the attachments, without the fears, the doubts, and the worries.

Your outlook for the future changes: it adjusts to this new, present, aligned version of yourself. Even your perspectives of the future, your perspectives of yourself, your perspectives of others become uplifted, light, present.

From this place of receptivity, you expand your being to all of humanity. The life, the love, and this light that moves through you starts to embrace all of the loved ones in this current lifetime, all of the loved ones of previous lifetimes, all of those in your communities, all of those in your cities and nations, all of your neighbors, all nations of this world, all parts of human existence — especially those forgotten and lost, orphaned in the streams of their experiences, reminding them that they are never alone, reminding yourself that you are never alone — a unique collective sensation of unity, a fabric of love, recreated in this human form, in this material form.

Your love expands to all creations, to all forms of consciousness on this human plane, animals and plants, and all creations, serving the great ecosystems of this human existence. And, you extend this love beyond the material forms of consciousness on this plane, to all non-material existence — all beings disembodied, yet present, all beings part of this great ecosystem, the great balance.

You extend this love to all of those that have existed before you, to all of those that will exist after you. You extend this love that moves through you and this plane at this very moment, to all that exists beyond the human existence. Civilizations in material form, civilizations in non-material form, many forms of consciousness, and many planes of existence, dimensions of creation, the intrinsic fabric that binds all of existence together, this love-of-creation, currently aware and awake within you.

Remember in this moment the power that you hold as a vessel of this love-of-creation, as part of the eternal fabric of creation. Remember to receive, remember to transmit, and remember to transform — always in the greatest benefit to your evolution, and the greatest benefit of humanity’s evolution, and the greatest benefit to all of existence, and its continuous evolution and expansion.

Thank you for receiving this work. It is our unconditional gift to you, to remind you of the power that you hold in this current existence of yours.

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