Transmission Series – Healing & Alignment – July 18th

Greetings. I am Raphael. As you have witnessed [in] your own growth, you have seen that every growth process brings forth a new challenge to realign. As you change the state of your being, a new alignment is required, an alignment of the changed mind, an alignment of the changed heart, an alignment of the changed body, as well as the energetic-spiritual construct.

Therefore, with continuous growth, there is a requirement for continuous realignment. Alignment becomes a practice, alignment becomes a way of being — every circumstance, every moment requires a new form of alignment, in every moment of your being. The more you continue to understand your alignment that currently exists, the smaller the changes will be to realign, to readjust to the current moment. This may indeed take a single moment to realign, to readjust.

In the beginning of one’s journey, the sensitivities vary. To fully understand one’s alignment, one must increase their level of understanding of themselves, truly feeling the heart, truly observing the mind, truly experiencing and sensing the physical form, and eventually sensing the energetic body.

As your ability to sense increases, your ability to understand how aligned or misaligned you are increases as well. You become a consistent and constant observer of yourself. And while many of these processes of alignment are intrinsic, and organically established by the procedures and the processes delivered to you in this human form, some realignments require conscious effort: Conscious awareness, on where the misalignments of your being exist; conscious effort, a conscious desire to become present to the misalignments of yourself, understanding in which ways your mind obstructs, in which ways the mind distorts that which you see, in which ways the filters of your reality are tuned to the past experiences unresolved; additionally, beliefs that are formed based on experiences of the past, beliefs that are formed about relationships, beliefs that are formed about love, about the expectations of the future, about what is possible and what is not, about what you deserve and what you don’t; additionally, understanding and observing the limitations established.

The misalignments established within the heart, emotional constructs. How much love can truly be held within you? How much love can be transmitted and received? What is the capacity of your heart to hold as many individuals as possible? When, and how, does your heart close? Which emotions do you feel, and which do you [not feel]? These misalignments of the heart will become more visible as your awareness of yourself increases.

The misalignments of the body, from the most obvious misalignments that speak to you in the clearest possible language — physical pain, the discomforts of the body are the most direct communication to you that attention is required for a specific misalignment of the physical form — all the way to the most nuanced and small misalignments of the physical form that can be observed and understood. With deep awareness and presence, with deep inquiry, this physical form has tremendous intelligence and it is here to serve you. It will adjust, navigate through the circumstances It will support your life, your survival, as well as your growth. It will adjust to your direction and to your guidance, to your will. Therefore, conscious awareness, as well as conscious effort, will impact the physical form to deliver.

Your energetic body carries all the blueprints of all aspects of your being — your mind, your heart, your physical form, your entire being represented in your energetic-spiritual construct. Adjustments conducted on this energetic-spiritual construct therefore have an impact on your mental, emotional, and physical forms.

In the coming years, the ability to continuously realign, to continuously readjust [to] the circumstances, will become an important trait, an ability of your own. You become the conductor of your own being. You become the one that realigns itself. In moments like these, you may receive our assistance, you may receive adjustments and alignments to provide and support you in your life — yet ultimately you will be empowered to do so yourself. As your increased awareness establishes itself, as your deeper level of presence establishes itself, your attention and your intention will become your most powerful tools to realign.

You may choose to replace the word “alignment” with “healing,” yet many of you have a different perspective on this word that has been utilized for thousands of years. “Healing” is not for the sick ones — healing equals growth, [and] is therefore for everyone.

Healing equals alignment, therefore: alignment is growth. You are on this continuous growth journey, therefore: healing and alignment will be your companion for the rest of your life. Accept and appreciate that these companions are here to support you on your journey. Your ability to heal and grow, your ability to align, will become even more fine-tuned and nuanced; mostly, and firstly, for yourself, and eventually for others.

You are your most powerful healer. You are your most powerful provider of alignment and provider of growth. You may sometimes require a reminder, or an assist, a support on your journey, yet you still remain the one in power over your own life, over your own growth and evolution. Thank you for listening to my words and thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. As you come into greater alignment, your presence will increase. Deeper levels, and deeper quality of your presence will be the representation of your alignment. Your presence, your attention in the moment, your connection to the Love of Creation in the moment will be undeniable.

You will observe yourself. You will evaluate: How present are you? How much love is present with you? How much of the past is present with you? How much of the future is present with you? How many thoughts, emotions, and physical pain are with you?

In moments of deep presence, all the misalignments of your being will become apparent. First, the ones that are the strongest and require the most attention, and eventually those that are underlying root causes of many of the experiences that inhibit your growth.

Eventually, aspects of your past lives, aspects of your lineage, your ancestry, aspects of society, aspects of the communities that you’re connected to, will become misalignments within you, and you will become naturally connected and responsible for these misalignments.

You will observe, witness, and eventually transform these misalignments. Your continuous desire to align inside will start to make an impact outside of you. It will start to create alignment with those that are in relationship with you, loved ones that are close to your heart, loved ones of the past, loved ones in your mind. Your alignment, your healing, your growth, has a direct correlation to the alignment and growth of those that you are connected to.

On the grander scale, all of humanity is impacted by your desire and your ability to grow and to align. Every step forward makes a difference. Every effort is worth the energy and the time that you allocate to this evolution of yours.

On this journey, you will start to learn many aspects of your own being. You will start to understand who you are in a deeper context. You will start to understand how the heart operates, how the mind operates, how your energetic and spiritual construct provides for you. You will start to understand the deeper functions and mysteries of this existence. Deeper understanding of love, deeper understanding of your consciousness within human consciousness will become prevalent, all on this journey of alignment, all on this journey of healing and growth.

As you can see, growth and alignment is directly correlated to deeper levels of presence, and this is directly correlated to the self-realization journey. At times, you will require to integrate the alignments. You will require to test the alignments, and, at times, your environment, your loved ones and relationships will test your alignment for you, purely from a place of love. Your alignment will continuously be challenged, and you will learn to realign faster and with less effort, until the aspects of your alignment become steady and solid, and the tests will subside. You will start to observe new possibilities arising for you, and with these new possibilities, you will witness different forms of misalignment within yourself, more nuanced, yet equally valid and important to observe. And, different forms of alignment, different forms of attention, self-care, and growth will become available to you.

You are on this journey by choice. Omitting this journey, and suppressing your growth, your evolution, your healing, and your alignment will bring forth suffering, as the energy that arises cannot move. Therefore, the pain must increase so that you can break free from your resistance.

Observations, awareness, conscious effort, alignment, evolution, and self-realization; all yours, and all combined, the journey to awakening and the journey to self realization for humankind.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
I often get mental, meaning more cerebral, more in my head, when the questions are answered by Emmanuel. Is there a specific way to receive the answers from Emmanuel without getting mental?

This form of communication is indeed delivered to your mind. This form of communication allows for you to be able to relate to what we deliver. While the mind can not fully comprehend all that is delivered, this communication also brings forth an energetic transmission that is received by your energetic-spiritual construct at the same time. Understanding the exact words, the exact sentence, and the exact meaning of what is said is not a requirement, as the most critical aspect of receiving is delivered through this energetic transmission. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Is it true that any pain in the body is because of an emotion stored as energy, and stress that we take on, and, how can we address it, to heal?

Many different forms of pain that the physical body can deliver to you can have different causes. Some of the causes will be of physical nature — truly the impact of this physical environment will induce pain, and the response of your physical form, to make sure it is safe and it can continue to survive and provide for an optimal experience for you. Different forms of physical pain can be induced, by emotional misalignments. Different forms of pain can be induced by an overactive mind, by constricting beliefs and operations of the mind.

A stress response to the environment is a mechanism of survival. If your physical form is continuously in a mechanism of survival, eventually it will become responsive to pain. It will communicate to you that the levels of stress, in a continued way, increased tension lead to a lower circulation of the energy flow in your system, therefore to pain and deeper misalignments follow.

Understanding your emotional state, understanding your mental state, continuously making time for this observation of the mind and the heart, continuously making time for a realignment and a calming of your system. Then, truly, is survival at risk at all times? Or, is survival risk projected by the mind, the intensity of the pressure created by yourself, or by the societal construct that you have subscribed to?

Understand in which ways you support your physical, your mental, and emotional forms to relax, to digest, and to process the experiences of life — including relationships, including work, including exercise, growth and healing. This is for you to consciously be aware of and make time for. It is not required to suffer. While pain may be a directing guide to bring your attention to the very moment, and to a specific place, suffering is the resistance to understanding and observing the pain, to transforming the pain with according action. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
I am born with a twin sister, and she has a handicap. What lessons do we both have to learn? And, is a handicap comparable to a lesson to learn with an illness?

Some handicaps in human form are able to be transformed within this lifetime; some will not. Equally, all forms of handicap provide deep lessons and learnings for the individual, as well as for those in connection with the individual.

Understanding deeper levels of power that derive from the emotional center, and the connection to the Love of Creation goes beyond any perceivable handicap. Some individuals with handicaps will therefore explore consciousness in different forms. The expansion of their consciousness will not be limited by their handicap. In fact, their expansion and their exploration may supersede the expansion of those without perceivable handicap.

Therefore, the individual that may be perceived as handicapped is truly operating in a more powerful way by the operations of their consciousness, the operations of their heart, the operations that lead to self-realization in their current life. They too are on the self realization journey. While you may perceive their lives to be limited, the possibilities are equal, and at times grander, for those with handicap. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
My partner unexpectedly died — drowned — two weeks ago. I feel very close to him and I feel his spirit free. Can you offer me some insight or suggestions to help me with this transition, please?

Life, as you experience it, will change. The loss of a loved one often carries deep emotions, and it is for you to observe and to transform the emotions that arise. Your love for him is strong, and this love may continue on. The connection is continuously available.

The soul is ready for its next journey, for its next incarnation. Within a period of time, the learnings of this lifetime, the experiences of this lifetime, the relationship, the relationships of this lifetime, will be processed and fully understood, appreciated, and integrated in its soul container.

Eventually, a choice will be made on where to reincarnate, which circumstance, what kind of life to be chosen — and a new life will emerge. The cycle of life will continue. The soul will learn and grow, again, will share its love with others, will learn to love again, will learn to find a way to itself, and to its essence.

The connection on a soul level continues despite different lives, despite different locality, despite different perspectives and realities. This connection is inseparable, and the bond is established for eternity. May his journey continue, and may your journey be liberated by his growth and evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How does nature affect us or help us in our healing and alignment?

Nature, organically, is designed to continuously align, to continuously adjust to the circumstances. Some of these adjustments will be minimal. Some of the adjustments will be perceivable to you. Nature evolves continuously, at all times.

Within modern society’s constructs, this connection to nature is often omitted and overwritten by the mind, by obligations, responsibilities, and liabilities of modern life. If, and when, you return to nature, the organic functions within your system reactivate the body, the mind, and the heart. Start to understand the pace, as well as the flow of nature. The continuous flow of energy, the Love of Creation as it permeates through nature, will start to flow through you and through your system again. Healing and alignment becomes then, once again, an organic and natural function of your system. You are designed with nature, by nature, and through nature. Allow yourself to be fully impacted by this design and by the flow of energy through nature. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I’m grateful to learn anything you can share about healing the issue of foreign entities or energies that continually enter a body and affect consciousness. My daughter is struggling with this, and is now in the grip of county mental health authorities. My son has also become affected. I have been told this is a very common phenomenon.

Certain individuals, with an expanded consciousness, are able to reach different layers and planes of consciousness. In various planes of consciousness, interactions with other forms, with other energies, and, as you call “foreign entities” is possible.

While the human consciousness has a natural protection, while the human energetic-spiritual construct is naturally protected, an overextension of one’s consciousness can indeed open to the entry and connection with foreign consciousnesses, foreign energies.

For some individuals, this kind of exploration is an important aspect of their own growth — even perceived illness or sickness is an aspect of growth. Humanity has explored foreign consciousnesses, foreign intelligence, since the beginning of time. Humanity has continuously explored ways to connect with different forms of energies, different forms of consciousnesses, yet not all connections benefit the host, not all connections benefit in the perceivable future. Ultimately, all experiences benefit the growth of human consciousness, even though it may not be perceived in this very moment.

The energies that your family is currently impacted by is due to a connection of your family’s lineage with foreign energies — an opening that was created many generations before. In the context of our work, we will be able to address such misalignments to support the awakening and the evolution of the individual in an accelerated way, so that the evolution of your family can then impact the evolution of mankind.

In the next connection of this kind, continue to bring the consciousness of your children into this moment, continue to bring them within your heart to receive this alignment as well. We will then proceed with support to bring forth a deeper alignment, and to bring forth autonomy and sovereignty into their own systems, a protection and a connection to higher divine forces that recognize the sovereignty and the autonomy of an individual human being. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
I have had fibromyalgia for over two years and would love to heal. Should I just be patient and wait for divine timing to heal, or is there more action required on my part? What more can I do to accelerate my healing?

The healing journey on certain aspects of the physical form is a longer journey than most expect, than most have patience for. Understand that your conscious effort, your conscious surrender, your conscious attention and intention towards a more aligned version of yourself will bear fruit.

´Continue to participate in these alignments that we provide, continue to explore other options within your life, as well as your lifestyle. You will start to see improvements — even if they may come slowly and in small steps — they will be improvements, and to be perceived as progress. With each step, a deeper alignment will bring forth healing. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
It has become customary to quickly end the life of an animal when their health is failing, with the idea of “not wanting them to suffer.” I don’t feel it’s a decision that should be ours to take. On the other hand, how can we support with energetic healing — or is this also an imposition on the animals? Is this kind of energetic healing something we’re all capable of?

In certain cases, it is truly justified to assist an individualized being to continue on its journey of completion. Death is a transformation into a new cycle, and it is not to be taken lightly. Yet, if death is imminent or not is often misunderstood. The judgment and evaluation made is limited by the knowledge, by the observations, by the measurements that can be made by humanity’s current state, and these observations, measurements, and perceivable situations are limited. Therefore, the judgments are inaccurate, as you understood.

The energy system of an individualized human being is capable of delivering energy to others, of receiving energy from higher planes, as well as from this Earth plane. The directing and transmitting of energy to other individuals, to animals as well as plants, will indeed assist in healing and alignment. The energy that is transmitted can be transformed by the one that is receiving into life force, that then is transformed into the forms of energy required to provide the healing in the human, as well as animal or plant energetic structures. Therefore, every single individual human being is capable of providing healing to themselves, as well as to others, including animals and plants. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
As a mental health practitioner, I’m noticing that I’m becoming more anxious overall, especially in my non-working time. I desire to come into complete alignment. How do I work with this anxiety? And what role does surrendering to divine source, channeling, working with angels, and the increased sensitivity that comes with that, have in this process?

Anxiety is often connected to fears, and underlying fears within the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. Anxiety becomes an immediate response of the mind to uncontrollable potential situations. It is now time to go deeper inside, to unpack and understand in which ways this anxiety is fueled. What are the underlying fears that have been established in the past? What are the underlying fears that are coming to surface at this very point in time? Your continuous growth journey could indeed uncover some of these fears, and induce a certain level of anxiety for a temporary period.

Some growth journeys, some introspective observations, some contemplation, can indeed bring forth additional pain — emotional, physical, or mental. These pains arise as you are uncovering deeper layers of misalignments in your own system. These aspects require to be addressed, putting your attention into your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, understanding that your energetic, spiritual construct provides for all aspects of yourself, understanding that there is sheerly unlimited power provided by this planet to you, and that there is a sheer unlimited power and energy provided by this Love of Creation.

You will start to become fueled by these energies, understanding that you are infinitely loved by these energies as they provide for you. This realization will start to transform the fears that fuel your anxiety, and it will require continuous effort until all fears have been extinguished. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
How to approach physical conditions that cannot be healed according to science and doctors? Healers can call this the “soul plan.” What is your input? Thank you.

Certain physical conditions are truly beyond repair in this current lifetime, and these conditions become companions on a journey of discovery and learning – indeed a plan of the soul to grow and evolve to self-realize no matter the circumstances.

Many misalignments, situations of the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic-spiritual form, can be addressed beyond the understanding of modern science, beyond the comprehension of the mind. The energetic-spiritual construct of the human form carries all the blueprints for all aspects of one’s being. The impact through these blueprints will impact the physical, the emotional, and the mental form. Therefore, many misalignments — perceivably impossible to heal, impossible to realign — in fact carry the potential and the possibility to heal.

Some individuals will become adept in understanding how these alignments, realignments, can be reestablished, and in the coming years, more and more individuals will start to understand the deeper levels of this knowledge, of delivering healing and alignment where perceivably impossible. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Dear Emmanuel, can you please speak about allergies, more specifically, dust allergies? What is the main root cause or origin? Thank you.

Allergies are caused by a specific process within the mind. A misalignment in the mental framework delivers a specific signal to physical form. The physical form provides a reaction to avoid a certain circumstance. As you can see, there is a direct correlation [of] the mental framework to allergies. There is a direct correlation of the emotional framework to allergies.

Allergies are merely pointers to change a certain circumstance. The pointer itself is not the problem. Yet, the root cause that has established that pointer is understanding in which ways the mental framework or the emotional framework has established this pointer of an allergy, is going to be the critical way to resolve this misalignment.

The individual may explore understanding the subconscious and the unconscious mind, understanding the patterns and the mental constructs that have been established, in connection to this allergy. There are several healing methodologies that indeed can adjust this connection between the mental and emotional construct, on the physical reaction, through an allergy. Additionally, the work that we provide can adjust and assist with an alignment of this kind. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
So many have been physically separated right now due to travel restrictions, including myself, from a dear loved one. What are the lessons I need to learn, as it seems there is a blockage in bridging this physical gap? Thank you.

The connection between two human beings is beyond the physical form. Emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic connections are equally important and carry an important role in the discovery of oneself in relationship with another. The physical component, unique, and delivered for this material experience, carries an important aspect. Human and biological connection not only provides for an improved experience of connection and relationship, but creates the conditions necessary for humanity’s survival and evolution.

Therefore, all connections require eventually the connection to another human being in physical form. And touch, smell, taste, seeing, and feeling the other human being in person is an important aspect of humanity’s existence – can therefore not be omitted, fully.

Understandably, the current circumstances will require for patience, will require for adjusting physical contact, yet, eventually, the circumstances will change again, and a natural aspect of humanity’s existence will return to the way it was. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have allocated to your own growth and evolution. May this work provide the alignments necessary for you to find deeper presence in your life, to continue your self-realization journey.

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