Facing Challenges Livestream – April 29

Greetings. I’m Raphael. This is the moment of your awakening, the awakening of the individual, the awakening of the collective, a deeper understanding of the meaning of life, a deeper understanding of existence, a deeper understanding of the cycles of life that are provided to you, for your evolution.

Every experience adds to the realization of the individual, and the realization of the collective. With every realization, the collective evolves, the frequency rises, consciousness expands. Humanity is on the verge of an important evolutionary step. As some of you have already witnessed the changes of the many years before, and the changes that have happened within you, the changes to come will be even more.

Accelerated intensity does not have to be uncomfortable; intensity can be perceived as fuel for your evolution. You are in this experience to evolve. No evolution would defeat the purpose of existence of consciousness. My words to you are: “To embrace your own evolution.” No matter your judgments, no matter your beliefs, accept that you are an ever-changing individual and being. Allow the change to happen within you. Allow yourself to be truly impacted by the changes of the environment, the changes of relationships, the changes of your perspective — of the past, of the present, and of the future.

Receive this work with an open heart, and our vow to you is to support you through the changes, to allow the changes to come more easily, for your capacity to increase; to witness, observe, and process change as it arrives in front of you. You will become the pillar that others will look towards, as your foundation will be unshakeable. They will learn from you. They will understand that your presence is making a difference in their lives. They will want to learn from you, in the way that you have transformed your perspectives, and the quality of your presence.

You are in this experience individually, and as a collective. Your transformation impacts the collective. The collective’s transformation impacts you. The separation is the one that you experience as a momentary illusion to allow you to have the experience as an individualized being – separate, owning your experience, learning from your experience by yourself. Yet, the veil of this illusion is lifting. Understanding that you are all intrinsically connected, that this ecosystem is intrinsically connected to you — the ecosystem of this world that you call Earth, the ecosystem of all consciousness, and the Love of Creation upon which all of existence relies. The more you surrender to the understanding that you are individual, separate, unique, and, at the same time connected, united and the collective. This change of perspective will allow you [to face] the changes to come, together. Thank you for listening to my words.

Thank you for receiving. My work is complete.

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. In the history of human existence, humanity has always considered existence beyond the material form — non-material existence — to be part and present, of their lives, of the ecosystems of this world, and of the ecosystems of above.

Many considerations and perspectives have formed. Many different lineages have established an understanding. Practices were formed to deepen this understanding and to allow individuals to establish the connection with the non-material world. Beliefs and belief systems were formed. Temples, churches, mosques, institutions, were established to connect deeper with this inexplicable, yet critical aspect of your existence.

Your connection to all of existence is within. Structures, other individuals, even this experience, is merely a reminder, a reconnection of your perspective, an adjustment for you to see the divinity that is within you.

While ecosystems in the non-material world exist in vast majority. Your experience in material form can truly be isolated, and fully lived without ever understanding or needing the connection to the non-material world. This human experience was established in a way that it could be free and complete by itself.

Additionally, a seed was planted in all of you: the innate desire to evolve, the innate desire to expand as a human being, the innate desire to self-realize. This natural unfolding within, will come to all of you. It will come in challenging moments of life. It will come in experiences of birth or death, or of similar intensity, in experiences of deep opening of your mind or your heart. A remembrance will occur, a pointer to the magnificence that is you, to the magnificence of this ecosystem that has been created for you, the magnificence of all of existence, and the fine balance that holds all of existence together.

You are on this evolutionary path. The environment, your relationships, all your experiences, are supporting you in your evolutionary development. If you desire comfort, if you desire consistency, if you desire stability, you will be disappointed. The vast experience spectrum, the vast emotional spectrum makes life what it is: full of possibilities, full of potential, and full of realizations.

Embrace the moments that unfold in front of you. Embrace the challenges, embrace the pain as much as you embrace your happiness, your joy, and the love of conditional kind. You will experience this embrace [that] is the Love of Creation expressing itself through you. With this love inside of you, always connected, always open, all of the experiences in human form will bring forth what you seek. And, the realities that you create will be yours to choose.

With this Love of Creation, the relationships that you have, including the one [to] yourself, including the one with all of existence will be elevated: to deeper connection, to the understanding that you are no different than the one in front of you, they are no different than you are. We have come to that same conclusion: we are no different than you are. Our experiences included all of those that you have come to. We have moved through realizations of many kind and we have evolved just as you are at this very moment. You will survive, and you will thrive. You will learn and you will grow. You will become a new version of human existence.

You have chosen this experience. Give it your best. Explore, embrace, and love with everything that you have. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Sometimes I feel like I need to come out in the open with my spiritual gifts, or that maybe I’m hiding who I am. My intuition tells me to wait until the right time when these gifts will be welcomed. I feel afraid of the power that I hold and how others will react. If I unleash it, what can I do and when will I be able to share these gifts with the world?

The gifts will share themselves. It is not you that chooses the moment, the way, and the expression. When the gifts are ready, and you have aligned to be truly in service, then you shall see that the gifts will unfold naturally. They will express themselves as you make the space for this expression. Your environment will adjust and you will continue to love yourself in this process, and to love others in this process, as the change in your relationships and in your environment is eminent.

The perspectives that others hold of you carry no meaning. The perspectives that you hold of yourself carry no meaning. These are merely opportunities to understand deeper — yourself and your existence. When you remove the judgments that you hold, and the judgments that others hold, from this experience, you will see that the gifts will unfold naturally without further contemplation, without the stress that arises within you on how to express it, and how it will be received. It will be a transition, a transition that cannot be controlled, a transition that is driven by the power that arises within the gift itself. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
In the book recently published by Asil, one passage said, “When you close your eyes, you will see a light,” or something to that effect. Why do I not see a light when I close my eyes, and how can I see that light?

This light, this Love of Creation is consistently with you. The light to see, the light to feel, is always present — yet you are not. You must become present, fully. Refrain from all the thoughts that hold your mind captive, refrain from all the emotions that hold your heart captive, and give attention so that your body can rest and allow you to explore the silence of the mind and the silence of the heart. Only when this alignment is in your being will you start to see this light more clearly. You will start to feel this Love of Creation in every part of your being. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
What can I do to overcome my financial problems, forever? I want to finish this challenge. What do I need to learn? Thank you so much.

Finances and financial structures are established by humans. They come with a set of emotions and values, principles as well as rules. These rules established are not transparent to everyone, and some play in this game without knowing the rules themselves. Others are clear and understand this game of this ecosystem created by your current society.

One aspect that must change is within you. First and foremost, understanding in which ways you have created values and meaning around financial structures, around wealth, the meaning that your ancestors carried around financial structures and wealth. The exchange in human form does not require structures of currency. It is an exchange of value, an exchange of time, an exchange of love. When you understand that all your actions and everything that you receive is a divine exchange, your understanding of this construct of money will change as well. The way you value yourself will change.

This work is internal. First and foremost, observe and understand the constructs established in your being, in your mind and in your heart, the emotions that are attached to this construct, to this game that is established within society. Acknowledge and announce that you will participate in this game. Learn the rules of this game of exchange of this game of wealth, and walk through life with gratitude, as every moment is a divine exchange between you and your environment.

Some exchange will be rewarded by this game, some will not, yet the value does not diminish and is not determined by society, the value is determined in your aligned being. Practice, observe, and come to realizations. These realizations will support your transformation and create space for you to receive all that you require and more. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Is there any wisdom or guidance related to how humans can work with or connect with sacred geometry?

Geometry of the divine is present in human form. The geometry of the divine is present in all of existence. Everywhere you look, sacred geometry, if you can see it or not, it is there. Every organism, even what is perceived as chaos has order and has geometry. In simplified forms, humanity has been able to present these geometries to feel the impact, the purity, and the connection that it provides.

Certain geometries are the representation of beings of different planes. Certain geometries are the representation of technologies of other realms, yet all of these can serve you and humanity in the same way a flower, a fruit, or a vegetable serves you: to nourish, to feed, and to expand your consciousness, to align your being. This is the potential that lies within all of sacred geometry, and your ability to understand the divinity in all of existence.

The closer you are in your alignment, the deeper you are in your presence, the more clearly you will see the geometries all around you, the more clearly you will feel the power and the potency of the geometries that resonate in this very moment with you. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
I’d like to connect with a final partner. Is being in a mode of receptivity part of this? And, are there other ways to support meeting a partner?

Being receptive will certainly assist you – understanding in which ways your mind and your heart close. The fear of intimacy, the fear of relationship, the wounds of the past, all create your relationship ability and availability. The circumstances will adjust to the way your being is. The more you come into alignment, the more you observe in which ways you are not present, in which ways your mind and your heart resist this opening, resist this true vulnerability. This will allow you to create the reality and the probability of a partner, to have a divine exchange of experiences and growth, divine exchange of love. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Outside of this material plane, is there any distinction between our blood-related ancestors and the rest of the human collective consciousness?

Yes, there is. Certain groups of souls that derive from specific sections of consciousness, and specific planes of consciousness, will choose to iterate in similar societies and sometimes overall in the same group of individuals. This will allow a particular collective of a consciousness to have a selective experience, a unique experience for their own evolution, for their own soul-group. While this is not a requirement, it is a choice, and it allows for reconnection in human form, a connection that is inexplicable, a connection that is visceral, an understanding of the other that goes beyond the understanding of the rest of the human collective. This is the power of lineage. This is the power of ancestry. This is the power of relatives. You may have lived many lives with these relatives in human form, and you may have lived many lives in non-material form. This is the potential of human experience. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
When you speak your words to us, do they reflect your words as your soul, as it was on this Earth-plane? Or do you speak to us from a collective of all ascended masters such as Buddha, Shiva, Isis, et cetera?

My words reflect the agreement of the collective that serves through this vessel. The collective will agree on the answers and on the wisdom that is required to be shared. I am the vessel to share these words. This host is the vessel to transmit these words to you. While my perspectives are considered in the answer, the final words will be agreed upon from the collective, a collective of individualized beings and forms of higher consciousness.

This collective is an alliance of consciousnesses that have formed to support humanity that have formed to support many other forms in material, and of non-material kind. A unified answer, a unified action is therefore highly beneficial and highly effective. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
From a spiritual and energetic perspective, what is the purpose of chronic pain in the body, and how can you free yourself from it?

Chronic pain: an aspect of your being, of your energetic being, your mental and emotional being, as well as an aspect of your physical being that has not received the attention that it needs, a continuous message that has not been heard. The message has become part of you. It has become part of your identity.

It is now time to fully surrender to the deeper learning, the deeper realization that is to be had in this message, in this experience. Observe the pain in the deepest possible ways. Let the pain, let the chronic illness, arise. Allow your heart and your mind to be fully taken. Observe without judgment, even the pain itself. With continued practice, with continued observation, you will see that a deeper understanding of yourself and of this message will arise. A realization will be formed, and the pain will cease to exist, as it will have served its final and most important purpose, the realization and the evolution of your being. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Many years ago, I had the experience of receiving an implant from the Pleiadians during the night. After all these years, I would like to know, what is its purpose, and, if it is still in my body? Thank you.

This connection — alteration — that you consider to be an implant is still with you, yet not active. The original purpose was to extend, to augment, your ability to connect to higher forms of consciousness, including the Pleiadian civilization. An attempt to support your awakening, an attempt [to support] the role that you have chosen to play in human form: a messenger, a pillar of light, a pillar of love, extended with capacity to reach beyond [what] most humans can reach, to provide beyond [what] most humans can provide, as it was agreed upon before you arrived in this human form, in this mission of yours. When you are ready, you will proclaim, you will make space for the reconnection and the reactivation of all that is within you, your innate human power, as well as all that you have been augmented with. Thank you for your question and thank you for your service.

Question #11:
Are a person’s guides a mental construct or do they have distinct consciousnesses? How can we connect to and further understand them?

In moments of silence — your mind quiet, your heart quiet — your consciousness will expand. It will reach a state that will allow higher consciousness, non-material forms of this plane and higher planes to communicate and to connect with you. It will require a state change your mind. It will require availability, and it may require continuous practice, as the human mind, the human heart, and the human body continuously bring you into the material form, into this material experience.

Communication and connection with non-material form is not the default. To switch from this default mode, into a highly receptive and connected mode through your consciousness, will require adjustments and continuous surrender. Guides will see, observe, and witness the changes within you, and some will allocate themselves to you. Depending on the mission and on the service that you provide, you will become an expression of their work, of their wisdom, and of their energy. You can steer this relationship by allowing yourself to be open and ready, by determining and acknowledging your service clearly, wholeheartedly, and unconditionally. This is my recommendation for you.

Question #12:
What information are you, Emmanuel, veiled from? What do you still not know yet?

The information that is accessible to me is information that is accessible in the collective that I’m connected to. The information that you receive is the information that is selectively chosen to be shared with you in this very moment, at this current time.

There is always more information, beyond our perspective, beyond our capacity as individualized beings, as individualized consciousness, and as [a] collective, and as an alliance. We don’t know what we don’t know, and so we satisfy our existence with the knowledge that we have accumulated in our existence. The knowledge that we have collected from all that we have perceived, it is accessible to us at any given moment. It contains the information of all civilizations that we have observed of all forms of consciousness that we have observed in material and non-material form, of all probabilities that we have observed, and can perceive, of all dimensions that we can reach below and above. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
How can I release the feeling of “not-enoughness” that keeps me from receiving divine love and expressing the fullness of my divine self?

This eternal Love of Creation is already within you. It is you that must open yourself to truly receive, to truly surrender — understanding in all the ways that you keep yourself separate from all existence, understanding yourself in which you perceive your identity as having an individualized experience. In this perspective of individuality, love is conditional, as the human experience is conditional, temporary.

Once you start to see the interconnectedness of all of existence, you will start to feel more clearly this unconditional love that weaves all of existence together. You will understand, and you will start to feel this unconditional love within you. It is a matter of perspective change, and it is a matter of continuous practice. Divinity is within you. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
I’ve been on the journey of purification for a few years, but I still seem to notice impurities of the mind and heart. Other than meditation, yoga and breath work, in which other ways can I enhance my purification process?

By releasing the idea of perfection. By allowing yourself to be impure. By witnessing all that is within you in full perfection, the way it is. What if there is nothing to change? What if there is only to experience, to witness and to realize? What if all the impurities serve and have served a purpose, and will continue to serve their purpose until the end of your human life?

This will allow you to find new depths of presence, a deeper level of understanding of yourself, even to the minute details. Alignment will come forth to those that continuously prioritize the importance of this work — the alignment of the mind, the alignment of the heart, the alignment of the body, and the alignment of your energetic-spiritual construct. This alignment is naturally provided, yet the circumstances, the environment, the relationships and continuous experiences, will bring an individual out of alignment. This in itself is perfectly natural. The individuals’ seeking to realign, to rebalance, will allow for deeper clarity and a deeper presence. This in itself will become the foundation for your self-realization journey and you will start to witness that with the self-realization journey, alignment will be a continuous reward. Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
I’ve been taught a lot of different meditations, but I haven’t felt called to perform them for a long time. Is my mind resisting progress or a sign that I just need to be present in the moment?

Meditation is merely one specific practice to come to an alignment, to a different state of the mind, to a silence of the heart, and to a restful body for consciousness to expand. Not all practices will be matching the needs of all individuals in their current state.

Your ability to continue, [and] your ability to explore various other practices that resonate, to allow yourself to expand your horizon, to allow yourself to be called to other lineages, other civilizations, other practices, this will allow you to truly expand in your consciousness.

The practices themselves may change over time. As you continue to realize, and self-realize, and eventually you will see that the self-realization process itself will provide the exact practices necessary for you directly, without the knowing of your mind, without the learning necessary from previous generations. It will be delivered to you the way it is needed in the very moment. Thank you for your question.

Question #16:
Who are the different perspectives that we converse with in our heads? For example, who is doing the doubting, who is doing the reassuring?

All parts of your ego identity. Part of your being is developed and shaped over the time that you grow. Over the time that you experienced the human form, over the time that you have experienced the human form multiple times, the many relationships that have formed, the impulses of your environment, the emotions that you have felt, all of these have formed your identity, your perspectives and your judgments. These perspectives and judgments have become the filter by which the world is seen and experienced.

The world just is. The way you perceive is the reality that is created for you so that you may have a special and unique experience, with all the doubts, with all the feelings, with all the opinions and judgments. This unique experience that you will have will provide for unique realizations, so with your evolution, you will provide an entirely new path for human consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have allocated to this work, to your evolution as an individual in the human collective, in the evolution of human consciousness. Your evolution is the key. Thank you.

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