Facing Challenges Livestream – April 15

Greetings. I’m Raphael. Through this time of challenge, you have the opportunity to get to know yourself in depths and in detail that you have never witnessed before: The many layers of your existence — your mind, your memories, your perception of yourself, your identity – what you perceive to be you. The layers of your heart — the many feelings, the spectrum that it has, the parts that have not been felt, the parts that have not been completed. The many aspects of your energetic and spiritual construct. The aspects of your body that remembers the past, that responds to memories and emotions that have not been completed, and your connection to this earth. To all energies above and to all your relationships. A level of depth that you have not experienced before.

This is the power that a challenge and an external impulse has — the power to transform you, the power to bring you into deep awareness, into deep reflection, and into deep understanding. From this place, you have the opportunity to grow and to evolve in all the ways that you have secluded yourself and distracted yourself from your own evolution as an individual, as well as humanity; in all the ways that you have forgotten to grow in the most essential aspects of your being: Your perception of reality, your perception of the essence that flows through you, the energy and the love that binds all of consciousness, material and non-material existence together, in all the ways it has been present in your life, yet not witnessed. This is the opportunity.

Will you take this opening as an opportunity? Will you take this challenge as an opportunity to go deeper, to go wider than you have ever before? Expand in ways that you have not before. Realize in ways that you have not before. Observe in ways that you have not before. And receive the gifts of your environment with open arms, with gratitude, understanding that all aspects of life are a gift. Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work. You will see the benefits of this work over time. Most predominantly, you will witness your ability to work through memories and emotions of the past, expectations of the future, much more easily. You will witness that many aspects of your past, of your present, and of your future expectations will arise so that these can be observed, completed, and transformed into realizations. In return, your depth and quality of your presence, will increase. This is where your power lies, in the very present moment.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. I have returned to be part of human affairs as part of an agreement that the realm that I operate from has made to support humanity through this period of its existence. A period of change and transformation, a period [whose] final stage will be the Ascension of mankind, a transformative experience and evolution, a change in reality, a change in perception and a change in environment.

This material plane, in its full beauty has served you, and will continue to serve you until the very end. It has provided all that is necessary for you to grow, to learn, to experience a human life. For you to experience love, relationship, and identity. For you to experience lifetimes of relationships, judgment, emotions, perspectives and opinions which led to your evolution as consciousness. You have received, and you have created. And you will continue to receive, and you will continue to create. This is part of an evolution of every form of consciousness, the ever-expanding, the ever-evolving part of consciousness, continuously exploring, continuously understanding itself – through you. Human consciousness is having an experience, a unique experience, unique through your perspectives, unique through your emotions, and unique through the personality and identity that has developed. You are the gift, as all your experiences accumulate to this full extent of a lifetime.

All aspects of humanity learn, and the new ones that continue to arrive on this plane start with the learnings and the creations of the previous generations. They also inherit all the aspects that have not been completed by the previous generations, that have not been fully understood and fully realized. This generation that is alive, this generation that is arriving, are the ones that will carry out the many realizations that still must be completed.

All the work, all the transformation, all the evolution that you go through as an individual is your gift to all of humanity. Through your evolution, humanity evolves.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Questioner #1:
How can we, as humans on this earth plane, reach contentment?

The wise soul has understood that being present is similar to being content. Understanding that your circumstances do not define you, understanding that your emotions and your opinions, your thoughts, do not define you; understanding that your identity and personality, your relationships, your wealth and your achievements do not define you —what truly defines you is your ability to be present in the most powerful and potent way. In this form of presence you will see and experience your emotions, your thoughts, your environment, and the circumstances. Yet you will observe from a different perspective, a perspective of your essence rather than the perspective of your identity of this lifetime; rather than the perspective of your education, your gender, your background. This perspective change will bring you a form of alignment, a form of presence that others will relate to as a sense of “content.” Yet understand that contentment is not the ultimate goal. It is a byproduct and categorization of the state that you will reach when your presence has come to this level of depth and alignment. Thank you for your question.

Question #1:
How can I strengthen my own abilities to channel, and to tune in to source wisdom?

On this path to self-realization, you will see that thoughts and emotions, the misalignments of the body, the misalignments of the energetic and spiritual construct, will start to realign. This realignment will make certain aspects of your existence natural — the care of your body, the care of your emotional and mental wellbeing. Through these, the energetic body and the spiritual body will start to energize.

You will start to understand the ways and practices that will become relevant for you to continuously exercise. These practices will serve your ability to reach higher planes of consciousness, higher perspectives to view existence from. In these higher planes of consciousness other forms of existence are present, and with your willingness and openness you will find connection, and new relationships arise. These connections will present themselves based on their willingness, and your readiness. This is as well a byproduct of the self-realization journey: the new relationships gained with non-material existence, the continuous alignment and practice to reach higher states of being — deeper states of being if you wish. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Can you please tell us about the gift of light language?

Many civilizations have existed, and continuously exist, aside from humanity in material and in nonmaterial form. Some individuals on their journeys of self realization, on their expanded views of consciousness, will start to reach these other civilizations, these other forms of existence. This connection will provide information, wisdom, energy, and guidance. This may very well translate itself as the language that you connect to — the language of civilizations that have existed or continue to exist. The wisdom that is present to support you, to provide for the very moment that you are in. These languages, these energies are to be received, are to be transformed through you, delivered in the purest way possible, for your benefit, and for the benefit of others. In even more refined ways these languages and the true meaning and the energy behind will translate into the languages that you understand and that others understand in this human form. Yet all of this is neither a prerequisite, nor a goal, merely a byproduct of your evolutionary state, a beneficial byproduct. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How do I bring my light body down into my physical body and stabilize it? Are there practices I can do to help with this or will it happen on its own when it’s ready?

The energetic and spiritual construct of your being is always present with you, is always connected to you. This energetic and spiritual construct is defined by your physical being as well as by your connection to all of creation. It is continuously aligned and realigned through the ways that you operate in this plane. Your actions, your practices, your emotions, your thoughts all define this energetic and spiritual construct. Refinements in the physical form, continuous exercise, good nutrition, conscious meditation, quieting of the mind and quieting of the heart, conscious breathing, and an extended connection to nature and all that nature provides are valid exercises and practices to strengthen this bond, to adjust your energetic body, to expand this construct, to provide even stronger evolutionary states for you.

You are already in a transformative state. Allow yourself to fully transform, step by step. Trust that this transformational process is directed, that the template within you is designed to execute exactly as needed. The aspects of your being that you have control over, you already are providing for. As the energies rise and the frequencies increase on this plane, the energy and spiritual construct of all individuals will increase in their potency. The right balance between physical, emotional, [and] mental health will provide the ability to continuously be in alignment with the energetic body. This is a natural process. It is a process with refinement that you can observe, that you can drive, and that you will benefit from. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
You’ve been speaking about unprocessed emotions and old memories. When they arise, do we merely observe them? Is observation enough? If not, what else should we be doing to process them?

As an emotion arises, as a memory arises, find the right space, the quiet and the silence to sit with this memory, to sit with this emotion. Observe in all the ways in which ways you have not been able to fully experience the emotion itself, in which ways expression was limited, in which ways this memory could not be fully understood. Explore in which ways others were part of this memory. Explore and observe their emotions, their perceptions and their perspectives, as neutrally as you can. Understand that all experiences serve the growth of human consciousness. No matter how difficult the experience itself was, it was an experience that made you who you are. And you, in your true essence are the love of creation. When you come to this realization that this memory and these emotions that have not been processed ultimately have served you, you will see in which ways they have served you. A gem, a pure realization will arise from this memory and will provide wisdom. This memory and emotion can now be completed and make space for new realizations to arise. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
When I try to express myself in the external world, I feel and face a lot of internal resistance. I try to be with the resistance and allow it to pass, but it seems to arise every time. Do you have any advice for me?

Your environment of the past has not been kind to you. The expression of your thoughts, the expression of your opinions and perspectives was continuously diminished or challenged, a behavior formed to reduce yourself, to reduce your expression, to keep the perception of safety alive — emotional safety. This has continued to stay with you, and it is time to return into the past to observe in all the ways expression had been limited, [and] your expression had been challenged. Understand that even all these challenges were part of the expression of love, that these experiences served, in some way, for your evolution. The realization that will arise from this returning, and from this processing, will bring forth a new opening for you, a new self perception, a new perception of your environment and of your interactions. It will allow you to be more freely present, more freely expressive. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
How can we break recurring patterns in our lives when it comes to relationships?

All relationships serve your evolution. The relationships will return and recur in specific patterns in order to assist you to complete learnings that have not been completed, the realizations that have not been received. The resistance inside that was formed in order to provide protection in past relationships of this kind is now ready to be resolved.

It is time to surrender all beliefs and all patterns, all behavioral structures that have been established over time. It is time for you to step inward, to transform all that which has been in your life and has defined who you are so that the foundation of your being will find a new presence. This new alignment within you will provide for a new quality of relationships, a more refined way of relating, equally providing learning experiences, and allowing for you to continue to grow. This practice will allow you to step outside of these recurring relationships that continuously want to be part of your life, to allow you to go through this particular realization. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
How should we view atrocities like the Holocaust, from a spiritual perspective? How can we avoid such occurrences in the future?

Your ability to see any experience from the perspective of your individualized being, from the perspective of the communities affected, from the perspective of the perpetrators, and from the perspective of higher consciousness — all these different perspectives will allow you to see the totality of the occurrence, the totality of the experience and it will allow you to see a deeper meaning.

Difficult experiences, [such] as the one that you have mentioned, humanity has always gone through. Each of these experiences provided pain and suffering, sadness and anger, provided for the shadows of this reality to come to surface, the destructive forces to be active. These destructive forces have left learnings for the next generations, have left learnings for human consciousness, and a new foundation, a fertile ground for an awakening. Every difficult experience is to be perceived that way, in the opportunity that it provides for awakening and evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
When teaching, how can we ensure that our relationship with our student doesn’t place a limit on the student’s growth?

When the teacher stops learning from the experience of teaching itself, the relationship no longer serves both individuals. The relationship between a teacher and the student is not a relationship of co-dependence, it is a relationship of shared experience, and of shared learning. If this is understood on the teacher’s side, if the relationship with the student provides for deeper learnings for the teacher, then you will know that this relationship is in alignment. Relationships of this kind have existed through time, and many of these relationships have been out of balance — codependency, abuse, power dynamics, and other forms of interplay between two humans. While all of these forms of relating also carry an important lesson, ultimately, the relationship between two individuals, especially a teacher and a student, require to support the growth and evolution of both of them equally. This is my recommendation to you. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
How does an intimacy with mother earth relate or balance with the Ascension process? Is she helping us? Is the earth actually alive and consciously supporting my growth?

This planet that you refer to as your mother truly carries consciousness. All of the beings are an extension of her energy, and all beings are connected intrinsically to this planet. [In] all the ways this planet thrives, all the beings will thrive. In all the ways this planet suffers, all the beings will suffer. Understanding this intrinsic connection and bond between you and this mother will provide a change in your perspective and a change in your actions. This is part of your evolutionary state that will lead to the Ascension process.

The rising frequencies of this plane will increase the frequencies of this planet, as well. With the rising frequencies of this planet and this plane, all beings as well will be pushed to higher vibrational existence. This is an expected evolutionary state. These changing frequencies will bring forth in all the ways misalignments are part of the individual human being, as well as of the collective. These misalignments will become apparent, visible, and visceral. These misalignments will provide the final impulse for humanity to adjust, to correct its behaviors in relationship to others, in relationship to other forms that are alive on this planet and in relationship to the planet itself. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
What are the kinds of realization that humanity has to go through before we ascend?

The many realizations that you will have to go through will be yours to discover. To give you some examples of important realizations and understanding of your existence: That you are intrinsically connected to all of existence. That you are more than what you perceive to be, more than your thoughts, more than your emotions, your body, and your identity. That you, as consciousness, can perceive existence in its totality. That you, as a human collective, are an interconnected consciousness. That many forms of consciousness, in material and non-material form co-exist, creating an ecosystem of consciousness. That space and time is a construct to allow you to have this experience, in individualized, and in human form. That all your past experiences in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes are in service to your evolution. That in the present moment, all the power that you have in this reality focuses. These are some of the realizations that individuals will go through, yet merely hearing the realizations will not suffice. A true internal experience, a true internal understanding is required. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
How can we heal things like hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and digestive distress?

All forms of misalignment have a cause. The healing process is a journey to come from the dis-ease, the misalignment, all the way to the root cause, and in all the ways it has manifested itself in your being in your life. Truly observing, embracing, and understanding the root cause. Transforming this root cause into realization will start to bring alignment again. First, in the energetic and spiritual construct, eventually, in the mental and emotional construct, and, finally, in the physical construct. As the physical construct will take the longest patience is required. Patience, persistence, perseverance. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
I have been practicing more than ever to try to stay present and to allow things to unfold naturally, but I still feel anxious. Do you have any advice for me?

We honor you for the work that you have started. There are deeper layers of this practice, and of this work. Anxiety comes from an expectation of the future, an expectation of the reaction of the environment. In which ways have the expectations of your life not been met? In which ways were the connection to love, the connection to loved ones, and the connection to nature violated and disconnected?

If you truly go into these aspects of your being, you will start to understand and realize that you were never truly separated from this love-of-creation, from this love of your environment, that no outside force can truly separate you from your true essence. That is the love-of-creation. In this strong experience, where no identity, no time and no space exists, your present moment will relieve you of any anxieties that are focused on the future, and the expectations of the future, that have been formed by the aspects of your past, as neither the past nor the future exists. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have put aside for yourself, for your growth and for your evolution. We do recommend that you strengthen all the parts of your being, that you continuously attempt to align and to realign, to fine-tune your being, to allow yourself to go deeper, to allow yourself to surrender. All the aspects of your being that are rigid, all the aspects of your being that are in the way of your evolution, all mental, emotional constructs, all misalignments of the body, are now ready to be transformed. Thank you for receiving this work.

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