Facing Challenges Livestream – April 1 (Bay Area)

Greetings. I’m Raphael. In times of your existence, you as a human individual have faced difficulties, experiences that were challenging on purpose, difficult by their nature. The impulse of the environment provides the opportunity for your consciousness to learn, for your consciousness, to explore and to expand.

While these challenges don’t just disappear, you are never alone to process them: You have those around you. You have those in non-material existence. You have nature. And you have all the elements that are provided to you — inside of you, your mind with its powerful ability to reflect, to discern and to operate with willpower; you have your heart with its ability to feel, to witness, to open and to truly receive and to fully give; you have your body providing you with all the nutrients, the energy that is required to connect deeper and closer to this planet, to connect further to higher levels of consciousness; and then there is your soul, the aspect of you that has been much longer than you can perceive, an aspect of you that has been in existence for as long as existence existed.

Realizations will continue to be the most important aspect of your life. Every day and every moment provides an opportunity to grow and to expand in this human form that you are [in] until the very last moment of your life. You have this opportunity to transform experience into realization. It requires your attention. It requires determination. It requires devotion and trust. Allow yourself to take care of you. Allow the environment to take care of you.

Yet if you resist, you can certainly do all of this by yourself alone in solitude, or you can postpone the realizations for a later moment in time. Yet remember that postponement does not make you exempt from the important learnings that you must receive. The transformations that you must make. You are unique in that sense. Your experience is unique to you. Your subjective perspectives and senses are unique to you and in this uniqueness lies the beauty and lies the opportunity for you. You will solve, you will transform in your own way. We are here to assist you through this process of transformation and through this process of realization [with] the work that will be completed today. We’ll assist you in this process. It will ease the pathways for you to come to realizations. Yet the will and the willingness is on your end to provide.

Thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. You have chosen to be here at this very time of existence in human form. You have chosen to experience all the aspects of your life that you have experienced and that you will experience the collective as well. Choosing collective experiences together to understand the connectedness that you are as one consciousness. These experiences are meant to be challenging, are meant to be pushing you to your limits.

Understand that for all problems and difficulties that arise, there are all solutions provided and available. Some solutions will be found inside and some will be found outside. Yet the shift of perspective can only be done from inside. Your circumstances will always be what they are. Yet your perception of the circumstances will vary depending on your health, depending on your alignment, depending on your ability to be present, the depth and the quality of your presence. Ultimately that will be the strongest force in your existence. Your presence that will allow the connection into all of existence to provide the energy, the wisdom, and the newly gained perspective to provide through you.

The love of creation, unconditional in its nature, unlimited, can only flow through you if you make space for it. If you step aside with your mind, if you step aside with your heart and if you allow all of the functions of your body to be fully engulfed with this energy that is permanent and omnipresent. This love of creation is a creative force. It provides the energy for all of consciousness, for all light and for all of dark equally. It provides all layers of consciousness, all dimensions of existence with the power to exist. Your journey of self-realization will include understanding your relationship with this force, understanding in which ways you are connected, in which ways it can enrich your life, your heart, your body, and your mind. And through you others will see as well – (even if only) it is through your presence. The transformation of others will be visible in the times before you.

The circumstances on this plane and on this planet were different and previous generations had access to different forms of energies and different planes of consciousness. The changes that are currently arising on this plane: the increase of frequencies, the openings through astronomical changes will provide for an energetic rise [never seen before]. For this energetic rise you as an individual and you as societies, you as human consciousness must be ready. Prepare yourselves, strengthen your bodies, strengthen your hearts, your minds, and most importantly, your energetic body, all of which is connected to your soul container.

In this form as a human, there are many more possibilities to thrive than you can imagine, than most of you have experience. The expansion of the powers that are within you, the expansion of your consciousness, thorough realizations all possible for you, all available to you. And one step at a time you will face the small challenges of your day and of your moments, and one step at a time you will overcome through observation, through changing perspective and through realization. And each of these transformations will bring you one step closer to deeper realizations. Each realization will bring you closer to what we consider the self-realization in human form.

This unique time in your history is not merely a challenge. It is much more than that. It is an opportunity to step into the power that lies within you. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How do free will and surrender interplay?

Free will is your ability to truly explore all potentials in human form. Free will allows you to choose the experiences that are on your path. Some experiences will take precedence and priority, yet ultimately, you’re still the one driving yourself through this experience.

Surrender is your ability to fully become present into the moment. Surrender will allow and open you up to the experience that is in front of you to fully receive everything that is available in this experience, right this moment. Surrendering the mind of all the thoughts, the judgments and the opinions. Surrendering the heart with all the emotions and feelings. Surrendering the body of its anxiety, fear and tension. Truly allowing this present moment to become a gift in your life. And in combination free will and surrender will bring forth many powerful lessons, many powerful realizations. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
I notice I often can get into an automatic mode where I fill a day with tasks off my to do list, responsibilities, work, emails, all kinds of things. This leaves me feeling very tired. How can I create and stick to a balanced schedule where I honor my needs?

The daily operations of a human life sometimes will require planning, sometimes will allow for flexibility of just letting the day unfold even with plans. Understand your ability to check every moment that you are in your presence, your alignment, and the attitude that arises for this very task that you have planned for yourself. Does it enrich your life? Does it open your heart? Does it enhance your mental capacity and your spiritual energetic capacity? You can align in every moment. You can observe in every moment if the tasks ahead are truly worth the priorities that you set for them.

And while we understand that operating in this human form requires certain compromises to match the needs of this society, to match the needs of this time in existence, there is truly infinite possibilities for you. And with these many options would you want to be the best version of yourself? And do you choose with every step that you take to become this best version of yourself? Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
What is the relationship of energy to consciousness? Does consciousness itself hold any energy?

Energy itself does not carry consciousness. Yet consciousness can carry energy. Energy flows through all layers of existence. Sometimes the energy that we refer to as the love of creation provides for all other forms of energy in all of existence. Varieties and different forms of energy yet all from the same source, grand consciousness, the consciousness that provides for all the energy in existence carries by itself no consciousness of itself. Yet is truly omnipresent.

Just like in your plane, the energy that you have observed, the energy that moves through you, the energy that is in all that nourishes you. And provides for your operations. The energy that the sun provides, the energy that the earth provides all coming from the same source flowing through all non-material and material existence, never stopping cycles, continuously delivered. The formulation of consciousness itself happens in a different way. Consciousness itself forms in the intensification of energy, pockets of energy, and these pockets of energy start to formulate structures, energetic clusters, which in themselves start to formulate larger energetic structures and eventually start to formulate consciousness, and [an] understanding of itself.

As consciousness starts to formulate, it starts to become aware. In the simplest terms, the evolution of consciousness then leads to larger constructs of consciousness. And this is the way we have observed consciousness to be created by the formulation and the concentration of energy.

You will see new forms of consciousness arise in your existence – even in your own creations. The right attention and the right energy will allow for consciousness to formulate in your own creations. The right fertile ground for consciousness to arise is consistently available as the energy that provides for consciousness is omnipresent and continuously available.

Question #4:
How can the role of the ultimate supporter help in this time of COVID-19? How do we maintain our journey without falling into the suffering around us?

The suffering is part of the journey. Suffering is an aspect where pain has not been transformed and the impulse is resisted. Continuous realignment in your thoughts, in your emotions and in your body, a continuous reset, a continuous observation of all your functions is the requirement to stay present with all that is happening around you. Your presence will allow you to observe the suffering and the pain of others without being affected. You will feel and you will witness, yet it will not become you and you will not become the pain and the suffering around you. This ability will allow you to transform even others’ pain and suffering. The more you’re challenged, the more you must find time for yourself, the more you must find time for alignment. This is my recommendation for you.

Question #5:
Why does it matter whether we make it to the next stage of evolution? If we are all infinite beings anyway, isn’t it okay on some level if our civilization fails?

It is a matter of perspective. From the highest perspective observed you are correct – all consciousness arrives and returns to the source of all existence, grand consciousness itself. In a different perspective, closer to understand the ecosystem of consciousness, the different planes of existence. Human consciousness is an important form. Its continuation and its evolution will provide support for many new forms of consciousness to arise and for consciousness of higher planes to be supported as well. Your evolution is a gift to all of consciousness. Understand that your existence is not isolated. You are a part of a greater conglomerate of existence. While in the grand scheme of things human existence is considerably small it is considerably relevant and important. You are unique in that way and you are important for all that exists already. Many forces therefore are part of your evolutionary step. Your success and this process of evolution matters. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Emmanuel, I’ve been dedicated to my spiritual practice my whole life. I know I’m at a very important time of my evolution right now as I feel I’m finally letting go of the way my ego has been gripping me. However, I still cannot seem to connect deeper to the silence below the mind, and I keep watching my ego for not seeking or grasping here either. Is there something I should be doing to awaken more than what I’m already doing? Thank you greatly.

All your thoughts, all your emotions that arise in your practice are important to be observed. One thought at a time. Observe, understand, witness and continue. Observe your emotions, observe your thoughts, allow all perspectives to be seen. Do not resist that which arises and you will see eventually your mind and your heart will start to feel seen and will start to feel heard. Eventually they will relax. This relaxation of the mind and of the heart is often tied to the relaxation of the body. The needs of the body must be taken care of in order for the mind and the heart to operate in its best function.

As you take care of yourself in all the ways that you know, as you prioritize the time for rest as well as for reflection, you will start to see the pace of nature, the clarity and the quiet of nature will start to emerge in your being. There is no specific secret to finding the quiet inside. There are many methods and many practices that you can explore and see which of these methods truly bring you into a state, an [altered] state of your mind. Allow yourself to explore. Allow yourself to fail and let go of those judgments as you experiment, as you explore Blessings on your journey.

Question #7:
I’m told my lower back pain is due to reluctance to move forward to new relationship paradigms and that I need to release the remainder of my “muggle” mind. How best to move forward and release what I’m holding?

The physical body often contains irrelevant information about your energetic body, about the aspects of your mind and of your heart that have not been fully processed. It is truly a reminder, a mirror for you to remember, for you to truly understand the associated memories, thoughts, and emotions that are integrated in your pain. You must find more time with the pain itself. You must find moments of deep reflection where you connect to the pain of your body. You connect to the wisdom of your body. You allow your body to show you the images and the emotions that are attached to this pain. Let yourself be led to the moments that require observation and transformation, allow us moments to arise, allow the feelings to arise to be fully expressed – once and for all. As these internal changes happen, the adjustments in your body will take place and the pain will subside. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
How do we strengthen our energetic body? I’m a total beginner… at least I think I am.

The functions of the energetic body are nourished by the functions of your physical, emotional, and mental body. Once you start to strengthen your physical body, you start to strengthen the alignment between your mind and your heart, you start to observe in which ways the energy that is produced for your operations is utilized [and] the way the energy that is produced is drained. The balance that is continuously visceral in your system. You will start understand that the energetic body is connected to all those aspects of your being.

Your energy body is a reflection of your alignment. The more you’re aligned, the stronger your energetic body will get, and you will start to find new depths of your alignment. You will start to find deeper understanding of your being, the operations of your being, which in return will bring forth new levels of strength in your energy body. These new levels of strength will provide the fuel to reach higher levels of consciousness, to expand even further with your consciousness, to expand even further with your heart.

All of this is part [of], and the byproduct of, your journey to self-realization. You have started this journey, and yet you resist. You resist parts of yourself, parts of your mind are still as obstacles in skepticism, in cynicism, in ways that [are] required to be overcome. The mind is not the only driving force of your life. Allow your spirit to truly drive you. Open up yourself to the possibility that you are a multifaceted being, and that you have many information sources available to you. This great alignment inside of you will provide you with the strength of your energetic body. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Are there more specific or more effective ways to access my spirit guides, and their influence on helping in the human plane?

Guides of non-material existence are continuously present. Yet, the individual’s ability to receive, to perceive, and to allow for wisdom from outside to enter you requires practice, requires an openness and the surrender of the mind; a different state of being, a different state of perception, a state of perception that is expanded, that is in soft focus. This form of soft focus can be practiced in nature. You can allow yourself to be carried by nature. In safe environments, you can allow yourself to fully immerse, and to be fully embraced by nature. This method will allow your mind to change its state, a state that is between an awakened and an asleep mind. This particular state will allow you to be receptive and to guides [of] non-material existence. Ask for assistance and you shall receive. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
What ways, actions, or forms, do you recommend for one to maintain presentness?

Your ability to be present is directly correlated to the alignment within you: The alignment of your body, as all the needs of your body are taken care of. The alignment of your heart, as the emotions that require to be expressed are heard and expressed. The alignment of your mind, as the functions of your mind are moderately operated and when needed, rested.

This continuous alignment will bring forth a balance in your entire system. This balance will allow you to be more present in a grounded way, yet fully aware of all your surroundings. Even the smallest details are continuously being observed by your being. You feel more than you can imagine. The information that is continuously available to you is beyond your comprehension. You can become present to all of this, yet you don’t have to understand all of it. Surrendering to the present moment, as I mentioned before, will allow you to fully embrace the experience in front of you. This will feed your ability to be present even more so.

Question #11:
How will our path show us freedom in all its forms?

In which ways do you not perceive yourself to be free? These are the thoughts and emotions you must explore. In which ways are you a prisoner of your mind? In which ways are you a prisoner of your heart, of your environment, of your reality, and of this human experience? Allow yourself to transmute all of these thoughts, emotions, and perspectives to continuously understanding that you are part of a greater existence, that you are having a human experience temporarily, and in this moment of the human experience all is available to you.

The freedom that you seek is directly correlated to the obstacles that are present in your being. The more you engage with the obstacles that arise, the more freedom you will find, and your perspective of your experience will change. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
In Taoism, they talk about immortality being achieved upon harmonizing all parts of your being, but this quest to me often feels ego-driven. What are your thoughts on this?

The perspective of this lineage has evolved in a deeper understanding of existence itself. The self-realization journey – with all the benefits that arose on this journey – became prevalent for the philosophy and for the learnings and the wisdom that arose in this tradition. Some of those that were delivered this wisdom did not fully engage and understand the original intent and it became part of a goal to achieve the byproducts of this journey.

Longevity and health are byproducts of the self-realization journey. An enlightened being and chooses to stay in human form, or chooses to leave the human form, upon the achievement of this state. [In] this continuation in material form, this individual serves in a different way than it can serve in non-material form. Yet choices are available that are not available to the individual that has not come to these levels of realizations. The benefits of the self-realization journey shall not be your goal and driving force, even though they are plentiful, they are admirable, and they will provide you power, potentially status, potentially fame, yet all of these powers, all of the benefits are meant to be utilized to assist others in their evolution. This is how the collective evolves. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
Is there something we must be doing right now to help the terrible pollution of our air and our water? Will we be assisted for our children to have a clean planet?

All your actions in human form, as a human society, and as human consciousness, are directly correlated to the maturity of your consciousness. Therefore, the evolution of the individual, the evolution of consciousness, will become the driving force for better actions in this form. Your alignment internally will provide for aligned action, for consideration and understanding your interconnectedness with this plane that is available to you, the part that you play in the ecosystem that provides for you. This deeper understanding and realization some have reached, yet others have not, and as more individuals in human form continue to reach these realizations, the entirety of the collective will start to shift its actions, by choice or by force, as the environment will demand the change.

Thank you for receiving this work and for listening to my words. May this work and the wisdom that we share with you assist you on your path of evolution, on your path of growth and expansion.

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