Raphael Wisdom Transmission – Current Challenges (Bay Area)

Raphael Wisdom Transmission – Current Challenges (Bay Area)

Greetings, I’m Raphael.

You have witnessed difficulties in your life before. You have witnessed difficulties in society before. You have seen the way the human mind, human consciousness reacts to the challenges outside.

The survival instinct is strong. The educated imprints are strong. The direction given by those entrusted to lead is equally flawed, as the imprints of fear, as the imprints of survival. A response to a threat is a natural aspect to your existence, yet in many ways this response is automatic and natural. 

All the additional elements of emotions, trauma, thoughts, doubts, worries, worries of loved ones, worries of self, worries of comfort and societal constructs not withholding to the challenge. All of these elements are additions to natural responses [to] an outside threat. These additional responses you have within you can be observed, can be adjusted, can be contemplated on, so that they become a learning and an opportunity to grow rather than an inhibition of your life. 

Humanity has gone through many challenges of this kind, and even more difficult challenges before. You will survive, and you will continue to learn from this experience, yet how you walk through this experience itself becomes an important aspect of your growth process: how you stand in the face of shadows arising inside of you and outside of you, how you observe with compassion, how you still stay present, how you operate from love, and an understanding that your life is a lot more than molecules and energy and will, operating through you, to keep you in this experience.

Life will continue for those that are intended to stay in this experience. The human experience will continue to serve many individuals with important learnings and growth. And, for some individuals, this journey will come to a conclusion and to a completion, and this in itself is a natural cycle. Even if the circumstances might seem unnatural or unusual, death itself is not; the completion of a lifetime is not.

Being faced with death, and death of loved ones, and sudden death of those that are close, is among the hardest lessons and experiences in human form. Yet understand even the elements of sadness and grief, even the elements of loss, mourning, and rebuilding a life without certain relationships that once were available in human material form available to you — this in itself is a sacred undergoing of your existence. 

Savor every moment, be present to every moment as all that arises becomes available to you. You are the ones this experience was created for, and all elements of it provide to your growth and the growth of human consciousness. This opportunity will force contemplation, will force reflection, and will force growth.

We stand by your side as you go through this experience, and we observe and support in the ways we can. Blessings on this path.

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