Private Group Healing & Channeling – April 22nd (Middle East)

Greetings. I am Raphael. In the face of changes, there are many aspects that will support you. The single most important one is the core that you develop – that is yours. A part of you that will carry you, that will never be separated, that can always be nourished. A part of you that you always can rely on. This core has always been provided to you. Some of you more aware of its existence, some less so. This is the part of our work. The support that we provide to you will address this core that is within you, to nourish, to empower, to stabilize and align this part of you that you can always rely on, no matter the circumstances, no matter the obstacles and the challenges that you may face as an individual or as a collective. This core of yours will support you and the ones around you.

In the evolution of mankind, humanity has perceived the outside factors to be the main driving aspect of their growth and evolution. Yet these are merely triggers to start something that is inherently inside of you.

The desire to evolve, the desire to expand, the desire to reunite as part of human consciousness, as part of a collective. This is an inherent aspect of your being and this aspect will drive your current evolution. We are here to support you through this time. Yet we will not solve the important problems that you need to face, the realizations that you need to find as individuals and as a collective. These will be part of the final mastery in human form.

Thank you for listening to my words and for receiving this work.


Thank you for receiving this work. It will take some time for the body, the mind and the heart to catch up on the changes that have been made in this intervention. During this period of time rest, breathe, and eat light.

My work is complete.

Greetings. I am Emmanuel. Life as you know it, life as it was told to you, life as perceived by the many generations before, will not be the life that you will live. Changes on this plane never seen before, reserved for the special times for this transformation of human consciousness. These changes are unique for you to experience in ways that truly no one can assist you with their perspective. In ways where you must master the continued alignment within, the continued presence in the moment.

Holding this light despite the challenges, despite all those around you that need your assistance. Despite your own transformation and evolution. Holding this light will be your strongest ally. Understanding that this light was never separate from you. That it is within you and allows you to connect, to receive from the one source of all existence, grand consciousness that which provides unconditionally, unreserved, without limitations, unlimited, always available to you.

Remember my words when you find yourself challenged.
No one can truly possess this light.
No one is the guardian of this light, it is yours to have, it is yours to share.
The more you share the more will be provided to you.
This is the nature of this light.

The beauties of the human form and human existence will manifest themselves in even brighter perspectives as you open yourself up to parts unknown, to aspects of your existence that are beyond your comprehension. Beyond the comprehension of the mind and beyond the comprehension of the heart, yet still a part of you.

You will see that embracing all aspects of yourself beyond the identity that you perceive to be, will make you the most powerful individual of your own existence.

You are the perfect creation in all its facets. In all its strengths and flaws. All that is you in perfect unison for one single human experience [by] human consciousness. The beauty of all your learnings and realizations, nourishing the realizations of the collective. Your love for yourself and for all that exists around you expanding like a wildfire in the existence on this human plane. Borders and limitations are only the ones made up, as this energy provided through you converted into love does not understand borders and limitations.

You shall receive and you shall share without hesitation, without selection, without judgment and doubt. Those that require the most shall receive your attention, shall receive your love, and in your transformation all those around you shall benefit.

Thank you for listening to my words and for receiving this work. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
What do I need to know right now?

The only thing that truly matters in the moment is the quality of your presence. Being present to all aspects that are you, to all aspects that are present in this very moment to you, available to you. The quality of your presence will drive many aspects of your life, bring forth momentum where needed. Allow you to connect in ways that you have never connected before, to your environment and to the divine within. This is truly the single most important aspect that is relevant to all of you in this very moment. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How should I prepare myself for my spiritual journey?

A continued practice. A practice that you have found to be in resonance with the person that you are today, understanding that your spiritual practice is fuelled by your physical, emotional and mental bodies equally. That all aspects must be supported. The spirit truly can only unfold when the basis and the foundation is established. The most basic aspect of your foundation is your physical body. It is truly your temple in this human form. Aspects of your heart and your mind will provide themselves as support and obstacles at the same time. Support, in the meaning that they will provide opportunity to learn and realize. Obstacles, as they will continue to persist, they will be requiring your full attention, observing these obstacles from many different perspectives and angles. This will support your realizations and ultimately your self-realization process. You will find methods that will support you more than others and these methods will change over time and ultimately you will discover what you require the most in every single moment by enquiring [with] yourself. Thank you very much for your question.

Question #3:
Can you help me build a school in Africa?

The affairs of human existence are far beyond our interventions, yet the individuals that are directing their attention to the support and development of many are continuously under our observation and supervision. You are now one of them and we will support you as the individual leading this effort. Despite the challenges you will face you will always find the support from [us] and other aspects of higher consciousness. The efforts that you lead and many other individuals will start in the coming generations, will provide the foundation for humanity to receive the final and most important realizations of their existence. Therefore collective and individual efforts for humanity will provide important fuel for growth. Thank you for your efforts and your intentions.

Question #4:
What do I need to understand from suffering as a small child in my family?

All aspects of human existence provide important learnings for the soul and for human consciousness, including the aspects that you perceive to be difficult, challenging and negative, including suffering, pain and death. All elements of human experience provide valuable experiences for those around and for many generations to come. Some souls specifically choose difficult lessons and difficult agreements. A sacrifice that they take for their and the collective learnings. You will learn to find love within you despite the challenges that you face. You will learn to focus on being present rather than suffering alongside. You will learn to transmute what you perceive into realizations for yourself and for those around you. And you will find that the suffering of one will connect many around. Through these bonds that are built new foundations will be built for strength and for growth. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Will the Middle East be secure and safe for my children and me?

This place that you consider home provides what you consider safety. Yet, in the not so far future all elements on this plane and aspects of human existence will be challenged. Challenges that humanity cannot hide from. Challenges on an energetic level. These challenges must be faced in ways different than so far experienced and prepared for. These challenges must be faced with the alignment within and the strength of an internal foundation. This peace, this strength within, will provide the necessary conditions to weather the most difficult challenges outside. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Can you share with us advice on how we can possibly keep going when at some point we feel absolutely exhausted and drained with all the challenges we keep facing?

In your existence and experience in the human form, you must understand the balance of receiving and giving. The harmony that exists and truly provides for the balance necessary to continue in this form. If you find yourself drowning in the challenges, exhausted in the face of difficulties, you haven’t spent the time to receive and establish foundations that will hold you. You haven’t taken the time to nourish yourself with the focus internally and creating the space from the external challenges. You must understand the limitations that you carry on an emotional, on a mental, on a physical and spiritual level. The limitations are the ones that you can perceive and align to. Continuous inquiry within and continuous priority for yourself will provide you with the strength that you require to walk each step during challenging times. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Considering the healing process and healing intention so that it may benefit the greater good and the greatest amount of people, different countries, maybe more, as I feel most people who suffer from a pattern of sorrow or lack of energy are looking for healing. How is it possible and is it desirable to put an intention or to draw a kind of desire coming from people who suffer from a pattern of anger, which leads to violence, to look for healing or how to indirectly be able to heal this person?

All individuals that will connect to you with the challenges that they are facing are truly looking for your presence. They are not looking for healing, they are not looking for solutions, they are not looking to be fixed. It is your presence that will make the biggest difference for them in whichever challenge they are currently facing. The quality and the depth of your presence, without judgment, without opinion, without even solutions. You will be there and you will hold this energy within you for whatever they are facing and you will see that with the right attention and focus this phase of their learning will pass and convert into a realization. Once that [realization] is complete, the emotion is no longer required to exist. This is valid for all human existence. This is valid for all challenges individuals are facing as well as communities, countries and [the] collective. Practice will show the power of this perspective. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
How would you describe presence?

Presence is the very moment in which all aspects of yourself are aligned and are truly in flow of the energy that has created all existence. Presence is the only aspect that connects all of existence to you. No aspects of your being are in the way of this divine flow of energy. Aspects of your mind are in silence, aspects of your heart are in harmony, aspects of your body have found balance and your spirit provides the conduit to the flow of divine energy. This is what we consider presence and you will find that with practice the depth and the quality of your presence will increase. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this work. Your openness and your desire to transform, to grow, will provide an important inspiration and example for those around you and as you receive this healing and many others to come, you will find yourself empowered and never alone on this journey. Each step, no matter how challenging will always be supported. Thank you and blessings on your journey.

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